Why Users Quit Using Apps and Never Come Back

July 4, 2017
Why Users Quit Using Apps and Never Come Back

Mobile app developers and businesses with apps get very discouraged when they put an app out there, have people try it out, only to abandon it. People will download the apps, use them for a short while and then never use them again. Why does this happen? Here are 5 reasons that mobile app developers should consider while building an app:

1. Poor Onboarding:

The users initial experience with your app will determine whether or not they stick around. It is therefore important to make a great first impression if you are to retain your uses. You need to flawlessly onboard your people. This means that you will have to pay some extra attention to your initial tutorial, guide or hint on how one uses the app. For most people, those initial moments will create a bond to the app and define their habits. With a great onboarding strategy, users will begin to think highly of this app and that will be a great place to start.

2. Lack of Trust :

Apps collect a lot of personal information and if you cannot maintain the right privacy levels, users will back out. Many times they hold contact information, banking data, login information for social media, videos, photos, geolocations and more. There has been lots of media coverage on abuse and theft of personal data and this has made people edgy. Be keen about your data handling, registration, advertising, and permissions and sharing.

3. Counter-Intuitive Gestures

This refers to the learning curve needed in order to successfully use the app. How much time will your users need in order to acquaint themselves with the app and the various features that come with it. Because most app users tend to be on the move, the navigation gestures need to be easy to follow. If your app is counter-intuitive, they are most likely going to abandon it. Invest in simple gestures that will not bring any confusion to your users. The easier it is to use, the better.

4. Annoying or Offensive Ads

Everyone knows that the only reason the apps are free is the advertising. Since most app users love these free apps, they tolerate the apps. To them, the ads are an annoyance that cannot be avoided. You will need to balance the frequency, placement and ad content so that your app is not abandoned or worse still, deleted. Some of the common reasons for app deletion include offensive or inappropriate ads, too many ads, frequent and disruptive pop-up ads, irrelevant ads and ads without an exit button.

5. Too many push notifications :

If you are looking to annoy your users then just have a whole lot of push notifications. It may come across as being trivial, but it can actually cause users to abandon your app. If used correctly, push notifications are an excellent tool for engagement and communication, but if you don’t use them reasonably, they can ruin your effort. You don’t want your brand labeled ‘annoying’. As a Mobile app developer, you should do your research in the App space before implementing push notifications.

If these are followed, People love to use your app.

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