5 Tips for Android App Development

December 8, 2016
5 Tips for Android App Development


65 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play Store in 2015 and by 2018, mobile app development sector will employ close to 5 million people –isn’t that huge.107.7 million Android users alone in US and growing exponentially, Apps are the secret ingredients that make smartphones a delight to use. Whether you want to send a document to a colleague or want to make a payment to your grocer or pay your smartphone bill, you can be assured there exists an app that has evolved over time for all these purposes. Entrepreneurs are focussed on developing mobile-friendly versions of their business websites to create apps which can add an extra feather to their cap, however doing so is easier said than done.

Android App development


With so many mobile app development tools and several cost-effective ways, android app development has become a competitive market. If you are an Entrepreneur or someone who wants to become one, you will undoubtedly want to build a web or mobile app that is flooded with amazing reviews and hundreds of thousands of customers using it.An integral part of why software does or does not blast off is its simplicity and usability.

Of the 2.2+ million Android applications available to users, there are many that suffer from lack of attention and few downloads. The next question that comes to my mind is – How can I create an amazing android app for my business? This blog post will cover some great tips for creating apps that help entrepreneurs in their endeavors to build an amazing IT solution.

  • Listen to User Input and Test it with Real Users before Launch

Perfection of a mobile app is in the eye of the user and making a perfect one is hard. Users love when smartphone app developers take their feedback seriously and apply their input in making an ultimate one. Developers should pay attention to the reviews on the App stores and build a user community for the mobile app. Only if users are happy with the way you welcome feedback and implement, they will continue using it. Also, you get access to a large community of people who are proactive in making it better. Make sure you act upon users’ feedback.

Test the various features with Beta customers before going live. Doing so will help you get rid of any problems before reaching the global market. You can also request to users to provide your mobile a 5-star rating if they love it.

  • Efficiency is the key to Success

Ensure your app is optimized for efficiency in terms of data, speed, and size.

Optimize your app because the size and speed of your mobile app can be the icebreaker. Do not use unwanted memory space or data. As developers, they should focus on creating an app with rich end-user experience on mobile which is on par with the speed and reliability of a desktop or laptop. Factors like network efficiency, cross-app interactions, and render times. Frames per second for video, etc. play a vital role in enhancing efficiency.

  • Guidelines should be followed to design a fantastic mobile app.

Google and Apple provides a predefined set of guidelines that every skilled and intelligent mobile apps developer must follow closely. For instance, one of the UI elements mentioned in Google guidelines is to have a set of navigational drawer. Now this has become common in the best apps.

  • Keep Up with the Emerging Trends

You cannot ignore the emerging and latest trends in Android mobile app development. Rarely, Google releases new updates to its existing SDK that provide awesome features to achieve. Security, the Internet of Things, and mobile payments will be the recent trends in 2017 and you should focus and build based on this. Here are the Development trends to look out for in 2017.

  • Pick the Primary Feature and Nail it Perfectly

The most common mistake is to integrate many features into one app. There should be a unique purpose and an app must build surround this.

Build the first version with primary features and later evaluate with other secondary features.

There is no magic wand to success with anything you do in this world, but these tips will definitely help you develop an Android application that will last long.

What other tips do you think mobile app developers should follow to create amazing Android apps? Reach us to talk further.

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