How to Boost Your App’s User Retention Rates?

November 30, 2017
How to Boost Your App’s User Retention Rates?

Millions of mobile apps are available across Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store and the number is about to go on increasing. But not many apps pass the acid test – it has been proven that as low as 4 or 5 apps are being used per smartphone today. This is proof for the fact that people use only those apps that they feel necessary while discarding others for good. Customer retention is no doubt the most vital factor for app-centered businesses.

The Importance of Mobile Apps in the Current Business Scenario

The mobile app revolution is not about to slow down in the near future. With more and more start-ups and SMEs making use of mobile app development in a vigorous way to promote their businesses, the demand for Application Development Company keeps increasing.

Interacting with users effectively and keeping ahead of competition are key in business success. These goals can be accomplished by availing the services of the best mobile Application Development Company.

Significance of Mobile App Retention

One of the crucial metrics providing genuine insight into the app’s success, mobile app retention is very important for achieving the business objectives of entrepreneurs. Retention is the percentage of users who return to the app. Along with app engagement, app retention determines the stickiness of an app. Keeping users engaged and ensuring repeated use are the two vital factors that result in the success of the app. This is where the need for a reliable Application Development Company is felt.

Proven Tactics to Improve Retention Rate

The following strategies help boost your customer retention rate:

  • Providing an easier onboarding experience helps avoid abandonment and fuel users’ interests.
    • Logins and account creation must be made easy
    • Information overloading just be avoided
    • Actions must be used to teach things
  • Triggers in the form of push notifications prove to be effective in encouraging the users to utilize your app – these are incredibly competent in bringing users back to the app
  • One of the vital aspects of a compelling application, Mobile Personalization helps providing a unique and relevant experience to users. When you accomplish providing a user experience that is more aligned with their preferences and needs, the likelihood of their continued use of the app is assured.
  • Incentivization through specialized access to content, mobile-specific rewards, and special promotions greatly help in driving conversions while encouraging app engagement.
  • Making users happy by offering great customer service helps improve brand credibility while increasing customer trust. These augur well for customer retention of your mobile app.
  •  Providing opportunities to socialize by involving more than one user at a time in the app offers chances of natural human interaction and this leads to users being engaged – making them addicted to come back to the app repeatedly
  • Making use of real-time updating technologies to provide regular content and product updates catches the interests of audience and improve retention

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