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Healthcare Solutions

How Digital Health Technology Can Help in Managing The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Chinese health authorities reported an outbreak of pneumonia-like illness that has killed five…

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Reasons to Employ Virtual Reality Technology at the Workplace

Interacting with technology and working online both within and outside the office has…

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Big Data

How Big Data Analytics Can Create a Billion-Dollar Mobile App UX?

In the past couple of years, there has been a constant evolution of…

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Mobile Application Development

What the Future of Digital Health Looks Like in 2020?

With billions of dollars being poured into it, the last decade was pretty…

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MVP vs Prototype Vs PoC: What’s the Best Approach to Measure Product/Market Fit?

Launching a new product in the highly competitive market of today is really…

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apps using big data 9Mar
Big Data

How to Build Successful Mobile Apps using Big Data?

Going by the current reports, the number of users for smartphones is going…

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top technologies of 2020 25Feb
Digital Transformation

Top Technologies of 2020 That Will Rule the Immediate Future

When it comes to modern technologies, it seems that change is actually the…

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Mobile Application Development

Is merging Blockchain and Mobile App Development a good decision for businesses?

Recent studies suggest that financial organizations can save over $8 billion on the…

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ios|Mobile Application Development

MVC vs MVVM vs MVP vs VIPER: Which design architecture is suitable for iOS?

The architectural patterns of design are the ones that aid in de-cluttering and…

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Mobile Application Development

React vs Angular: The Complete Comparison

It’s 2020 already, and if you think that the debate between react vs…

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