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React Native — Is it Really the Future of Mobile App Development?

Mobiles apps abound. There’s no end to the fierce competition that keeps brewing in the modern business world. Business organizations and entrepreneurs are at times perplexed with finding the right solution for amplifying their mobile app’s presence – currently, the question is whether to create apps that provide enhanced user experience or build ones that are quick in development and are capable of running on multiple platforms. While this can only be answered based on the user requirements and their business perspectives, cross-platform framework is the natural choice of companies and developers these days, React Native being the mostly chosen one.

Significance of React Native Framework in Contemporary Mobile App Ecosystem

The framework that uses JavaScript for building a hierarchy of UI components to create mobile applications, React Native is enriched with a collection of features related to iOS as well as Android platforms. Moreover, it has a native feel and look.

react native app development

Being the native version of the popular JavaScript library – React JS, React Native is maintained by the developers of Instagram and Facebook. Since its inception some 2 years ago, React Native has been gaining growing popularity among mobile app developers. It has now attained distinctive a rank among GitHub’s most starred projects of all time. The fact that the term ‘React Native’ finds more searches than even ‘iOS development’ or ‘Android development’ says a lot about its importance and following today.

What Does The Future Hold for React Native?

With the ability to build a hierarchy of UI components for building JavaScript code, React Native framework proves to be the effective option for businesses to take a high fly in future.

The Future

As the developers’ community in future will be always looking for such great tools that enable developing robust apps and nimble development cycles, React Native will help in quickly uploading apps and giving a smoother feel to them. React Native allows developers focus on a wider marketplace and thus facilitates huge profits; there’s no wonder that large organizations are set to shift their view toward React Native.

React Native has been growing at great pace; its adoption may at one stage even be more than Swift or Kotlin for app development.  In future, this development is about to mark a huge shift from the hitherto traditional mobile app development.

Factors That Make React Native Crucial to Mobile App Development

Cross Platform App Development Companies, by using React Native, are able to build mobile applications that prove to be indistinguishable from apps developed with Objective-C or Java. Making use of React Native and JavaScript, developers can assemble building blocks similar to the basic user interface building blocks in regular Android and iOS apps.

The following are a few of the factors that make React Native to be quoted as the Future of Mobile App Development:

Native Functionalityreact native mobile app developmentMobile apps developed using React Native are as good as any native app. With great scroll accelerations, keyboard behavior, usability, and animations, the apps built using React Native are very popular, thus attracting developers to pay more attention to it.

User interface developed using React Native contains flawlessly-performing native widgets. Enabling running complex apps smoothly, React Native, along with JavaScript, outperforms even real native apps at times.

Cross Platform Compatibility

cross platform

Offering cross platform development, React Native eases the work of developers. Developers are enabled to come up with complete and full-blown apps that look, feel, and run like native ones, with no platform-specific code.

Short Development Cyclesfaster app developmentReact Native facilitates fast development of mobile apps. This open source project has a lot of components for use; development time is slashed by around 25 to 30% by using React Native.

Code Push and Instant Live Updates

instant deployment

The capability of live updates is one significant benefit of using React Native. Being able to use JavaScript extensively, developers can push updates to users’ phones directly instead of having to go through the update cycle via app store. CodePush SDK can integrate with React Native to push notifications to the apps.

Improved Development Environment

pleasant developer

Developing on the React Native environment allows developers to have a better time. Relieved of the mundane ‘re-build and deploy from iteration’ cycle, developers are assured of a pleasant development experience.

Easy to LearnEasy to Learn

Being highly readable and simple to learn, React Native proves to be perfect for even developers without much experience. It offers a range of components that include filters and maps.


Providing 60 frames per second, React Native gives your app the near native look as well as feel.

Why React Native is Considered the Smart Way for Developing Mobile Apps?

Developers just need to maintain a single codebase; this code can produce native iOS and Android apps. With Facebook supporting React Native, there’s a sizable developing community to back it. Several huge global corporations such as Bloomberg, Instagram, Walmart, Pinterest, and Skype have built their apps using React Native. It has an exponentially growing community that is thriving to offer support to this framework.why?The following are a few exclusive benefits offered by a Cross Platform App Development Company that uses React Native for developing mobile apps:

  • Speedy app development
  • Reusable codes
  • UI-Focused React Native that enables faster loading and is extensively responsive
  • Regular updates with no need for going via app stores
  • An efficient Cross Platform App Development Company uses React Native for carefully optimizing and confirming compatibility and smooth working on both Android and iOS platforms.

With the increasing overall demand by enterprises to take cross platform frameworks today, React Native proves indispensable to updating existing apps as well as planning new ones. Reduced costs, ease of integration, improved UI/UX, speed, and simplified maintenance are the major advantages offered by React Native.

Mobile apps having become one of the essential tools for market penetration, the hybrid app solution of React Native makes the job easier and effective for developers and business owners.

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Ways to Fire up Usability of Apps for an Unmatched Experience

With myriad mobile apps doing the rounds in the cyber space today, and with countless mobile application development companies pitching for their market share among tight competition, there’s one thing that prevails unchanged: the need for clearly understanding user requirements and how they experience your mobile app, while offering them the most useful as well as a satisfying app. Being able to increase your mobile app’s usability and achieving providing the best mobile user experience demands a lot, but it is not insurmountable. By tweaking your app design and making a few changes here and there in app development, mobile application development companies may make a great impact on usability and simultaneously accomplish ensuring great user experience.

Significance of Increasing the Usability of Your Mobile App While Ensuring Great Mobile User Experience

There are no qualms about the importance of mobile apps in the current business environment. They are certainly one of the most significant tools that help boost customer retention, loyalty, and user engagement. The contemporary dynamic mobile app market with huge user base and a lot of competition offers choices to customers in unprecedented manner; shifting to another app or business has been rendered easy.

User Experience

It is evident that brands or businesses that fail to provide users with seamless experience and assure maximum usability are susceptible to losing a huge chunk of customers. There are a few strategies that help entrepreneurs and mobile app development companies to improve usability of their apps and provide a first-rate mobile user experience. These steps, similar to any other financial and operational tactics in business, prove indispensable in the competition-filled modern business world today.

Strategies to Optimize Mobile App Performance While Enhancing User Experience

1. App design must be simple

app design

Users visit any app for accomplishing something that is useful to them. There must be no difficulty or any obstacle that hinders users’ goals being achieved. Users must not be frustrated and they need to be helped with reaching their destination fast and easily.

2.  Micro interactions must be spiced up

micro interactions

Micro interactions are involved for single use case like setting an alarm, changing settings, and so on. These have the potential of making the app more personal and feel human. Creative micro interaction design encourages users to have a personal feel toward the brand.

3. Value must be provided right away

provide value - app

It is essential that app users are able to discover the app’s value early on, if possible, during the process of onboarding itself. Making users to stay on the app and facilitating them to return to it through your immediate offer of value is imperative; it has to be borne in mind by the Mobile Application Development Company.

4. Simplicity in navigation

mobile app navigation

With mobile user experience gaining more and more significance in the competition-filled mobile app environment, it goes without saying that understanding users’ goals and making your app’s navigation smooth and hassle-free is vital: it encourages users to make use of the app.

5. Transparency and control must be added to sharing options


With almost anything being transacted online today, people are increasingly agreeable to sharing personal information within apps and devices, but their concern for safety and security of information being shared and used must be properly taken care of. Offering privacy and control over their information is a must.

6. Content must be concise and clear

concise and clear

In addition to simplifying the apps’ content during design, care must be taken to tailor the information provided through the content according to the specific need of users. Content must present relevant information in a concise, clear manner.

7. Qualitative data


For understanding the UX and be able to identify optimization opportunities, a mobile app development company must gather qualitative data.

8. In-app permissions must not be scary

In App permissions

Permissions are vital for fully executing an app’s functions, but they must not shoo away users – they must not appear irrelevant or invasive.

9. Consistent typography


Standards and consistency prove to be essential design principles today – you need to maintain consistency and standard presentation throughout all interactions and across the entire content.

10. Number of steps must be minimized


Mobile app user experience is all about the users being able to make use of the app in simple and natural way with no barriers or difficulties. The fewer the pages, steps, and input fields, the better.

How to Achieve Attracting Users by Offering Better User Experience

Usability is one of the basic factors that contribute to the success of the app. Consideration to user experience through clever tips and a trick goes a long way in winning users. Mobile app development companies can provide great mobile user experience by making a few tweaks to their app design.


  • App loading time: Instant gratification is the order of the day; it must be ensured that your app loads quickly
  • Functionality optimization: Users’ life must be made convenient and simpler, by ensuring that processes are smooth and easy
  • Findability: It is the intention of users to find solution to their problems – your app must offer effective navigation and good content to improve findability
  • Reduced scrolling: While scrolling is required, it has to be avoided as far as possible
  • Responsive and interactive: Customers crave for social experience – apps must be made interactive and responsive
  • Security: One major concern of users, despite their extensive sharing of information, is security of their personal data – security best practices must be followed
  • Personalization: Making customers feel valued and special through personalized features and menus is essential

The success of any mobile app depends on the way users perceive it. Usability contributes directly to how users feel about an app. Factors such as users’ perception about the utility, efficiency, and value, in addition to overall experience, have great influence on your app’s success.

Ensuring that your app is designed and rolled out in such a way that usability is in line with users’ preferences for offering the best user experience is of paramount importance.


Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2019

With the introduction of iPhone in the year 2007 and followed by Android Smartphones that revolutionized the mobile world in the subsequent years, quite a lot has occurred in the mobile technology front. The various versions of Android and iOS have been extensively used across the globe, leaving their mark. Each version having been crafted with care to ensure that the software proved to be better with each update, there’s no wonder in the users’ expectations and demands multiplying along with time and progress in technology. Mobile Application Development Companies are in constant need to meet changing tastes and increasing demands from customers.

The Role of Mobile Application Development Companies in the Contemporary World

No wonder that Smartphones are now an inseparable and inherent part of the common man in the modern world. The device that once helped communication between users now offers umpteen services and opportunities to users, thanks to the exponentially growing mobile device usage and technology and dedicated service provided by global Mobile Application Development Companies.

It has become essential for entrepreneurs and business organizations to have a close watch over what users expect and how their usage pattern keeps changing with time. Global competition, need for staying focused on customer needs, and the need for keeping ahead of competition are a few factors that necessitate Mobile Application Developers to diligently analyze ways to evolve innovative approach of mobile app development.

Major Mobile App Development Trends That are Expected to Revolutionize Future Mobile Device Use

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: Not just on games front, augmented reality finds high penetration in social media as well. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat prove to be the fastest growing social media platforms that make use of virtual reality and augmented reality. These platforms are growing in an unprecedented manner, thanks to the ability of being highly interactive and engaging. These technologies are certain to boom in future.
  • Swift – the next gen programming language: Having a host of developer-friendly and new features, Swift 2 is about to gain a lot of attention in the coming years.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in mobile applications. AI and machine learning prove to be the solution for reducing operational costs while increasing productivity in several industries, more so in mobile app development.
  • Micro apps and Enterprise apps: Helping users to streamline, restructure, and manage critical business activities on the go, enterprise apps immensely help users. Micro apps, on the other hand, aim at catering to targeted operations, thus taking less loads. These are expected to grow in a huge manner in future.
  • Accelerated Pages: As this technology accelerates loading time of pages, accelerated mobile pages are going to make it big in future.
  • Use of mobile wallet: Development and use of mobile wallet is expected to witness a jump during 2019, thanks to the demand for increased and extensive use. Online purchase activities and online booking are increasing at phenomenal rate; mobile wallets usage will certainly grow in exponential way.
  • Beacons technology: Although not a new technology, as it lends itself to best used as virtual guide and information source, this technology will find a niche in 2019.
  • Application Security: Enhancing the security level happens to be one of the constant requirements among mobile app developers. This element of app development will draw great focus in 2019.
  • Android Instant Apps: Similar to websites and easily accessible with no separate installation, Android instant apps will be one of the buzz words in future.

Other Potential Future Trends that Will Drive Mobile App Development

  • Internet of Things: Developers will find Internet of Things very effective for providing automation in varied business processes.
  • M-Commerce is making it big: As more and more number of users choose to go for Apple Pay and Google wallet, and coupled with innovative wearable devices, m-commerce payment facility is going to hit it big in the coming years.
  • Progressive Web Apps: Performing in a way similar to mobile apps, and not requiring to be installed separately,  progressive web apps can perform well even on low-bandwidth networks and low-spec smartphones. These qualities ensure that these will boom in 2019.
  • Low-code development: Providing a fast way to build and deploy enterprise-level apps and allowing developers who do not have much coding expertise to build great apps, this is one of the trends that is about to see a boom in 2019.
  • Wearable devices will impact future technological advancement: Users being drawn toward latest technology, wearables have the potential to become one of the most wanted application development patterns in the near future.
  • Cloud-based Mobile applications: With space constraint in mobile devices being found to be one of the concerns of modern generation, and cloud being able to offer the best data security, cloud mobile cloud traffic is expected to increase as high as 90%.

Factors that Define and Determine the Future Trends in Mobile App Development

Developers need modern and sophisticated tools as well as trends for building great apps. Among the myriad factors that influence the success of mobile apps, it is essential that developers need to have a deep insight about latest mobile app development.

There’s no business today that doesn’t make use of mobile apps. Successful branding and earning reputation depend to a great extent on being able to come up with the perfect mobile app that exactly depicts your business objectives while enabling users to smoothly access and order your services and products.

Importance of Analyzing and Understanding the Mobile App Development Trends

Trends, although changing year on year, are indicative of customer preferences and if followed closely, are the route to business success. Staying with latest trends and making necessary tweaks to your business through an appropriate mobile app helps developers to keep abreast of competition.

Mobile apps are the current buzz words and are expected to have an impact on business in the foreseeable future as well. Hence it is imperative that mobile app development companies clearly understand the future trends and move in the necessary direction to face the challenges and fulfill market requirements!

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What Happens When Machine Learning And DevOps Join Hands?

The Role of Machine Learning and DevOps in the Present Times

Machine learning, the Artificial Intelligence application that facilitates systems to learn as well as improve from experience, without having to depend on being programmed manually for each of such instance is gaining momentum in recent times. There has been a noticeable rise in machine learning and related capabilities such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. This demands contemporary organizations to go for exploring implementation of mathematical algorithms-based data analysis model.

DevOps, the exclusive software engineering practice that aims at unifying software operation and software development, has been instrumental in exponentially improving software development related to increasing both productivity and quality. The relationship between DevOps and Machine Learning is evident, and is capable of improving the ability of organizations to analyze and manipulate huge volume of data in a rapid and accurate manner than any human resource. Here’s where app development companies find the combo of machine learning and DevOps effective.

The Machine Learning and DevOps Connect

There exists a strong synergy between Machine Learning and DevOps that extends to certain related aspects such as Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and IT Operations Analytics. Quite a few DevOps methodologies are seen to surge high and generate huge variety and volume of data throughout the project lifecycle, starting with development through deployment through performance management. The ultimate goal of DevOps, automation, can be accomplished by harnessing the data by using a robust and reliable analysis system.

A huge volume of data is generated by successful DevOps practices; such large volume of data has the capability to draw insights that are helpful in workflow streamlining, production monitoring, and issue predictions. The voluminous data produces predictable result. Generally, teams do not involve in reading the data that is populated directly but they do ensure a threshold of some specific activity to declare that as problematic. It is customary that DevOps teams, rather than looking for data individually, look for the exceptions that arise. Here’s where machine learning plays a vital role in analyzing such data and drawing meaningful insights.

How Does Machine Learning Fit into DevOps Methodology and Help

Implementing machine learning in DevOps results in two distinct benefits: reduction of noise-to-signal ratio and replacement of reactive mode with proactive approach that is based on accurate predictions. Most teams are using the threshold approach that is based on habit, gut feelings, and conventional wisdom for monitoring.

Compared to this, the machine learning approach, that is more mathematical, is grounded. Here, models and methodologies such as classification, linear and logistic aggression, and deep learning are being used for scanning huge sets of data. Identifying correlations and trends and making predictions are enabled. Threshold defining is based on what is logically sound and statistically significant.

Benefits Achieved by Gelling Machine Learning with DevOps

  • Root Cause Identification: Machine Learning helps in discovering the root cause, enabling the teams to fix performance issues at one strike.
  • Learning from Mistakes: Issues caused by mistakes committed by DevOps teams can be located and rectified by Machine Learning systems that help in analyzing the data and portraying what has taken place.
  • Development metrics can be Viewed Differently: Collecting data about aspects such as bug fixes, delivery velocity, and continuous integration systems is enabled.
  • Fault Prediction: Machine Learning application helps draw meaningful insights from the data produced by monitoring tools during failure generation.
  • Orchestration Measurement: Orchestration process monitoring becomes easy; team performance can be evaluated effectively with the help of Machine Learning.
  • Going Beyond Threshold Setting: With voluminous data, DevOps teams are held up with setting thresholds rather than analyzing the entire data –Machine Learning applications help with predictive analytics.

Key Areas of Machine Learning Use

  • Production failure prevention
  • Triage analytics and troubleshooting
  • Production management
  • Application delivery assurance
  • Alert storms

The Need for Combining Machine Learning with DevOps

An increased number of next generation tools related to DevOps have started supporting machine earning to varied extents. Coordinating machine learning with the current business demands additional knowledge from the part of programmers.

Today’s DevOps engineers have to be aware of how to code, know how the infrastructure works, and learn how DBaaS can be utilized in the cloud. Most of the contemporary DevOps engineers not being mathematicians, it is a huge challenge to add machine learning skills to the skill sets mentioned here.

Challenges Faced by DevOps Engineers in Adding Machine Learning

  • Gap in Machine Learning Skills: For understanding machine learning that is based on applied mathematics, developers are expected to have a clear understanding of calculus, logarithms, linear algebra, linear programming, trigonometry, infinite series and sequences, statistics, and regression analysis.
  • Organizational Challenges: Machine learning is mostly data science that has to be divided across varied skill sets. Putting together a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Big Data programmers, Big Data engineers, and Data Scientists is one obstacle faced by organizations.

What Does the Future Hold?

Regardless of the obstacles and challenges faced, adoption of machine learning will only be growing as it is lucrative and is certain to attract more and more IT professionals and engineers with factors such as high income. With algorithms becoming easily understandable and convenient to implement, thanks to proliferation of frameworks, in future, what was once the domain of PhD scholars will be feasible to Big Data programmers and data scientists.

With several huge benefits that can be reaped by enterprises by using the machine learning-driven DevOps infrastructure, App development companies and managers have already started ways to boost machine learning among their teams.

How Does Machine Learning Help Optimize DevOps?

Machine Learning helps accomplish the following:

  • Looking for trends becomes possible
  • Fault can be predicted at fixed point of time
  • Specific goals or metrics can be optimized
  • Correlation across varied monitoring tools is enabled
  • Historical context of data can be provided
  • Effective analysis of data

Although it may take time, with the network architecture and algorithms chosen appropriately, Machine Learning system is sure to produce great results. Developers and App development companies are about to be benefited in several ways by combining machine learning and DevOps!


Why not having a business app can be Fatal for your Startup?

The Resonance of Startup Ecosystem

Your curiousity to know “Why not having a business app can be fatal for your startup,” is legit. In a country which is briskly pacing itself to become a nascent startup ecosystem, it is an imperative for the entrepreneurs to innovate and be vigilant with every sigh. The classical tech-biz digest from W2S focuses on two celestials of the business universe:

A Startup & its Top Business App

The Math Involved

A Startup is nothing more than the business problem it solves. By a few founders or just one, a startup calls for some handsome investments in the form of a sweat, perseverance and uncounted hard work. Startups work hard on the differentiators entailed them. This is a basket of ideas that they superimpose on a product or service.

Once there was a time when the target customers would happily suffice with an engaging website, now the mobile centric world has brought down the crux to free business apps for the customers. Yes, there are some other conventional sources are definitely counted to grow the business, but it is a must for every startup to find the best business app suitably. However, with the advent of developing technologies, corporates are now evolving around new domains to capture every hook and corner of consumers’ attention to build a sustainable market for their products and services.

“An average mobile user spends 2 hour 15 mins surfing different applications.”

With increasing usage of mobile phones or rather smartphones by consumers (and customers, and there is a difference between the two), it has become a new age lane of competition to improve the customer experience right from the word go. While the product still gains the primary attention, neuroscience dwells over the customer experience largely; al taken care by the right business app for your startup.

It takes more than just straight efforts to gain a good ROI off your startup initially, something which should have a fresh perspective to deal and penetrate in consumers’ market, i.e., through mobile apps for your business.

“Out of all the challenges faced by startups, the mammoth one is to connect and engage with the people, pique their interest and gain their trust in a short span of time.”

“An average smartphone user has 60-90 apps installed on the mobile phone”

Even though consumers may find websites for all conveniences but only to a limited extent, so the startups have to take an extra mile to build their brand among people; effectively possible with a smart freemuim business apps. These apps help consumers to grab all the information about the product and service being offered and also play an excellent marketing tool for startups. Some may be free of charge; some may be the top apps however charged for the same depending upon the business offered by the startup.

Reasons why not having business apps can be fatal for a startup?

  1. Not accessible by customers at all times

Even if a startup does carry an excellent website on the front, but it may not be available to customers every time just for the reason that they are more reachable through their smartphones. It takes an extra but of time to scroll through websites or some other source for a finding of the product or service.

  1. Ineffective customer engagement

Customers always want to reach for their products or services at a single click, to say. Your website may be too good to offer what your customers need but there are specific lags just for the simple reason. They may not go on spending time on those large websites now and then when they are in need of something badly.

  1. Bring on the competition

As a startup, it critical to compete with the existing competitors. With increasing awareness among the consumers, they want to have their needs fulfilled in the most innovative ways entailed with a rich customer experience through mobile business apps. It is interesting to note that not all startups happen to work through business apps for customers, so if yours is a go-getter, then your startup business should give you a leap forward than others in the competition.

  1. Low Brand and Recognition

Your business app for customers can give your startup a value proposition regarding both brand and recognition. Let us put it differently:

  1. Brand- An app can create brand awareness about your business, your products and services and all other information that customers want to know. Or the other way round, not having the app can instil low confidence on the part of the customers. They may not be having the kind of brand awareness which you think your business will inculcate in their minds through your business’ website.
  2. Recognition- You may not get correct statistics about the visits on your business profile and offerings through the The gold of the digital age, ‘data’ is best procured through a business app.


  1. Go direct for loyalty

Consider yourself to be in the place of a customer and imagine going back home from work, and you come across some banners and hoardings at one go, or let’s say five to six brands. So what’s next? You may notice just two or three of them to the maximum or even none at all. Here the point proves itself.

You being an entrepreneur of a startup and adopt any such kind of channel to grasp the flickering eye of your customers; I guess you will have the same reaction just like you gave in the above example.

Any mode of marketing can be fruitful for your startup but to have the edge over others, something more needs to be done to be in constant touch with your customers.


Hope that was a good insight about the repercussions of not having the business apps for customers. One can confidently conclude that for doing business through a startup irrespective of the area or region or the kind of product or service you offer, if you want to survive and prosper in today’s corporate world, linking your business through business or mobile apps with your customers will be way to generate revenue for the startup. 

Creating some of the best apps for your business will help your startup to get a smooth yet running path to beat the heat in the ever growing market.

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Reasons Why Everybody is Using Cloud Mobile Apps

Increasingly more number of organizations opt for cloud-based business apps. Not without reason. These prove easy to manage, distribute, and integrate. The security risks presented by cloud mobile apps are also lower when compared with native apps. Apart from providing benefits in terms of agility, cloud mobile apps offer an effective way of controlling shadow IT.

How Does the Cloud Mobile App Gain Considerable Significance?

There are countless apps that compete on various app stores for gaining space on consumers’ mobile devices regularly.  Moreover, the volume of apps that are not on app stores is overwhelming.  With the exploding progress of mobile technology and increasing volume of apps, it is not an easy task to manage the competition, reach out to users, and achieve success. Here’s where the cloud-based mobile apps emerge as the timely solution. iOS development companies and Android app developers find the features and convenience offered by the cloud to be very useful in the app development process.

Mobile apps, when pushed into the cloud, occupy only the minimal space on users’ devices. These apps are capable of interacting directly with the cloud with regard to data transfer and other crucial functions. Unlike native apps that need to be downloaded on to the users’ devices, cloud mobile apps live on servers while offering users access through web browsers. With cloud technology gaining popularity and wide-spread usage, there’s little wonder that businesses and users alike are more inclined toward cloud mobile apps.

Factors That Make Cloud Mobile Apps Preferred

  • Compatible to Major Platforms: While native apps are platform-specific—they can only be developed for either Android or iOS, cloud apps can be developed in such as way that they work well on both the operating systems. This eases the developers’ work while facilitating entrepreneurs to reach a significantly wider audience.
  • Doesn’t Require Installation: One of the attractive features of a cloud mobile app is that it doesn’t require any downloading or installing. Users may see its interface and are offered the convenience of using it just on their mobile browser in hassle-free, simple manner. Cloud mobile apps directly interact with the cloud and fetch data, thus assuring smooth running and great user experience.
  • Time Taken for App Development: Timeline for developing an app plays a crucial role in the modern business environment. Complexity and specific features as required by the entrepreneurs have a significant impact on this factor. Developing cloud apps does not take a long time as in the case of native apps. The capability to establish a presence on both Android and iOS through a single development version makes it really very time-efficient.
  • Effective Apps Under Low Costs: In developing native apps simultaneously for Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store, costs involved prove to be double. But cloud mobile development involves lower cost. And you get the advantage of developing an app once and gain the possibility to have it work on both the platforms. Small businesses, especially startups that look for cost-effective ways to reach their target audience will find this very beneficial.
  • Data Security is Assured: The potential of data loss, errors, and malfunctions that shroud native apps are done away with, in the case of cloud mobile apps. All data being stored in the cloud, there’s little chance of losing information.
  • Seamless Database Integration is Possible: To be able to run mobile apps efficiently, you need to integrate them with databases. This process—which becomes complex in the case of native apps due to huge time required for importing database information—is seen to be a lot easier in cloud apps. This is due to the fact that in cloud apps, you get to sync all information through the cloud server.
  • Scalability: Any mobile app needs to be constantly updated and rendered better on a regular basis. Such regular maintenance in cloud mobile apps is easy and inexpensive as implementing necessary elements over a period of time is possible here. You need not have every feature in your app on day one; you may go on adding the necessary ones as and when required. This helps in improving overall user experience.

Exclusive Benefits Offered by Cloud Mobile Apps

The cloud offers several advantages and is rapidly growing in popularity to be the superior platform in the modern world. The following are a few of the advantages of moving to the cloud when mobile apps are concerned:

  • It is possible to optimize mobility’s benefits when cloud development is adapted. Moreover, cloud mobile app development is the choice of android app developers and iOS development companies alike, as it offers agile process for development.
  • Cloud mobile applications are updated automatically. Several cloud mobile apps do not require to access users’ device information – this increases the security.
  • Data loss is eliminated even in the event of your mobile device being lost – as all data is stored on the cloud safely. Users may access their information with any other device using their login credentials.
  • Cloud mobile apps help leverage extended battery life as your data is stored on the cloud.

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How India Developed as a Mobile App Market?

There’s little wonder that mobile apps are fast becoming an integral part of the common man’s life. With the time spent on mobile apps by people across the globe increasing continuously, a heavy demand is being felt for Mobile App Development Companies. This is more so in the case of the Indian sub-continent. India has been rated as the world’s third largest mobile app user.

A Considerable Growth is Being Witnessed in the Mobile App Market in India

There’s no end in sight for the number of mobile apps being developed and marketed in the modern world. With several new apps hitting the cyberspace, the revenue generated by the mobile app development industry is expected to skyrocket too. The rapidly growing mobile app usage in domestic as well as international arena and the constant demand for reliable and efficient mobile application development by world nations has certainly created a big boom among professional mobile app developers in India.

Demand for Mobile App Development in India

It has become very common for individuals and professionals to make use of their smartphones to perform their everyday activities.  With almost any function being possible to be conducted online using mobile devices, an obvious thirst for mobile apps among mobile users in India as well as other nations is being felt clearly.

India has attained the position of being the fastest-growing mobile app development market in the modern world, thanks to the rapid increase in mobile app usage. Regardless of whether it is Android or iOS, The Indian mobile app market witnesses the maximum number of app downloads. From connecting and communicating with friends through making high-value business transactions, there’s little that cannot be achieved by using mobile apps today. Mobile apps are being used for conducting several useful functions such as paying bills online, booking tickets and accommodation, selling or purchasing products and services, making fund transfers, and much more – all in a secure and convenient manner.

Factors that Drive the Mobile Revolution in India

Supporting factors such as a competitive and growing mobile market, the availability of reliable talent in mobile app development, and the increasing mobile device penetration augur well for the current mobile app development revolution in India. Consumer requirements and preferences as well as the modern individual’s tastes have been acting as a boost for mobile app development in India, especially for banking, wallets, and groceries, among other things.

Recently achieved 4G networks have exacerbated the use of mobile apps as millions of mobile device users, especially smartphones, have found carrying out their online transactions to be hassle-free and quick, when they use mobile apps. All elements appearing to fall into place, India is certainly on the way to become the global leader when it comes to mobile app usage and mobile app development in the coming years.

Affordable smartphones, improving Internet connectivity, and increasing mobile device-using population are a few of the factors that support the growth of mobile app market in India. India is seeing a major rise in the time spent by people on retail and banking apps.  Time spent on video streaming has also risen manifold in the recent years.

What Makes India the Most Popular Destination for Mobile App Development?

India is home to several popular and useful mobile apps such as Paytm, IRCTC, Goibibo, BookMyShow, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Freecharge, among others.  The following are a few of the exclusive benefits of availing the services of Mobile App Development Companies from India:

  • Best mobile app development pricing: One reason why India is considered the best outsourcing destination is the efficient mobile app development offered under low pricing.
  • Modern tools and experienced developers: Mobile app development throws several challenges; the Mobile App Development Companies in India have acquired the necessary skill and experience through serving clients from all over the world.
  • Short development time: By outsourcing your mobile app development requirements to India, you may rest assured that you will be provided with a definite deadline for completion of the app development. Real-time update and prompt delivery are the specialties here.
  • Improved user experience: Mobile app development process calls for the best possible user experience. Mobile app development companies in India assure that one of the deciding factors about your app’s success, user experience, is guaranteed.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Mobile app development is an ever evolving field. Newer technologies are being invented regularly, necessitating developers to stay connected and be updated with all changes and technologies. State-of-the-art technology and innovative processes are warranted here.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: Mobile app developers in India have the caliber to develop seamless apps compatible to different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

With just a few nations ahead, India is sure to achieve being the top-rated mobile app development market in the world soon – both in terms of revenue generation and technical excellence!

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Take lead with the business standard of tomorrow: m-Commerce

Mobile business is now emerging, from big brands to startups. In fact, about anybody about the apple is all-embracing it. The acumen is simple: It allows abeyance barter to seek for products, analyze prices, and accomplish payments effortlessly. The accuracy is: the added you accomplish admired advice your ambition barter charge to accomplish affairs decisions, the added they move faster appear authoritative a purchase.

A Contemporary abstraction is apparent that adaptable accessories annual for about 19% of all US retail e-commerce sales and it’s predicted to access to about 27% in 2018.

However, while adaptable business can advise you access sales, it can as well serve as a chump assimilation action and will, of course, access your customer’s lifetime amount and profitability. According to a research, a 5% access in chump assimilation can advance to a 95% access in profitability. That’s what adaptable accessories can advise you do—get your business afterpiece to your ambition customers.

One should focus on the fluency of the app over m-Commerce arena as it’s an important metric every business buyer accept to watch—as poor adaptable acquaintance can abuse your all-embracing basal line.

Because of the rapid accretion acceptance of adaptable accessories for online activities, it’s become a capital apparatus for your business.

What is M-commerce?

M-Commerce stands for Mobile Commerce with no doubt. M-Commerce is all about making online transactions from buying or selling the goods through Portable or Wireless devices.

These portable and mobile devices are in existence from late 2000 but people didn’t gain much back then. In 2007 the new era of smartphones was introduced to the world and then the M-Commerce made its way to every user of the Mobile devices and the rest is history.

Now we have facts that our smartphones are powerful device than few of our portable devices. It determines the technology growth and how people are adapting it to their regular routine. Predominantly with the technology, the M-Commerce is evolving and being successful.

M-Commerce & Mobile Optimization

Mobile trade spending in the world is expected to grow, because of this there are lots of possibilities which will help in the growth of m-commerce income by means of growing a mobile-optimized purchasing level. Right here are a few tips for making your online enterprise mobile friendly.

Enhance consumer revel in with a responsive internet site

An effective mobile e-trade enjoy starts off evolved together with your website. It must be easy to scroll thru product or supplying pages, and photographs must in shape cellular device screens. In case your internet site integrates a cell-responsive layout, the website is automatically formatted to render to the scale of tablets and smartphones. The responsive design additionally allows you to streamline your patron’s buying experience with faster load instances and simpler navigation. You want to make certain it’s truly easy for customers to locate the data they want in no greater than or three clicks,” says Laurie McCabe, an associate at era research company SMB institution.

Combine a cell shopping cart

Any other sizable aspect of an effective cellular e-trade enjoy is a cell buying cart. Maximum commercial enterprise owners can combine a cell purchasing cart into the buying enjoy through an e-commerce platform inclusive of Shopify or Magento, McCabe says. Those platforms allow a commercial enterprise proprietor to create a digital storefront and buying cart which can take delivery of more than one sorts of price and additionally include a standard go back technique for the consumer.

Connect your m-commerce and accounting methods

Similarly to planning for patron interaction in the mobile e-trade enjoy, you should apprehend how this platform will combine into your accounting and stock manner. Recollect upfront whether or not your platform syncs together with your modern-day accounting and inventory systems. It turns into very critical for those front-stop structures to combine with the back-cease structures; otherwise, you’re going to create a nightmare for you and the patron,” McCabe says.
Screen your customers’ activity

Many m-trade structures and web hosts provide analytical gear that permits you to display how customers arrive at your website, how they have interaction with your website, and what they buy so that you can constantly optimize their enjoy to increase sales. You want to see what developments are occurring and song website traffic, which allows you are making better choices concerning your marketing strategy, McCabe says.

How M-Commerce Change the world: –     

In the current commerce industry, M-Commerce has been entered in finance, services, retails, telecom and information technology services.

In these sectors, it is widely accepted thanks to the following advantages of M-Commerce:

Convenience: With just a few clicks on mobile devices, customers can already do shopping, banking, download media files…and more than that. M-commerce also benefits retailers by many of their outstanding features compared with a responsive website and mobile site.

Flexible Accessibility: User can access via mobile devices and at the same time be accessible online too through logging on to various mobile messengers and other networking platforms.

Easy Connectivity: As long as the network signal is available, mobile devices can connect and do commerce transactions not only mobile to mobile but also mobile to other devices. No need for modem or WI-FI connectivity set up.

Time Efficient: Doing M-Commerce transactions do not require the users to plug anything like a personal computer or wait for the laptop to load.

Advice for Business

What can we examine from the successes in m-commerce approach? Right here are some recommendations:

Keep it easy: – Make navigation as simple as possible focusing on consumer revel in. This includes intuitive seek and surfing in addition to a clean check out procedure.

Recollect going local: – Developing a native app increases responsiveness and pace of the app handing over the pleasant person enjoy for the user. However, except the native app, the cellular internet web site is center for attaining and to cover all structures.

Growth safety: – Use trusted structures and remind the customer at which stage they’re in the price system.

Enhance your marketing interactions: – Your m-commerce strategy should be an indispensable a part of your advertising strategy and no longer merely an extension of it. Think mobile advertising and marketing, geo-focused on, region-primarily based services, coupons, and cellular value-added capabilities, use case-based design, cell electronic mail advertising.

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Exploring New Horizons of High-End Performance: Importance of Data-Driven Optimizations in Mobile Apps

What is Data Discovery?

Data discovery portrays the procedure through which organizations gather data from an assortment of sources and apply it towards creating genuine business esteem. Organizations can make a profit by an enhanced data-driven essential leadership, upgrade their plans of action, effortlessly share bits of knowledge crosswise over offices, and push wise systems.

Being data-driven association begins with understanding your data. Regardless of whether they are an IT expert, or a CIO, or a Project Manager, in the advanced, computerized world all business clients should have the capacity to get and comprehend the data.

Why is Data Discovery making so much Buzz?

This new data-driven approach intends to go past simple detailing and to observe the association’s execution. The objective is to misuse the full estimation of data to enhance essential leadership as well as to affect the advancement of business forms straightforwardly and to fuel new plans of action.

That implies operational choices, and long-haul arrangement depending on information and bits of knowledge. With the goal of this to work, representatives require relevant and reliable data in an auspicious manner.

What is Data Optimization?

Data optimization is a procedure that reads the sensible outline from the information and sees the pattern. It is the partner of information de-streamlining. Data-driven robust optimization is a critical perspective in database administration specifically and in information distribution center administration as a rule. Data optimization is most ordinarily known to be a non-particular method utilized by a few applications in getting information from an information source with the goal that the information could be used as a part of information seeking devices and applications. Utilizing data-driven robust optimization can decrease the multifaceted nature of the procedure while attempting to streamline the required assets by diminishing physical preparing needs.

Overview of Implementation: 

This is a review of the means required to execute data programming and making it accessible to your staff and site clients. The capacity to launch your site as per the course of events is additionally reliant on the accessibility of task assets from the Information Technology group and the actualizing office.

Implementation Steps:-

Task Kickoff and Site Planning

Once the site(s) is/are available, the underlying period of the undertaking includes arranging the push to actualize programming. It incorporates delegating a task to facilitate the different exercises of the usage. The task supervisor, by and large, a pioneer in the actualizing office, collects the venture group, characterizes and appoints duties of those engaged with the execution, makes and deals the undertaking design with particular expectations and deadlines.

Content and Process Development

Content and Process Development includes gathering, making and distributing content, illustrations, and work processes in a product you are utilizing. It incorporates the formation of program pamphlets, application registration, ventures in the endorsement procedure, and so forth.

Custom URL

You will have the capacity to design a unique URL for your site. This URL can be a piece of your institutional space :

Illustrations Design

The realistic format and pictures that will apply on the site will either be created by you or your establishment’s website architecture group.

Ease of use Testing

Ease of use testing happens after the information compiling and starting substance advancement stages are complete. Client testing requires cooperation with candidates/registrants who will utilize their login qualifications to make applications in the framework.

Site Launch

When all advancement, preparing, and testing are complete, the site is prepared to be propelled and accessible to staff and site clients.

Pros and Cons of Data-Driven Robust Optimization in Mobile Apps:

WAN advancement is one of the foundations of use conveyance improvement (ADO). WAN supports application execution over full zone through organized methods, for example, application speeding up and information pressure. Here, we’ll talk about pros and cons of mobile optimization clients.

At the point when the work area has contracted to “the branch of one” (as with a portable representative) or the microbranch (of up to 10 individuals), it may not be well – from a cost viewpoint – to convey extra equipment to enhance execution of organizing applications. These little, frequently transient areas that would profit by virtual machines regularly don’t have a host server onto which they can be lead.

In any case, since it is costly doesn’t mean there isn’t a need. These projects keep running on a client’s PC or another gadget, maybe a tablet, and addresses a machine somewhere else in the WAN, as a rule, the server farm, to pack and quicken undertakings an apparatus generally would.

The upsides of a mobile optimization bring clients substantial execution upgrades, mainly through the compression of data. The drawback is that the versatile customer can’t enhance execution as significantly as an apparatus in an extensively shared setting since it doesn’t approach the same number of surges of information and is not able to streamline crosswise over them. For instance, in a branch with an apparatus, if your neighbour downloads the most recent proclamation of work for a counseling venture at 9:00 a.m, when you download a similar document at 9:15, odds are you will get the reserved substance off the advancing machine at almost no effect on the WAN and with rapid reaction times.

Likewise, any work that the customer does fundamentally removes handling power from other work on the machine.

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‘Mobile Optimization’ – Simplified

Introduction of mobile optimization

In case you’ve ever talked with anybody who works in internet layout, you know constructing a website is a strenuous job. And that doesn’t stop with the design – you furthermore might need to be certain that the buttons click on to the proper hyperlinks, it looks attractive, and in addition to making sure it works really impeccable out on your Desktop, Laptop, Android, and iPod contact. This elasticity throughout all devices is in which the stint, ‘mobile optimization’ comes into play.

Every 12 months humans spend more and more time on their mobile gadgets and tablets, however many websites are still not designed accordingly for exclusive display screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization takes a seem to be at the website online design, web page structure, page speed, and extra to make a positive impact and you are not inadvertently turning mobile site visitors away.

Importance of mobile optimization: –

How crucial is mobile internet site optimization? Recollect how much money and time humans are spending on mobile devices in recent times. The numbers agree 10% of the arena’s total net traffic is mobile-pushed.

Take a look at these reasons why mobile optimization is vital:

1. Everyone is on Mobile: –

We’re not dwelling in a world wherein cellphone customers may be taken into consideration. We aren’t even residing in the world in which immoderate phone customers may be considered exceptions.

2. Over a portion of the web, activity is versatile.

I presently can’t afford to meet a website owner who wasn’t keen on expanding the web traffic. As of May 2017 (over a year back), versatile media utilization was 31% higher than that of the work area, representing a 51% of all advanced media utilization.

3. Versatile clients carry on in an unexpected way.

While it’s putatively similar individuals behind both versatile and work area activity, these individuals have a tendency to carry on diversely crosswise over gadgets.

4. Social media recommendations are on mobile.

91% of the mobile web is utilized for social exercises. As web-based social networking keeps on developing and advancing, it’s discovering the vital center point on cell phones.

Methods of mobile optimization:-

Comprehend Google’s portable enhancement preferences: –

As a site owner, you have a few options when driving a portable rendition of your site. You can utilize a responsive web page outline that naturally recognizes when clients are getting to your pages utilizing mobile phones, you can control your web page’s show utilizing separate HTML and CSS documents or you can make a totally isolate versatile site on “” domain.

Here’s the manner by which Google feels about every one of these alternatives: –

“Google underpins cell phone improved destinations in three designs:

  1. Destinations that utilize responsive website composition, i.e. destinations that serve all gadgets on a similar arrangement of URLs, with every URL serving a similar HTML to all gadgets and utilizing the only CSS to change how the page is rendered on the gadget. This is Google’s prescribed arrangement.
  2. Locales that progressively serve all gadgets on a similar arrangement of URLs, yet every URL serve distinctive HTML (and CSS) contingent upon whether the client specialist is a work area or a cell phone.
  3. Sites that have separate mobile and desktop URLs.”

When in doubt, the web index supports these distinctive alternatives, however, given how aggressively the portable world is winding up, most organizations will become profitable by working with Google’s prescribed setup.

Make a responsive design: –

Given Google’s suggestions, plainly the best way for website admins who are keen on seeking after versatile streamlining is to make a responsive web composition that serves up a similar data utilizing separate CSS documents that are activated by portable programs.

In almost all conditions, there are two essential approaches:

  • Buy a web composition subject with responsive alternatives worked in, or
  • Arrange with a web designer to have a custom responsive adaptation of your current site assembled.

Understand mobile style limitations: –

Whichever route you are taking, their area unit some specific mobile style cautions that you’ll wish to stay in mind throughout the planning process:

Mobile users hate scrolling.

Scrolling is often difficult on mobile devices, that is why most users wish to be ready to go online and realize the data they have while not having to regulate their screens. If the content of your pages is just too long to show properly, think about separating chunks of text on different pages.

Feature timely info conspicuously.

If you’re a pizza shop, it’s rather more seemingly that mobile users are sorting out your hours and address, not your company’s history. Fastidiously think about what items of data ought to be featured on your mobile homepage to avoid forcing your users to travel attempting to find the main points they have.

Allow mobile users to access your desktop website.

Although most mobile users area unit searching for fast items of data regarding your company, different readers could also be wanting to kill a big quantity of your time on your website. To relinquish these viewers access to your full site’s content, offer them the choice of a switch from your mobile show to your desktop website.

Cater to mobile SEO desires: –

For the foremost half, mobile SEO doesn’t disagree considerably with normal desktop SEO. You’ll still need to confirm that each one of the pages on your website have the right title, meta description, and headline tags so as to rank well within the mobile search results, and you’ll still need to court backlinks to your site’s pages, because the URLs of your mobile website are identical to those on your desktop website (just rendered otherwise consistent with responsive style principles).

Following all of these recommendations might sound time intense, however, the fact is that they’re a requirement for all businesses that hope to capture a little of the anticipated rise in mobile traffic.

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