What Is Geolocation Tracking And How Much Does It Cost for Geolocation App Development?

June 7, 2019
What Is Geolocation Tracking And How Much Does It Cost for Geolocation App Development?

What is Geolocation based Tracking:

Geolocation apps or platforms leverage the concept of using signals emitted by WiFi routers, mobile phone towers, and other local beacons, to identify the exact location of specific mobile assets. Logistics Businesses, for example, use geolocation-based tracking apps to exactly pinpoint the position of their couriers. Geolocation apps also do not rely on GPS satellites to figure out the location of these tracking devices through geolocation tracking apps.

What is the cost of Geolocation app development:

Figuring out the final cost of creating a geolocation tracking app depends on a lot of factors.

Factors such as the specific features and the project completion timeframe would normally be a consideration to deduce the geolocation app development cost.

But to give you a ballpark of what that would be: Developing location-tracking apps similar to Uber will require approximately 750 hours on Android and 700 hours on iOS. Website creation will take about 450 hours. By multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate of your selected mobile application development company, you may arrive at the cost of creating a location tracker app.

But that is not considering the device & tracking app integration. Moreover, you need to consider the timeline to create detailed project needs, as well as mockup designs.

Contracting a seasoned web & mobile app development company to help build your location-based services application would be a safe bet. But even before you do, understand the subject of geolocation app development in detail.

Global businesses seek location-tracking technologies for keeping tabs on their mobile assets and resources. And a location-based mobile app is the digital way of fulfilling this specific business need. A real-time location tracking mobile app helps enterprises to track in real-time, their personnel, vehicles, and fleet.

Geolocation app development helps delivery-based businesses to comprehensively monitor, control, and manage their employees as well as other assets deployed in the field. Capable of working with web and mobile applications, this technology-based telemetry system empowers entrepreneurs and managers to manage their business resources in the most optimal way.

Information provided by the real-time location tracking app enables enterprises to enhance their services and sales while bringing down costs effectively. When developed with unique features catering to specific business needs, this application proves to be a cost-effective system that allows global business organizations to keep continuous watch and vigil over their valuable resources.

What are the Key Purposes of Building a Location Tracking Mobile App?

The basic purpose of developing a mobile location tracking app is to collect information about the current location/position of the user. This functionality and the resulting information can be put to use in a multitude of ways by different businesses from varied industries. The following are a few of such ideas:

Fleet management optimization:

By providing vehicle drivers with routing and mapping functionality, you can get reports generated instantly by the app. Getting alerts in the eventuality of unexpected changes or emergencies is also possible. A location-tracking mobile app eliminates the need for buying and installing a GPS tracker or even using google maps, as the location-tracking app can be installed directly on the drivers’ smartphones.

Monitoring remote staff performance and productivity:

By pairing geolocation tracking with time tracking, businesses can identify the productivity of their remote staff. Incorporating this into existing systems enables the generation of automatic reports about the total number of hours worked. This leads to powerful employee management. The Google geofencing API function helps record entry, exit & calculate pricing for employees.

Doorstep delivery-based businesses:

Online food ordering and delivery businesses may use the location tracking app to keep track of their out-for-deliveries. This ensures timely delivery and thus improves customer relationships and sales.
Outdoor activists and sports fans: Geo location-based apps enable people, inclined toward outdoor and adventure activities, to plan their routes and get information about the distance and time it will take to reach a certain destination. Location-tracking apps ensure that these users do not get lost in their adventures.

What are the Common Features Available in Location Tracking Apps?

Although the features and functionalities in a location app depend on the specific needs of your business, there are certain inherent features that are commonly available. A few have been listed below:

  • Employee attendance:

    Maintaining the attendance data of the field force is possible (time and location tracking app)

  • Admin panel:

    This easy and quick interface enables adding, modifying, or removing agents

  • Report generation:

    Reports about location, delivery, and other details help expedite all business activities

  • Alerts & Notifications:

    Enterprises may circulate information about new products, discounts, etc., to customers

  • Offline tracking:

    This helps to track and maintain your staff’s location, distance traveled, route, and call logs

What are the Major Benefits Offered by a Location Tracking App?

  • Staying connected:

    Business owners and managers may stay ever connected to their personnel, vehicles, and customers all the time.

  • Transparency is achieved:

    Real-time status of delivery/location being highly discernible, there is complete transparency of information.

  • Improved communication:

    Better communication facilitated by the app leads to increased trust among all of the stakeholders in the business.

  • Effective monitoring:

    Enterprises are in control of their personnel’s whereabouts; there’s no real need to be concerned about their activities.

  • Adherence to process:

    Whenever there is any deviation from the pre-determined route, it would be promptly conveyed through a message.

What are the Major Categories of Location Tracking Apps?

  • Route geo-tracking app:

    This type of app is useful for navigating through unknown locations.

    •   Features:

      Prompts for turns and directions, tracking exact distances to the intended location, and convenient navigations.

  • Map tracking app:

    Following the GPS tracker powered by Google Maps, other companies have started developing these types of apps with the tracking capability to map locations easily.

    • Features:

      Location monitoring, turn-by-turn navigation, public traffic info, and GPS localization.

  • Car Tracker app:

    Private vehicles are precious to owners. These location-tracking apps help them track their vehicle during the drive as well as at other times.

    • Features:

      Real-time GPS tracking, MIS reports, and options for last location saving.

  • Indoor/outdoor positioning app:

    This app lets you know the path and environment of the intended outdoor destination in detail. Moreover, it provides in-house locations.

    • Features:

      Searching objects indoors, journey and residing location interpretation, and zone detection.

  • Bus monitoring app:

    Ensures safe transportation by providing an easy and real-time location tracking app facility.

    • Features:

      Traffic and emergency alerts, route change information, and information about pickup and drop.

The modern location tracking app can also be customized to suit the unique needs of varied industries such as the ones listed below:

  • Food industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Construction
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Staffing
  • Travel
  • Distributors


Real-time location tracking app development helps enterprises to have full control over their moving assets. By being able to monitor the location of staff and vehicles, business owners are well-enabled to streamline their business processes.

W2S Solutions is a mobile app development company USA that assists business organizations in tracking their fleet, delivery agents, and employees, with a modern geolocation-tracking app, thus increasing their overall productivity and efficiency.

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