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Building an IoT pet monitoring system to listen to the pulse of the pet food industry

Client Location


Client Industry

Pet food manufacturing

Services Provided

IoT Integration, iOS app development, Cloud strategy, Data analytics services

Technologies Used

IoT Sensor Device & Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, iOS App devleopment, Python, Node, Firebase cloud database, functions, storage

Allocated Team Size


Project duration



Client Background

Our client, a pioneer in the food and beverage industry, is the largest manufacturer globally, responsible for creating some of the world’s popular food icons. Although our client has been an active contributor in this industry for many decades, their entry into the pet food industry is fairly recent. Despite their relatively short experience in the pet food industry, our client has evolved into one of the most notable brands in the market!


To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of our client’s product on the pet’s physical conditions. To aid our client’s R&D with the necessary means to analyze and create the most viable product yet!

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Business Challenges


The lack of standard nutrition guidelines for pets make the whole process difficult


Deducing accurate physiological changes from the pets is challenging. No proper mechanism for the translation of information


The data extracted is complex and only veterinary experts can filter through the information


Lack of Innovation among the R&D to leverage different technologies and understand the most important

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Our Process


Getting the sensors ready

To extract high-quality data from pets, we leveraged non-invasive, IoT enabled sensors that can track the various physical qualities of the pet


Crafting the application

Our iOS mobile application acts as a bridge between the sensors and the cloud platform, allowing our client to access these complex data in a simple interface


Leveraging the cloud tech

By leveraging one of the most popular cloud platforms, firebase, to create a suitable environment for the data and store such data for analytics


The grounds for analytics

The ultimate goal is to extract useful insights from the accumulated data. Data from the cloud platform can now be analyzed with a simple tech like Python or R.

Our Team

Team Structure

Leveraging app development, we aimed for a visualization tool that transcends different hierarchies within and outside the client’s organization




Data Engineer


Cloud Architect


Quality Analyst


Mobile App Developers


Backend Developer


Projects Manager


Front End Developer


Customer Success Manager

Tech Stack

Tools and Technologies

We leveraged a wide range of tools and technologies to make the project effective at all levels. Our goal is to leverage technologies that are minimal and provide maximum mileage to the client.


Communication Tools:

  • Slack for internal communication.
  • Google meetings & Google chat for client communication.


  • Backend - Python, Node
  • Mobile App - iOS Native
  • Firebase Cloud Database, Firebase Cloud functions & Firebase Cloud Storage
  • IoT Sensor Device
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Project Management Tools

  • Github- version control

Solutions Offered


Business Impact



A deeper understanding into the pet’s physiological conditions

Accurate data from the pets. Sensors record and monitor the pet’s physiological reactions to different products of the client



Simplified data channels for the R&D

As the nature of data is complex, a simplified channel creates the grounds for efficient R&D interaction



Better analytics. Greater insights.

The whole aspect of analytics of the extracted data is easier with platforms like cloud and mobile applications. This ultimately allows for greater insights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pet monitoring system and how does it work?

A pet monitoring system is a technology that utilizes IoT system integration to track and monitor a pet's activities and well-being. This system typically consists of a wearable device that communicates with an IoT integration platform or an IoT pet tracking app to provide real-time data on the pet's location, health status, and behavior.

What are the benefits of using an IoT pet monitoring system for pet owners?

Using a pet monitoring system provides many benefits to pet owners, including peace of mind, the ability to monitor their pet's health and well-being remotely, and early detection of potential health issues. This IoT pet tracking app technology also enables pet owners to keep track of their pet's location and prevent them from wandering off or getting lost. This is especially useful for pet owners who are frequently away from home.

What types of data can be monitored by IoT pet monitoring systems, and how can this data be used to improve pet care?

IoT pet monitoring systems can collect a wide range of data, including a pet's activity level, sleep patterns, heart rate, and temperature. This data can be used to identify trends and patterns in a pet's behavior, which can help pet owners to make informed decisions about their pet's care. For example, if a pet is showing signs of decreased activity or a change in eating habits, this may indicate an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed. An IoT pet monitoring system can also track a pet's location and notify pet owners if their pet wanders outside of a predefined area.

What features should pet owners look for when choosing a IoT pet monitoring system?

When choosing an IoT pet monitoring system, pet owners should look for features such as real-time tracking, the ability to set custom alerts, and long battery life. It is also important to consider the durability and comfort of the wearable device and the reliability and user-friendliness of the app or platform. An IoT pet monitoring system with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand alerts can make it easier for pet owners to stay on top of their pet's health and location.

How can IoT pet monitoring systems help prevent health issues and emergencies in pets?

IoT Pet monitoring systems can help to prevent health issues and emergencies in pets by providing early detection of potential problems. For example, if a pet's activity is changed or erratic, it may indicate an underlying injury or illness. Additionally, real-time tracking can help pet owners quickly locate a lost or injured pet, reducing the risk of further harm or injury. With an IoT pet monitoring system, pet owners can receive alerts and notifications about their pet's location, health, and behavior in real-time, allowing them to take action quickly and prevent potential health issues from becoming emergencies.

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