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Android App Development Company

An Android App Development Agency that delivers fluid, user-centric applications at scale.

#Android App Development Company

Fostering business growth through advanced Android app development solutions.

We help businesses of all sizes and nature to expand their operations and increase their customer engagement by leveraging one of the most dynamic tech platforms in the world- Android!

As a global Android app development agency in the market, we help businesses to reach out to a wider audience, drastically increasing their chances of success. We envision a model that puts businesses within the proximity of their target audience.

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Let’s talk facts

Why Work With W2S - Android App Development Company


Happy clients

We have more than 500+ clients across the globe who are global leaders in their respective industries.


Let’s talk numbers

We have built more than 80+ android applications that are highly dynamic and lead the market.


Customer engagement

As Android is dominating the smartphone market in terms of sheer number, our Android app solutions provide maximum customer engagement for your business.


Android App Development Services

Android App Development Services

More than 71% of the smartphone market share is dominated by the android platform. Our Native Android SDK developers put you right at the centre of such a vast market.

Kotlin App Consultation Services

It is important that the business models are inclusive of their digital products for maximum user engagement. We help businesses by synchronizing their expectations and operations around Android app development by Kotlin.

React Native / Flutter / Custom Android App Development

Android is a highly eccentric platform, and a custom android app can be built with React Native / Flutter / Ionic platforms to its fullest. Application is specifically designed to accommodate your business needs and operations.

Enterprise Android Applications

Being one of the majorly used platforms in the market, enterprise android app development services allow them to nail the versatility factor while keeping productivity at its peak.

Android UI/UX Services

Our UI/UX services are a class apart in the market. Our Android apps are highly human-centric and take user engagement to the next level.

Hire Android App Developers

As one of the best IT Staff augmentation companies in the USA, we offer a range of tech-skill resources on an on-demand / dedicated teams format. W2S is your one-stop-shop if you want to hire Android developers for your Android app projects.



Explore the Technology Behind Our Android App Development Services

As a top Android app development company in the global market, we utilize advanced tools and technologies to create best Android apps. With this, our team of Android app developers deliver top-notch mobile app experiences that are customized to your requirements and go beyond your expectations.



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Our Sectors

Industries We Serve

We have helped many startups and businesses from the following industries to bring their A-game to the field.

Aerospace and Defense


Customer Goods




Energy and utilities











our history

Our Clients


Our Process Involved in Android App Development Services


Filtering the idea

Our subject matter experts help you shape up your app ideas.



We start with the fundamentals and create a map for better user engagement.



We combine aesthetics and functionality for maximum user interactions.



Our development method includes envisioning the bigger picture first. We then fragment the process accordingly to minimize errors and save time.



Launching your final version of the application is as easy as it could be!


Beta release

The android application is released to a specific target audience to understand the dynamics of the app. It helps us gather multi-dimensional inputs regarding the app.


Quality Analysis

Functionality, Usability, and consistency. Various metrics are set to monitor these crucial factors.



Case Studies

The ultimate explorer's application

Leveraging a volatile platform like Android, we were able to build a futuristic mobile application for travelers. The app is built on AI to create a tailored experience for travelers by tracking the user's specific interests. The app connects the local culture and a traveler for an inclusive and extensive travel experience.

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Telemedicine application

Android is one of the most powerful platforms in the world, and our telemedicine application leverages such a platform to provide quality healthcare services to the masses. We adopted a simplistic design for easy user navigation, and the application is integrated with Blackberry Spark for maximum data security.

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Automobile dealership and supplier management application

Leveraging a dynamic platform like Android, we were able to help our client attain maximum customer engagement with our android application development services. Our priority is to bolt the digital strategy into the client's operations for maximum customer engagement. We built two-fluid and responsive mobile applications for our client- one for dealership management and another for supplier management, allowing the client to be simple and effective at minimal resources.

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A revolutionary k-12 application

Android is one of the most widely used mobile platforms in the market. By building a practical android application for a leading educational institution, we were able to help a lot of students to resume their education despite the pandemic restrictions. In addition, Jitsi, one of the most versatile audio and video integration software, is used to capture the nuances of the classroom environment.

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A Farm to table Agri application

Leveraging an influential platform like Android, we drastically changed the agri game by empowering the farmers in the market to grow and sell their produce directly to the consumers. We created straightforward sales channels to help the consumers buy directly from the farmers. Our goal is to transform the lives of the farmers by widening their profit margin while providing quality products to the consumers.

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Digitizing Health insurance

ClaimsEazy is a turnkey software to automate and streamline processes for Financial Services, Insurance companies, Plan administrators, and Broker/Agents.  In our challenging times, ClaimsEazy is the solution for efficient digital claims. But that is not all, as ClaimsEazy allows brokers to create, manage and administer their own health spending, wellness, flex plans for employers. ClaimsEazy is designed for financial services and insurance brokers to complement the insured employee benefits programs.

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Off-road explorer application

Off-road exploration is now safer with our recent Android application. Safety has been a big concern among the explorer's community. So, we amplified the whole experience by loading it up with features like GPS tracking, offline maps, explored routes, traveler's feedback, etc. On top of this, the application runs on even a meager internet connection, allowing maximum safety for the off-road explorers.

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We are always up for discussing ideas!

Reach out to us!

We take intellectual rights seriously. Way too seriously!

Your idea is safe with us. We have a strong moral compass and complete transparency to maintain the bond between us. Furthermore, we take strong measures to prevent idea duplication and leakage.




Complete GitHub Access


Transfer Of Code Ownership


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FAQs About Android App Development

What programming language do you use to develop Android applications?

Our Android app developers are highly skilled across different tools and technologies. However, we mainly use Java and Kotlin to build native android applications. For cross-platform applications, we use Flutter and React Native.

Why is Android app development the right choice for your startup?

The biggest reason that you should choose Android for you app developement purposes as a startup is the low investment and greater ROI. If we were to look at global mobile app user behavior, we'd be able to see that a larger share of mobile users prefer the android platform globally, and that android users are more prone to download and use more apps than iOS users.

How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

Although there are several factors that may influence this number, most android app development companies charge anywhere between USD 20000 to USD 500000, based on the scope and complexity of the app.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Android app development?

There are many benefits that come along with outsourcing for android app development. Some of them are,

  • Low operational and development cost
  • Flexible and can work on a tight timeline
  • Access to highly skilled developers
  • Diverse technologies and platforms

Will you assist me to upload my Android app on the Play Store?

W2S is a full service Android app development company and we not only will assist you in uploading your app to the Playstore, but will continue to provide maintenance and support post upload of the application.

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Our android app development services will include support after project completion, given that it is stipulated in the project scope. Take a look at our blog on android apps for businesses to understand the full extent of our process.

How can I hire Android app developers from W2S?

Hiring Android app developers from W2S Solutions is easy. Just visit our company website or send us an email, and we'll get back to you quickly to help you through the process.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for Android apps after development?

Absolutely, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to make sure your Android app runs smoothly after it's launched. Whether it's fixing bugs, making updates, or adding new features, our team is dedicated to offering you support and assistance whenever you need it.

What are the factors to consider while hiring an Android app development company?

When hiring an Android app development company, several factors are important to consider. Look for a company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality apps within budget and timeline constraints. Check their portfolio and client reviews to measure their expertise and reliability. It's essential to ensure that the company has skilled developers proficient in Android development technologies and frameworks.


At W2S Solutions, we stand out as the ideal choice for your Android app development needs. With our experienced team of Android app developers, we guarantee the best app solutions customized to your requirements. We prioritize transparency, communication, and customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless development process from concept to launch.

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