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Building advanced restaurant POS systems to drive customer engagement

Client Location


Client Industry


Services Provided

Data analytic system & Web application development

Technologies Used

Python, MySQL, Angular, Ionic, Java Kotlin, Objective C

Allocated Team Size

15+ Engineers

Project duration

16+ Weeks


Client Background

Our Kenya-based Client is an innovative, progressive-thinking company that specializes in transforming the Hospitality Management Industry by offering feature-rich solutions that meet the business needs and customer expectations in the industry. They extend their services in African regions and comply with global industry standards for more than 20 years.


Our client required an intuitive web and mobile application which can enhance the customer experience in the hospitality sector.

They required an existing hospitality system for integration with POS (Micros, Symphony, and Others) Integration to pull and push the menus & orders whenever needed.

The client requested developing a fully-featured mobile application for delivery agents to perform the bulk assigned orders with features of live GPS, optimized routes, easy communication with drivers and customers, Proof of Delivery, etc.

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Business Challenges


A global Pandemic situation where the customers are finding it a daunting task to reach the business in person. This required a digital solution.


A digital solution that offers endless services either over the application or web platform for online consultation.


Their business solutions failed to live track of the status of the product or consultation by the business or the customer. This can be resolved and made possible with digital solutions.


This lack of features can cause a business to shut down which can affect the client and also the possibility of gaining new businesses. This can, in turn, result in losing profits.

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Our Process

At W2S Solutions, we follow a unique set of strategies in making every business stand ahead of the competition. Here is a brief of the four major steps which we take into consideration for our clients:


Understanding the different revenue channels

Right off the bat, we discussed the Client to get to know about their existing business process, their revenue models, challenges they faced, and the pain points which should be resolved.


Creating a versatile platform to engage multiple customers

We implement a Multi-Tenant approach where our software supports multiple customers and can be managed in a single place.


Leveraging data for maximizing the ROI horizon

To enhance the sales and revenue of the businesses, we came up with a couple of ideas which include a Data Analytics solutions and future-proof marketing strategies.


Predictive analytics and custom marketing strategies

Data Analytics solutions to analyze the sales data and predict the future of the business. Implement various marketing approaches with automated tools such as Offers, Coupons, and Loyalty Programs.

Our Team

Team Structure

Initially, in order to work on the solution, we formed a set of teams who were well-knowledged on working it out. In total, there were 15+ engineers involved in the process who were responsible for their own tasks and delivered them promptly.

  • Our Client was looking for best-in-class tech leaders from our organization who are qualified in everything.
  • Forming a small group of teams under these tech giants.
  • A complete team formation by merging with the existing one.



Data Analyst


Cloud Architect


Quality Analyst


Mobile App Developers


Backend Developer


Projects Manager


Front End Developer


Customer Success Manager

Tech Stack

Tools and Technologies

The team at W2S understands the importance of assigning, managing the tasks and hassle-free communication.


Communication Tools:

  • Slack for internal communication.
  • Google meetings/Zoom for client communication.


  • Backend - Python Django Framework
  • Frontend UI - Angular
  • Mobile App - Ionic & Angular for Customer App. Java Kotlin & Objective C for Delivery
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud - AWS

Project Management Tools

  • JIRA- Task tracking and sprint plans.
  • Github- version control.
  • Confluence- Documents management.

Solutions Offered


Business Impact



Increased Orders via Online mode of Delivery

By implementing digital solutions, our client got their business productive with the increased number of orders through an online mode of delivery. Be it a food or pharmaceutical business, our client succeeded in retaining their customers through online purchases.



New orders from new customers through new-gen marketing

In addition to existing customers, clients gained a new set of customers for their business at the user’s convenience. A customized app where we integrated features such as Coupons, Discounts which enhanced the user experience.



A simple way of Payment online within a fraction of seconds

Payment can now happen in a fraction of seconds. The application can support various modes of payment through Online mode in order to reach a wider audience. It even supports Paypal and cryptocurrencies where customers can choose their desired mode of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How vital is a restaurant management software?

A restaurant management software assists you in being more effective and organized, reducing expenses, and enhancing customer service. You can efficiently keep track of the financials of your company with the use of a well-designed restaurant management software.

What do restaurant POS systems do?

A restaurant POS system also known as restaurant pos software, which stands for point of sales, is a combination of hardware and software that restaurants use to manage their whole business, from the front of the house (FOH) through the back of the house (BOH).

How is a food ordering system created?

A online ordering system for restaurants can be set up in one of three ways:

  • Use WordPress or a website builder to take orders on your own website.
  • Utilize a third-party ordering website or app, like Uber Eats.
  • Employ a POS system and a third-party online ordering tool, such as CAKE.

What is cloud kitchen software?

In the online food delivery system, food can be exclusively prepared in a commercial kitchen for delivery or takeaway; there are no dine-in guests. With the help of cloud kitchen software, restaurateurs can easily grow an already-existing business or launch a digital brand and also you can take payments via an online payment system.

How does an online ordering system work for restaurants?

A typical online meal ordering system consists of two parts: a website or app where customers can examine the menu and make orders, and an admin interface where the restaurant can take orders and process them.

How does a bar inventories software work?

With a bar inventories management software you can count the bottles as they are arranged, and then, if necessary, sort them alphabetically on the spreadsheet. Specify the type, brand, name, and bottle size of the alcohol. Add a column for your bar's walk-in, storeroom, back area, as well as any other areas of the establishment where alcohol is kept.

What is a white labeled food ordering platform?

A white-label product is a goods or service platform that is made by one business (the producer), but is rebranded by another business (the marketer) to look like it was created by them. The term refers to the packaging's white label, which can be customized with the marketer's trade branding.

How does the kitchen display system (KDS) work in software?

A software called a kitchen display system, or KDS system, can help you increase the pace at which orders are processed in your restaurant. It does away with the need for paper and printers for KOT transfer once it is integrated with your restaurant's point of sale (POS) system.

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