Quick and Effective Tips to Be A Successful Appreneur

October 6, 2017
Quick and Effective Tips to Be A Successful Appreneur

Numbers don’t lie and if you want to invest in any business, you should always make decisions based on numbers. The adoption of mobile apps today is simply incredible; the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. iOS app downloads in 2016 reached over 25 billion while Android app downloads during the same period came to 90 billion.

These numbers highlight the popularity of apps today as more businesses rush to leverage the increasing number of mobile users. A successful Appreneur can make millions in a few hours by selling their well-designed and relevant apps to big brands. Good examples include WhatsApp and Instagram, which are now among the top grossing apps.

Well, being a successful Appreneur is not easy otherwise anyone who can make an app would be ranking in millions. However good your skills are, there are things you need to do to join the crème de la crème in the industry:

  1. Get to Intensely know all App Stores

The largest percentage of mobile app development happens on app stores and you have to learn all about these platforms in order to develop apps that are in demand. Learn the guidelines provided for Amazon, iOS Store and Google Play Store, and the best practices for each.

  1. Understand And Practice App Store Optimization (ASO)

Even the best app can get lost in the thousands of apps that are being launched daily. To avoid this, make sure you take time to learn more about App Store Optimization (ASO). You might have the best app, but if it is not optimized for app stores, target users will never find it. Understand your target users, learn about your competition, choose the right app name, maximize keyword use, use a compelling description,  stand out with a unique icon, add screenshots and videos, localize your app listing, promote your app everywhere and keep updating it.

  1. Study Failures And Learn

Apps are not developed in a vacuum and you have to go out there and check what others have done and the reason many others are failing. Compare good-ranking apps with the poor ones and learn what you can do better. Main components to consider include design, concept, poor reviews and lack of marketing among other oversights.

  1. Choose the Best Mobile Development Plan

You have different options to build your app. Choose the mobile app technology that suits your needs (native/cross-platform/ hybrid). Depending on your skill range, decide between an agency or freelancer and make sure you validate the idea before starting (through Minimum viable product (MVP), Prototype or Proof of concept (POC).

  1. Draw a Monetization Strategy

Paid apps, in-app purchases and Freemium are all monetization strategies you can use, but you should be guided by your goals. However, your major focus should be boosting visibility and generating a user base before monetization.

Other tricks include focusing on data analysis (testing, measuring and analyzing your app), cross-promoting your apps and use right app development tools including ad networks, tracking and monetization tools, analytics SDKs and rating tools.

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