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Mobile App Development Company in Toronto, Canada

Top mobile app development company in Toronto with your success as our mission.

Mobile App Development in Canada

Mobile app development is the process of developing software applications specifically designed to run on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Our team of skilled mobile app developers utilizes various programming languages and frameworks to build applications tailored to the unique features and requirements of mobile platforms. Our mobile app development services in Toronto, Canada, help businesses and individuals who seek to enhance their digital presence.

How App Development Benefits You

The benefits of mobile app development are countless. For businesses, having a dedicated mobile app can significantly improve customer engagement, accessibility, and brand loyalty. It allows for direct interaction with users, fostering a more personalized and convenient experience. Mobile apps also open up new avenues for revenue generation through in-app purchases or advertisements. Investing in mobile app development empowers individuals and businesses to stay competitive while ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience on the go.

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We are a full-service Mobile App Development Company in Toronto, Canada

A leading mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada with 20+ years of market experience, we use technology to help startups, enterprises, and government agencies to be efficient and lightweight while maximizing their ROI margin.

From resource gathering to marketing to sales, mobile app solutions are drastically enabling businesses to streamline such crucial operations. Making space for effective internal operations can be highly beneficial for large business bodies or enterprises to save tons of resources on a daily basis.

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Let’s talk facts

Benefits of our App Development Toronto


Maximum customer engagement

Mobile applications can help you achieve maximum customer engagement at a relatively shorter time


Simplifying business process

Mobile applications can greatly simplify your business operations, allowing you to focus on your key performing areas


Optimization made simpler

Mobile applications can help you optimize different parts of your business and achieve greater outputs at minimal costs


What we offer as a premier Mobile App Development Company in Toronto

Android app development

Being one of the major mobile app platforms in the world, our Android app solutions put your business within the proximity of your potential customers

iOS app development

We provide state-of-the-art iOS app development services that combine aesthetics and higher-level user experience to help your brand stand out from the bunch

Hybrid app development

Our hybrid app solutions are highly flexible and bring maximum versatility to the table by using a single code for multiple platforms, thus saving a ton of critical resources

Custom app development

We develop mobile applications for organizations to suit their specific business needs. Custom applications are a great way to strengthen your brand’s tone

UX/UI services

User experience is a determining factor for the success of any mobile application, and we dial it up a notch by creating human-centric design models for maximum user retention

IoT connect apps

The scope for IoT is simply dramatic, and mobile applications that complement the IoT systems can create an active community among your customers, ultimately enhancing your brand value



Our Development Application Toronto Tech Stack

Our team boasts some of the top app developers in Toronto, highly skilled across different technologies and tools. We understand technologies are constantly evolving, so our developers stay updated, ensuring the best mobile app experience in the industry.


  • imgSwift
  • imgJava
  • imgKotlin
  • imgObjective-C
  • imgDart
  • imgreactiveCocoa
  • imgFlutter
  • imgRxJava
  • imgReact Native
  • imgJUnit
  • imgAlamofire
  • imgFirebase
  • imgCoreData
  • imgSQLite
  • imgRealm
  • imgRoom
  • imgCouchDB
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Our Sectors

Industries We Serve

With more than two decades of offering mobile app development services in Toronto now, our mobile app solutions have created a significant impact on some of the crucial industries like healthcare, education, public welfare, etc., making us on of the foremost custom app development in Toronto!

Aerospace and Defense


Customer Goods




Energy and utilities











our history

Our Clients


Our Mobile App Development Toronto Process


You’ve got an idea

Great ideas are even made greater by consulting with our industry experts


Let’s Brainstorm

We subject your final idea to different angles and perspectives to highlight the USP



Based on the brainstorming, we develop a prototype that captures the core concept of the idea



Once the prototype is confirmed, we focus on the user experience and user journey through human-centric design models



After the adjustments post-beta release, we launch the final product to the market in the desired platform


Beta release

To see how our digital product performs in a real-time scenario, we expose the final product to a small section of the target audience to understand its reaction



Our goal is to write simple codes that make the whole process simpler and has space for modifications or expansion



Case Studies

The ultimate explorer's application

With an AI-based recommendation engine, we created a highly interactive mobile application tailored to offer a comprehensive traveler experience. The AI-infused mobile app caters to the user's specific interests to create a personalized experience. On top of this, the AI engine dynamically captures the local businesses nearby the user's location, increasing their visibility and opening them to potential customers.

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Automobile dealership and supplier management application

A popular automobile dealership management company wanted us to optimize its existing operations through digitalization. Our strategy was to condense their primary operations into two and build dedicated mobile applications for each of these platforms. In addition, we focused on building a responsive and minimalistic mobile application to increase the client's customer engagement while being free of the complexities in the process.

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A revolutionary k-12 application

We built a high-functioning mobile application for a leading educational institution to help students resume their education. Leveraging one of the most popular platforms among students, we built a dynamic mobile application on the foundations of Jitsi, an open-source video and audio integration platform to create a natural classroom environment for students.

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Telemedicine application

Our goal was to build a simple, flexible, and secure telemedicine platform that enables people to access healthcare easily and securely. The app is HIPAA-compliant, so the communication between users is well protected, encrypted. Even though it was built prior to the pandemic, it has been widely used during it and is well received by healthcare workers, physicians, and users alike.

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A Farm to table Agri application

As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable future, we developed a highly dynamic mobile application that uses a digital platform to promote the sales of agricultural products. In addition, the application is minimalistic and interactive to maximize the user experience on legacy smartphones, so that farmers can directly sell their products to the users, thus maximizing their profitability.

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Digitizing Health insurance

ClaimsEazy is a turnkey software to automate and streamline processes for Financial Services, Insurance companies, Plan administrators, and Broker/Agents.  In our challenging times, ClaimsEazy is the solution for efficient digital claims. But that is not all, as ClaimsEazy allows brokers to create, manage and administer their own health spending, wellness, flex plans for employers. ClaimsEazy is designed for financial services and insurance brokers to complement the insured employee benefits programs.

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Off-road explorer application

We have built trails applications that protect sensitive natural resources and threatened species such as desert tortoise and squirrels. This helps trail users to be on a safer side, know where they are located and how they can enjoy the natural environment by lowering the risks posed by abandoned mines, unsafe terrain, and other fire hazards. This Project seeks to protect the prospects of a sustainable future for and safe human settlement and recreation activities on our public lands.

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Business is a war and to be prepared is a necessity!

Connect with us for fluid mobile app solutions!

We take intellectual rights seriously. Way too seriously!

Your idea is safe with us. We have a strong moral compass and complete transparency to maintain the bond between us. Furthermore, we take strong measures to prevent idea duplication and leakage.




Complete GitHub Access


Transfer Of Code Ownership


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Meet our Mobile App Development Consultant

Business Development Head - North America


FAQs on our Mobile App Development Toronto

Which platform is best for app development? Android or iOS?

Both technologies have their own pros and cons. However, it is best to connect with a seasoned mobile application development company in Canada, to understand the platform that your typical user would opt for and start from that point.

How many years of experience does W2S Solutions have in this field?

With more than 20+ years of experience in the IT field, we are one of the top mobile app development companies in Canada, having helped several fortune 500 companies with their app development efforts.

How do I know that my idea is safe with you?

We signed an official NDA with you. We strongly believe that business happens on mutual grounds, and as a recognized app development company in Canada, we ensure utmost professionalism throughout the project, and beyond.

What will be the cost of developing a mobile app?

The cost of building a mobile app varies based on factors like complexity, features, and platform (Android or iOS). On average, simple apps may cost a few thousand dollars, while more complex ones with advanced functionalities can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Are mobile apps profitable?

Yes, mobile apps can be highly profitable. Successful apps generate revenue through various channels such as app purchases, in-app advertisements, and subscription models. However, profitability depends on factors like market demand, effective monetization strategies, and user engagement. 

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

The timeline for building a mobile app varies based on complexity and features. Simple apps may take a few weeks, while more intricate projects can extend to several months. Factors like design, development, testing, and revisions contribute to the overall duration of mobile app development.

What does a mobile app development company do?

A mobile app development company specializes in developing applications for smartphones and tablets. Employing skilled mobile app developers, these companies handle the entire development process, from concept to coding, testing, and deployment, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and functional mobile applications.

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