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GoodFirms Recognises W2S Solutions for Indigenous Custom Software Development Services

W2S Solutions is an Indian IT Company, an leading expertise in providing custom software to SMEs and startups all across the globe. Headquartered at Chennai, India the company has 5 more development and sales offices around the globe including the USA and Canada. Founded in 2010, the company has journeyed a long way providing some of the ace digital services for mobile app development, web design and development, iOT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Open Source  development,  big data analytics, and the latest hybrid app development.

The team at W2S Solutions believes in learning from each other and working with each other in all hemispheres and not only work. For a typical project undertaken by the firm, the senior management team helps the young lot to understand the visionary ideas and their market scopes, while the younger lot keep the freshness of the latest technology in the firm. And thus, the team understands the key secret to a successful project undertaking.

The team started operating at Austin office in 2010, with providing custom software for key industries like finance, healthcare and business operations management. With skill expertise and a passion to meet the quality ends, the firm saw a booming growth within a year; and provided a promising hub for reliable software customization services. This makes the firm stand apart and listed as one of the Top Software Companies in Austin at listing and review platform – GoodFirms.

Attributes of GoodFirms’ research:

The comprehensive research process, undertaken by GoodFirms, ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. Each company that participates in the research gets evaluated on the basis of three major parameters – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. However, the initial research is based on primary and secondary research work, conducted in-house, and through data available from various sources, true to the platform’s understanding and knowledge. All the further research and evaluations are based on the reviews submitted by the company’s clients.

At GoodFirms, a detailed research shows that W2S Solutions is completely focused and dedicated to small business including all types of small and medium enterprises, startups and local businesses providing them with an optimized and most cost-efficient app or CMS development. The client requirements are analysed and a best suitable service is decided, before taking any project on hand. The team then works extensively to design and develop a unique client brand oriented plugins and themes for their WordPress venture. For providing unique CMS development services the firm is expected to be listed as Top WordPress Development Companies across the globe, at GoodFirms.

The firm has resources and talents to develop and deploy the native as well as hybrid app development. The executive team believes in choosing the best technology, rather than the available resources, to meet the requirements of the project rather than the available resources; which not only brings innovation and creativity to the project but the essential optimization to the projects. Their understanding of chief technical solutions for the business and the skill-set makes them a forerunner for the prestigious list of top Indian App Developers at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms:

As the name suggests, GoodFirms is a dedicated community for IT services seekers and providers. A maverick B2B research and review platform that helps prospects find the best IT developers, across the globe, that can meet their business requirements and beyond. Having said so, it offers a solid platform for companies and software vendors that want to sow seeds of reputation management just so to mark their hard-earned stature in the industry across the globe.

Looking for a top-notch Software development company in Austin? Reach us for any queries or any Software Development needs.

Email ID : bd@w2ssolutions.com / Contact Number: +91 73387 73388

W2S Solutions proudly announces the launch of mobile app for India International Science Festival 2017

India International Science Festival was conducted in 2015.  Third conclave is being held in Chennai from 13th to 16th October 2017.   The Union Ministry of Science and Technology is conducting the four day India International Science. Honourable Union Science Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the fest, to be held in multiple venues, including Anna University, Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLR) here, features a series of events.

Being a Science and Technology solutions provider, W2S Solutions announces its collaboration with National Institute of Ocean Technology in building IISF iPhone and Android Solutions. Madhu Kesavan, CEO of W2S Solutions said in a quote below.

“It’s our Social Responsibility to motivate Innovation, Startups and Technologists in India. We are very pride that W2S Solutions is chosen to build India International Science Festival Mobile solutions. Our iPhone and Android app helps attendees and visitors to know more about the offerings.  It’s built in a short span of time without a deviation in quality.  It stands Zero Defect and Zero Effect as quoted by our PM Modi

“This app offers salient features to audience. It lists events, schedule, press release, notifications, user profile, social sharing. Dynamic gallery allows anyone to upload events and news. It brings attendees, organizers together to fully utilize benefits of the program.  You would not miss to download if you are attending this event at present.” Pratap Murugan, Accounts and Client Relations Manager of W2S Solutions said. Also he added that “we have received a great feedback so far from NIOT and attendees; Its an outcome of hard work in producing efficient web and mobile apps by our developers”

About W2S Solutions: 

No wonder why we say loud that we are a leading web and mobile apps development company in India.   Our Full stack development team is expertise in building Web solutions including Python, Django, Php, Laravel, AngularJS, Microsoft .NET and native iPhone, Android and cross platform apps. We are good in converting a startup idea into reality and work closely with SME’s and Enterprises. Reach us if you are looking for any IT Solutions.

Ph : +91-73387 73388,  Email : BD@W2SSolutions.com 



app development


Quick and Effective Tips to Be A Successful Appreneur

Numbers don’t lie and if you want to invest in any business, you should always make decisions based on numbers. The adoption of mobile apps today is simply incredible; the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. iOS app downloads in 2016 reached over 25 billion while Android app downloads during the same period came to 90 billion.

These numbers highlight the popularity of apps today as more businesses rush to leverage the increasing number of mobile users. A successful Appreneur can make millions in a few hours by selling their well-designed and relevant apps to big brands. Good examples include WhatsApp and Instagram, which are now among the top grossing apps.

Well, being a successful Appreneur is not easy otherwise anyone who can make an app would be ranking in millions. However good your skills are, there are things you need to do to join the crème de la crème in the industry:

  1. Get to Intensely know all App Stores

The largest percentage of mobile app development happens on app stores and you have to learn all about these platforms in order to develop apps that are in demand. Learn the guidelines provided for Amazon, iOS Store and Google Play Store, and the best practices for each.

  1. Understand And Practice App Store Optimization (ASO)

Even the best app can get lost in the thousands of apps that are being launched daily. To avoid this, make sure you take time to learn more about App Store Optimization (ASO). You might have the best app, but if it is not optimized for app stores, target users will never find it. Understand your target users, learn about your competition, choose the right app name, maximize keyword use, use a compelling description,  stand out with a unique icon, add screenshots and videos, localize your app listing, promote your app everywhere and keep updating it.

  1. Study Failures And Learn

Apps are not developed in a vacuum and you have to go out there and check what others have done and the reason many others are failing. Compare good-ranking apps with the poor ones and learn what you can do better. Main components to consider include design, concept, poor reviews and lack of marketing among other oversights.

  1. Choose the Best Mobile Development Plan

You have different options to build your app. Choose the mobile app technology that suits your needs (native/cross-platform/ hybrid). Depending on your skill range, decide between an agency or freelancer and make sure you validate the idea before starting (through Minimum viable product (MVP), Prototype or Proof of concept (POC).

  1. Draw a Monetization Strategy

Paid apps, in-app purchases and Freemium are all monetization strategies you can use, but you should be guided by your goals. However, your major focus should be boosting visibility and generating a user base before monetization.

Other tricks include focusing on data analysis (testing, measuring and analyzing your app), cross-promoting your apps and use right app development tools including ad networks, tracking and monetization tools, analytics SDKs and rating tools.

Key Mobile App Performance Indicators (KPIs) That Really Matter

Mobile development has undergone rapid evolution over the last one decade. More brands and organizations are adopting mobile apps to boost their operations. Mobile apps enhance efficiency and increase the reach of your brand while at the same time cutting costs of operations. Today, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps on the App Store while Google Play boasts over 3 million apps.

However, many of these apps are obsolete and they are not adding any value to the owners. To ensure your app doesn’t meet a similar fate, you have to build an app that offers something inherently valuable to a user.

The problem with most mobile marketers is that much of their focus is on getting their app launched.  While this is important, it marks just the beginning of the journey to your app’s success. This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. These are metrics that help in monitoring and measuring the mobile app and they can be divided into:

  • Engagement Metrics: These KPIs are interested with how engaged your target customers are with the app.
  • Revenue metrics: The focus of these KPIs is on revenue generation.
  • Interest / Intent Metrics: These KPIs matter mostly when it comes to media apps.

Overall, the key mobile app performance indicators (KPIs) that really matter include:

  1. App Usage

app usage

You have to continuously measure the times the mobile app is being accessed right from the moment is launched. If your app is providing any value to users, the usage levels should start rising gradually. This metric helps build a strategy to be used in upgrading the app. Session time is also a critical aspect in app usage because a longer length of time means your app is engaging.

The number of permissions granted for your app to access a user’s personal information is also a factor in app usage because it shows high levels of trust. One more factor that really matters in the engagement KPI is the number of screens/pages visited. More screen visits shows the user is captivated.

  1. App Retention Rate

While most app developers are obsessed with the launch and app installation, one performance indicator that should really matter is how engrossed users are with your app. Millions of apps are installed but they are never used. Strive for longevity and check out weak areas that could be leading to low usage and high uninstallation rates.


  1. Lifetime Value (LTV)

lifetime value

This Key Performance Indicator really matters for your app though it is rarely mentioned. Here, you need to compare the value of your app customer with a non-mobile user, both of whom are your customers. If the mobile app user spends more, is more loyal and promotes your brand, then your mobile app is performing.

  1. Active Users

active users

You have to measure the daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU). A high user rate is a sign of better performance of your app. The best users are always engrossed on your app and are an indicator of the value your app is adding to their lives.

Other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include average revenue per user, app loading time, user acquisition (number of subscriptions/registrations) and user experience, items placed in a shopping cart, social shares and in-app purchases in a given time among others.

Stay Away from These Mistakes before Launching Your App

If you are nearing the final phase of your mobile app development, it is critical to pause before the launch. For a start, remember yours is just one among millions of apps hitting app stores every day. The total number of iOS apps downloads in 2016 alone was 25 billion plus while Android app downloads during the same period reached 90 billion.

With the crowding in the mobile app ecosystem, you need to prepare yourself for a tough time ahead. The market resistance you will face is just one of the issues you have to deal with, but there is still more. Any rush to launch might ruin an otherwise brilliant app and it is imperative to learn from what others have gone through.

With this in mind, try as much as possible to avoid the following common blunders before launching your app:

  1. Failure to Capitalize on Pre-launch

If you have no idea what a pre-launch is all about, then you can’t capitalize on it. If you are planning to start promoting your app when it is already live, you are in for a lot of disappointment. Creating a general buzz about your app on social media and other online platforms generates curiosity and you can in fact use this chance to build a mailing list. Give updates to your followers on social media and upload teasers to try and influence target users. At this stage, try to contact influencers, journalists and your niche bloggers to prepare for the actual launch.

  1. Ignoring Beta Testing

After so much work developing your app, it is understandable that you want it out there soonest possible. Well, this is a blunder most app developers make as they forego beta testing by an expert who will resolve any hidden bugs and ensure yours is a user-friendly app. A public beta launch is also an opportunity to get objective feedback that can help with UI improvement.

  1. Poor Market Research

This should be a crucial step before any serious development begins. In fact, sound market research should be done continuously throughout the development phase to ensure the app is coming in to fill a gap. Through intense market research, you are able to get closer to the intended user. The app you launch is highly effective and relevant to market needs.

  1. Ignoring App Store Optimization (ASO)

Apps are popular and any app will make money, right? Wrong; in fact, if this is your thinking, you are in for a huge disappointment after launch. You need a budget for App Store Optimization (ASO) and time must be allocated for the same. Make sure you optimize keywords and leverage competitive insights to learn what the competition is doing. The app ranking in the store will depend on your ASO efforts. If your app is to be found easily in the app store, make sure you invest resources for ASO.

Other mistakes to avoid include undervaluing the reviews, ratings and feedback, failure to invest in creativity of your app, failure to fund paid advertisement/acquisition, failure to perform Offline Promotion and PR, ignoring Discovery Platforms and going AWOL on the web.

If your App is built by the best App Development Agency, they should be able to guide and take care of promotional activities.   As an expert mobile app developers, above steps are our usual process for our customers and startups.  Reach us to discuss further about your App idea or if you have already built an app, lets help with Digital Marketing.

W2S Solutions will be on a business trip to Canada from July 17th 2017 to Aug 11th 2017

This will be the second business trip of the year and we highly feel that being close to customers, Look at the challenges they face and how an IT solution can help prospects to increase their operational efficiency and productivity is very important in growing their business as well as ours.

Our Agenda is to meet Startups and IT Entrepreneurs mainly in Ontario and Alberta and have a FREE consultation with them at their office premises or any common areas as their preference. As we are familiar with Startup environment and being a startup from Communitech a while ago, we know how it operates the expectations in terms of deliverables and budget.  We are Startup specialists and we offer core technology solutions from Idea to growth. Our Tech experts have years of experience in building web and mobile solutions and deploy in cloud.

Our Portfolio is diversified in various Industries including FinTech, InsurTech, Digital Automation, Business process and Operations management.  We help Small and Medium Enterprises to migrate their legacy solution into an Innovative IT solution, Identify growth opportunities and build web and mobile apps that offers customer satisfaction, process improvement and ROI.   If you are a Small Business and looking for an App development, we will be your Technology partner and it’s the right time to setup a one-on-one meeting with us.

About us:

W2S Solutions  (https://www.w2ssolutions.com) is an apps development company with 40+ Full Stack engineers located in Calgary, Canada and Chennai, India  We have built salient web and mobile apps and looking for any development opportunities. Here is our Tech Stack.

  • We build Enterprise Apps as SaaS.
  • Design, Develop and Deploy apps in Cloud.
  • iPhone and Android App developers.
  • NET MVC Framework, Django, Python and AngularJS experts.
  • Host application in Amazon EC2, SSL Configuration, Route 53 and SES.

We request you to go through our Diversified Portfolio and lets catch up.

Why a Fleet Management App is Essential for your Business

Most fleet managers that have already installed fleet management software will be first to tell you that they can’t get their job done without it. Since most fleet managers abhor downtime, they do everything in their power to avoid it. This means that they have to make sure that their vehicles are maintained on a regular basis in order to avoid breaking down. With a good fleet management software, the managers will be able to get reminders in regards to maintenance, based on certain benchmarks that may include mileage, distance driven and hours operated. Any fleet manager will tell you that if they can reduce on downtime, they can improve on productivity. Here are some benefits of having a fleet management app:

1. Increased durability: 

Whether it is a golf cart, a saloon car or an earth moving machine, it will benefit from getting proper preventative maintenance. Without it, there would be unexpected downtime resulting from various small or big problems. All these can be caught beforehand during PM, which means that the equipment will be working when it should. All vehicles on the fleet are kept in great condition and can last longer.

2. Fleet Efficiency:

Managing the fleet efficiently can make the difference between profit and loss of the business. Even with fluctuating fuel costs, you can still manage your fleet efficiently and well-maintained vehicles will be failing less frequently.

3. Reduced cost of staffing:

Most fleet owners usually have their own repair and maintenance crews. In the event of a breakdown, the maintenance crew has to repair the vehicle with immediate effect so as to avoid too much down time. Many of them will tend to work overtime, which means an increase in staff costs. With a proper fleet management App, you don’t have to incur such costs.

4. Manage your drivers:

As part of managing your fleet, a good app will also help you to effectively schedule your vehicle operators. You will be able to manage their documents as well as the documents of the fleet for your insurance company. Record driving hours, safety training sessions and the like.

5. Increased ROI:

By efficiently managing your fleet, you can be sure that you will see a rise in your ROI. As the efficiency of the company rises, so will the profit margins.

6. Government Compliance:

With your fleet management app, you will be able to keep track of government regulations and ensure that you are in compliance. This reduces the risk of fines or even getting shut down for non-compliance.

7. Carbon Emissions:

Environmental concerns are a big deal. With proper fleet management, you can actually be ahead of regulatory agencies making sure that any new laws or regulations that come up in this area do not disrupt your business.

With the right fleet management app, you are looking at enhanced ability to manage and improve your financial sitting, vehicle tracking, management or speed and fuel consumption, management of vehicle maintenance, and health and safety training and management for your drivers. You can be sure that you will mitigate risks and improve efficiency.

Why Users Quit Using Apps and Never Come Back

Mobile app developers and businesses with apps get very discouraged when they put an app out there, have people try it out, only to abandon it. People will download the apps, use them for a short while and then never use them again. Why does this happen? Here are 5 reasons that mobile app developers should consider while building an app:

1. Poor Onboarding:

The users initial experience with your app will determine whether or not they stick around. It is therefore important to make a great first impression if you are to retain your uses. You need to flawlessly onboard your people. This means that you will have to pay some extra attention to your initial tutorial, guide or hint on how one uses the app. For most people, those initial moments will create a bond to the app and define their habits. With a great onboarding strategy, users will begin to think highly of this app and that will be a great place to start.

2. Lack of Trust :

Apps collect a lot of personal information and if you cannot maintain the right privacy levels, users will back out. Many times they hold contact information, banking data, login information for social media, videos, photos, geolocations and more. There has been lots of media coverage on abuse and theft of personal data and this has made people edgy. Be keen about your data handling, registration, advertising, and permissions and sharing.

3. Counter-Intuitive Gestures

This refers to the learning curve needed in order to successfully use the app. How much time will your users need in order to acquaint themselves with the app and the various features that come with it. Because most app users tend to be on the move, the navigation gestures need to be easy to follow. If your app is counter-intuitive, they are most likely going to abandon it. Invest in simple gestures that will not bring any confusion to your users. The easier it is to use, the better.

4. Annoying or Offensive Ads

Everyone knows that the only reason the apps are free is the advertising. Since most app users love these free apps, they tolerate the apps. To them, the ads are an annoyance that cannot be avoided. You will need to balance the frequency, placement and ad content so that your app is not abandoned or worse still, deleted. Some of the common reasons for app deletion include offensive or inappropriate ads, too many ads, frequent and disruptive pop-up ads, irrelevant ads and ads without an exit button.

5. Too many push notifications :

If you are looking to annoy your users then just have a whole lot of push notifications. It may come across as being trivial, but it can actually cause users to abandon your app. If used correctly, push notifications are an excellent tool for engagement and communication, but if you don’t use them reasonably, they can ruin your effort. You don’t want your brand labeled ‘annoying’. As a Mobile app developer, you should do your research in the App space before implementing push notifications.

If these are followed, People love to use your app.

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How Efficient Invoicing Software Will Benefit Your Business

Businesses today cannot afford to sit back and wait for receivables to come in. It is important to manage this aspect of the business in order to ensure that the business has enough cash flow for running of its day-to-day business. In order to manage this effectively, having efficient invoicing software is important. Today, you can use online invoicing, which is fast and efficient for businesses whether small or large.

There are several different benefits of having invoicing software. It offers better automation, is very efficient, allows for better streamlining, and still maintains the amount of detail necessary and a record trail. Here are just a few of the benefits you can hope to gain with invoicing software:

1. Cost Reduction – There are people who mistakenly believe that if you have to make changes in the business, you should expect a general net loss of money. Not so with online processes. With online invoicing software, you can expect to cut the cost of paper, IT and server infrastructure costs, costs of inefficiencies because of errors, savings in time and much more.

2. Improved Efficiency – Whenever a business becomes more efficient, you can be sure that the effect on the business will be a positive one. By automating the invoicing process, you will see increased efficiency that will affect the entire business positively. You can automate invoice scheduling, recurring invoices, payment and late fee reminders and more.

3. Fast acting – When you have an online system, it will be working round the clock to deliver your invoices and bill your clients. This means that you will not have to wait for confirmation of receipts since this will also be automatic. This frees you up to do other things.

4. Payment simplification – You can actually simplify the process of payments by setting up profiles for auto billing. Additionally, you will have access to payment gateways, which will allow you to receive payment with ease from clients in other countries as well.

5. Tool integration – You are able to integrate your system with ERP and CRM tools for greater efficiency.

6. Financial Analysis – With this type of system, you will have your reports generated at the click of a button. With this information, you will be better able to plan for the future, and to have a great view of how the business is doing overall. You can manage all your reports for payments and outstanding invoices in order to ensure excellent cash flow.

7. Manage Documents – With efficient invoicing software, you are able to easily manage all purchase orders and client estimates easily. It also makes it easy to manage your other B2B documents efficiently.

8. Integrate E-Commerce – If you have an E-commerce platform, you can integrate both systems and automate the invoicing for the said platform. This means that you will have an invoicing system and a payment process that is smooth.

9. Staff Management – With this system, you can assign clients to specific employees and also define roles. Permissions on the system will help you control the activity of your staff.

Five Challenges an App Developer May Encounter When Developing Apps

If you have been thinking of creating an app, then you have probably considered developing and testing it on the cloud. Cloud development will usually include development environments that are integrated, management components for your application life cycle, and components for security testing. Though app development companies take care of the design to deployment, Here are 5 challenges that you may experience as you develop your app on the cloud:

1. Differing configurations – Sometimes you will find that your regular production configurations are not easy to replicate when it comes to the cloud. Sometimes you will create your app on the cloud and when it is time to test it locally, you may run into some challenges. It may require a legacy system in order to test it, but you wouldn’t be able to copy it into your cloud service. One of the hacks in such a situation is to use service virtualization technology, which can help you move some of your applications to the cloud.

2. Incompatibility – If the app you are developing integrates systems that are hard to replicate or access, then it will probably be very difficult to develop your app on the cloud and test it. This means that if you are developing an application that is high end, with extreme regulatory and data security restrictions, or one that is dependent on legacy coding projects, the cloud is not the route for you.

3. Unfamiliarity – Most developers usually do not appreciate the unfamiliarity of the cloud. Many App development companies are used to working with traditional platforms and may not necessarily like the cloud. In order to deal with this challenge, it is important that you get training where possible so that you can easily adapt to the cloud and implement your app development without too much trouble. Additionally, you will need to orient the users of the app ahead of time so that they too can appreciate it. It is a good idea to speak to your IT team and ensure that they are open to new technology and new methods.

4. Poor Network – If you choose to develop your app in a private cloud, it most likely will not have load movement capability or multi-tenancy, meaning that your applications will likely not be available around the clock. You will need to make sure that you anticipate and design for unscheduled as well as scheduled server maintenance. That way you will be able to fail over with some grace. You may also be affected by network delays, latency and how large or small network pipes are.

5. Deployment Restrictions – Some of the issues that you may not know about with the cloud is the licensing restrictions. It is important to find out what they are so that you do not complete your app development and find that deployment is an issue. Find out if there is a limitation on user seats and the like as well. Most people get started and then get many surprises along the way regarding what it is they can or cannot do. Make sure to talk proven app development companies who have the experience in building your app.

Before taking your app to the cloud, be sure to find out everything you can about it.