How app development can empower the healthcare industry in the coming years?

December 31, 2019
How app development can empower the healthcare industry in the coming years?

When we talk about our health, we are talking about our overall well being. The healthcare industry is evolving with time, promising individuals better care and disease management. However, with the technological advancements in the healthcare industry, it has been promising a future of patient empowerment, allowing individuals to manage their own health and keep chronic diseases at bay.

Moreover, Healthcare digital advertising will spend overtake healthcare TV ad spend for the first time in 2021.

With that being said, it is time to put your smartphones to good use. In this digital movement, mobile applications are the biggest thing. With over 60% of the world’s population having access to the internet and smartphone, mobile applications have become more popular than ever.

In this post, we will discuss how mobile applications can revolutionize the healthcare industry in the coming years.

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Role of mobile apps in the healthcare industry:

Gone are those days you had to wait in long queues in the waiting halls of the hospital. It was not only tiresome but a lot time-consuming as well. The times have changed. With the revolution in the mobile industry, it has aided the healthcare sector the most. Moreover, according to the reports from Accenture, 74% of patients found satisfied with digital health.

A mobile app development company like W2S Solutions is creating healthcare applications that have helped both patients and doctors equally, allowing the patients to share their issues with the doctors and allowing the doctors to address these issues. All over, healthcare apps are providing the best solutions for both parties. The availability, affordability, and portability of these apps made them popular amongst the different kinds of consumers.

How can mobile apps benefit doctors and healthcare professionals?

In the first instance, mobile apps have become a boon for healthcare professionals and other medical staff associated with the healthcare institute. The healthcare apps help the doctors update about the health conditions of their patients.

In fact, during a recent study, it was found that 80% of doctors are using healthcare apps for delivering patient care, and 93% of the physicians believe mobile technology can bring improvement in patient’s health.

Nowadays, the prescription of physicians has become digitized. This means that the prescriptions can be easily accessed on your mobile device. It helps doctors and healthcare professionals to review the reports of the patients via the app. It makes it easier for doctors to make apt and quick decisions in case of emergencies. The best part, this information can be easily exchanged within a blink of an eye. Most of the companies offer healthcare app development services to benefit both patients and doctors.

Lastly, healthcare apps help doctors and physicians to create a customized approach to treat patients accordingly since every sick patient needs special care.


  • Healthcare Reference & Database Apps
  • Health Tracking Apps for Patients
  • Doctor Appointment Fixing Apps
  • Medical Consultation Apps 
  • Networking Apps for Professionals

How mobile apps can benefit patients?

The patients are the ones who enjoy the plethora of benefits of the healthcare apps the most. From purchasing medicines and other medical products at reasonable rates, viewing medical test reports from labs from the comfort of their home, finding an appropriate specialist with hands-on experience, and scheduling a quick appointment with the doctor, among others, healthcare apps have played a crucial role in patient empowerment.

Most importantly, patients can also perform video chat with their doctors and discuss their health issues. Besides that, they can maintain a healthy diet by consulting nutritionists and dieticians online.

All these aspects ultimately improve the engagement of the patients. In addition to that, patients can know the medicines they have to take at what time and how many times in a day while knowing all the side effects.


  • Women Healthcare Apps.
  • Dieting Apps.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Apps. 
  • Health Monitoring Apps.
  • Healthcare Education Apps.
  • Doctor Consultation & Appointment fixing Apps. 

Importance of app development to the healthcare industry:

Healthcare apps are found to reach a total market size of $60 billion by the year 2025. Now that you know the role healthcare apps play in the healthcare industry let’s now focus on why it is important.

  • Personal Monitoring of Health

Healthcare applications are designed and developed, keeping all the rich features in mind. This allows patients to monitor their own health without the assist of a doctor. These mobile apps allow you to check critical health initials like cholesterol level, heartbeat, blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and more. Apart from these, the healthcare apps also act as your personal trainer and assistant that keeps track of your sleeping cycle, counts how many calories you burnt, and how many steps you walked, among others. 

  • Easy Payment of Bills

The key benefit of healthcare apps is that they are developed to facilitate easy payment of bills and other expenditures. You know how frustrating it is to stand in hospital lines for hours to make payment. With mobile apps, it can be done without any hassle. And the best part, these apps are equipped with secured payment processors, allowing users to make instant and easy payments.  

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  • Reduction in Medical Expenses and Bills

When we talk about healthcare expenditure, it is always daunting. Let’s be honest here. There is nothing more frightening than hospital bills, and this is the primary cause of mortality in third-world countries. The reason why medical expenses are as high as the sky is the brick and mortar structure of the hospital facilities. Healthcare apps replace the physical structure of the medical facilities. This ultimately results in reduced medical expenses.  

  • Accurate Report and Reduction in the Wrong Diagnosis

While the wrong diagnosis is considered a normal part of the healthcare industry, it can have some far-reaching consequences. For starters, it can lead to the death of the patient. With the introduction of healthcare apps, there is a reduction in the incidence of wrong reports and diagnosis. Machines are accurate and efficient; thus, they provide a correct and accurate report to the patient. This also helps the doctors to perform their best while on duty.  

  • New Business Models and Opportunities Emerge

Apart from patient empowerment, healthcare apps provide professionals with new business models and opportunities. Today, doctors don’t have to hand out referral pads and make frequent visits to facilitate a cordial relationship with their patients. With the emergence of mobile apps, they can easily write resourceful referrals. 

  • Immediate Access to Healthcare

Healthcare apps have eradicated the need for doctors to make in-house visits to diagnose and treat patients. Now, doctors make digital visits. The healthcare apps provide the functionality of video and audio chat where doctors and patients can book appointments, talk about the issues, and more. 

  • They are Supportive of Doctors and Medical Staff

Healthcare apps are supportive of doctors, allowing them to get updated with the status of their patients from anywhere. The best part, they can suggest medicines and other changes be made in the event of an emergency. 

  • They Bring Healthcare to Remote Areas

Finally, the biggest benefit of healthcare apps is that they bring healthcare services to remote areas. Since hospitals are scares in remote areas, people living there can call an ambulance, buy medicines, and even book an appointment with the doctor in the can of emergency.

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Additional Features to be integrated into the Healthcare Apps:

  • Reviews & Ratings

For Healthcare Apps which provide medical consultation, ratings & reviews play a great role. This can boost the popularity of the application among the people. 

  • Live Chat

Patients can resolve their queries with the live chat available on the app. This can remain to be a trustworthy one between the patients and the healthcare professionals. 

  • Push Notifications

In case of any new notification such as appointments, messages, etc are delivered to the respective people for enhanced Healthcare. 

  • Social Integration

This is a neoteric feature where one can sing-in using Social Media. However, security should be given importance. Therefore, it can be made as an optional feature as most of the third-party apps would require access to it. 


  • Bluetooth-Li
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • 3G/4G

Which platforms can be used for App Development in the Healthcare industry? 

As Digital Transformation being a popular trend, popular and modern technologies can be leveraged to come up with a feature-packed application. The developed mobile healthcare apps should be of all the special features right from the ease of booking, consultation, and scheduling appointments. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence comes with numerous benefits to the Healthcare industry. In particular, doctors can make better decisions perfectly. Additionally, it can enhance the efficiency of the health & diagnosis process instantly. 

  • Blockchain

Blockchain remains to be a decentralized network which focuses on a peer-to-peer database. This database saves the verified records of all the transactions. Hence, with Blockchain technology, you can create a customized Healthcare application to handle and store the data in an encrypted form. 

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  • Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will allow the devices to be interconnected via a network. It can collect the data and handle it across all the platforms. When it comes to healthcare applications, doctors can easily gather data from devices and treat the patients accordingly. 

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a digital version of the real-world. It records the images, records, and other data from the real-world and expands it. Hence, Mobile applications which are developed with Augmented Reality allows doctors to understand the treatment and help in doing them effectively. 

  • Big Data Analytics

As the name suggests, Big Data comes with accessing and handling multiple sets of data and stats in a hassle-free manner. With a Healthcare application with Big data, hospitals, doctors & other professionals can be benefited from the required resources. 

  • Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions has redefined the Healthcare Industry. All Electronic Health & Medical records can be stored in the Cloud. Thus, both patients and healthcare professionals can access the data, modify it, share it, and verify them.

Major Benefits of Healthcare Applications:

  • Access medical records from anywhere.
  • Keep Track of health status & respective treatments
  • As a patient, choose the doctor of your choice with desired reviews, ratings, cost, expertise, etc. 
  • Get reminders of consultation, medicines, prescriptions, etc.
  • Hassle-free communication across 24*7.
  • Book appointments, cancel, reschedule anytime.
  • Enhanced Workflow between both Patients and Health Professionals. 


Healthcare apps always help patients and doctors to keep track of health-related activities. These applications are going to be beneficial for humankind. Digital Transformation and automation can help most of the enterprise businesses which can result in reaping profits. 

Additionally, building these apps would enhance the popularity, reviews, and ratings among the people. Mobile App Development will still uprise in the upcoming years not only in Healthcare also in other sectors such as Agriculture, Fashion, etc. 

Let’s wait for the Digital Transformation to happen soon in all the sectors as well!

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