Getting Your App Noticed in the Play Store & App Store: Steps to follow

May 8, 2023
Getting Your App Noticed in the Play Store & App Store: Steps to follow

All attention switches to marketing and advertising your app once the app development process is finished and your mobile product is prepared to go on sale. It’s difficult enough to stand out in a crowded industry without trying to attract customers who will download and utilize your software.

A sound mobile app marketing approach will not only increase downloads but also draw in interested people. Marketing is crucial to the success of your app given how advertising affects downloads and user acquisition. Although promoting your app can be pricey, there are options for an organic promotion that can be fully utilized to offer yourself a boost. 

Aside from the natural sense of pride that follows your app being highlighted in the Google Play Store, there are several advantages to having your app highlighted there. Once you have finished the drawn-out process of developing an Android app, some advantages revolve around offering featured apps a bigger boost with more downloads, a wider audience, and eventually, more earnings. 

In this blog, we’ll explain how to draw attention to your app on Google Play Store and how to make sure it’s highlighted there.  

How to get featured on the app store?

Being featured gives apps a better chance to gain more exposure and downloads, which can lead to cheaper acquisition costs, more loyal users, and a rise in organic revenue.

The battle to be recognized by editors is fierce given that there are reportedly close to 2 million apps accessible in the Apple AppStore. Although there is no surefire way to get an app featured, you can increase your chances by utilizing app promotion strategies.

1. Error-free performance

When compared to competing apps, app store featured editors prefer to highlight those that provide a superior user experience. Make sure your software is simple to use and free of issues that might degrade the user experience before submitting it to the app store. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your app current by including new features and customizing it to users’ changing requirements. 

2. Native is king

Apple will undoubtedly choose those apps created expressly for iOS over cross platform mobile apps when choosing which to feature. You should concentrate your efforts on creating native iOS apps. In comparison to hybrid applications, which sacrifice the user experience to work across many platforms, native iOS apps often offer a better user experience.

3. Support Apple

Businesses that wish to be included in the App Store typically align their ambitions with Apple’s priorities. You might create a product that makes use of a new API, say, one that Apple is promoting. To keep up with Apple’s most recent innovations, it’s a good idea to keep a watch on their yearly WWDC conference as well as their schedule for software and hardware updates. Making your software compatible with other Apple gadgets, such as the iPad and Apple Watch, is also a good idea. They’ll probably be more ready to reciprocate the favor if you support Apple and promote their items.

How to get your app noticed in the google play store?

How to get your app noticed in google play store

How to get your app noticed in the google play store

You can improve your chances of landing a respectable spot in the featured area of the google play get app version by adhering to the best practices in this blog. 

1. Examine other prominent apps

Investigating apps that have already been highlighted is the first step to becoming featured on a Google Play Store. Install various apps from the Play Store that have labels like Editors’ Pick and Top Developer after doing some research online. Then, perform an analysis of the apps, paying close attention to the traits they share. Check the apps’ functionality, design, and anything else that sets them apart from other apps in the category in particular.

2. Make Your App Localized 

Speak the language of your users in your app and on the app featured store. Localize your app to ensure that your consumers can comprehend the content. First, the time and date should be displayed in the user’s preferred language and time zone. Numeracy outpaces literacy in many markets. Use fewer words, more visual signals, and audio and video support.

3. Provide the appropriate app store featuring content

Thoroughly research potential markets and base features on regional trends and preferences. Think about mobile-first, for instance. Don’t rely solely on your knowledge of website and email passwords. Offer registration based on the phone number. The popularity of multi-sim phones has increased with Android 5.1. Modify the way your apps use data by SIM.

4. Take Low-end Devices and Smaller Screens Into Account

Make sure your UI is optimized by testing it on various screen sizes because emerging markets tend for many devices to have small screens. Additionally, to boost featured apps, you should make your software compatible with low-end devices, which could have limited memory, processing power, and resolution. Additionally, take into account compatibility with jelly bean OS and, if possible, ice cream sandwich OS as well.

5. Take featuring app store optimization seriously

The majority of people are aware of SEO, or search engine optimization, which is making a website more visible in search engine results. ASO (app store optimization), on the other hand, is the process of optimizing a mobile app to rank higher in app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

6. Consume Just the Data You Need

The user will often pay for data as they use it in emerging markets. The initial download of your software, every update, as well as foreground and background data, all have a price. The advantages of an upgrade should be weighed against the installation costs for your user. Think about releasing software less frequently, and weigh the costs and user advantages of updating your system. Any background services should be avoided.

7. Increase Audience Through App Promotion

App install advertisements can help you expand your audience, and universal app campaigns that you set up directly from the developer interface make it simple to do so. By identifying the ideal audience, your campaign is automatically optimized to reach your CPA targets.

8. Get your app updated  

The continuous maintenance of an app is the most crucial component. I mean make sure your app is current. This does not imply that you must always update your software with brand-new features. Instead, keep tabs on the troubles users are having with your software and offer them fixes through regular updates. When it comes to holidays like Christmas and the New Year, don’t forget to update your application. Since the Play Store editors are likely to compile a list of seasonal apps for Android not in the play store, that would be the ideal time for your app to be discovered.


Although it is difficult to get highlighted on the Google Play Store, marketers, and developers should continue to work to make their apps better. A high-quality app that satisfies customer needs will have a significantly better chance of being featured on the Play Store. These rankings will then result in additional downloads, users, and admirers across the globe.

Google has broken down the procedure into multiple sections so that developers and companies may concentrate on the overall quality of the application rather than providing step-by-step instructions for developers to get google play store app listings. However, as a leading mobile app development company, we would rather that you put more effort into impressing your customers than the Google editors. Because ultimately, they and their needs are what matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google play editors choice apps and games are those that introduce consumers to the most avant-garde, imaginative, and beautifully designed Android apps. Additionally, google featured apps unveiled an enhanced Editors’ Choice section with the app and game evaluations compiled and arranged by the Play Store editorial staff. There is a good probability that if your software is listed on Google Play’s editors’ choice list, it will receive one million downloads.

We work as swiftly as we can to process and release upgrades to our current applications. For your project, standard publishing techniques will be applied by default. Rarely, it may take up to a week for some applications to be approved if more time is required.

Before uploading an app to the Google Play Store, a Google Developer Account is necessary. All of your upcoming Android app launches on the Google Play Store will then be cost-free.

By selecting Monetize from the left-hand menu after clicking on your app in the list, you can view the app pricing. The “Make your app paid” button can be found on the App Pricing page, where you can specify the price for your app.

For Google Play to make money, in-app advertising is the way to go. The most popular and profitable way to monetize mobile applications is through advertising. Developers can make the money from their dependency and their needs by displaying banner advertisements and generating clicks.

With its Google Play app description guidelines, Google aids developers. We now offer six pieces of advice to help you submit your app to Google Play.

  • Observe the launch checklist
  • Advocate for minimalism rather than stuffing your app with features
  • Design an appealing UI/UX.
  • Google Product Initiatives should be used
  • Obtain media coverage
  • Examine more powerful market forces.

Everyone comes up with strategies to have their software used. For you, we’ve gathered 7 suggestions that will guarantee more engaged users for your app. As follows:

  • Practice optimizing your apps for stores
  • On your website and other platforms, advertise your app.
  • Create email marketing strategies
  • Make the most of social media
  • Create in-app and internet adverts.
  • Create a successful public relations plan.
  • Spend time on offline campaigns.
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