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How Google Flutter Became the Best SDK for Mobile App Development?

Things are changing in the world of mobile app development rapidly with new and advanced technologies replacing the older and outdated ones. Business owners and mobile app development companies are trying harder to keep up with the times. They are doing their best to follow the latest technological innovations and test new approaches and solutions in search of an entity that perfectly meets customer requirements and market needs.

We hope that you are among these enterprises and people. While looking for innovative ideas and technologies, you might have come across Flutter, Google’s mobile app SDK. It has become quite popular these days among mobile app developers and you may wonder how Flutter really got the boost in the development industry.

As an app developer or a business owner, it is important to know everything about the latest in the industry.

That’s the reason why we created this post. We are going to tell you everything about Flutter and how it became a popular tool for mobile app development.

Let’s get started.

What is Flutter? 

In the modern-day and age, what do you require in a mobile application? The answer is better performance, smoother animation, and beautiful design. Mobile app developers are expected to develop new features and functionality for applications that don’t compromise on performance and speed.

Considering this aspect, search engine giant Google created Flutter in the hopes that it will make app development an easy process for creating the best applications. It uses Dart object-oriented programming language, is open source, and free SDK with advanced tools and widgets. It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in recent times with the majority of the app developers using it in 2019.

One of the great aspects of Flutter is that it can be used for creating applications for both Android and iOS. If you ask an app developer what they like most about Flutter, they are probably going to tell you about its ease-of-use and how you can use a single code for both iOS and Android platforms.

Flutter is a mobile app SDK, complete with tools, widgets, and frameworks, giving mobile app developers an easy way to create and execute fast and virtually attractive mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms.

It enables easy and smooth cross-platform mobile application development. That means you don’t have to develop an Android app and iOS application separately. All it requires is ‘one codebase’ for both platforms. This not only saves time but also reduces the development cost.

Everything you need to know about Google’s Flutter

  • It provides serious competition to React Native since its architecture is based on the popular reactive programming
  • Thanks to the feature-rich widgets, apps created using Flutter look and feel great. It allows you to develop your own custom app design and uses the UI elements
  • Flutter provides its own set of widgets, which are created using its high-performing adaptable engine. The widgets are customizable, pretty, and fast
  • Since Flutter is based on Dart programming language, it is easy to learn and execute
  • Flutter is free to use and open source

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What are the primary reasons that made Google Flutter the best SDK for mobile application development?

From the viewpoint of a mobile app owner, the critical benefits of Flutter are as follows:

  • It reduces the cost of application production
  • It speeds up the process of mobile app development
  • It helps in building an attractive app user interface with smooth animations

With that said, let us take a look into Flutter more deeply. We have prepared a list of things that tell how Google Flutter measures up to its competitors.

1. Faster Code Writing

For mobile app developers, they were always in need of a tool that makes mobile app development faster and more dynamic. Flutter filled that void with its unique features. With Flutter, developers can directly make the changes in the code and see the changes straight away in the application. There is no time wastage on executing the code.

This feature of Flutter is known as ‘Hot-Reload’ that usually takes a fraction of a second to execute the code. This has helped mobile app developers to experiment with their codes, fix bugs, and add features faster. Hot-Reload is especially great when you are experimenting with the look and design of the app.

2. Less Testing

If a developer is creating the same app for both Android and iOS, Flutter makes the process of Quality Assurance and Testing faster. In simple terms, it means less testing! Since it uses one codebase, the developers only have to write automatic tests once. This enables Quality Assurance specialist and Testers to spend less time on testing each and every functionality of the application.

However, if your app has some differences, you need to test them on both platforms. Overall, Flutter is a great tool that saves time and money on testing.

3. One Code for Two Platforms

As said earlier, developers only have to write one codebase for the two apps dedicated to iOS and Android respectively. Flutter is designed and created in a way that it doesn’t rely on or depend on the platform. This is because it has its own designs and widgets, allowing you to create the same app for two different platforms. The best part about this aspect is that you can easily differentiate your apps if you want to. Yes, it is possible!

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4. Designs the Users Love

One of the best things about using Flutter for mobile app development is that it allows developers to customize the existing widgets or create their own widgets based on customer demand. You can search from a plethora of design options and create your very own designs based on the type of app you are creating and the targeted customer base.

5. Faster Mobile Applications

Apps designed and created using Flutter offers a smooth and fast user experience. There is no need to worry about the app getting hanged or getting slow while using it.

Final Words 

Flutter by Google is one of the hottest cross-platform mobile app development technologies that are imperative in today’s development scenario. Although it is still nascent to some mobile app developers, Flutter is soon going to be one of the most used tools for mobile application development for iOS and Android.

Reasons Why You Have To Update Your Mobile App Regularly

Updates are crucial to maintain your app and introduce new features that boost user engagement. In this article, we will discuss how regularly a business should consider updating its app and offers some of the best practices for doing so.

Many of you might now know that app updates are considered as the most compelling marketing tools. Considering the number of mobile apps people have downloaded on their devices, regular updates can aid an app to achieve more mindshare as compared to other apps.

Additionally, by updating your mobile app regularly, you can develop a loyal following if your app’s updates include relevant bug fixes as well as features that users are demanding. Frequent updates also show that you are committed to your app and that it is still being maintained.

How Many Times Should You Release Updates in a Month?

App stores do not appreciate a shit it and prosper thinking. The most successful and popular apps receive updates on a weekly basis while the lower apps end up receiving updates once a month. However, if you cannot be devoted to updating the app once a month, you must reconsider developing an app even.

The app updates should be based on the quantitative data as well as comprehension of your market and qualitative user feedback. Understanding the correct balance of these elements as well as the proper routine of updates will take time. You must also consider the cost of updates as well.

We are listing six reasons why you need to update your app regularly below.

1. For Security Reasons

As a company that develops an app, it is your duty to keep the data of your app users safe and secure. Unfortunately, hackers and cybercriminals continuously look for loopholes in your websites, apps, and other online systems.

The fact that no security facility functions for long. It is a matter of time before these hackers discover a loophole in your system. Therefore, the best way to stay multiple steps ahead of those criminals is to offer regular security updates.

By the time the hacker will discover a loophole in your seventh security facility, you will be rolling out the tenth one. Thus, the most crucial reason why a company should always update its application is to plug all the security loopholes as well as upgrade the security features of their app.

2. To Fix Bugs

Generally, user feedbacks points out the presence of bugs in your app. And no matter how many times or how thoroughly you have tested your app, you will find bugs. It is because there are numerous variables involved to avoid the issues. To users, how quickly you fix those issues matters the most.

Additionally, with every new feature you roll out, new bugs will be discovered. Usually, bugs are not a huge problem until they are left for a long duration in your app. This is because they slow down your app or cause it to crash, which might upset customers.

If you are seen as a business that solves the app issues quickly, you will retain users. In case you ignore the issues and let your app rot, customers will abandon your mobile app in droves. After all, people do not support an app if its developer is perceived as not caring.

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3. To Keep Up with Technology

Two good reasons to update your app regularly are to keep up with hardware and software advances. Every time the operating system (OS) of a device is updated, the chances are positive that you will require an update in your app.

This kind of urgent update could be necessary in case an OS update creates a huge problem with the interface and functionality of your app. An apt rule of thumb would be to anticipate significant OS updates at least two to three times a year.

If your application connects with Google Pay/Apple Wallet or Apple Maps/Google Maps, you will need to stay acquainted with updates to these platforms to assure that their integration with your app stays seamless.

The reason why integrating your app with mobile pay technologies is important is that these technologies are more convenient, safe, and extremely fast. Some customers even abandon your app if they do not find this feature.

4. To Satisfy Users

No matter the amount of effort and time you invest in focus groups and app testing, real app users will provide you the most important feedback regarding the ways to enhance your app. If your app is doing well, you will receive customer feedback. It would be wise to listen to them and improve your app accordingly.

By gathering the feedback as well as implemented the changes asked for by the users, you will tell them that you care about the quality. This will boost engagement and make for loyal users.

5. For the Purpose of Rebranding

You might have observed various firms changing the appearance of their current products or changing their brand identity. This is known as rebranding and it engages more demand and attention.

This is practiced in the application development industry as well. You can provide your app and entire makeover. This generally excites the current users as well as attracts new ones. So, one more reason to consider updating your app is to give it a brand new look.

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6. To Stay Relevant

Although many businesses fail to realize it, application updates can be amongst the best marketing tools. Users tend to forget about even popular apps over time. They might download your app but do not use it as much. Some users even tend to delete your app when they remember it eventually.

Since your application is competing with many others, you will need a valuable marketing approach. Timely updates not only remind the users that your app is installed on their devices but also alert them about new features, which they might enjoy. Additionally, Google and Apple also like to see applications getting updating specifically to align with their major OS releases.


The publication is not the last part of the story for your application. Your app is like a living thing and its failure or success does not rely only on the number of installations. You need to connect with people who download your application and keep operating it.

Those active users tend to expect some type of progression from your application. And if they do not get it, they may stop using or delete your app from their device. Therefore, offering frequent app updates is highly crucial.


app development

IoT and Mobile App Development: A Great Combination to Develop Your Business

Have you ever heard of the term IoT or Internet of Things? If the reply from the other end is no then you also need to acquire a thorough understanding of the same. As a matter of fact, the

IoT is considered as a system of interrelated computing gadgets, digital and mechanical machines, animals, people or objects those who are given some exclusive identifiers (UIDs) and thereby they acquire the ability to transfer data over a network without the need for human-human or computer-human interactive sessions

How can the IoT influence the realm of mobile app development?

The IoT has been considered as one of the trendiest methodologies that are in great demand right now in the world of automation. And as a result of this, it has also expanded its wings amongst the various other enterprises and industrial sectors. The IoT is longer a new name in the domain of the IT industry now and hence most of the IT aspirants know very well that what it is all about and how positive impact it has made to the different Information and Technology related sectors.

According to a survey report, at least 31 billion connected devices will be made accessible on a worldwide basis by 2020 as a result of which most of the large scale industries are going to avail the utter privilege of the IoT technology.

Despite this immense popularity of the IoT, most of the app development companies integrate their version of the app into their own framework. This can be due to a lack of information or apprehension to accept the new version of the technology. With that said, given below are a few ways through which the IoT can be proven as a boon to the mobile App Development industry.

1. Helps App Developer Become Smarter

The overall development of the IoT realm is not as easy as it may seem. It requires an efficient person who possesses a sound understanding in the arena of Internet of Things or IoT. But the entire scenario will change drastically as soon as the various app developers out there learn the technology of IoT and make its practical application in the domain of their app development sector.

smart app developer
And the combination of the IoT and mobile app development will indeed be boon for mankind as well as the different business companies who are going to get benefits aplenty from the means of this dual technology. AR/VR development companies like Way2smile have already set their foot into this area with a promising development strategy.

2. Aids Innovation

Well, it’s indeed a fact that the age-old traditional method of App Development is not sufficient in order to build a cutting-edge IoT app. For, the primary job of these apps is to connect people and various devices together and thereby providing the application users to complete control of the Internet-oriented devices.

As a result of this, the application users are likely to stay connected to their concerned devices on around the clock basis. Hence, every mobile app developer must take this factor into consideration. Other connecting tools like NFC and the Bluetooth will also connect themselves with the domain of IoT and this will certainly prove to be a revolutionary change in the domain of mobile app development.

3. Provides remote access

As a matter of fact, the different types of IoT based applications allow its users to access them from any possible area. For instance, suppose you are not being able to go your office but through the means of these kinds of applications, you can monitor the overall condition of your work progress from any possible location of your house.

remote access
And this kind of application can be really beneficial if you are running a fully-fledged company and your clients will also ask you to integrate this type of application for their company. Industries like healthcare, agriculture or whatsoever can benefit equally from this type of application like that of the corporate arena.

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4. Makes room for effortless integration

Apart from the typical connection system within an office space, these IoT based applications are also required to be integrated with the different types of wearables which will result in improved user experience and better usage convenience. And with the incorporation of various aspects like user-friendly interface, cushy integration, as well as the inclusion of essential features, can certainly make the entire of the application ready for the IoT App Development arena.


And the entire application has to be scalable and flexible enough for removing and including the various devices in the future because the companies are required to omit and include these devices whenever they feel the necessity to do so.

5. Improves data security

data security

Well, it’s a fact that several companies are using different types of apps to store their data safely and securely. However, there are many companies that are prone to different types of cyberattacks and their personal, valuable data can get breached or violated by the various hackers out there. But with the various IoT-based applications coming up, business professionals can rest assured in terms of keeping their company’s precious data safeguarded through the means of an extra amount of safety and security.

6. Improves app efficiency

app efficiency

The primary motive behind any App Development is the level of connectivity that it provides. And with the coming up of these IoT based applications, users can connect their application to any type of device no matter what. And while developing an application, the mobile app developer must make sure that his/her app has been built in a way that caters to the usage of any kind of device regardless of its type. Hence, it can be said in a nutshell, that the realm IoT enhances the efficiency of the application in terms of connectivity.

7. Aids mobile app transformation

mobile app transformation

The custom solution that the domain of IoT has brought forward can help in enhancing the functional capacity of any possible application and can change it into an IoT based application. These IoT app solutions serve the dual purpose of efficient performance and improved usage of the resource provided.

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Final words

So, hopefully, by now, you have got a clear idea about what the sector of IoT is all about and how efficiently it can be used differently for different situations. Especially, the domain of IoT can help to a great extent in enhancing the arena of mobile app development.

If there takes place a combination between these two sectors, it can certainly bring about a major breakthrough in the mobile App Development industry that is going to benefit not only the current generation millennial but at the same time different types of business sectors as well, especially the ones related to the Information and Technology domain.

mobile app development company

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2019

With the introduction of iPhone in the year 2007 and followed by Android Smartphones that revolutionized the mobile world in the subsequent years, quite a lot has occurred in the mobile technology front. The various versions of Android and iOS have been extensively used across the globe, leaving their mark. Each version having been crafted with care to ensure that the software proved to be better with each update, there’s no wonder in the users’ expectations and demands multiplying along with time and progress in technology. Mobile Application Development Companies are in constant need to meet changing tastes and increasing demands from customers.

The Role of Mobile Application Development Companies in the Contemporary World

No wonder that Smartphones are now an inseparable and inherent part of the common man in the modern world. The device that once helped communication between users now offers umpteen services and opportunities to users, thanks to the exponentially growing mobile device usage and technology and dedicated service provided by global Mobile Application Development Companies.

It has become essential for entrepreneurs and business organizations to have a close watch over what users expect and how their usage pattern keeps changing with time. Global competition, need for staying focused on customer needs, and the need for keeping ahead of competition are a few factors that necessitate Mobile Application Developers to diligently analyze ways to evolve innovative approach of mobile app development.

Major Mobile App Development Trends That are Expected to Revolutionize Future Mobile Device Use

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: Not just on games front, augmented reality finds high penetration in social media as well. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat prove to be the fastest growing social media platforms that make use of virtual reality and augmented reality. These platforms are growing in an unprecedented manner, thanks to the ability of being highly interactive and engaging. These technologies are certain to boom in future.
  • Swift – the next gen programming language: Having a host of developer-friendly and new features, Swift 2 is about to gain a lot of attention in the coming years.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in mobile applications. AI and machine learning prove to be the solution for reducing operational costs while increasing productivity in several industries, more so in mobile app development.
  • Micro apps and Enterprise apps: Helping users to streamline, restructure, and manage critical business activities on the go, enterprise apps immensely help users. Micro apps, on the other hand, aim at catering to targeted operations, thus taking less loads. These are expected to grow in a huge manner in future.
  • Accelerated Pages: As this technology accelerates loading time of pages, accelerated mobile pages are going to make it big in future.
  • Use of mobile wallet: Development and use of mobile wallet is expected to witness a jump during 2019, thanks to the demand for increased and extensive use. Online purchase activities and online booking are increasing at phenomenal rate; mobile wallets usage will certainly grow in exponential way.
  • Beacons technology: Although not a new technology, as it lends itself to best used as virtual guide and information source, this technology will find a niche in 2019.
  • Application Security: Enhancing the security level happens to be one of the constant requirements among mobile app developers. This element of app development will draw great focus in 2019.
  • Android Instant Apps: Similar to websites and easily accessible with no separate installation, Android instant apps will be one of the buzz words in future.

Other Potential Future Trends that Will Drive Mobile App Development

  • Internet of Things: Developers will find Internet of Things very effective for providing automation in varied business processes.
  • M-Commerce is making it big: As more and more number of users choose to go for Apple Pay and Google wallet, and coupled with innovative wearable devices, m-commerce payment facility is going to hit it big in the coming years.
  • Progressive Web Apps: Performing in a way similar to mobile apps, and not requiring to be installed separately,  progressive web apps can perform well even on low-bandwidth networks and low-spec smartphones. These qualities ensure that these will boom in 2019.
  • Low-code development: Providing a fast way to build and deploy enterprise-level apps and allowing developers who do not have much coding expertise to build great apps, this is one of the trends that is about to see a boom in 2019.
  • Wearable devices will impact future technological advancement: Users being drawn toward latest technology, wearables have the potential to become one of the most wanted application development patterns in the near future.
  • Cloud-based Mobile applications: With space constraint in mobile devices being found to be one of the concerns of modern generation, and cloud being able to offer the best data security, cloud mobile cloud traffic is expected to increase as high as 90%.

Factors that Define and Determine the Future Trends in Mobile App Development

Developers need modern and sophisticated tools as well as trends for building great apps. Among the myriad factors that influence the success of mobile apps, it is essential that developers need to have a deep insight about latest mobile app development.

There’s no business today that doesn’t make use of mobile apps. Successful branding and earning reputation depend to a great extent on being able to come up with the perfect mobile app that exactly depicts your business objectives while enabling users to smoothly access and order your services and products.

Importance of Analyzing and Understanding the Mobile App Development Trends

Trends, although changing year on year, are indicative of customer preferences and if followed closely, are the route to business success. Staying with latest trends and making necessary tweaks to your business through an appropriate mobile app helps developers to keep abreast of competition.

Mobile apps are the current buzz words and are expected to have an impact on business in the foreseeable future as well. Hence it is imperative that mobile app development companies clearly understand the future trends and move in the necessary direction to face the challenges and fulfill market requirements!

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Most Important Things an App Startup Should Know

Millions of mobile apps are being downloaded regularly, thanks to the popular hobby among modern consumers. App development ideas and new app development also follow suit, there are numerous apps that hit the market every day. Amid such frenzied activity, there’s little wonder a mobile app development company is always kept occupied. The catch lies in taking the app successfully from conception to the real world. This is where app developers and entrepreneurs need to learn a few vital things about carrying a mobile app start-up toward success.

One great thing about mobile app marketplace is that trend shows clear demand from users across the world

Significance of Effective Learning Before Starting Your App Business

There’s a clear and tangible shortage for code development in the modern world. While this presents entrepreneurs and mobile technology-based companies a huge opportunity, there are certain basic requirements without which you cannot succeed in reaching your business goals as a mobile app development company.

Quite a few small businesses are pitching for cashing in big by using the demand and consumer trends. However, there are certain major challenges that need to be addressed efficiently. Developing useful apps that prove useful to consumers is challenging, while the process of navigating through the complex app approval might appear insurmountable to some businesses. The first strategy to master the app development business is learning the basic and crucial things by prudently investing in certain key areas.

Most Significant Things to Master for Running a Mobile App Start-up

  • Make your online presence obvious: putting yourself online and in a position to be accessed easily is priority
  • Advertizing is Vital: Even if your product or service is interesting or useful, you can only reach out to people by letting them be informed – which can be accomplished by advertizing
  • Payment options must be given consideration: Implementing payment methods that allow convenient online payments is vital – more so for apps that sell products or services online
  • Efficient and Dedicated workforce is the backbone: Hiring qualified  and skilled professionals in the various work-roles ensures perfection

Factors to be Considered in App Business

  • Focus on the type of industry that you intend to sell to
  • Work out how you will go about selling your product to the selected industry
  • Decide the strategies for branding your business
  • Plan about the features that you and your customers need
  • Know how much training and support will be needed
  • Have clear idea of the goal for your end game

Starting a business might be easy; it is another story to accomplish success and sustain in app business

Steps to Accomplish Mobile App Start-up Success

Validating your app idea and detailing your product using a wire framing tool is the first step. App design needs to be according to your vision about user experience; be sure to remove non-core features. For this, you need to brief the factors such as your app idea, user preferences, and features required to the designers you hire.

To stay ahead of fierce competition and accomplish success, you need to develop the most fluid and best app that enables you to stay in the race.

Most Common Mistakes in Making Mobile App Budgeting

It is the time of mobile apps. As evident from studies, mobile apps take up more than 80% of users’ mobile time in the modern world. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of businesses are regularly increasing their mobile app development investments. One key factor that needs to be considered here is effectively planning and budgeting the app development process. In the age of mobile technology, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to reign their app development budget appropriately to achieve the expected outcomes.

Budgeting proves to be crucial in mobile app development, among other factors

Significance of Budget Factors in Mobile App Development

Similar to any business activity, mobile app development process also requires prudently planning a perfect and accurate budget to be able to deliver the intended success. Beginning with conceptualization through development and even after launch of the app, monetization plays a vital role.

The complex task of app budgeting needs an effective and proven strategy. Careful and efficient allocation of time and resources through an accurately planned budget ensures that the mobile app development process is being carried out according to schedule and attains the most optimal outcome.

Careful consideration of budgeting is as important as building the perfect app for your brand

Major Mistakes in App Budgeting That Businesses and Developers Must Watch Out For

  • Failure to consider App marketing while budgeting: Although not directly connected with the development stage, marketing proves to be one vital aspect – making the maximum number of people aware of the app is one critical necessity that can be achieved through prudent marketing
  • Ignorance toward regular updates: Downloads and thus profits are driven by regularly updated apps – with unprecedented and innovative features and functions being introduced using the advancing mobile technology, it is essential to set sufficient budgetary provision for updates
  • Budgeting Mobile app development similar to budgeting website creation: Entrepreneurs, who make use of web technology for propagating their brand, may tend to consider website development and mobile app development to be similar – in reality, app development is filled with several complexities- unlike websites, apps involve extra budget due to these complexities and this factor, when ignored, proves expensive
  • Overlooking cross-platform mobile app development: digital technology offers several mobile platforms for app development– it is necessary to involve cross-platform app development – ignoring which might restrict profit opportunities
  • Entire prominence being given to UI: It is common belief among business organizations that an impressive and attractive UI is the priority in app development – whereas it is the features and functionality that really deliver value – backend infrastructure needs to be focused as well

The success of your mobile app is influenced by prudent budgeting

What Makes Careful and Accurate Budget Plan Crucial?

Factors such as app functionality and purpose, devices and platforms supported, using hardware features and visual objects prudently, and integration points influence your mobile app budget and hence these need to be given due consideration.

Budgeting is one key factor that has to be planned well in advance to make the mobile app development process successful. The first step mobile app development companies need to take in app development is preparing a budgeting framework that allows improving and sustaining the product according to the chosen mobile strategy.

Why A Prototype Can Ensure A Successful Start Of An App Development?

Looking to Develop a Successful Mobile App?  Get started with mobile app prototyping!

Enabling users in plugging in the various features of a website while seeing simultaneously how they will appear on the live site, prototyping apps are interactive tools. Prototyping is considered vital – not without reason: it is critical during the design stage to understand the look of a website and how it will make the visitor feel. It is the responsibility of the Application Development Company to take this into consideration while making an app.

Building Your Own Mobile App? Prototyping Comes Handy!

Why is App Prototyping Considered Important?

Coding may be the base for web design. However, prototyping proves to be extremely useful to people with lack of back-end skills. Just like how conception and polishing the idea during the initial stages of app development is important, creating a perfect prototype that helps set everything clear proves essential. It avoids unwanted changes later and saves hours of explanations.

Prototyping enables testing all key features and viewing how the future app would look like. It allows the user to see how the particular mobile app under construction would flow and function. In app design, it is crucial to focus on user experience and functionality. Moreover, developing the code without getting all the aspects of the project validated by app professionals as well as the customer may result in having to redo several sections of the app later. Prototyping provides a way to see what will work fine and what will not.

Prototyping – an essential Factor Used by a Prudent Application Development Company

How Does Prototyping Help Successful App Development

There are several benefits of making a prototype of your app in the initial stage; a few of them are given below:

  • Instant Feedback: One of the important aspects in the software development process is feedback – prototypes help developers to understand their users and their views fully
  • Prevention of Bugs: One of the reasons of failure of apps is developers realizing lately that they have missed out something – creating a prototype for different devices ensures that the design works fine on different devices and platforms
  • Saving money and efforts: Being an expensive process, app development has to be handled cautiously – building a prototype eliminates the risk of having to start all over again
  • Prototypes enable developers to understand end user needs, identify the improvements possible, and estimate cost, time requirement, talent and resource requirements perfectly
  • Problems can be identified and rectified early, saving a lot of time and efforts
  • Building and deploying apps using prototypes empowers you to go in line with the changing customer demands and market trends

Top Reasons Why You Need Both a Mobile Website and a Mobile App

It’s Prudent to Build a Mobile Strategy Even When You Have a Responsive Website

Not just for market biggies, every business needs mobile apps today. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an existing small business, you have to have an effective mobile strategy. It is imperative, to be in the race, that businesses must be in line with the current trend; entrepreneurs must understand the importance of having a sound mobile strategy in place, apart from having a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Strategy Creation- it’s all About Exclusive User Experience!

Internet Access via Various Devices Calls for Mobile-Friendly Content

Responsive design is considered one of the primary needs to address the exponentially growing mobile device users. But then, as deduced from experience and research, just having a responsive website will not suffice – businesses need to cater to the needs of the modern day users. The current trend shows that a considerable amount of time spent on mobile devices has been exclusively on native apps.

It is effective and sound business strategy to complement responsive content with mobile apps that help provide unmatched experience expected by users. Small businesses with dedicated mobile apps are certainly having an edge over their peers and competitors.

It’s Ultimately User Preference That Decides the Success of Your Product and Service!

What Sets Mobile Apps Ahead

Basic reason being that users’ current preference is mobile apps over websites, there are several factors that necessitate entrepreneurs and businesses to invest on extending their mobile presence. Mobile apps provide a strong platform for businesses to reach out to as many potential and existing customers as possible quickly and effectively. Here’s where a reliable wordpress development company plays a crucial role.

Businesses Need Their Own Mobile Apps in the Contemporary Business Setting

Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Crucial for Business

Although it is possible to present the whole website on mobile devices through responsive design, it will not be possible to take the mobile experience to the next level, as achieved by mobile apps. The exclusive app experience may be curated for users’ unique purpose to be accessible and actionable – in just a few seconds. This is the one major advantage offered by mobile apps. Created using open source development sources, mobile apps complement websites in effectively penetrating the target market.

The following are a few of the key reasons that necessitate a mobile strategy:

  • Ability to reach customers at any time
  • Better personalization is possible
  • Direct marketing channel can be created
  • The features in mobile devices can be put to full use
  • Mobile apps prove to be faster than websites
  • Notifications can be sent easily
  • Offline working is possible
  • New branding experience is offered by mobile apps
  • Customer engagement can be increased
  • It is possible to provide value to customers

How to Market your iPhone and Android App

After months or years of development and putting your ideas together to create an app, you’ve finally launched it. You might be thinking that the hard part is over, but the truth is that it has just begun. There are lots of apps on the Appstore and every developer is trying to make sure that his or her app gets the biggest audience. If you are wondering what to do if your app idea is already launched and available in Appstore,here are a few steps to help you:

  1. Have an on boarding process. Getting users to download your app is only half the battle, the other half needs you to retain them. Having an on boarding process will create a huge difference on how your audience will engage with your app. To create a successful on boarding process, you need to allow users to get in and out of your app with ease. You also need to show them the benefits of your app. Show them the different features on the app and make it easy for them to navigate around. The sign-up should not be complicated and a call-to-action should excite them.
  2. Invest in app Analytics and Marketing software. If you don’t have the right marketing and analytics tool, you cannot set yourself for success. App analytics capture an entirely different set of metrics than web analytics. A marketing app will help you start communicating with your users and boost engagement.
  3. Track churn. If users are following to your app and then dying out, you need to find out where users start churning and why. You will also need to tailor the experience to be better and to track churn as soon as your app launches.
  4. Acquire the right users. If you have not launched user acquisition campaigns, you need to launch it so as to pay attention to data and to understand where most of your engaged users are coming from.
  5. Personalize the app experience. Once you understand where most of your users come from, it’s time to get personal. Users have become accustomed to being catered to. Any communication from the app should be treated as personal and when users use your app, they should feel like it belongs to them.
  6. Feedback. As soon as you launch your app, good or bad feedback will come your way. Closely monitor the feedback and address it. Try to understand where users get stuck and if they are using the app as you expected. Take comments and ratings seriously and address any update issues.
  7. Optimize your UI. App design and experience is important. Users are used to beautiful app interfaces and if your app is not well designed and attractive, it will not attract users. Continually think of new ways to optimize your user interface. Make your app first class so as to compete in the app market.

Having said these, It’s good to build an app with unique selling point, but if you have missed to be first in market, you still have lots of opportunities to validate your mobile app Idea really useful.  Reach us to know more about how to develop your web and mobile app that adds value to your customers.

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Quick and Effective Tips to Be A Successful Appreneur

Numbers don’t lie and if you want to invest in any business, you should always make decisions based on numbers. The adoption of mobile apps today is simply incredible; the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. iOS app downloads in 2016 reached over 25 billion while Android app downloads during the same period came to 90 billion.

These numbers highlight the popularity of apps today as more businesses rush to leverage the increasing number of mobile users. A successful Appreneur can make millions in a few hours by selling their well-designed and relevant apps to big brands. Good examples include WhatsApp and Instagram, which are now among the top grossing apps.

Well, being a successful Appreneur is not easy otherwise anyone who can make an app would be ranking in millions. However good your skills are, there are things you need to do to join the crème de la crème in the industry:

  1. Get to Intensely know all App Stores

The largest percentage of mobile app development happens on app stores and you have to learn all about these platforms in order to develop apps that are in demand. Learn the guidelines provided for Amazon, iOS Store and Google Play Store, and the best practices for each.

  1. Understand And Practice App Store Optimization (ASO)

Even the best app can get lost in the thousands of apps that are being launched daily. To avoid this, make sure you take time to learn more about App Store Optimization (ASO). You might have the best app, but if it is not optimized for app stores, target users will never find it. Understand your target users, learn about your competition, choose the right app name, maximize keyword use, use a compelling description,  stand out with a unique icon, add screenshots and videos, localize your app listing, promote your app everywhere and keep updating it.

  1. Study Failures And Learn

Apps are not developed in a vacuum and you have to go out there and check what others have done and the reason many others are failing. Compare good-ranking apps with the poor ones and learn what you can do better. Main components to consider include design, concept, poor reviews and lack of marketing among other oversights.

  1. Choose the Best Mobile Development Plan

You have different options to build your app. Choose the mobile app technology that suits your needs (native/cross-platform/ hybrid). Depending on your skill range, decide between an agency or freelancer and make sure you validate the idea before starting (through Minimum viable product (MVP), Prototype or Proof of concept (POC).

  1. Draw a Monetization Strategy

Paid apps, in-app purchases and Freemium are all monetization strategies you can use, but you should be guided by your goals. However, your major focus should be boosting visibility and generating a user base before monetization.

Other tricks include focusing on data analysis (testing, measuring and analyzing your app), cross-promoting your apps and use right app development tools including ad networks, tracking and monetization tools, analytics SDKs and rating tools.