A Look At How Digital Technology Is Transforming The Car-buying Experience

November 26, 2021
A Look At How Digital Technology Is Transforming The Car-buying Experience

Over the years, the automotive sector has seen a tremendous boom. The exponential increase in media, technology, and innovation has directly contributed to the improvement in this industry. That is why the client buying journey is also changing with each passing day. As a result, a current source suggested that nearly 59% of car buyers spend time researching online

In the US, people have started to realize the significance of sustainability. That is why they are keeping their cars for a long time and buying them quite irregularly. That is the reason why the sales of car buying experience among customers have drastically slowed down here. The car dealer and supplier app development company has also released several statistics on the same. 

In this article, we will talk about the five primary techniques of digital transformation affecting the car buying experience. If you had been interested in unleashing the stats regarding the same, you could not have had a better opportunity. So, why keep waiting? 

1. The Process Of Consumers Researching Cars

Today, it would be fair to say that the automotive consumer journey is the most complicated. Undoubtedly many clients buy their cars at dealerships. However, most of the process occurs online for them. In a few recent reports, it was found that 95% of car purchasers make the most of digitalization as a convenient source of information. Also, it takes nearly 65% of purchasers only three weeks to undergo comprehensive research online about the same. Surprisingly, even more, people start researching online and then buy from an affordable dealer at their convenience. 

As soon as the research begins for car purchasers, nearly 6 out of 10 open to a distinctive model. But what is most striking is that they generally have a good idea of which car they wish to buy for themselves. Also, when they are focused on the type of content they want to consume, video research is a much better option. Also, if they’re going to foster brand consideration, an efficient format comes in handy for them. Moreover, customers can derive sufficient information and reviews from the youtube videos that people post online

However, one of the most primary things to keep in mind is that most automotive dealers need to target their clients at a specific phase before they even make a decision. Anyone who has a clear understanding of making the most of digital marketing channels may also work like magic for your dealership feature on social media. Such a thing will eventually promote improving search engine rankings and help customers get their hands on you without enough hindrance. That is why every digital transformation company is on it. 

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2. Buyers No Longer Begin At The Dealership 

Gone are the days when customers were focused on looking for ample information on the brand’s website alone. Today, they want to diversify their research and make sure that everything is worth their investment. That is why they do not shy away from visiting various sites and properly comparing every feature with every price. The user reviews also play an exponentially important role today. This could be another thing to keep in mind for companies who want to improve the car-buying experience using digital technologies

In recent reports, we found out that nearly 56% of buyers start by searching for their preferences on third-party sites. Once they are done researching, they end up at a dealer site. Each year, the traffic to these sites keeps booming to nearly 12%. However, the dealership sites are consistently experiencing a 2% decrease. That is why it is now becoming a significant concern for all of them. 

Also, we must understand that few sites genuinely focus on providing unbiased information. But with each passing day, this is changing. As a result, neutral information-providing sites are growing exponentially and are focused on providing all relevant data to encourage easy accessibility. Such a thing also makes room for a more seamless experience for customers online. 

Also, we must talk about how important it is for automakers to avail their car info to each client online. 

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3. Technology Is Changing The Client Experience 

There are many ways by which this is becoming possible today. Let us discuss them in detail. 

  • Video Marketing 

The research process for many car buyers is quite hectic. They are looking for relevant information that can help them get to the right spot without any inconvenience. However, without accurate data, this is almost impossible. Thanks to video marketing, now these buyers are finding it as easy as possible to create an experience that is tailored to their needs and highly relevant. These videos include various car reviews like test drives, interior tours, and so much more. A 360-degree video tour of the car is one of the most-watched video types today

Such relevant information beyond image can help clients make better choices and rely on your brand better. That is why every car and supplier app development company also focuses on promoting the same. 

  • Virtual Reality 

As virtual and augmented reality continue to bloom today, we realize that the automotive industry is becoming a huge hit even quicker. You will often observe many car producers making the most of these technologies to provide standout car experiences to their respective clients. That is how they can improve the car buying experience using digital technologies

The application of specialized apps and VR have created a buzz everywhere. You will often see some of the world’s biggest car brands like BMW and Audi also making the most of such assets as far as possible. In recent reports, we also found out that nearly 80% of the next generation is likely to visit stores delivering interactive experiences with the help of VR technology and Augmented reality

4. Mobile Plays A Dominant Role 

You will notice that several automotive shoppers make the most of mobile devices when shopping for cars. In recent reports, nearly 57% of individuals browsed for car inspiration on their mobile phones. That is why it is essential to understand that since mobile phones are so quick and handy, customers no longer have the patience for websites. 

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5. Digital Advertising Is Skyrocketing 

Social media platforms and integration with specifications are becoming among the best ways for customers to indulge in the car buying experience. That is why they are trying to make the most of it as far as they can.

These were some of the most important things you needed to know regarding the car buying experience. So, why keep waiting? Use them to your advantage when in need.


Digital platforms are shaping up consumer behaviour. The overall customer experience has been simplified to accommodate the enormous supply flow. However, the digital experience to buy a vehicle or automobile like a car is something new to us. But this trend will evolve as time progresses. The inclusion of technologies from AR and VR app development companies will completely transform the way a customer buys a product. Keeping our fingers crossed! 

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