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W2S Solutions design intuitive VR based Apps for training engineers and technicians with immersive 3D simulation and visualiztion

About Us

W2S Solutions is a mobile and web app Development Company that Ventures into VR App designing. We use the Latest cutting-edge VR/AR Technologies to build customizable virtual reality apps. W2S Solutions have employed the best of VR App developers who can collaborate with clients and produce large scale VR apps. Our VR App strategy is solid and fearless from the design to development phase.

Virtual Reality Apps are instantaneous applications that are built based on capturing and dispersing technology. it bridges the gap between real and virtual world and then engages end users to meet up with their futuristic expectations.

Are you looking for a VR App developer?

Get Virtual Reality App developers at fixed cost and then raise up VR training centers at affordable cost. Hire VR App developers on hourly basis and take leverage of the discounted cost involved. Easy train your architect, engineer and mechanics effectively and radically change their tech related perceptions.

We build Virtual Reality Apps for Smartphone & Tablet, Headsets, Gaming, Cardboard Application and Support & Maintenance.

How W2S Solutions provides VR App Deliverables and Solutions

W2S Solutions VR Apps are early adopters of cutting edge technologies and are on the verge of doing what’s never been done before. W2S Virtual Reality Apps can create hyper-realistic visuals and models and embeds them into an interactive, fully immersive design simulation. Our VR Apps development process is completely a turn-key solutions right from the initial VR design to final release. Some of the W2S Solutions VR App Development Projects are:

Android & ios VR Kit Development

We work on Android and iOS VR Kit Development for creating the instant VR platform integrated with many Augmented Reality controls that fits well on VR Apps. The Augmented Reality part in VR Apps is accomplished at a high level, session-based API, which simplifies every powerful set of features into an intuitive User Interface.

Augmented Reality Code Development

Our AR app developers skilfully crafts the W2S VR product and make it far effective in end user communications. It naturally helps VR businesses to get them recognized amidst a large no of competitors and then improve their brand recognition.

Location Based AR Development

W2S AR app developers are always keen to integrate location based AR features like GPS, Compass and Audio Banks within Virtual Reality Applications. This should enable VR businesses to attract more no of customers to visit their store and get acquainted with latest Virtual Reality Products.

Marker based AR

W2S Solutions uses marker based AR to ease out the visualization process and realize the real life digital overlays through printed multimedia contents. Easy select a specific trigger point to get interactive with digital overlays utilizing the camera based marker.

Markerless AR

We use Markerless AR a highly sophisticated technology in Augmented Reality. Our AR App developers ensured success while designing Markerless AR through implementing simultaneous localization and mapping technology.

Virtual Reality Development

We have some of the VR App experts making up our Virtual Reality Development Team and build customization based VR Apps. W2S Solutions have VR clients in Health Care, Agriculture, Automotive, Manufacturing, Product Design, Education & Training, Games and Real Estate businesses.

Virtual Reality Software’s evolution in building VR Apps/Games

In the beginning of VR Apps development, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine were the most selected few platforms for building apps and games. Virtual Reality applications can create the best training experiences filled with high interactive world. Get a head-mounted Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard display to observe for absolute realistic pictures that will ensure immersive attention among VR Users.

Build next generation VR Apps and Games like Virtual Test Drive, Virtual Characters, Presentations, Manufacturing, Tracking & Analytics, etc. powered with control access in real-time environment. VR & AR platforms are now becoming one of the powerful marketing tools that eventually increases the client’s profitability & efficiency. You have a lot of VR engines and hardware’s readily available in the market and some of them are listed below:

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality Apps is the best to improve customer experiences. It can transform the way how your brands usually interact and engage with audiences. VR Apps can drastically reduce the work space and explain complex models lucidly. It enables you to quickly teach and develop fast and effective responses to potential hazards.


Virtual Reality Apps is a widely applied powerful tool in sales, manufacturing, automation & many more businesses. It can be designed through quick and agile methodology. Herein you can integrate Augmented Reality component as part of simulation and then combine the impression for VR users to experience without participating in any technology. Thus, VR Apps creates the revolution in making apps and then enable businesses to get profited. Some of the key benefits of VR Applications are:

Real-time VR Expertise

Virtual Reality Apps provides the total flexibility in offering post development support and maintenance for any VR Projects. The mobile user can now utilize VR apps in real time and then flexibly scale it to discover their goals.

Transparent Computer generated World

Get the feature rich templates and images utilizing Virtual Reality advancements that offers 3D real world experience games and business apps. Fill replete number of VR features and easy train your resources with an unbeatable advantage and competitiveness.

Engaging VR Solutions

Virtual Reality Apps provides the engrossed 360° view experiences from a headset. Displays engaging picturesque and favourite game within virtual reality environment that is user friendly. Get the 3D assets made ready for VR games and animations.

Customized VR Apps

Create the desire gaming solution through customization process and then derive the competitive edge over peers. VR Apps can be made scalable turnkey solutions that exhibits flawless integration of technology and obtain accurate results.

Why W2S Solutions?

W2S Solutions is currently into VR design and development applications. We make sure that every VR App development project is kept aligned to have huge resources and the required business analysis. Our VR/AR App experts work earnestly in meeting the high end needs of every client at all times. Some of the W2S Solutions Unique Selling Propositions are listed below:

Round the clock support

Timely delivery

Cost Effective and Flexible Services

Indepth Knowledge of VR & AR gaming software's

Strong understanding of
customer's needs

Dedication and Certified
App Developers

150+ Start-up's Built

W2S Solutions are having VR Clients in industries like Agriculture, Automotive, Manufacturing, Product Design and Education & Training sectors. Given below is one of the W2S Virtual Reality Apps designed for the Automotive Industry.

Case Study

Virtual Reality Training Center for Automation Industry

We used the Unity Game Software to create the virtual training centre for empowering engineers and repair mechanics to understand about the maintenance of heavy vehicle like tractors. The Factory Shop Floor had the tractor present with Marker software to identify its parts. It was built for training, designed with tab buttons that provided the access to view the tractor’s individual parts, machine and body.

Our VR Apps developers utilized Unreal Editor and then designed the 360° view integration that presents design simulation and visualization. Now you can easily train engineers and mechanics to inspection tractor parts and then tangentialize specific parts for an engaged VR observation. It requires the Oclus Go head mounted display and pair of sensors to actualize the moving parts of the tractor and then learn about its maintenance and assembly of parts.


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