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How to Transition from Offline Business to Online Business

How to Transition from Offline Business to Online Business

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you are already taking a step to a new beginning by creating an online business. The economy is always going to be shaky but you can stop worrying about investing in real estate for a new store, and create a limitless space for yourself online. One thing we know to be true is that everyone loves to shop in the comforts of their home or office or even while they are travelling at the tap of their fingers. Why deny them the joy when running an e-store is so easy that you can do it from your home?

Offline Business to Online Business

Find a niche

The first step you need to take is analyze your market. You may be selling ten different products, but the trick is to identify what your online market really needs. Start with your circle. Observe what your friends and family on social media usually look for but cannot find, conduct search analysis and find a demand that you can fill. You could visit other ecommerce websites, online discussion forums, and even talk to fellow locals to figure out your niche.

Brand it

When we talk about branding at the start of a business, we have a different approach to working on brand identity. Our process begins with an effective copy and campaign focused on your niche (heart of the brand) based on what would be your customer’s perspective, slowly working up to reveal the brand image. The aim is to create the best marketing campaign by positioning you as a disruptive brand filling an unquenchable demand in the market. When we are done, you will be the credible savior with loyalists willing evangelize your products online right from the moment you get started.

Online real estate

You should have figured this one out as it works the same way in the real world. It is now time to claim your digital space. Once you decide on the brand identity, it is time to buy a domain and hosting. Create a website that focuses on a simple and effective user experience. Hire the experts for website design and development, as we know the best ways to take a consumer through window shopping to checkout in just a few clicks. You should also create social media identities on relevant social networks to increase brand visibility, and drive website traffic.

Get friendly with the search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous and long term process. It involves both on-page and off-page efforts to help being found easily when a consumer enters relevant search queries. For an e-commerce website that is in its infancy, we suggest advertising in addition to efforts towards organic results. Google Adwords with Pay-per-click ads will catapult your ads to show up on search results above organic searches for relevant (highest-ranking) keywords. As long as your PPC campaign is active, you can be sure to receive a good amount of traffic from the search engines as users are likely to click the first few links from search results. The advantages include targeting based on location, demographic, devices, interests and more, narrowing down to showcase your ads only to a selected audience.

Give more get more

We all love freebies, and the people who give us a lot of gifts. Make sure you constantly have offers, promotions and discounts on your products. It will have your consumers carting away products regularly. You could create ebooks, webinars, blog posts, or even organize offline events to engage your customers. It will work like a charm to drive up those loyalist numbers.

We know everyone needs help when they get started on something new. Contact W2S Solutions to assist you along the way as you step i nto a brand new chapter.

Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan likes to do things in a better way. More than a decade of IT experience and 5+ years of Entrepreneurial journey, He knows its great to start a business, but its lifetime challenge to run successfully. As a CEO of W2S solutions, He leads a team, motivate them, mentor and help them to succeed. Whatever stage your business is, Madhu Kesavan will help in analyzing your business and provide an IT strategy. His experience, openness to new approaches, familiarity with various technologies helps his customers to achieve their vision.

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