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What Is Better Java or Kotlin – Pros, Cons and the Conclusion

Java and Kotlin are the most-widely used development languages when it comes to Android App development. Professionals from any Android App Development Company, who have been making use of Java since very long, have another option now in Kotlin. Having been announced by Google as the second official language for developing Android Apps at the I/O conference, Kotlin has now emerged as one stellar programming language. No wonder, Kotlin offers to be compiled successfully and run effectively on the Java Virtual Machine. Java, having reigned as the most preferred language for developing Android apps, has found its match in Kotlin.

The Open-Source Programming Language of the Recent Times – Kotlin

While it is not compatible with Java, Kotlin, the powerful statically-typed programming language, runs on Java Virtual Machine. Code written using Kotlin works fine with Java as well as it natively does. Using aggressive inference for determination of the types of expressions and values – when they have not been stated clearly – Kotlin, as a programming language, is more distinctive than Java that at times may require repetitious type specifications.

After having been announced officially as a first-class Android Development language, Kotlin certainly has grabbed the attention of global Android App Development Companies and developers.

Java or Kotlin – Making the Choice Becomes Tough

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or expert, you are faced with the dilemma of deciding between Java and Kotlin today. With the additional choice, it is common that programmers and business owners alike find it a difficult task picking the right one for developing their Android Apps. It is by going through the various pros and cons related to both the programming languages that one will be able to arrive at the right decision in this connection.

Pro-Java Factors – What Goes in Support of Java

Android itself having been written in Java, there’s no wonder that Java has been many developers’ favorite with regard to Android App Development. This object-oriented programming language claims the title of the second most active language on GitHub. It has been around for nearly 20 years with its popularity only appearing to grow.

  • Java proves easy to understand and learn
  • Android App Development using Java is swift
  • It offers great flexibility – allows reuse of code and regular updating of software
  • Cross-platform apps can be conveniently developed using Java
  • It has a large open source ecosystem
  • Java apps tend to be compact and lighter; complex computing that is faced in Kotlin is avoided
  • Java is highly adaptable with virtual machine or browser window, rendering itself to be smooth during updates and code reuse
  • The app building process is considerably faster in Java than Kotlin
  • Large projects can be easily handled with Java, thanks to Accelerated assembly with Gradle

Glitches in Using Java for Android App Development

  • Limitations in Java may sometimes cause issues with Android API design
  • Java, when compared with certain other programming languages, is slower
  • It requires more memory
  • More coding needed in Java renders it prone to bugs and errors
  • Java faces certain issues such as endless try-catch blocks and Null Pointer Exception
  • Null safety concerns and not being extendable are certain other issues
  • Being an old version is a snag with Java

What Makes Kotlin Gain Momentum in Contemporary

Being positioned as the first-class language for developing Android apps, Kotlin is considered to be the ‘enhanced Java’ by programmers across the globe. Kotlin provides several improvements over Java, its 2-decade old predecessor. Not without reason, Kotlin, the modern programming language offers a number of advantages, especially for building Android apps.

  • Complete Java interoperability and compatibility with existing code is one major strong point of Kotlin
  • Being clear, compact, and efficient, Kotlin has an intuitive and concise syntax – this leads to increased productivity
  • Allowing for more stable code and reduced errors in production, Kotlin involves fewer bugs and requires reduced QA efforts and time
  • Java to Kotlin switching is easy- it requires just installing Kotlin plugin and adding it to Gradle for conversion
  • Smart extension functions available in Kotlin enable Android App Developers to build clean APIs
  • Access to Anko Library is a major advantage offered by Kotlin
  • It is easy to learn even if you have no prior mobile app development knowledge
  • Kotlin is fully supported by Android Studio
  • Reliable and precise codes enhance the security
  • Kotlin excels over Java in regard to data classes

There are Some Limitations as well, with Kotlin

As with any programming language, there are certain catches in using Kotlin also.

  • Compilation speed of Kotlin is slower than Java
  • One drawback is the extra runtime size involved with Kotlin
  • In contrast to the verbose but clearly spelled out Java coding, Kotlin involves concise syntax that might prove difficult to decipher initially
  • Being a relatively new language, the community of Kotlin is smaller presently, making only less help available
  • A few of the Android Studio features such as auto-complete and compilation are found to be slower in Kotlin than in Java
  • Kotlin developers are not so freely available as Java developers as of now—experienced Kotlin developers are few
  • Official support is not as great as in the case of Java

Which one is Better – the Inference

Although Kotlin proves to be far better than Java in certain aspects, it has not reached being the perfect language yet. It is in a way in an experimental stage, although it appears close to outshining Java. Kotlin is about to be adopted on a wide level in future, no doubt. Java, with its years of use and reputation, will take a long time to be replaced, but Kotlin is fast becoming the choice of startups and those seeking innovative technologies.

Android Development Companies had better experiment with Kotlin slowly and get to know how their team fares with it and whether they are able to reap the intended benefits.

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Best Android App Development Tools


Android is a product stack for cell phones that incorporates a working framework, middle ware and key applications. The greater part of you may as of now know about Android, its capacities and different perspectives. Due to the enormous reach and a wildfire spread of the soul of smartphones W2S Solutions brings you all you need to know about the Best Android App Development Tools. For anyone to excel Android and master the art of app building, this Android App Development Tool List is bound to unlock new horizons of vision and understandings.

What goes underneath?

In a nutshell, the different parts of Android are outlined as a stack, with the ‘Applications’ framing the best layer of the stack, while the Linux piece frames the lowest layer.


Android ships with an arrangement of center applications including an email customer, SMS program, logbook, maps, program, contacts, and different highlights. All applications are composed utilizing the Java programming dialect. In this way, it is in this layer you will fit in your next enormous versatile application.

How does it lay-out?

Designers have full access to a similar system APIs utilized by the center applications. The application engineering is intended to rearrange the reuse of parts; the capacities of any application can be distributed and after that be utilized by some other application (subject to security requirements implemented by the structure). This same system enables parts to be ousted by the client. For instance, on the off chance you have a little note taking application on your versatile Android environment and need to look for a specific area whose address you have recently noted down, you should think about utilizing the maps application straightforwardly from your note-taking application, rather than exchanging applications (caution! It is an important part).


Android app development tool list incorporates an arrangement of C/C++ libraries utilized by different parts of the Android framework. These abilities are presented to engineers through the Android application system.

Android offers a abundant opportunities for designers: it is a flexible, open source mobile platform that is being used by a large number of clients worldwide with an incredibly simple circulation stage to help contact a huge group of bystanders. Luckily, there are additionally a lot of handpicked, best Android designing tools to help you kick off quickly. The nascent Android landscape is such that the number of android development tools is large and growing rapidly. While everyone keeps on winding up more proficient and instinctive options to trend but the major constants remain same.

There has never been a superior time to make your own Android application!

Best Android App Development Tools

Game Maker Studio

Game Maker Studio is another platform for enthusiasts, this time for 2D diversions. It demands a smaller share of your skillset than using Unity or Unreal 4 and empowers you to make applications with effectively ‘zero code’.


Undoubtedly, Android engineer’s tools have an affection for acronyms! FYI, AIDE stands for ‘Android IDE‘ and is one of a kind to this rundown and it keeps running on Android. It implies that you can make applications utilizing your smartphone or tablet and later test them on spot over the same gadget.

Clearly, this does not have a portion of the propelled highlights of Android Studio. There is no genuine favorable proposition to use this over Android Development Kit. Thus, it has proven to be useful however for learning Java and Android SDK.

AVD Manager

The AVD Manager tool is packaged with Android Studio. AVD is an acronym for ‘Android Virtual Device’. So, basically, this is an emulator for running Android applications on your PC. This is helpful on the grounds that it implies that you can test your applications rapidly without having to continually introduce them on physical gadgets. All the more significantly, the AVD Manager enables you to make loads of various emulators with various screen sizes, particulars and renditions of Android.

Android Studio

No Android App Development Tool List would be finished without Android Studio. This is the primary IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android. It unanimously plays dominates the android development landscape for engineers hoping to make essential applications with regards to Google’s Material Design.

Android Device Monitor

Another implicit Android advancement tool, the Android Device Monitor enables you to screen your gadget or virtual gadget amid runtime and gain access to data, for example, what number of procedures are running on what string, arrange details, the LogCat and a lot more. It is awesome for testing the execution of your applications and seeing what’s happening under the hood.

Android Debug Bridge

The ADB shell is a valuable little tool that you can use to interact and run changes on an associated Android gadget (virtual or physical). It is accompanied by Android Studio and generally you won’t have to stress over it. However, you’ll be following an instructional exercise and to discover it, you have to open it up. To do the same, explore the main tool which envelopes your Android SDK or whichever organizer adb.exe is found and open up in the order (Shift + RMB > Open Command Window Here).

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is among our top spots on the Android App Development Tool List. More importantly, it doesn’t come with a pre-packaged Android Studio. It is a diversion motor and IDE for cross-platform development. Solidarity is anything but difficult to learn and accompanies an expansive assortment of highlights for diversion advancement. While it’s conceivable to make an app without Android Studio, Unity fits that sort of work substantially more promptly and will spare you significant slice of time on the Gantt chart. You can even utilize it to make VR applications for Daydream, Cardboard or the Gear VR!

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is additionally an app development engine and is an elective choice for those keen on cross-stage, full-highlighted diversion advancement. Like Unity, Unreal offers simple help for Android development and is entirely unrivaled being an open source development engine. Unity has marginally better implicit assistance for portable and 2D appearances for most versatile app developers.

Other Android Development tools: – 

Additionally, the development tools recorded above there are numerous more choices out there, for example, PhoneGap, Cordova or IntelliJ IDEA for building basic applications, or Android and Bluestacks on the off chance that you require android imitating without introducing Android Studio and the AVD Manager. Designers will likewise need to get to grasps with a scope of other programming to supplement their coding exercises.

Looking for an amazing Android App Development partner? Reach us for any queries or any Android Application Development needs.

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Android App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile operating systems are advancing fast. This enables them to deliver improved functional potentials. As they keep advancing with time, their communicative value gets better too. Growing bigger and becoming community-driven, they are required to keep up with the changing trends. Contrary to general belief, several mobile apps that are not known to many, but have out-of-box features and offer outstanding user experience, are found to appear on the list of the most downloaded apps! Changing trends plays a significant role in mobile app development.

Mobile apps are the buzz word in the contemporary business world

Mobile App Development – the Present Scenario

Mobile apps are found to be one of the most effective and successful ways for promoting business brands and performing business transactions. The mobile app market happens to be a fast growing and capable business platform that helps entrepreneurs to reach out to customers quickly and efficiently.

Android platform holds the major market share in mobile apps

Role of Android Development Companies

Android applications, as they are a lot more functional, are preferred the world over for business promotion. Attractive features and ease of development are the key factors that make Android App Development so popular.

Along with business competition, there’s been a steep rise in android app development

Trends in Android App Development in Future

Android is the first choice of Smartphone manufacturers as well as mobile app developers. With exponentially growing number of android apps, business competition is seen to witness a steep rise too. This necessitates that developers and business owners move in line with the latest trends in this area, to achieve the intended success.

The following are a few of the trends expected to shape Android development in future:

  • Short time delivery: High competition necessitates developers to follow agile development process to be able to deliver and deploy the apps within the stipulated timelines
  • Apps must be simple, yet engaging: Aligning with user preference of being able to achieve their purpose on the go in quick manner, apps must be rendered less complex and offer intuitive and convenient interface to users
  • ROI influences the popularity of the app: The increasing number of Android users clearly depicts the trend of free app download approach
  • Security is a major concern: With rising number of violations and breaches, Android Development Companies are expected to keep updated with all security-related features and create highly secure and robust apps
  • Apps must fulfill specific needs: Several thousand of mobile apps being built, only those that help users achieve a purpose will succeed – there will be a considerable increase in on-demand apps
  • Android instant apps will find increased use
  • Cloud-based development will rule the roost
  • Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will find extensive use
  • Enterprise mobile apps will be developed using blockchain
  • Wearable devices and Internet of Things will influence the way of developing mobile apps

By keeping in line with the future trends in Android App Development and watching out for unexpected changes, entrepreneurs and Android Development Companies can keep abreast of the challenges.


Why Developers Have Switched To Kotlin Programming Language for Building Android Apps?

Supporting several business-oriented features that cannot be achieved by other programming languages, Kotlin has certainly come a long way. The trouble of different exceptions that arise due to source code syntax and runtime code execution has been almost eliminated in Kotlin. Offering the facility to merge existing projects developed in some other language, Kotlin enables developers to conserve their past endeavor as well.

Kotlin is seen to attain the status of being the official language for Android Application Development Companies

Factors That Have Rendered Kotlin the Most Sought-After Programming Language for Android

Kotlin being an object-oriented programming language is capable of offering seamless interoperability with projects developed in Java, thus allowing businesses and Mobile Application Development Companies to migrate gradually from Java to Kotlin.

The safety features available in Kotlin ensures that the Android apps are safe, robust, and optimum in functioning. No wonder Google has made this their preferred official language. Eliminating the woes of null pointer exception, Kotlin is super efficient in error-handling. Being clean and concise, it involves writing less code, thus reducing bugs.

Concise and expressive – Kotlin proves to be the fun and cool new language for Android development

Benefits and Features of Kotlin

Kotlin offers several advantages such as saving time and efforts. The key features and benefits of this programming language are given below:

  • Coding Convenience

Offering ease of coding, Kotlin can be managed smoothly by all programmers from OOP domain – it proves easy to understand for experienced programmers and beginners alike

  • Compact & Concise

Concise and clean code consumes less time for writing and reading, and proves to be less susceptible to bugs – simplifying several processes improves productivity of the developer

  • Mature environment & language

Having been released after a number of stages prior to being released, Kotlin presents few or no problems while working

  • Seamless integration with Android studio

One special benefit is that Kotlin enables setting up and working on any projects under a very short time – it takes just installing a plugin to get the entire process integrated seamlessly

  • Renders Android development easier

Any Android Application Development Company would find Kotlin to be a combination of simplicity and power – one who switches from Java will find that there are unimaginable possibilities in Kotlin

Containing safety features for immutability and nullability, Kotlin certainly makes Android apps high-performers

Technology Entrepreneurs are Offered a Bounty of Opportunities by Kotlin

Kotlin is Android-focused, it allows developers to switch easily from Java, and it is interoperable with Java. Being versatile and concise, it helps avoid excess garbage collection. All of the IDE features in Android Studio work perfectly in Kotlin. It is even possible for developers to mix Java and Kotlin code in the same project. Adhering to open source paradigm, it is similar to Swift programming; it has been built for enterprises.

With many useful features and concise way of coding, Kotlin proves to be the best option, thus causing Mobile Application Development Companies to make use of it on a large scale!


Proven Ways to Avoid Data Leakage in an Android App

The increasing number of mobile apps in Google play store are testimony to the expeditiously growing Android market the world over. While this offers countless opportunities and facilities to individuals and businesses, the flip side is the alarming data threat Android has to face. Surveys bring to light the disturbing fact that Android mobile apps have the notorious possibility of sending sensitive user information to remote servers. Several apps are noted to handle data in enigmatic manners.

Avoiding data leaks is crucial in this information-filled world that uses digital devices for almost any purpose

Why is Data Leakage in Android Apps Widely Discussed Topic?

Usage of mobile apps for varied purposes is on a constant rise in the modern world. People have started using mobile applications in an increasingly more number of ways. Apps are being developed for performing almost any task such as purchasing, booking, and banking. These and other functions that involve sensitive information need to be protected from unwanted data loss or leak. It is the responsibility of the Android App Development Company to look into these security-related issues and provide a safe and convenient environment.

Innovative functionality and increased productivity offered by mobile apps come with a cost

Effective Prevention Strategies Against Data Leak in Android Apps

Unintended data leak can be avoided by following certain steps during development of the app by the Android App Development Company:

  • Prevention of data caching: use of clipboards and dictionaries that are meant for making users’ life easier helps, but saving sensitive data could lead to it being used inadvertently elsewhere
  • Using encryption keys: Android data encryption tools known as KeyStore make use of the most secure and common algorithms – making use of this ensures that the data encryption mechanism is complete
  • Secure HTTPs Protocol: implementing HTTPs protocol for data transmission between the server and a mobile app renders the security level to be fairly high
  • Consider application logs usage: Useful in effectively analyzing the work of algorithms, Logs render themselves to be publically readable- as they contain access tokens and passwords, usage of application logs needs to be avoided
  • Have defense against unexpected situations: Policies as well as best practices for ensuring mobile data security must be a priority in app development

Risks in any form to the security of data need to be avoided

Importance of Prevention of Mobile Environment

Building reliable security during the development stage is less expensive and convenient than creating remedial measures. Expert Android App Development Companies must make sure that security testing takes priority in the software development cycle from the beginning.

Data loss and leak prevention policies and strategies are the need of the hour

Mobile app data risks need to be addressed by building a security profile; developers must be familiar with all possible issues that may crop up, and must have the passion for providing data protection at all stages of the app development. Minimizing the risk of data leak while providing the maximum functionalities is the mark of an efficient mobile app developer!


How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Leverage the Power of Mobile Apps to Achieve Business Success!

It is imperative that businesses adapt quickly with the latest developments in technology in the modern business environment. It is the period of time in which breath-taking advancements have been accomplished in digital applications – especially the mobile apps are literally taking the business world by storm.

The Role of Mobile Apps in the Contemporary Business Environment

There’s no slowing down of the mobile app revolution. In fact, the number of business organizations that have started using mobile app development for their progress is still on the rise, necessitating efficient and reliable mobile app development companies. The need for Android App Development and iPhone App Development has been realized like never before.

Amid tight competition and the focus on capturing market share, the most common requirement of business organizations today is gaining a competitive edge over others and interacting effectively with consumers. These objectives can be achieved by partnering with the best Android App Development or iPhone App Development companies.

How Do Mobile Apps Help Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Business?

Entrepreneurs are cashing in on mobile app development—be it android app development or iPhone app development—for taking their business to the next level. Mobile apps play a crucial role in the day-to-day life of a vast majority of people in the modern world.

The number of mobile device users and those making several transactions on their mobile devices is exponentially increasing. There’s little doubt about the power of mobile apps in facilitating businesses to establish themselves and expand. The following are a few of the ways in which Android App Development and iPhone App Development solutions help organizations to accomplish their business goals:

  • Mobile apps help businesses to attract and acquire increased number of customers than any other marketing tool or technology
  • Making your brand name and logo clearly visible all the time on consumers’ mobile screens, businesses are enabled to boost their brand
  • When prudently designed and rolled out in an efficient manner using either Android App Development or iPhone App Development, your app doubles up as your marketing tool
  • Mobile apps created using Android App Development or iPhone App Development facilitate marketing more directly, while providing value to your customers – making your products and services reach increased number of targeted audience
  • The choice of Android App Development or iPhone App Development depends on the specific needs of your business and how long it takes for developers to build the app efficiently

App Building- How Long is Correct?

There is no specific time period required for creating a mobile app. The production process associated with mobile apps can be classified into two: the initial version building is based on your requirement and then the next phase when you add the special features and advanced functionalities to your app.

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Why Enterprises Should Build an Android App

As apps have become more popular and even more necessary over the past five years, the question for businesses is which platform to build their apps for. The choice of which platform to build for comes down to what your goals are for your app and the resources you have available to you.Benefits of Android App Development

Consider the Numbers

Android is the largest mobile platform today. The open source Linux-based platform was launched in 2007 and purchased by Google shortly after. The operating system has since taken the mobile industry by storm.

The fact that the operating system is open source makes it an affordable choice for device makers and developers. Developers are able to tweak it and adopt it for use in just about any device. This is one of the main reasons that the operating system has been used in millions of devices globally. Android smartphones outsold Apple iPhones four to one today.

Top 6 Benefits of Building an Android App

If you’re considering whether to build an enterprise app for Android or iOS, you should consider the following benefits of building an Android app.

  1. Higher return on investment

When considering the development of an enterprise app for android, you can break down your costs into three major stages i.e.

  • Development of the application
  • Testing
  • Deployment on Android.

There are over 2 million apps on Google Play and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the return of investment on these apps. Android is not only open source but also provides its Software Development Kit for free to the developer community. Developers therefore don’t have to spend money acquiring licenses and many learn how to develop apps much faster.

  1. Android is Open Source

One of the biggest benefits of building an android app is that android is open source. This means that you don’t have to deal with the cost of obtaining licenses or royalties. It also means that you will have access to the best technology framework from the Android community. You will be in the know when there are upcoming expansions and developments for Android. This results in faster development and even greater opportunities for businesses.

  1. Target a larger demographic

Android is the most popular platform globally. If you’re building an enterprise app with the aim of targeting a large population and a broader demographic, you can’t go wrong with Android.

Android users come from all walks of life. They are also widely distributed globally. iOS users are usually from higher income segments of society. Affordability of an iOS device for employees in an organization is higher than Android device.

While many of these characteristics are shared with Android users, the population that uses Android is not only larger but more diverse.

  1. Easy integration

Businesses benefit a lot from the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics. The data collected from these tools helps businesses improve their apps and take advantage of opportunities they would otherwise not be aware of.

Android allows for greater customization. This in turn allows for a greater level of integration. You can tweak the platform to suit your specific business needs.

  1. Multiple channels

If you’ve been keeping track of mobile app trends, you may have noticed that third-party platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike other popular platforms, Android apps don’t have to be deployed on Google Play. They can be deployed on various other sales channels. You therefore have more options when it comes to determining your approach to the market. You choose how to promote your app and where you can reach your end users from. No other platform offers such great flexibility.

  1. It’s easy to adopt

Java is the programming language used for scripting Android applications. Any developer will tell you that adapting script code for an app in Android is easier than compared to adopting it for iOS or other platforms. This means Android apps development is easy, but you have to make sure they are experts in building web and mobile apps.

In conclusion

Enterprise apps are designed to help businesses operate with greater efficiency. With the right app, your business can reach greater heights. If this is your aim for your app, then android is your best option. Be sure to find a web and mobile app development company that can deliver high quality results at a reasonable price. Building an app for android will give you access to a much larger market than you can possibly imagine.