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Effective marketing strategy to grow your service business

Effective marketing strategy to grow your service business

It is the service business that keeps the world going. In fact, service business plays a major role in the day to day lives of people across the globe. Gone are the days when small business owners feared competing with their corporate counterparts. The penetration of the Internet in the society has made it possible to provide excellent exposure to every business at relatively low costs. It is essential to utilize both the conventional and digital marketing strategies for best results. Some of the marketing strategies that provide the impetus for exponential growth of the service industries include, biz cards, brochures, flyers, websites, and mobile apps.

Effective Business Strategy

Importance of conventional marketing tools

In this digital era, many of the service business owners slight the power of the conventional marketing tools. The digital media is certainly much powerful than the print media. However, it is important to combine the conventional and digital marketing strategies for an effective marketing campaign. As service businesses focus on the consumers in a specific area, localization and personalization are absolutely necessary to build relationships. Repeat customers are the key to the success of service businesses. Apart from providing a great service, it is also essential to have effective marketing tools that would constantly remind the consumers about the services offered.

Overview of the conventional marketing tools

  • Logos

An effective logo presents the complete details of your service business in a creative and unique way.  It is customary to place the logo atop in every marketing collateral. Logo of a business is the first thing that is noticed by the customers. A creative logo is worth a million words. Apart from revealing your business in the most creative way, logos have the power of getting registered into the minds of customers. Exactly the place where you need to register your business!

  • Biz cards

Biz cards are very popular among business people. It is not only an effective tool in personal introductions, but it also has the power of reminding your business to people whenever they are in need of the services you offer. An effective biz card should contain the logo of your business, crisp content on the services you offer and ways to contact you.

  • Brochures and flyers

Brochures and flyers are time tested marketing tools that never fail. A well designed brochure or a flyer with contents presenting your services in a creative manner can have multiple hits. Even people fidgeting with their mobile devices all the time are tempted to pick up an attractive brochure. Printing the brochures and flyers in a durable material will provide you with long term results.

  • Ad in the print media

In spite of the popularity of the digital media, the print media has been able to retain a considerable audience. Crisp ads in the dailies and magazines do provide the impetus required for the growth of your service business.

Digital Media

  • Websites

Websites have become essential for every business. Undoubtedly, websites are today’s best marketing tools. Unlike the conventional marketing tools that need your effort to be distributed, a well optimized website will reach the prospective clients on its own. CMS technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento among others have made marketing campaigns very simple for business owners. Unlike the traditional websites that require technical knowledge to be updated, CMS empowers the lay man to update the content in a jiffy. Optimizing the website for mobile devices will increase the results drastically. Since search engines look for fresh content, hosting a CMS website would be the right choice for service business owners. The best way to reap the benefits out of your website marketing campaign is frequently updating your website with creative content.

  • Mobile apps

Mobile apps are the latest marketing tools that are highly effective. The penetration of smart mobile devices and internet in the society has made mobile applications very popular marketing tools. Although mobile websites can be interactive, mobile apps have a far better reach. When potential customers download your mobile app, it remains in their mobile devices and reminds them of your business every time they use their device.

  • Native and hybrid mobile apps

Often mobile app developers suggest their customers to develop their apps in both android and IOS platforms after surveying the users in the specific regions. Since native apps have features that make it easy for both customers and business people, it is wise to follow the counseling of the mobile app developer. Moreover, native apps have the advantage of displaying content offline.

Hybrid mobile apps on the other hand is yet another amazing tool that can reach customers irrespective of the mobile devices they use. However, they require an internet connection in order to display content. It is a highly effective tool in cities which have consistent internet connectivity.

Tips and tricks for an effective marketing campaign

The first and foremost thing in a marketing campaign is letting your customers know you. Remember the first impact is the best impact, so let your logo and content be creative. The second rule is knowing your audience pick the right colors, themes, and language style to impress your potential customers. Do not slight your competitors, times change you need to keep up with the ongoing trends. It is all right to tempt your potential customers with incentives, after all the goal of the business is to succeed. The final trick of an effective campaign involves in retaining the customers. Keep in constant touch with your potential customers and keep them informed of your latest offers and incentives. Utilize the push notifications wisely and grow your service business.

As a web development and mobile app company, we not only focus on delivering our commitments, but help our customers grow their businesses. Are you looking for suggestions, tips and tricks, or effective marketing collateral, do not hesitate to post your queries as comments. You can also contact us via contact form and through the email or phone numbers provided in our website. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!


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