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Big Data

Data Analytics vs. Big Data vs. Data Science – A detailed comparison

In the digital world, the volume of unstructured data is rising every day….

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Healthcare Solutions

Conversational AI: The Next Frontier of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

In Healthcare Industry the AI-powered conversation Chatbot is offering patients a convenient way…

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Automation Testing

All You Need To Know About Automation Testing Life Cycle

One of the biggest challenges that the project developers and managers face these…

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5 Ways Coronavirus Will Affect The Connectivity And Tech Industry in 2020

 No one was prepared for a global pandemic like Coronavirus. Since the…

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app marketing

How to Develop a Smart Content Strategy for Your Mobile Apps

The use of the internet has primarily focused on mobile devices. Mobile users…

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Healthcare Solutions

Why Should Every Hospital Need Hospital Management System Software?

 In recent times, we have witnessed tremendous advancements in healthcare technologies. In…

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Mobile Application Development

How to Lower the Mobile App Frontend Maintenance Cost?

The lack of a proper mobile app maintenance strategy can lead to hurdles…

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Healthcare Solutions

How Artificial Intelligence, Data Science And Technology Are Being Used To Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The novel coronavirus from its origination in China has spread and affected more…

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Healthcare Solutions

How Digital Health Technology Can Help in Managing The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Chinese health authorities reported an outbreak of pneumonia-like illness that has killed five…

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Reasons to Employ Virtual Reality Technology at the Workplace

Interacting with technology and working online both within and outside the office has…

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