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What Mobile App Developers Need to Know About Blockchain?

Having been promoted for secure transactions, Blockchain is among the hot topics of the contemporary world. Used by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for its public ledger where transactions get recorded, the blockchain is a datastructure. With Bitcoin being viewed as the biggest ever speculative bubble that has created millionaires, there’s little wonder in the use of Blockchain increasing in an exponential manner. Numerous organizations from financial, health, and real estate sectors are seen to back the underlying encryption technology, Blockchain.

Blockchain proves to be a great asset for iOS Development Companies

Role Played by Blockchain in Mobile App Development

A distributed digital ledger that records transactions in any decentralized database that is located conveniently in multiple places, Blockchain assures security. The technology ensures that blocks of records, transactions, or programs are rock-solid secure.

Blockchain can be built into a large number of mobile apps pertaining to several industries such as retail and finance. Blockchain can be put to use for verifying identities of people with regard to using services such as getting drivers’ licenses or opening bank accounts. It could be used for other functions such as developing mobile app for documenting land titles, thus cutting down the costs for titles dramatically.

Blockchain technology fuels mobile app development industry as it does various others

Why is Blockchain Considered the Future-Looking Technology?

Blockchain is in the growing stage; it is yet to be accepted fully by mainstream financial institutions and mainstream consumers. But digital pioneers and innovators are attracted by this novel and emerging concept.

In the mobile app development parlance, blockchain finds to be of immense use in the service of mobile payment function. In the modern world with nearly 5 billion mobile subscribers, only over 1 billion people have the necessary access to bank accounts having payment capabilities. If blockchain mobile payment companies partner with telecom companies, people who have no bank accounts but own mobile phones will be enabled to make secure mobile payments by using mobile apps. Such mobile apps will benefit billions of people across the world by providing unprecedented financial services. This is just one sample of how iOS mobile app developers can make use of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain-based app store could be the future?

How Blockchain Outshines Traditional Services

While traditional services such as renting flats or bank transfers need middlemen for their operation, blockchain operates directly. Here, transactions are being recorded in encrypted form in the network of other users’ digital devices.  They are guarded using sophisticated mathematical formula and records are rendered not changeable, added, or deleted by anybody. This way, it warrants its members’ fairness.

Blockchain technology comes very handy for iOS development companies and mobile app developers. It enables making your application more secure from the customers’ perspective. The distributed nature makes it useful in several ways.  Distributed databases have higher level of availability; distributed apps can run on networked systems while coordinating their actions efficiently through shared memory or by passing messages between the app’s instances.

Helping developing new business process and adding the much needed element of confidentiality into mobile apps, the blockchain technology helps develop not only advanced peer-to-peer payment platforms but also several other fintech apps in various other industries.

Android App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile operating systems are advancing fast. This enables them to deliver improved functional potentials. As they keep advancing with time, their communicative value gets better too. Growing bigger and becoming community-driven, they are required to keep up with the changing trends. Contrary to general belief, several mobile apps that are not known to many, but have out-of-box features and offer outstanding user experience, are found to appear on the list of the most downloaded apps! Changing trends plays a significant role in mobile app development.

Mobile apps are the buzz word in the contemporary business world

Mobile App Development – the Present Scenario

Mobile apps are found to be one of the most effective and successful ways for promoting business brands and performing business transactions. The mobile app market happens to be a fast growing and capable business platform that helps entrepreneurs to reach out to customers quickly and efficiently.

Android platform holds the major market share in mobile apps

Role of Android Development Companies

Android applications, as they are a lot more functional, are preferred the world over for business promotion. Attractive features and ease of development are the key factors that make Android App Development so popular.

Along with business competition, there’s been a steep rise in android app development

Trends in Android App Development in Future

Android is the first choice of Smartphone manufacturers as well as mobile app developers. With exponentially growing number of android apps, business competition is seen to witness a steep rise too. This necessitates that developers and business owners move in line with the latest trends in this area, to achieve the intended success.

The following are a few of the trends expected to shape Android development in future:

  • Short time delivery: High competition necessitates developers to follow agile development process to be able to deliver and deploy the apps within the stipulated timelines
  • Apps must be simple, yet engaging: Aligning with user preference of being able to achieve their purpose on the go in quick manner, apps must be rendered less complex and offer intuitive and convenient interface to users
  • ROI influences the popularity of the app: The increasing number of Android users clearly depicts the trend of free app download approach
  • Security is a major concern: With rising number of violations and breaches, Android Development Companies are expected to keep updated with all security-related features and create highly secure and robust apps
  • Apps must fulfill specific needs: Several thousand of mobile apps being built, only those that help users achieve a purpose will succeed – there will be a considerable increase in on-demand apps
  • Android instant apps will find increased use
  • Cloud-based development will rule the roost
  • Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will find extensive use
  • Enterprise mobile apps will be developed using blockchain
  • Wearable devices and Internet of Things will influence the way of developing mobile apps

By keeping in line with the future trends in Android App Development and watching out for unexpected changes, entrepreneurs and Android Development Companies can keep abreast of the challenges.

Website Redesign: How to Create Meaningful CTAs?

So much is at stake in business environment, when it comes to web development. The World Wide Web having become the most coveted lead generator for any business in the modern world, websites designed with the most optimal capability to provide desired conversion is the basic necessity in improving business prospects. Despite spending an inordinate sum of money, all businesses may not achieve the expected conversion rate. Reasons may vary for this roadblock, the critical one being unable to come up with the best possible open source web development that creates perfect Call to Action (CTA).

One crucial factor in your website redesign checklist is coming up with a champion CTA

Significance of Call to Action Strategies for Achieving Conversion Every Time

Generating as well as converting leads is the priority in marketing. With attention span being as low as 8 seconds and the Internet content increasing manifold, entrepreneurs need to capture the attention and attract potential customers in a really short span of time for increasing their business revenue and driving growth. Among various techniques and processes that are targeted at alluring visitors, the one effective strategy that stands out is CTA.

Creativity pays – always try to leverage creative and meaningful CTAs that enrich your website redesign process while increasing conversions

The Reliable CTA Best Practices

The modern business tool that helps drawing people’s attention and prompting them into action, CTA may be presented in the form of a button or a link. Helping convert site visitors into leads, CTAs play an important role in the website redesign process aimed at increasing leads and improving conversion rates. CTAs, when used astutely on the websites, emails, and blogs of businesses, may enable business organizations to achieve the intended conversion.

The following are a few CTA Best Practices That help Create Meaningful and Productive CTAs:

  • Design and positioning of the CTA in your site must be effective, include contrasting colors – so that CTAs stand out
  • Ensure CTAs are relevant to the page’s content
  • CTAs must be placed at places where they make the most sense
  • Strategically placing multiple CTAs throughout the site makes it possible to attract visitors and ensure conversion by facilitating buyer’s journey along the site

Small and subtle changes while working on your website redesign may work wonders – with the perfect CTAs

The Most Effective and Reliable Techniques for Accomplishing CTAs

  • Users’ queries about CTAs must be addressed
  • Go succinct – the lesser the number of your CTAs, the better
  • Make your CTA bigger and obvious
  • Communicate the benefits of users’ response to CTAs

Enticing your audience to perform the desired action using CTAs is the art and science of Open Source Web Development

Role of Web Designers in Optimizing Conversion Rates

Customer needs and trends must be analyzed and understood by entrepreneurs and web designers must have clear picture about the specific business requirements.

A business website that aims at promoting your brand must have the most effective CTA. Being able to create effective and tangible CTAs is one of the sure shot ways to bring in myriad leads and achieve the maximum number of conversions.

Why Developers Have Switched To Kotlin Programming Language for Building Android Apps?

Supporting several business-oriented features that cannot be achieved by other programming languages, Kotlin has certainly come a long way. The trouble of different exceptions that arise due to source code syntax and runtime code execution has been almost eliminated in Kotlin. Offering the facility to merge existing projects developed in some other language, Kotlin enables developers to conserve their past endeavor as well.

Kotlin is seen to attain the status of being the official language for Android Application Development Companies

Factors That Have Rendered Kotlin the Most Sought-After Programming Language for Android

Kotlin being an object-oriented programming language is capable of offering seamless interoperability with projects developed in Java, thus allowing businesses and Mobile Application Development Companies to migrate gradually from Java to Kotlin.

The safety features available in Kotlin ensures that the Android apps are safe, robust, and optimum in functioning. No wonder Google has made this their preferred official language. Eliminating the woes of null pointer exception, Kotlin is super efficient in error-handling. Being clean and concise, it involves writing less code, thus reducing bugs.

Concise and expressive – Kotlin proves to be the fun and cool new language for Android development

Benefits and Features of Kotlin

Kotlin offers several advantages such as saving time and efforts. The key features and benefits of this programming language are given below:

  • Coding Convenience

Offering ease of coding, Kotlin can be managed smoothly by all programmers from OOP domain – it proves easy to understand for experienced programmers and beginners alike

  • Compact & Concise

Concise and clean code consumes less time for writing and reading, and proves to be less susceptible to bugs – simplifying several processes improves productivity of the developer

  • Mature environment & language

Having been released after a number of stages prior to being released, Kotlin presents few or no problems while working

  • Seamless integration with Android studio

One special benefit is that Kotlin enables setting up and working on any projects under a very short time – it takes just installing a plugin to get the entire process integrated seamlessly

  • Renders Android development easier

Any Android Application Development Company would find Kotlin to be a combination of simplicity and power – one who switches from Java will find that there are unimaginable possibilities in Kotlin

Containing safety features for immutability and nullability, Kotlin certainly makes Android apps high-performers

Technology Entrepreneurs are Offered a Bounty of Opportunities by Kotlin

Kotlin is Android-focused, it allows developers to switch easily from Java, and it is interoperable with Java. Being versatile and concise, it helps avoid excess garbage collection. All of the IDE features in Android Studio work perfectly in Kotlin. It is even possible for developers to mix Java and Kotlin code in the same project. Adhering to open source paradigm, it is similar to Swift programming; it has been built for enterprises.

With many useful features and concise way of coding, Kotlin proves to be the best option, thus causing Mobile Application Development Companies to make use of it on a large scale!

How Health Care Mobile Apps Can Help Doctors and Their Patients

Mobile health audience the world over has been increasing – Healthcare app development companies play a crucial role in this!

The Significant Role Played by Healthcare Mobile apps in the Medical Industry

As is common in any industry in the contemporary world, mobile apps have taken the medical industry also by storm. With great advancement in mobile technology, mobile platforms are redefining the health care industry completely, altering the erstwhile traditional relationship between patients and physicians. Mobile Health, the practice of medicine and public health by using mobile devices, has acquired a niche among innovative health information technologies.

A large number of mobile apps have been developed exclusively for the health care industry – the number is increasing!

Health Care Mobility Solutions Market is Poised for a Manifold Growth in the Near Future

Necessity of quick and convenient access to information is the primary factor that drives health care mobile app development on a large scale. Not surprisingly, health care professionals as well as patients welcome this innovative technology, sine the value of time is not associated with money here, but with patients’ lives. Mobility solutions help doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other medical entities to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

While technology cannot replace physicians, is has to be leveraged and made accountable for enhancing health care

Key Benefits offered by Mobile Apps to Health Care Providers and Patients

By integrating mobile devices and making use of innovative mobile apps, providers can enhance their care quality and increase patient safety considerably. The following are a few of the major advantages of mobile apps to the health care sector:

  • Physician efficiency is enhanced: High performance by physicians is the most vital factor in an efficient health care system. Mobile apps enable automation of routine processes, thus relieving doctors from dreary administrative and data entry tasks.
  • Dataflow can be rendered seamless: Health care system proves to be a complex network involving the participation of different professionals from various fields. Technology has ensured that the data flow among providers and patients is continuous and that the data network conforms to HIPAA.
  • Diagnostic accuracy is increased: Replacing traditional ways of medical records management, mobile solutions not only eliminate the use of paper but also increase accuracy of information. Errors are considerably reduced.
  • Point of care coordination is improved: Mobile apps pave the path for better coordination among medical professionals and patients, thus eliminating prescription errors.
  • Mobile apps facilitate monitoring medicine’s effects and providing direct remedies.
  • Real-time communication among doctors, nursing staff, and patients is made possible by using health care apps
  • Remote monitoring of patients is made possible using health care apps

Custom health care app development companies hold the key for improving overall care quality in future

Customized health care app development helps health care providers and medical facilities to deliver quality health care, connect with patients at any time, achieve better patient interaction, and enhance their work flow. From the patients’ perspective, direct connectivity, convenient approach during the period of illness, and the ability to attain easy and quick solutions for their medical issues are the key benefits of health care apps.

Proven Ways to Avoid Data Leakage in an Android App

The increasing number of mobile apps in Google play store are testimony to the expeditiously growing Android market the world over. While this offers countless opportunities and facilities to individuals and businesses, the flip side is the alarming data threat Android has to face. Surveys bring to light the disturbing fact that Android mobile apps have the notorious possibility of sending sensitive user information to remote servers. Several apps are noted to handle data in enigmatic manners.

Avoiding data leaks is crucial in this information-filled world that uses digital devices for almost any purpose

Why is Data Leakage in Android Apps Widely Discussed Topic?

Usage of mobile apps for varied purposes is on a constant rise in the modern world. People have started using mobile applications in an increasingly more number of ways. Apps are being developed for performing almost any task such as purchasing, booking, and banking. These and other functions that involve sensitive information need to be protected from unwanted data loss or leak. It is the responsibility of the Android App Development Company to look into these security-related issues and provide a safe and convenient environment.

Innovative functionality and increased productivity offered by mobile apps come with a cost

Effective Prevention Strategies Against Data Leak in Android Apps

Unintended data leak can be avoided by following certain steps during development of the app by the Android App Development Company:

  • Prevention of data caching: use of clipboards and dictionaries that are meant for making users’ life easier helps, but saving sensitive data could lead to it being used inadvertently elsewhere
  • Using encryption keys: Android data encryption tools known as KeyStore make use of the most secure and common algorithms – making use of this ensures that the data encryption mechanism is complete
  • Secure HTTPs Protocol: implementing HTTPs protocol for data transmission between the server and a mobile app renders the security level to be fairly high
  • Consider application logs usage: Useful in effectively analyzing the work of algorithms, Logs render themselves to be publically readable- as they contain access tokens and passwords, usage of application logs needs to be avoided
  • Have defense against unexpected situations: Policies as well as best practices for ensuring mobile data security must be a priority in app development

Risks in any form to the security of data need to be avoided

Importance of Prevention of Mobile Environment

Building reliable security during the development stage is less expensive and convenient than creating remedial measures. Expert Android App Development Companies must make sure that security testing takes priority in the software development cycle from the beginning.

Data loss and leak prevention policies and strategies are the need of the hour

Mobile app data risks need to be addressed by building a security profile; developers must be familiar with all possible issues that may crop up, and must have the passion for providing data protection at all stages of the app development. Minimizing the risk of data leak while providing the maximum functionalities is the mark of an efficient mobile app developer!

Most Common Mistakes in Making Mobile App Budgeting

It is the time of mobile apps. As evident from studies, mobile apps take up more than 80% of users’ mobile time in the modern world. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of businesses are regularly increasing their mobile app development investments. One key factor that needs to be considered here is effectively planning and budgeting the app development process. In the age of mobile technology, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to reign their app development budget appropriately to achieve the expected outcomes.

Budgeting proves to be crucial in mobile app development, among other factors

Significance of Budget Factors in Mobile App Development

Similar to any business activity, mobile app development process also requires prudently planning a perfect and accurate budget to be able to deliver the intended success. Beginning with conceptualization through development and even after launch of the app, monetization plays a vital role.

The complex task of app budgeting needs an effective and proven strategy. Careful and efficient allocation of time and resources through an accurately planned budget ensures that the mobile app development process is being carried out according to schedule and attains the most optimal outcome.

Careful consideration of budgeting is as important as building the perfect app for your brand

Major Mistakes in App Budgeting That Businesses and Developers Must Watch Out For

  • Failure to consider App marketing while budgeting: Although not directly connected with the development stage, marketing proves to be one vital aspect – making the maximum number of people aware of the app is one critical necessity that can be achieved through prudent marketing
  • Ignorance toward regular updates: Downloads and thus profits are driven by regularly updated apps – with unprecedented and innovative features and functions being introduced using the advancing mobile technology, it is essential to set sufficient budgetary provision for updates
  • Budgeting Mobile app development similar to budgeting website creation: Entrepreneurs, who make use of web technology for propagating their brand, may tend to consider website development and mobile app development to be similar – in reality, app development is filled with several complexities- unlike websites, apps involve extra budget due to these complexities and this factor, when ignored, proves expensive
  • Overlooking cross-platform mobile app development: digital technology offers several mobile platforms for app development– it is necessary to involve cross-platform app development – ignoring which might restrict profit opportunities
  • Entire prominence being given to UI: It is common belief among business organizations that an impressive and attractive UI is the priority in app development – whereas it is the features and functionality that really deliver value – backend infrastructure needs to be focused as well

The success of your mobile app is influenced by prudent budgeting

What Makes Careful and Accurate Budget Plan Crucial?

Factors such as app functionality and purpose, devices and platforms supported, using hardware features and visual objects prudently, and integration points influence your mobile app budget and hence these need to be given due consideration.

Budgeting is one key factor that has to be planned well in advance to make the mobile app development process successful. The first step mobile app development companies need to take in app development is preparing a budgeting framework that allows improving and sustaining the product according to the chosen mobile strategy.

Voice is the Next Big Thing in Mobile Apps

There is a universal appeal for voice-based interfaces. It is not without reasons. Being in a position to talk to an app feels not only natural but also better than mere pressing of buttons. The modern mobile app development platforms and processes enable creating such lively apps.

Future Trends Clearly Show an Increased Inclination Toward Voice-Based Mobile Apps

Voice Recognition Technology Gets Better and Better

Robust and easy-to-use speech recognition technology has been changing the way people interact with devices. Gone are the days when one had access only through pressing buttons to implement their commands on their mobile apps. Inputting commands has been made easier and faster using voice.

There was a time when users faced frustrating moments trying to talk to digitized menu systems. The scenario has changed. With huge improvement in the speech recognition technology during the recent past, and its combination with artificial intelligence and context-based information, voice-based mobile apps are just about to take a giant leap forward.

Keeping up With Technology is Vital in Every Industry – It is More so for a Mobile App Development Company

Why is Voice Considered Crucial in Mobile Apps of the Future?

Voice recognition suits mobile computing ideally as mobile users are almost always on the move. Moreover, speech can take commands and it can read out messages as well. Voice-based mobile apps help in improving accessibility for people – especially for those with disability.

Voice commands have the unique capability of addressing UX concerns; they make things easier and smooth with simple mobile apps. Without eliminating the other formats of interaction, they prove to be the easiest solutions. For devices with smaller screen sizes, voice proves especially very crucial, as it allows mobile apps to interact without obscuring the screen.

Voice Recognition Takes Your Mobile Devices Ahead

Benefits of Voice-Based Mobile Apps

  • Voice Input Proves Easier and Faster: Delivering your command using keypad was once the only option. Now, with voice recognition, communicating with devices has become more natural and three times faster. Moreover, it is fluid and correction is also possible. Hands-free mode is another key benefit.
  • Increased accuracy: Expensive errors can be avoided and more focus is possible on core functions rather than on checking the screen of the device
  • Improved productivity: Streamlined operation allowed by voice-based applications enhances operational productivity; there is faster logging of activity.
  • Savings in cost: Apart from reduced errors, other factors such as reduction in paper and other resource use results in considerable saving.
  • Safety improvement: Voice-dictated processes are comparatively quicker and safer to interpret as well as follow. It requires less training.
  • Multiple Use: Voice-based orders through mobile devices make life easy for users in several ways. A number of tasks can be carried out on the move, when speech is a part of the mobile apps. For example, voice-based apps help people during driving.

Mobile App Developers! It’s Time to Consider Integrating Voice into Mobile Apps!

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your App Development

Mobile apps – the modern marketing tools that help businesses progress!

Playing a vital role in the contemporary business scenario, mobile apps are being commonly used by businesses of all types and sizes in the modern world. With people looking for easy and convenient means to perform their everyday transactions, mobile apps are going to be the most active business strategy for a long time in future. Hiring the right App Development Company is crucial to achieve the intended business success.

Most common technology leveraged by SMEs and start-ups: Mobile app

Significant Role of Mobile Apps

The latest development in mobile technology and the wide-spread use of mobile devices have added fuel to the Internet-based transactions in the recent times. Consumers are looking for online sources to make their purchase and sale transactions that renders life easier for them. This necessitates entrepreneurs to come up with appropriate online methods of marketing their products and extending their services. Creating their own mobile apps has become imperative for businesses regardless of what they deal in.

Choosing the Right App Development Company

Developing mobile apps is essential, but selecting the right app development company that satiates your specific business needs is even more important. It has become quite common for business owners to outsource their mobile app development tasks.

Rather than having to manage the hassles related to app development, business owners could do well by hiring a reliable and efficient third-party app development company that understands their requirements and satiates their every business need. There are certain pitfalls that need to be avoided when developing your mobile app.

Eliminating possible pitfalls helps developing the great app for your business

Avoid the Common Mistakes for Building the Great App

Outsourcing the perfect app development company may prove to be a difficult task for business owners. By prudently considering the pros and cons, and by carefully ensuring that certain possible mistakes are avoided, you can partner with the best app development company that facilitates achieving your specific business objectives.

Factors that must be avoided during selection of your app development company:

  • Failure to verify the credentials of the app development company
  • Not interviewing the app developer properly before handing over the project
  • Not defining the rules and explaining the needs completely
  • Setting unachievable goals or deadlines
  • Not performing the software testing appropriately
  • Losing vision of your target audience / users
  • Partnering with an app development company that has no sufficient previous experience
  • Being inclined on pricing and fixing a good deal rather than ensuring quality and commitment

By clearly establishing the objectives, understanding the target market, and choosing a viable technology platform, entrepreneurs can come up with great mobile apps that enable their business progress.

Corporate companies and business organizations that make investment in mobile app development need to delegate their tasks to skilled and efficient App Development Company for obtaining the benefits of enterprising mobile apps.

Why A Prototype Can Ensure A Successful Start Of An App Development?

Looking to Develop a Successful Mobile App?  Get started with mobile app prototyping!

Enabling users in plugging in the various features of a website while seeing simultaneously how they will appear on the live site, prototyping apps are interactive tools. Prototyping is considered vital – not without reason: it is critical during the design stage to understand the look of a website and how it will make the visitor feel. It is the responsibility of the Application Development Company to take this into consideration while making an app.

Building Your Own Mobile App? Prototyping Comes Handy!

Why is App Prototyping Considered Important?

Coding may be the base for web design. However, prototyping proves to be extremely useful to people with lack of back-end skills. Just like how conception and polishing the idea during the initial stages of app development is important, creating a perfect prototype that helps set everything clear proves essential. It avoids unwanted changes later and saves hours of explanations.

Prototyping enables testing all key features and viewing how the future app would look like. It allows the user to see how the particular mobile app under construction would flow and function. In app design, it is crucial to focus on user experience and functionality. Moreover, developing the code without getting all the aspects of the project validated by app professionals as well as the customer may result in having to redo several sections of the app later. Prototyping provides a way to see what will work fine and what will not.

Prototyping – an essential Factor Used by a Prudent Application Development Company

How Does Prototyping Help Successful App Development

There are several benefits of making a prototype of your app in the initial stage; a few of them are given below:

  • Instant Feedback: One of the important aspects in the software development process is feedback – prototypes help developers to understand their users and their views fully
  • Prevention of Bugs: One of the reasons of failure of apps is developers realizing lately that they have missed out something – creating a prototype for different devices ensures that the design works fine on different devices and platforms
  • Saving money and efforts: Being an expensive process, app development has to be handled cautiously – building a prototype eliminates the risk of having to start all over again
  • Prototypes enable developers to understand end user needs, identify the improvements possible, and estimate cost, time requirement, talent and resource requirements perfectly
  • Problems can be identified and rectified early, saving a lot of time and efforts
  • Building and deploying apps using prototypes empowers you to go in line with the changing customer demands and market trends