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All that you need to know about Siri shortcuts

Siri and other voice-based assistance in 2019

The voice-based assistant marketing expanding at a respectable pace, but there seem to be various hurdles and but holds on to the road to popularity. According to statistics, approximately 98% of users belonging to the US user base of Apple have already tried using Siri at least once. The critical part lies in the fact that they have not been using it regularly because of various reasons. It clearly leaves an impression that the concept of Voice-based assistant certainly attracts users but is not able to retain them in the long run. It is majorly because of high expectations and the lack of knowledge for efficiently using voice-based assistants to get a very productive and convenient user experiences out of the device.

What is this Voice-based assistant that are constantly growing and conquering the user side of tech world. But there is a dire need of a giant stride of maturity and more persuasive reasons for customers to believe in, the ability of what cisterns while security of content and data privacy remain an issue for informed text heavy users.

How does Siri work?

Earlier tell 2000 1516, Siri used to be a chat but that was limiting its scope, of its ability to whatever use cases were preprogrammed. Later Apple dedicatedly started working on adding artificial intelligence abilities to the premium voice better assistant on Apple devices. Till then, all the voice-based queries were Tran scripted into text using natural language processing and further tested and compared to the most relevant questions and abilities that could be performed by Siri.

Once Siri got its level of an artificial intelligent agent, now it is slowly improving technically on how it can impact the lives of users and help people automate their usual mobile tasks. Siri shortcuts are perfect examples of hey Siri is becoming artificially intelligent and helping people automate there usual routines on iPhone.

Comparison of siri with other contemporary voice based assistants

voice assistants

It is in the recently reports that approximately 7.3 million users have dropped off the idea of using Siri as their go to voice messages stand. Now they are primarily using Google assistant in majority basis. The intensified competition of market share by Google assistant is mainly because of its highly efficient searching capabilities powered with Google. It was sometime back in April 2017, Siri used Bing to make the desired Internet searches for the voice based commands. It certainly left users in leisure and satisfied because of their high visual nature of using Google and due to inherent perceptions about the company. Then Apple had joined hands to offer Google searches in Siri which was a significant improvement in performance.

On a similar note, the voice was assistant called Bixby by Samsung and Cortana by Microsoft are the other major market share holders at present. All these are certainly improving in one way or the other and getting mature to impact user lives with a deeper impact.

How do Siri shortcuts work?

siri shortcuts

Imagine yourself typing and sending a good morning message to your best friend every day. Slowly your iPhone is learnt that you frequently perform this routine. In the meantime, Apple has acute care Siri with the ability to automate general routine with which users perform frequently on their handheld Apple device.

Your iPhone is expected to show Siri shortcut suggestions in the notification centre for whatever you may have been doing for a while and you would now be able to do it very frequently. It may show your suggestion text good morning to my best friend. If you said that Siri shortcut on, all you need to do is tapped. The button for making Siri listen your command and say the same. It will automatically open the messaging app, get into the text field and then type your message and send.

What devices can use Siri shortcuts?

All Apple devices with iOS 12 or later are completely compatible with shortcut enable Siri. It is clearly applicable to all flagship and existing series of iPhones. It includes all iPhones that were built before inception of iOS 12 and in our offered iOS upgrades under usual or iOS beta program.

ios app development companySome of the most useful Siri shortcuts

  • Suppose you drive to your office daily, you open maps and put your phone to no disturbance mode for gaining concentration on the road and navigate yourself to office. You go to office daily and you happen to do the same to your phone. You can set Siri shortcut that I am heading to the office. The moment you said to Siri, it will open your maps and put your phone to no disturbance mode and further help you navigate through.
  • Imagine you are a football fan and aware of what die-hard followers do to the particular team. You can set Siri shortcuts to open the sports news app and request to update you with the ongoing football match score. Whenever you say the same shortcut to Siri it is going to open their respective app, bringing updates of the relayed matches.
  • If you are using Apple Home Pod and have a smart home, you can also set the Siri shortcut to help you grab a cup of coffee freshly prepared in the coffee maker as you drive back home from your office.
  • Whether you want to direct weather update or need to decide, if You need to carry an umbrella while going to your Nani’s house, Siri shortcut can be said for opening the app and telling you everything if there is a need to carry an umbrella or it will be clear sky on the basis of weather forecast.
  • If you are fond of ordering food with doorstep delivery from various apps, Siri will suggest you a shortcut of the frequented app that you use the most for ordering food. For instance, if you use Zomato for ordering food very frequently, you can set a convenient Siri shortcut like what is my order status? And Siri will open Zomato and speak up the whereabouts of your food order.
  • People generally sort Great song playlist depending to a certain mood. If you are one of them, frequently using certain playlist would certainly help Siri know which playlist you use for a certain mood. Further you can set convenient Siri shortcut to play a particular playlist whenever you are happy, sad or angry.

Benefits of using Siri shortcuts

A collective benefit of using Siri shortcut is learnt by the massive upgrade in the overall user experience of Apple devices. As mobile phones are gripping our lives firmly, automating routine task has become a need of the hour. In the times when an average US citizen checks their smartphone every 12 minutes, automating tasks is a great proposition for companies to sell their products and build better USP that is around them.

Point to pay attention while using Siri shortcuts

points to remember while using siri

If you can understand how Siri shortcuts work, it will be an easy one. While you are setting Siri shortcuts involving certain features of a particular app, you are allowing Siri and the automated complete access to that app, and its data that is sensitive and completely private to you. It is a great threat posed to your smartphone experience and a lot of other critical information like your bank details, critical password and complete data and digital security, that is much required in today’s time.

Another important aspect you should understand is the vulnerability of voice-based assistants, in half an accurate they can be. For instance, if you have saved a particular shortcut that performs a specific task in any third-party app, maybe a food delivery app or a news update, one fine day you may blindly direct Siri to perform the task that is assigned The same shortcut, but on the contrary it may perform the same task in any other very similar app which it might not be able to differentiate at a particular instance.

Bottom line

Building quality applications is a critical task and one that involving with realistic features of Newest technologies like natural language processing and voice-based assistants thus requires a lot of procession. While the industry is maturing, the users need to be at their best in finding about everything that happens in the smartphone and the data that might be at stake, while the experience offer something new or attractive. For founders and see tears with ultimate business ideas should always opt for the best iOS development companies sticking around the technology landscape. They generally take best possible care of data compliance and App Store guidelines while utilizing the lesser understood, newly arrived technologies and concepts, which you may wish to add into your new iOS app. The combination of Great iOS app ideas and diligent consistent efforts to improve development practices by leading mobile app development companies are sure to bring about a great deal of betterment in the upcoming years.

app development company

How ‘Hey Siri’ Has Changed Your Life For The Better?


How ‘Hey Siri’ Has Changed Your Life For The Better?

Voice-based assistants in 2019

Voice-based assistants are extremely powerful as we approach 2020. They have made an absolute statement of arrival and have risen to importance in no time.

Smartphone users are continuously increasing and about 58% of consumers have used all sorts of voice-based assistants to get their hands over all kinds of local business information in last year. The numbers are huge, a large portion of customer engagement is at stake and voice-based analytics is predicted to be the next big revolution in the technology world.

First it was unbelievable to have mobile phones seeped into our lives for an added dimension of convenience on fingertips. Now, voice-based assistants are helping humans be highly productive and sometimes lazy as well. Amidst huge expectations and clouds of uncertainty, the Apple-developed voice-based assistant Siri is put under the scanner.

Here is how ‘Hey Siri’ has improved our digital experience

Personal social media management

Social media has been a huge part of our lives and Siri is slowly becoming more and more capable of handling it for you. The newer versions of iOS are allowing Siri to tweet, post on Facebook and open Instagram on behalf of users just with a voice-based command. It is a matter of great convenience and helps smartphone users edit to save time by just dictating the tweets they want to post or status updates for their Facebook timeline. Siri is capable of understanding and intervening in all your social media related activities just like a truly humane assistant.

All you have to do is simply call out hey Siri, dictate your tweet or Facebook status and then ask Siri to post from the relevant account. It is important to note that all this happens only if you have allowed Siri to control certain apps through the Apple device settings.

Easier basic tasks


The Apple-developed voice-based assistant Siri is highly capable of helping you when you need it. Imagine yourself driving a car in traffic. You suddenly wish to grab the best coffee available nearby; all you need to do is call out hey Siri and ask it out. Siri has seamless integration across all native Apple apps and the degree of integration is consistently increasing with time; in third-party apps. Then Siri will make an intelligent search across the Internet and find you the best coffee places depending upon your real-time location and also suggest the fastest route.

A Lesser known fact

siri voice assistant

The wireless earphones by Apple called Apple AirPods do not have direct volume control but hey Siri is capable of helping. You just have to call it out and ask it to change the volume with a tab or direct hey Siri feature. Further, you have to ask Siri by how much percentage of volume you wish to increase or decrease it.

Killing keyboards

siri dictation

You might be amazed but it is 100% true that Siri is capable of diligently taking your dictations for long hours and helping your fingers rest at ease. It is one of the USPs of the Hey Siri feature and you can dictate whatever you want. Siri will type it down for you in the email app, apple notes or wherever you would have done it with a keyboard. All you need to do is call out hey Siri and ask it out for taking down the dictation. Another easier way of doing it is by turning on a curser wherever you wish to type or pen it down. Then look for a button on the left of the spacebar with a mic sign on it. Just press and Siri is listening to your dictation.

While the Siri dictation looks extremely simple and helpful, you should know that it stops listening to you after a certain set duration of time and you have to again press the mike button or call out Siri for dictation. It is not a big issue but surely hassles if you have a lot on mind that has to be dictated.

Your Know it all assistant

Undoubtedly, hey Siri is a super helpful feature that helps Apple users be more productive and even flaunt its capacity to control the native functions of an iPhone or an iPad. Before iOS 11, it only used to make searches through Bing but now it is capable of using third-party search facilities like Google. That makes it even more efficient in terms of information gain and access. Whether you wish to know your whereabouts or even seek suggestions on what you can buy online, look for a great restaurant to visit or maybe the nearest weekend getaway, it can make all sorts of searches across the Internet on your behalf. Not just the searches, it also feeds you with the information very easily by sophisticatedly speaking it with your permission.

Challenges & Issues

The increasing importance of voice-based features in electronic gadgets and competition to offer better, enriched customer experience is pushing leading iPhone development companies to build leaner, meaner and more productive apps for iPhone. The focus remains to build apps that are highly integrated with Siri and offers convenience features. In any app, every feature looped through hey Siri requires APIs to be integrated and hey Siri to detect your voice commands for certain functions that are preset.

Apart from the hurdles of development and deployment, integrating hey Siri with your apps is extremely critical. It is mainly because of direct access of third-party apps to the core features and functionalities of your device. It is one of the on-going debates over data management forums. Alongside, in search of a marvelous product, one may end up, building apps which might make your iPhone or any other Apple device highly vulnerable.

Bottom line:

Apple is capable of bringing and building many more features for hey Siri but the company has kept its stance very clear over certain public platforms from time to time. The company highly prioritizes customer information security and access to their highly critical behavioral data. It is a bottleneck that is yet to be completely countered by Apple; right since the inception of the iPhone. Voice-based assistant like Siri are extremely capable and increase the level of customer interaction but it all comes at great risk of bad data exposure and direct access to critical functionalities of highly personalized Apple devices. The future years are yet to see how Apple manages this trade-off of increasing features with Siri and maintaining the privacy of their customers. For sure, it is an all-time high expectation of future expansion from Apple fanatics.

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What is the future of iOS app development in India?

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What is the future of iOS app development in India?

Popularity of Apple devices across the globe has been steadily increasing with time progresses. No wonder that iOS Application Development has been witnessing increasingly more demand among the global market. Worldwide, there is a huge demand for reliable iOS App Development Companies.

Providing fascinating and robust features as well as completely reliable security, iOS applications have captured in with significant market shares. Today, Apple devices and iOS are second only to Android.

Competing stiffly, iOS application development proves to be using one of the most extensively adopted mobile app development platform. The iOS App Development Company has a key role in coming up with winning applications that influence to the success of enterprises.

Why is iOS Application Development on its Way Up?

Apple is the Choice of Quality-Conscious Users

iPhone/Apple app development is seen to have emerged as a lucrative business venture in the recent past. Global Mobile App Development Companies have started hopping on iOS. Not without reasons. Apple’s relentless focus and commitment toward providing what is best to their users, and its constant endeavor of ensuring absolute security to developed apps have been the driving factors for this popularity.

Apple continues to garner more support from developers. For every 10 apps that developers build, roughly 7 are for iOS.

Strict Standards and Quality Checks make Apple Devices and iOS apps most sought-after

Apple, since inception, has been relentless in establishing stringent standards that need to be observed by all top iOS app developers and every iOS app designer confirmatively.

iOS applications, before they get visibility in iPhone app store, have to undergo a complete and vigorous assessment process based on iPhone application development standards. Only those applications that meet the standards are accepted. This is one major reason for the constant rise in trust and demand for iOS mobile applications.

What are the Distinct Requirements of iOS app development?

There are certain hard and fast policies and standards that need to be adhered to

iOS from Apple has been one of the most popular contemporary operating systems. Unlike the other platforms in today’s mobility solutions realm, iOS development demands a specialized and focused strategy for developing a typical mobile application. Strategic planning and efficient implementation are required for building and rolling out robust iOS applications.

What are the Factors That Make iOS the Future of business mobile app development?

Despite the fact that Android apps lead in the number game, iOS is the undisputed winner when it comes to revenue earned. The following are a few of the key reasons that make iOS App Development the future of mobility solutions in near future:

  1. High-Quality Emulators

When compared with other contemporary operating systems, iOS emulators are far faster. They provide better support as well. This enables developers to expedite the application development process and make the entire app development cycle a lot easier and far more efficient.

  1. The popular programming language of Swift

The basis on which the entire application development is built is the coding part. The virtues of an app depend on the strength of coding. Swift, being widely used by iOS Development professionals, enables delivering great results with just minimal coding efforts.

Swift serves as an efficient communication tool as well, between the coder and the computer. This ensures that the computer is able to understand everything that is at most required of it.

  1. Developer Support and Tools is Superior

Apple offers the best developer support and tools than any other operating system have done it until today. This counts as a major influencer among application developers, as they find iOS development reliable and effective.

Developer tools render iOS development easy and fast. The Apple expert team, dedicated for adding function-rich library for iOS developers, makes the development process seem easier and much safer.

  1. Development Time is Less

Developing applications on other platforms such as Android takes much coding efforts that slow down the entire development process. Moreover, other operating systems have slower emulators. As Swift supports iOS app development, only shorter codes are required. Faster emulators ensure that time taken is a lot lesser comparatively.

  1. Revenue is More

Statistics clearly indicate that iOS users belong to a relatively higher income group of individuals. On an average, the income of iOS and Apple device users is more when compared with the users of other devices, which use different operating systems.

The chances of spending among users of Apple devices are far higher than that of the average Android users. This motivates developers as well as application development companies to go in for iOS platform.

  1. Lesser Bugs and Fragmentation

Unlike apps developed with other operating systems that are ridden with the possibility of throwing up bugs (because of the fact that they are required to deal with a large number of brands, screen sizes, and platforms), apps developed with iOS are comparatively free of bugs absolutely.

The types of devices and the number of versions being limited in iOS app development, building apps is relatively easier, while the chances of unforeseen bugs cropping up is greatly reduced thereafter.

Why Scope of iOS App Development in Future is Touted to be Great?

There are certain features that bode well for the iOS developers in future, a few of which have been discussed below:

  1. Cross-device development

One of the key advantages in iOS development is that it does not confines to just smartphone applications alone but can be extensively used in other Apple devices as well. Multiple Apple products such as smart TV and watches, among other devices, make good use of iOS apps.

With Apple introducing innovative devices and newer versions of the operating system on a regular basis, the use of iOS apps would be growing in an increasing manner.

  1. Globalization

Apple Inc’s developer network, Apple developer center, has been designed to provide invaluable resources that assist every developers in successfully coding for all Apple platforms such as macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iOS.

  1. Monetization Possibility

Apple users are used to paid applications and app downloads. This is an inspiration for developers to create apps for various business models. Developing interest-based applications exclusively for selected users and monetizing them on the I-tune store for earning more money is a good opportunity. This is an exclusive iOS feature.

  1. Supply & Demand

The use of mobile devices and mobile applications has been witnessing a steadily increasing pattern. An exponential growth is expected in future, increasing with it the demand for developers goes as well. Enterprises will be making use of mobility solutions in an unprecedented manner to ward off fierce competition, thus brightening the chances of iOS app developers in the future.


iOS Application Development has been gaining prominence due to the innovative look and feel it is able to create naturally. It facilitates providing engaging features and the highest possible security to the applications. Use of Most modern technologies and constant improvement of UI and UX have ensured that developers are able to come up with amazing multi-purpose applications that fascinates users.

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iOS App Development Checklist for Enthusiasts


Vital Skills for Successful Android & iOS Mobile App Developers

The rise of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative career options in the technology industry of the 21st century. Rapidly occurring digital transformation and widespread use of mobile applications are leading to substantial increase in the importance of respective skill set. Primarily, there are two major mobile OS platforms, Android and iOS. Both of them have their pros and cons, and it is a great time to carve out a career in either of them.

mobile app development growth

The focus of every developer should simply be on achieving excellence within a definite set of mobile application development programming languages and side tools. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of the end-to-end technology stack which you consistently use to create mobile applications. It would help if you focus on ensuring the completeness of the set of tools which form the basis of overall skill set.

Why is Mobile application development a strong choice of career for millennials?

Widespread digital transformation

digital transformation

It is evident that most of the young businesses are taking their mobile presence very seriously. Today, companies from all industries (whether small or large scale) wish to be the experience digital transformation. They wish to be seen on smartphones in the form of mobile business applications. It is a trend that doesn’t seem to have a huge loss and is most likely to carry on in the future. As the new businesses will take their smartphone-based presence more seriously, they hire Android app developers giving more and better opportunities.

A growing trend of M-commerce


With more than 52% of e-commerce related searches happening through the smartphone channel, mobile application to become one of the best ways to reach your customer. It supports you in persisting in their mind; and on smartphones. All businesses are increasingly looking to reach out to their customers through smartphone channels via mobile apps and persuasively sell their products and services. It is one of the most reasonable needs of the business in today’s time. It makes so much sense for the mobile application development companies to hire Android app developers.

New ways to monetize

app monetization

The growing competition among businesses is surely shrinking their profit margins. Monetization of content and services through mobile business apps is a sigh of relief to business owners. It is undoubtedly helping them create sustainable distinct ways to monetize. It creates sustainable distinct revenue streams that are nascent and helping them compete more efficiently in the throat cutting competition. All this requires development and maintenance of mobile applications on iOS and/or Android. It gives rise to so many new opportunities in every iOS app development company.

Here are some of the most vital skills which an android or iOS mobile application developer should possess

Mobile application development is a beautiful mix of technical skills and creativity which need to be well coordinated with businesses and their primary needs. We have bifurcated the vital skills for mobile application developers into hard and soft skills.

Hard Skills

Core Programming Languages


Android mobile application developers generally have to deal with core Java while making their applications in Android Studio. It also includes in-depth use of many side tools like Gradle for rolling out APKs and XML for designing of UI and imparting a complete UX for the mobile application users. While developing the core skills, it is essential to know programming languages to an extent where your problem-solving abilities are not curtailed because of coding hurdles.

iOS developers should be entirely well versed with Objective-C, Swift and new-age programming languages like Kotlin. Knowing more than one programming languages certainly helps in building a profile that stands out while applying in an iOS app development company.

Cloud Computing/Deployment Skills

cloud computing

MSMEs generally hire Android mobile app developers with honed skills for cloud computing environments. You should be able to bind the functional code into applications. It is a much-needed dedicated skill which generally requires another engineer. If the mobile application developers can do this, it undoubtedly increments their ability and their importance in the mobile application development scenario.

These days there is a growing trend of serverless architecture where deployment is containerized through a Docker (CE or EE) or Kubernetes on massive scale. These are valuable side skills which clients look for while hiring an iOS app development company.


cyber security

As data is proving to be the new age ‘oil’ it is crucial that mobile application developers have an in-depth knowledge of Internet-based data and API security. They should have detailed experience in securing mobile applications, users identity, and data privacy. Another critical task is to secure APIs from programmers with malicious intentions to trouble the users and make them land in compromised circumstances. It can be done by nurturing a working knowledge of all basic encryption algorithms and third-party mobile app security tools which can be incorporated in the mobile applications.

Mandatory search techniques

mandatory search in mobile apps

One of the most important and frequently used features in a mobile application is the search. Weather search is in a database or within a content delivery network (CDN). It is one of the primary indicators of how well an app works. If your search is fast, people generally tend to feel that the app is robust and performance is excellent. So to improve the user experience, it is essential to have hands deep in at least one of the prominently used Lucene based searching tools like elastic or Solr. There are some impressive efficient searching architectures like Algolia which can come in handy depending upon the use and required scalability of a mobile app.

Analytics centric development practices


Nowadays. Companies hire Android app developers who can professionally incorporate at least the necessary analytical profiling of users and also use analytics-based service log management system. The ultimate aim should be to build a sustainable back-end resource for the mobile app which gives valuable insights for customer engagement and also give statistics of mobile app performance.

Major tools:

  • Logstash by Elastic
  • Greylog
  • Other mobile App Engagement Tools

Soft Skills

Analytical skills

analytical skill

It is entirely different from the analytics services discussed above. It is the analysis of core business requirements and its mapping with the mobile app functionalities.

MSMEs wish to work with an iOS app development company that map each use case with the main features of the mobile application.

Problem Solving Ability

problem solving skill

People hire Android app developers who have enhanced problem-solving ability with an aim to make robust, quality driven tested functionalities.

There are numerous ways of approaching a single business requirement, and they should use the most appropriate data structures and coding approach for solving their particular problem.

Concise coding

concise coding

Reducing the LOC or lines of code should be one of the primary points in mind while writing the functional code for functionalities.

The overall front-end and back-end. The shorter and more concise a code is, the faster it is likely to run (on a broad basis, it is not true in many conditions).



One of the critical task for all mobile application developers is to build, curate and initially design the UI of the mobile app. A mobile app is only as good as its UI for layman.

So, it is essential to be as creative as possible while designing the flows of content and different parts of user journeys.


Mobile application development is one of the most popular and lucrative career options in the technology industry. It is being taken up by millions of IT professionals, and there is a growing trend of professionals from different sectors taking up dedicated skill development courses of mobile application development. It helps them in making a switchover in jobs.

There is much competition. Due to a large number of options available for everyone in the market, the mobile application developer should look to build their core differentiators in quality, quicker turnaround time and business oriented thinking. There are immense opportunities on the way as companies hire Android app developers and substantial encouragement for every iOS app Development Company in the business ecosystem.

A precise estimate of the cost to develop an iOS mobile app?

Rising attention, Increasing cost

Smartphones have mesmerizingly captivated the millennial generation. The major contributor is mobile applications. The era of digital transformation is convincingly ushered by an ever-increasing base of smart, vigilante smartphone users. Comparatively lower prices and all-round connectivity of Android smartphones had created a momentum, but slowly the iOS has taken up the faster lane. While the number of mobile phone and mobile phone apps users have doubled since 2011, a larger share has been contributed by iOS apps.


In a perfect set up like this, there arises a world of business opportunities with a million possibilities. The first and foremost industry directly benefited is the iOS mobile application development. Although the prices have been continuously increasing, the enthusiasm and attraction magnetized by every iOS mobile application Development Company have never slowed down.

With numerous other industries finding their way through stability, widespread use of iOS mobile apps has helped the industry transform in a particular direction of sustainable growth. Now it remains a matter of time to reap the fruit of this swiftly matured iOS mobile application development industry.

Simple Math can be Horrendous

approximate cost

It is one of the most common mistakes done by the newcomers and inexperienced enthusiasts. According to many, the overall iOS mobile application development cost is just about precisely estimating the number of hours and development and multiplying it by the market cost per hour. It has to be understood that it gives you a significant estimate of the total value for building an iOS mobile app. However, it is not a precise figure which you will be eventually shelling out.


Mobile application development needs to be though not on  a phase by phase basis but from end to end requirements. A whole thought-through project for an iOS mobile app is more likely to succeed in this dynamic trending industry. One needs to understand that there are numerous pre-and post-development budget heads which will require a substantial chunk of your budget.

In the pre-development phase, mobile applications will have a requirement of money for research and in-depth analysis by quality driven individuals. Moreover, once the conditions are fixed, the post-development phase will require you to burn cash for publicity marketing, client attraction, and active engagement.

Why can an Indian IT company do you a world of good?

The transformation witnessed in smartphone-based mobile applications isn’t localized to the Indian subcontinent. The primary drivers of the mobile-centric digital change are several European countries and a significant influence in the form of the US.

The North American region primarily constituted by the US and Canada are considered to be charging a lot more regarding per hour iOS mobile application development rate. It is seen that the rates largely vary from $75 to $250 per hour. Next on the list, western Europe or the UK centric region. This region is responding to iOS mobile application development projects with an upper bound of $175 per hour.


A little bit on the cost-effective side comes to Eastern Europe. They can charge you anything from $20 to $150 for every hour of iOS mobile application development. Surprisingly, the high-tech industry of Australia is experiencing similar pricing trends as eastern Europe.

Then comes Indian IT industry with millions of quality iOS mobile application development enthusiast. The great churning industry is welcoming projects from as low as $10 per hour and generally reach up to $80.

Which factors can shoot the cost?

iOS mobile application development is not something as simple as it looks. The client cannot just walk up to development professional or a company and ask how much you will charge on a random basis. There are many factors which are independently contributing to increasing the cost in leaps and bounds. The complexity and innovation in your requirements largely define the cost involved in the iOS mobile application development. Apart from this, there is a time material cost trade-off. In simpler words, if you need your mobile application to be developed in lesser turnaround time, you can expect your overall cost to shoot up by 15 to 20%.

Another significant aspect which is the reason for your increased cost is the development approach taken. In today’s world where most mobile applications are into changing their path with a typical product life-cycle management program, the prices ought to increase. In a scenario like this, there lies a dire need of techniques like wireframing, visual designing and prototyping which can take up anything between 80 to 200 extra hours in your development plan.

The tech side

Peeping through a developers perspective, the solution architect needs to configure the overall process for an optimized iOS mobile application development cost. The primary time and cost consuming activities while developing the mobile application are things like third-party integration, IOT interfaces, complicated access pacifiers, and back-end functionality development. It all collectively ranges to increase your cost by numerous folds.

Startups, their funding, and the overall development cost

The Indian IT and smartphone application industry are flourishing without a doubt. At the same time, there are some threads connected to the Indian start-up ecosystem which is being pulled up by mobile apps. The boom of the start-up industry has got angel investment and venture capitalism in trend. While there is numerous funding news now and then, only full analysis can tell you that the overall financing raised, has only a slim portion of it involved in the mobile application development. Thus, there we put up a working example of how the numbers of funding are far from what it costs for building a first iOS mobile application.

The larger than life difference says a lot about the investment in strategy, research and innovation-driven operations.

Let’s wrap up

The Indian IT industry has wholeheartedly welcomed Mobile phone application development. It might not seem so apparent with the naked eye, but this has some serious and strengthened strings attached with the start-up industry and the SaaS companies. Mobile application development is not as apparent as it might look. A lot of direct and indirect variables are involved in the equation of iOS mobile application development cost. It requires an experienced solution architect to draft the budget and then choose the right iOS mobile application development company.

looking ios app development company

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Why iOS developers should pay attention to Flutter in 2020?

iOS mobile application development has caused a severe uproar in the mobile app development industry. iOS apps have seen some severe improvements due to conducive competition between Apple and Google for developing native mobile applications mainly on Android and iOS. The valuable proposition of Flutter has surfaced among Indian developers because of its branding and the curiosity about native iOS mobile app development tool for Fuchsia. It is one of the recent attempts by the tech giant Google to build a more reliable, user-friendly operating system for mobile phones.

Why Flutter for Fuchsia?


Flutter is a great deal of popularity which Google is expecting to make millions of fans in the market. The progressively built mobile OS is expected to compete with iOS in its reliability, user-friendliness and hardware-software integration. So, to create a user base and track activity in the similar space, Google has practically ruled out Flutter to gain popping eyeballs.

What is makes it a significant prerequisite?

Flutter is an altogether different ecosystem of development and digital space being presently developed by Google. The company has chosen the Dart programming language because flutter has a compilation engine called the Dart Compilation Software for the lighter footprint, higher usability and least failure probability. The newly used language Dart is highly interactive like Python, Swift. It is a jack of all trades but there is a specific inhibition exhibited by tech savvies. Existing flutter developers created the market for motivating others to use the highly efficient SDK.

Impeccable Performance


Performance is one of the dominant driving forces motivating mobile app developers to explore new development kits and programming languages. Flutter has turned out victorious as it allows the code to be compiled in JavaScript for both; Android and iOS. According to many, C# (pronounced as C-hash) is still an option to be considered for native app development in Xamarin. However, Flutter has taken an edge over Xamarin because of its ability to handle native apps from both iOS and Android.

Did you know?

Flutter allows compilation of iOS apps in its native environment. The Android applications are compiled in pseudo virtual environment which is set up on the platform. Effectively, even android mobile app development is not native to Android.

Easy readability & fast reloadreload

Flutter is gaining more than expected attraction because it is helping developers cut down on the overall development time. Now, developers are in a favorable position to use approximately 50 to 70% of their code for both iOS and Android mobile apps. It is a great matter of convenience for maintaining uniformity in functionalities and achieving similar high performances on both platforms.

Another significant aspect of convenience in development by Flutter is its ablility to reload the development environment in less than two seconds. Yes, it might sound a little exaggerated, but it is 200% true.

So many Widgetswidget

Developers love useful widgets. Flutter is offering a plethora of widgets for numerous flicks of convenience during the development of native apps. In late 2016-17, there were considerably fewer widgets, and in-app functionalities for Flutter. But the recent growth has been appreciable. There is a vast large pool of widgets which are readily compatible with any version of Flutter and help coders change appearances, easily edit and maintain modularity. Alongside, promoting development with Flutter can be highly uniform and shows no anomalies whatsoever in different OSs. When a developer uses React Native or Xamarin, they have their native UI which was a hindrance incompatibility and natural development. Flutter is offering a similar development ecosystem for all.

Interfacing & code compatibilitycompatibility

While developing native mobile apps, many functionalities are involved from various native tools. It includes numerous vital features like camera, content layout, and screen position while working with all modules. This problem has been dramatically solved by Flutter. There is a precisely similar development space for both iOS and Android. Although, it is not recommended to mix up product information, there is a reliable functionality for the developers who are willing to connect their native code with the Flutter snippets with all convenience. Another exciting experience while using flatter is its high similarity with a typical hybrid development space that allows Android and iOS mobile app development without any differences.

Super active contributors


One of the best aspects of using development tools and platforms by tech giants is there surety of evolution and better practices along the maturity curve. Google is deploying a large contributor community for developing newer libraries and more useful widgets. It is an excellent motivation for the world to keep an eye on how Flutter evolved over this hour of changing trends.

Final Word

Flutter is a promising proposition for tech fraternity all around the globe. iPhone App Development companies have different approaches and a tactical eye towards programming. It is the versatility and the prime quality of Flutter to engage developers and solution architects from both camps of mobile app development: iOS and Android. Till now, the evolution curve of Flutter has exhibited growth exceedingly well. Now the onus is on the innovators to bring out the best of Flutter mobile applications to let companies and start-ups believe in the ability of this highly potent native app SDK.

With maturing products and leading innovation, there will be an eye on how the content delivery system and other wings of mobile app development are integrated into Flutter. It is one of the significant aspects to be analyzed once Flutter matures to stability.

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Android vs iOS User Behavior: How Does It Impact Mobile App Development?

Use of Smartphones have been increasing at an exponential rate across the modern world. Mobile applications have become an imperative part of mobile devices. A major population of the contemporary world is making use of several mobile apps for their everyday functions; mobile app development is considered a very critical process. Amid myriad mobile apps that are built and deployed, only a selected few succeed in gaining popularity with users and sustaining repetitive visits by them. It is those apps which solve specific problems of users and offer appropriate solution to the unique needs of users that finally succeed. To be able to come up with such winning apps, developers and entrepreneurs need to understand user behavior analytics and the information gathered from it.

Significance of User Behavior and Personality Traits

Understanding details such as who the target user of a conceived app is and their preferences and requirements is inevitable in building and delivering a successful app. Developing mobile apps is not like creating a piece of software. In order to come up with successful apps, you need to focus first on resolving the problem of a set of users. To be able to provide the solution, you must understand the target population at a granular level.user behaviorUsers’ behavior and personality traits play a vital role in developing a mobile app that attracts and retains users. One way of discerning these factors is by checking the users’ choice of their Smartphone. Choice of platform among the two major players, namely, iOS and Android which are different in several ways, speaks a lot about users’ specific interests and behaviors. This choice indicates important factors such as whether users are concerned about pricing, whether they take interest in downloading, if they are prepared to pay a price for the app, whether they are loyal to some specific brand or not.

A Glance at the Contemporary Mobile Operating System Market

Studies have clearly shown that iOS and Android put together account for over 99% of the total market share. While iOS users are found to be more willing to pay for apps than Android users, the number of targeted audience in Android is considerably more. Android app development companies and iPhone app development companies need to first decide which section of users they wish to target. If more number of users is the aim of the business organization or the app development company, then Android proves to be the best platform. On the other hand, if the intention is to earn money from the app, iOS platform must be the first choice.

A Peek into the User Behavior Factors that Impact Mobile App Development

Users’ preferences and behavior are representative of their idea about the mobile device as well as applications. By running user behavior analytics in a professional manner, developers and the mobile app development companies may arrive at the right decision about choosing their app development platform.

  • Market Share of Operating Systems: Android platform is seen to take up nearly 64% (two-thirds) of the mobile users market. While iOS app store includes over 2 million apps, Google Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps.
  • User Preference: While building a mobile app, entrepreneurs and mobile app developers need to consider and understand clearly the interests and choice of users. It is to be noted here that iOS and Android have to be used for targeting entirely different group of users. While iOS is for users who can spend money easily to buy apps, Android is meant for people in the lower middle income group. If acquiring customer base is your agenda, you need to go in for Android while for revenue generation, iOS is the best bet.
  • The Role Played by Device Capabilities: Smartphone users view their devices in a personal way. The difference in operating systems has a direct bearing on the user experience. This is one factor that influences choice of a particular OS by users. Apple’s iOS has stringent regulations for push notifications, timeframe for system updates and app submissions. In the case of Android, submission of apps may be performed freely and in customizable manner.
  • User Demographics: It is well known that Android has more market share than iOS. Good user experience under affordable pricing is the main reason for this. Users’ preferences and spending habits play a vital role in deciding about which platform to make use of. Income and location are a few crucial factors that need to be considered while creating a mobile app.
  • Personality: Android users tend to be more thoughtful in contrast to iOS clients who are seen to be more of outgoing individuals. While iOS users prefer to be leaders, Android clients display humility and honesty and tend to be comfortable being followers. Personality differences are indicators of the types of apps preferred by users.
  • App Engagement and Retention: One of the key factors that impacts the success of the mobile app, is considering the app engagement and retention while planning to build the app. It is common that iOS users are more likely to be engaged with apps and they also usually have higher retention. Android users being not so consistent with app engagement, developers have to face the challenge of building apps that enhance retention rate.
  • Users’ Spending Tendency: Although the once large gap in consumer spend between Android and iOS users is witnessed to have become smaller, iPhone users are still making more purchases when compared to Android users. While iOS provides opportunities for generating revenue through paid apps, Android apps are seen to draw revenue from mobile advertising.
  • Choosing the Right Platform for Your App: With each platform having its own specific characteristics and benefits, thoughtful consideration must be given to the most important factor that influences the success of the app ultimately, namely, the user.

An efficient iPhone app development company must understand the needs of users and their problems at ground level and perform diligent user behavior analytics to be able to provide the perfect solution to users.

Depending on the purpose and objectives of the mobile app, developers and mobile app development companies need to choose the appropriate platform that helps monetize the mobile app in an efficient manner. The decision should be fruitful for not only the business organization but also the user.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Leverage the Power of Mobile Apps to Achieve Business Success!

It is imperative that businesses adapt quickly with the latest developments in technology in the modern business environment. It is the period of time in which breath-taking advancements have been accomplished in digital applications – especially the mobile apps are literally taking the business world by storm.

The Role of Mobile Apps in the Contemporary Business Environment

There’s no slowing down of the mobile app revolution. In fact, the number of business organizations that have started using mobile app development for their progress is still on the rise, necessitating efficient and reliable mobile app development companies. The need for Android App Development and iPhone App Development has been realized like never before.

Amid tight competition and the focus on capturing market share, the most common requirement of business organizations today is gaining a competitive edge over others and interacting effectively with consumers. These objectives can be achieved by partnering with the best Android App Development or iPhone App Development companies.

How Do Mobile Apps Help Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Business?

Entrepreneurs are cashing in on mobile app development—be it android app development or iPhone app development—for taking their business to the next level. Mobile apps play a crucial role in the day-to-day life of a vast majority of people in the modern world.

The number of mobile device users and those making several transactions on their mobile devices is exponentially increasing. There’s little doubt about the power of mobile apps in facilitating businesses to establish themselves and expand. The following are a few of the ways in which Android App Development and iPhone App Development solutions help organizations to accomplish their business goals:

  • Mobile apps help businesses to attract and acquire increased number of customers than any other marketing tool or technology
  • Making your brand name and logo clearly visible all the time on consumers’ mobile screens, businesses are enabled to boost their brand
  • When prudently designed and rolled out in an efficient manner using either Android App Development or iPhone App Development, your app doubles up as your marketing tool
  • Mobile apps created using Android App Development or iPhone App Development facilitate marketing more directly, while providing value to your customers – making your products and services reach increased number of targeted audience
  • The choice of Android App Development or iPhone App Development depends on the specific needs of your business and how long it takes for developers to build the app efficiently

App Building- How Long is Correct?

There is no specific time period required for creating a mobile app. The production process associated with mobile apps can be classified into two: the initial version building is based on your requirement and then the next phase when you add the special features and advanced functionalities to your app.

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Major Challenges that iOS Developers Encounter with Latest Development Trends

The iPhones first came into the market in June 2007 and they have caused a huge change in the mobile industry. With the iPhone, came the iOS, which is an operating system that has now been put on a variety of products including iPods and iPads. As an iPhone Apps development company, we summarize the challenges faced when It comes for iPhone Apps development. It can’t be conveyed as hard stop challenges as these are made to increase User experience design, security and niche presentation offered by iPhone apps which is a cool differentiator between iOS and Open source app development technologies.

1. User experience design.

Fashion and design will change frequently and this will affect your app. The apps have evolved significantly since their first release. From the material to the design, you will notice that your audience is interested in better and unique designs.

2. Compatibility with apps.

The app developer will find it easier to battle with compatibility, but the path is not as simple as it sounds. First, you have to find out the definite versions of the iOS the application will support. If you adopt newer versions, you will bring in more users. It is also important that the apps are compatible with gadgets, such as iPods and iPads.

3. Getting an approval from the iOS App Store.

This has to be among the top challenges that iOS developers encounter with the latest trends. Once you develop an app, you cannot release it instantly. You need the approval of the Apple’s App store, which has set some rules to prevent you from going over the line. The rules keep changing and it is important to remain up to date.

4. Limited storage and memory.

Some apps consume a lot of memory if the devices they are installed on have limited storage. These apps may discourage users from installing them. To avoid this, the developer has to take into consideration some of the demands of the app such as consumption of memory.

5. Security of the app.

The security of the mobile application is very important. You should never miss it at any point while developing the app. If the data is not encrypted, the data can be breeched. For you to prevent your app from being hacked, you need to build a very strong security layer.

6. App copycats.

This happens mostly in gaming apps. It happens where you develop an app but later on you come to realize that someone else is using the exact same ideas for their app. This will happen if your app becomes popular and it can be frustrating. To avoid these copycats, always ensure that your techniques and tactics keep changing.

7. Internet speed.

Though the speed of the internet is not a big issue, it can raise concerns when it comes to video download and other live stream services that may require the internet. If you have an app that requires the internet, you can adjust the quality of the video so as to reduce the consumption of data.

8. Beta Testing.

You must test whether your app is functioning properly. It helps you see if there are any problems and in the removal of bugs if there are any.

Are you Interested in knowing more about how these challenges can be resolved and how a great iOS app can be built. Apps development is our main offering and we are strong in building an app that solves these challenges. Reach out to us to discuss further. Also, if you have a different approach in app development, let us know and love to hear.

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Top 5 Tips to Design & Develop iPhone Apps

The internet marketing landscape is rapidly evolving and most stakeholders are being forced to play catch-up. One of the most outstanding developments in the industry has been the adoption of mobile technology as the key driver of traffic. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are over 4.5 billion mobile phone users today.

Leveraging the Internet Market

However, it is not just about the numbers but the cutting edge applications that are being developed to leverage this evolving market. Mobile phone apps have become all the range with iPhone apps leading the way. According to a 2015 research by Flurry, 90% of internet users spend time on apps compared to mobile web which highlights the potential in mobile app development.

If you are a developer or an apps development company, it is time to assess the opportunities available in building high performance iPhone apps. They are not only popular with users but brands throughout the world are looking for these applications to gain more visibility.

With millions of iOS apps being developed today, how do you make your product stand out? Below are a few tips to get it right and to guarantee your apps sell:

1) Stand Out


There are over 1.5 million iOS apps on Apple apps store and most of these never meet their objective. If you are developing an iPhone app, then it has to stand out and this means you have to innovate and get bold. Your app should engage users and offer convenience. Ask yourself when developing the app why you think users should use it instead of similar apps in the market.

2) Understand the iOS Platform


One of the biggest pitfalls in iPhone app development is failure to understand the iOS guidelines. You should always create the app with these guidelines in mind and this will help you meet the expected coding criteria According to Apple, over 93% of apps submitted are rejected and this is because developers don’t take time to check the sample code and other tips that would help them develop a product that meets the company’s standards.

3) Deep Market Research

market research

Now that you are intent on creating a health fitness iOS app, have you assessed the market to see what your competitors are offering? Some niches are overly competitive and breaking through might be impossible unless you have an ingeniously developed app. You have to carry out deep market research by reading reviews about other apps in your niche and noting the weaknesses that are apparent. This will help you to avoid repeating the same blunders.

4) Ease of Use

ease of use

Most developers make the assumption that because smartphones are on everyone’s hand then understanding how to work with apps must be easy. Well, most people still use their phones for basic communication. You have to make your app as simple as possible if you are to sell. An intuitive design that is easy to navigate will boost your iPhone app.

5) Test the iPhone App


It might have worked in the lab perfectly but then the online platform comes with its own challenges. This is why you have to initiate a test mode before final launch to help you remedy any glitches.

Well, iPhone apps development might be easy but making it sell is something altogether. Make sure you understand the target audience, emphasize on efficiency, give a good user experience, and always focus on convenience.

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