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Security Issues App Developers Need To Deal With While Developing a Mobile App

With digitization, mobile applications are taking over the world. And with this growth rate, companies are finding it hard to focus on the security aspect of the applications. App security has become a topic of debate these days with reports of popular apps being hacked by hackers surfacing the internet. Well, everything online can be easily hacked and influenced by malicious attackers. And mobile applications are no different. Thus, it is important for mobile app developers to look into the security aspect of the application and provide new features so that the user data and information can remain safe.

When you log into any mobile application, one of the first things you are asked to do is provide your personal information. And the data you provide is vulnerable to security threats if proper security controls and measures are not implemented during the development of the application. If you are a mobile app developer or a business owner, it is your responsibility to look into the threats looming around mobile applications.

Hackers and attackers are constantly targeting mobile applications to gain access to personal details and information of consumers with intent to maliciously use it.

So, you need to be aware of the top security issues while building mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

With that said, we have listed down the top security issues app developers need to deal with while developing a mobile app.

Let’s jump right into it.

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1. Writing code that is not secure

When we talk about a mobile application, code is its most vulnerable feature, which can be easily exploited by hackers and attackers. Therefore, it is important that you write highly secure code for the application. According to reports, over 11 million devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are affected by malicious codes. If the code is not secure, hackers can easily reverse engineer it and use it in a corrupt way. Thus, you need to work on developing a hard code that is not easy to break. Moreover, you need to follow agile development strategies so that you can update your code from time to time without any hassle.

Experienced developers use best coding practices like signing in and code hardening for developing the best quality code.

2. Failing to encrypt data

Encryption is the process of converting data transmitting into a form that it is impossible to read or access without decryption. Popular mobile apps use data encryption during development, as it is an efficient way to protect data from being accessed by malicious attackers and used in a bad way. With encryption, even if the hacker steals the data, they cannot decrypt it and therefore, it is of no use to them. Thus, mobile app developers need to develop an application where the data is completely encrypted.

3. Not using libraries carefully

Most often, when developing mobile applications, there might arise the need to use third-party libraries. This is important for code building. However, such libraries cannot be trusted since most of them are not secure. In such a scenario, what a good app developer would do is test the code after using various kinds of libraries. This ensures whether the code is not compromised due to vulnerabilities of the libraries. The vulnerabilities in the libraries can provide hackers access to the code, use malicious code, or crash the system.

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4. Using unauthorized APIs

Application Programming Interface or API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Using API is a critical part of app development. However, inexperienced developers, without knowing the source of the API, use it in their app code. By doing this, they are welcoming hackers. It is important that you always use authorized API in your app code. Using unauthorized APIs gives attackers the privilege to use your data. For example, if you use unauthorized API, hackers can use your authorization information caches to gain access to the system. Once they have access to your system, they can simply crash your system or use it to do malicious activities.

Expert mobile app developers recommend using a central authorization for the complete Application Programming Interface for gaining optimum security in the app.

5. Not using high-level authentication

One of the major security issues that app developers need to deal with later is when they realize they haven’t used high-level authentication when developing the mobile application. When we talk about mobile application security, the authentication mechanism is the most critical part. Weak authentication can lead to the mobile app facing several vulnerabilities, such as password issues, among others. From a security perspective, user authentication must be considered if you are a mobile app developer. As said earlier, the password is the most common mode of user authentication. Thus, the password policy of the app you create must be strong enough so that it cannot be easily broken or decoded.

On the other hand, multi-factor authentication is another method to keep the mobile app secure. Multi-factor authentication can be achieved through the means of mails, authentication code, or OTP login, and even through biometrics.

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In mobile app development, session handling is one of the most important features to include. This aspect should be carefully handled because mobile sessions are longer than the sessions on the desktop. Some developers forget about it and tend to assign desktop sessions on their mobile apps. Session management is done to maintain the security of the application in case the device is lost or stolen. Moreover, experts recommend using tokens instead of identifiers when managing sessions.

7. Not testing properly

Mobile applications developed should be tested repeatedly so that you can find the hidden vulnerabilities and determine other complexities. Since the security trend in mobile application development is changing day by day, you need to keep the app up to date with the latest security measures. Experts suggest using emulators and penetration testing for determining and vulnerabilities in the mobile application.

Final Words:

These are the most common security issues faced by mobile app developers in recent times. It is important to look after them including those that we haven’t mentioned. It is the responsibility of the development team to be aware of all the security threats looming around a mobile application so that maximum efforts can be put to eradicate the issues.

secured app development

All mobile app development doubts answered

Gartner predicted that only 0.01% of mobile phone applications would be financially fruitful throughout 2018. The mobile app market is bursting with projects and starters are seriously looking at digital products through the eye of mobile phones. It is creating a huge uproar that seems like a smokescreen. The dark side of highly probable failure indicates the need to iron out before various things, before kick-starting a mobile application development project.

The primary reason behind the outright failure of mobile apps is due to the inability to changing the approach from an enterprise website to mobile phone apps. Keeping the development strategies aside, there are significant issues already with mobile app concept creators. They often fail to read the minds of the target market. It is essential to read their mind, their requirements, and then develop strategies to exceed expectations from the mobile app.

Issues with CEOs, CTOs & founders

Mobile apps often fail because of the founders and CTOs failures in critically deciding on development platforms and the offer in a particular app market. The counterpart platforms critically compete it. There also exist some critical matters that fail to ensure the overall user experience imparted by the mobile app. It is further followed by ignorant minds of mobile app owners and marketers to let people know about their app and engagingly publicize it. All these efforts collectively burden on the chances of a mobile app success; leading to another mediocre project.

All this can be easily avoided with the right approach and systematized thinking even before considering any mobile app idea. The mobile app idea should be able to kill all your doubts regarding mobile app development; one by one for eliminating all possibilities of failures.

Here are your all doubts clarified about mobile app development

Doubts juggled by entrepreneurs, startups, new age founders



A clear-cut answer to this doubt lies hidden in the combination of the desired nature of mobile app idea and how deep the investor pockets are. You can create an exceptionally viable product or (EVP) if there are existing successful projects, with similar design patterns. Otherwise, you can dynamically validate the idea and kind of response that people offer to it with a minimum viable product or MVP.

Budget: All-in approach or several eggs in different baskets

You should never put all your eggs in one basket. Smartly allocating the budget in various phases of a project is a smart idea. You should look to proceed through the development phase for knowing the optimized time-to-market viably. Safeguard right amount of budget for clearly building out manual, automation testing suites. It will help you bring out the best and rectify the defects for designing better UX.

It is essential to understand that the mobile app testing phase is not something like mockup with which you can compromise or deal with it later. Defects ones forbidden and left in the deployment environment will always create issues. It is crucial never to let your mobile app testing reports, analysis, and performance metrics go ignored under the shadow lights of any other phase of a project.

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Which is the most crucial phase of development?

Reading through the last section, it is not a difficult guess. Mobile app testing is the most critical phase of any mobile application development project. It is essential to handpick highly repetitive test cases which need to be implemented with high precision at a real massive scale. It can be dealt through an automation test suite.

There is human user testing preceded by cloud scaled testing for dynamic scalability and load-bearing capacity. It is also called load testing. Making real humans use your mobile apps for deducing organic feedback is extremely important to gauge the overall impact of any mobile app project. The objective should be to create an emotional attachment of users with your mobile app through a combination of user experience, UI, and robust functionalities.

Outsourced or in-house mobile app development


It might seem a little tricky. To smartly save on a budget, the niche expertise requiring mobile app development tasks should be outsourced to experienced developers and leading mobile app development companies. The long-term, time-consuming, and relatively easy mobile app development tasks should be carried out in-house. It will optimize your hiring cost of in-house developers who can be paid reasonably depending upon experience, profile, and contribution. You can use customizable engagement models with mobile app development companies and developers for helping you steer through a cost-effective development phase.

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Web+mobile app or just the mobile app?

An internet user will have difficulties in the transition from enterprise websites to mobile apps on Android and iOS. Not having an enterprise based website is undoubtedly going to affect the credibility of a new product in the market. It is also difficult to market your product all across the web, if there is no distinct destination of your product offering.

web and mobile

Going for a mobile app without a web app enables you to:

  • Look more credible
  • Get more reviews
  • Easily publicize
  • Monetize mobile apps
  • Gain visibility through SEO

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Limited functionalities with the top-notch performance or unlimited features with high operational cost?

The scenario

You can easily understand it with the latest example of the Uber app available across iOS and Android. On Android, the Uber app offers numerous payment facilities like UPI, credit/debit card Paytm, etc. In iOS, say Mubarak only after payment through credit/debit cards and Paytm. In case of Android, if a user has chosen to pay through UPI, it triggers a request in your respective UPI app. You need to go into the app, acknowledge the request for next stage of payment by entering the UPI pin. It is a time-bound request which expires after a duration of 120 or 180 seconds.

In case the user is unable to pay within this duration, the Uber app notifies them while they’re looking to book their next ride. Either they can spend it upfront again through UPI or choose the option to pay it, in cash; while riding with a driver in the next trip.

The main problem

Users are often facing this problem that they have already paid the amount which expired in the UPI request, by any other payment method or cash to the driver. But, the Uber app in Android is still not letting them book new Uber rides. It is saying that there is an on paid, right in the form of an expired UPI request.

Such problems are present widespread in scenarios where the mobile product is looking into a large number of functionalities. This often leads to compromised feature – performance data. It is not that iOS mobile apps doesn’t have any issues with payment. While making payments on the card, acknowledgment often fails to intimate, to you through an app screen. It is a kink in the user experience, but it certainly lets you book a ride and at least use the app on a day-to-day basis.

Major giveaway

The major giveaway out of this experience narration is to understand that it is not essential to have too many features and functionalities built in a mobile app. You may cut down on a feature or two, but the overall UX should never be compromised because of a malfunctioning micro service, a bad payment gateway or database management flaw.

How to go about the Apple app store/Google play store compliance?

There are plenty of guidelines rolled out by Apple and Google for the respective app stores. They are not very difficult to understand or implement, but the number is overflowing in plenty. Instead, you should save on time by outsourcing your mobile app development to a leading mobile app development company, with an excellent track record of successful mobile apps in the past.

App store & Play store

You can invest the saved time in:

  • Performing rigorous testing
  • Market analysis
  • Yourself using the mobile app
  • Building mobile app marketing strategies
  • Focusing on engagement activities

Technical matters about mobile app development

Native or Hybrid?

The choice is entirely subjective, and it depends upon:

  • Time to market
  • The desired level of UX
  • Feature complexity

native and hybrid

Please do not look for a definite answer. App owners and marketers may seem to lead for stability, constant development, and responsive mobile apps, through various approaches. Various strategies may come into play during different phases of mobile app development. The only factor that is important to be considered is the changing expectations of mobile app users, from the designed app in terms of user experience, reliability, and fast response.

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Prototyping or agile?

prototyping or agile

You can steer the product nearest to success, to build a capability integral to dynamic business requirements, as planned. The better you are at managing, the better results you can expect while going through the development phase, either first or critical mobile app. Later on, you may plan sprints for different versions of a prototype that keeps on adding newer functionalities and ultimately the finished product.

Containerized or conventional deployment?

containarized or conventional

The answer is straightforward, and you should strictly look at containerized deployment clouds that is seamlessly scalable and very easy to operate. You can expect containerized deployment to cut down:

  • App management
  • The clarity in the DevOps approach
  • More efficient strategies
  • Capabilities of automation
  • Use of Kubernetes

In-house security measures or a third party?

in-house or third-party

You should go for the most effective combination with the inclusion of high-quality third-party encryption resources and in-house developments of encryption modules. It should be based on a single horizontal and protocols of networking. Instances, like trouser attack in CamScanner app on Android,  automatic registration of Truecaller users are examples of risks, due to unsecured APIs. It is time that digital users are looking to take data security very seriously, at least in the coming future.

Manual or automated testing?


The answer would be a combination of a handpicked automatic testing suite, as discussed earlier, and well-detailed test cases that are rigorously tested by hardworking mobile app tester. You should look to keep a scalable mobile app testing team which is highly capable of helping you cut costs and execute immaculate mobile app testing plans. These may be based on the manual, automated, and essential user-based testing.

Branding, ASO & app marketing

Does something like App Store Optimization (ASO) exist for real?

It might be new to a lot of people, but they indeed exist at a very critical concept level that plays a vital role. It determines how well a mobile app, features on the respective mobile application stores. Generally, it includes all the meta-description, development details, and developer information. Moreover, it helps in engagement activities for organic reviews, to your mobile apps that, in turn, causes increased downloads.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization is an integral part of any successful mobile app. It is essential to understand that ASO might not directly help you in becoming commercially successful. But the level of engagement and improvements that it can create is going to help you build a better way for traffic through the mobile app.

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Can we cut costs around mobile app analytics?

And the answer is No. Cutting costs around mobile apps analytics is the worst idea. They help you in deploying more penetrating engagement capabilities and also build a roadmap for

  • Creating content
  • Persistent notifications
  • Interest-based sections
  • Future upgrade approach

cost cutting

Even the best outstanding mobile app idea is of absolutely no uses if it is not making a loyal customer base. Remember, engagement is the ultimate metrics of commercial and business success of a mobile app. If people are not willing to use your app, or there are no substantial reasons to download; it is a waste of efforts and time material cost. Thus, there should be no doubts about using highly-data driven, agenda-based analytics for creating insights. It directly helps you increase the level of engagement in a mobile app.

Engagements efforts are needed, or just the quality of mobile app/idea will do?

Millennials are always looking for more in terms of customer experiences as they are building a complete closure in their networks, integration of devices, and capabilities of apps. When users have a vigilant eye getting into lucrative propositions, in an exquisite experience from apps, the competition increases manifold. An average mobile app idea powered with well-targeted and strategically executed engagement tasks is much more likely to be successful in the app market, as compared to a brilliant idea which failed to grab customers’ attention.

mobile app idea

It is important to note that mobile app analytics is just one of the means to execute your engagement strategies. Companies often go for a highly aggressive off-line approach to publicize their partnerships with more visible brands and also get advertising on a war footing. A collective result from various consistent efforts, on different fronts, is desirable. Focus is required at all the interfaces where the customer is likely to meet your brand.

How to work on mobile app engagements?

It can be through the web, engagement, shows in malls, direct advertisement, and paid sponsored ads. Engagement strategies are essential when partnerships come into play. Strategically all executive partnerships can lead you to a stabilized business, out of an engaging mobile app idea. Search engine marketing and SEO can collectively help you manage engagement in the digital space.

How to go about mobile app analytics?

mobile app analytics

Companies are working on extraordinarily active and segmented engagements, for your digital products. They build multiple resources, multiple teams, and with niche expertise in art, technology, and branding. It might not be a commercially feasible idea to hire a global engagement agency upfront. Instead, you can build coordinated teams of data enthusiasts and creative marketers who can make use of leading mobile app analytics tools with an objective-driven approach. Remember, starting a project with set objectives with mobile app analytics is extremely important. Often companies and teams tend to stray from their initial strategy and land of nowhere with a lot of data. It may be tough to interpret and carve out business insights.

How will active engagements with app benefit?

Active engagements are critical to consistently increase the number of downloads and reaching up the charts. M-commerce is an altogether different niche strategy which requires a different business nature. Active engagements lead to a consistently growing traffic that is very effective in getting revenues and an increase in the amount of money that a mobile business makes.

app benefits

Active engagement also brings you closer to your mobile app audience and peoples who have already downloaded it on the Smartphone. Commitment also automatically drives you towards knowing your customers, in a way that helps to create better content and add new features. Engagement is the only way that a mobile app becomes commercially successful by 2020.

The best approach for mobile app development

The best plan for mobile app development includes:

Patience is the key to a strategically hard working team to make a mobile app project, highly successful in terms of commercials and business objectives. There are possibilities of various U-turn, changes in strategy, and new opportunities in the market. They may lead you to change your policy depending upon the latest trend, what people are looking for at an instance.

For instance, a mobile app is working fine, but there are no consistently increasing sales figures, invariably on the e-commerce platform. While working on various fronts for publicizing a mobile app and grabbing customer attention, you can also plan to invest in your existing app. You can use the newest technology like AR, VR. Just like e-commerce goes very well with AR, VR. It is essential to find the most impactful and highly utilizable technology that can vastly improve your product through advertisement and engagement.

There is a massive trend of V commerce where virtual reality is helping people build virtually real shopping experiences, through 360° shopping stores, where products are browsed in an exceptional user experience of online shopping. There are various other technologies that you may club with different mobile apps, all of that depends upon nature, the requirement, and strategic vision.

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Leading mobile app development companies can help you kick start a project and later hit the road of digital existence. Further, it is your responsibility to drive that project with consistent strategic changes. Mobile apps can create compelling business opportunities, but they are subjected to trends in the market. These trends affect the expectation of users in terms of digital experience and interrelation capabilities of a mobile app project.

Initially, the objective should be to get hold of a substantial part of the Smartphone user market. Later, it can be done with really engaging apps and making changes that make you different, from customers’ attention, time, and space on their mobile phones.

The mobile app market is consistently growing with the transformation of industries like healthcare; its transformation into M health app. Education converts into ed-tech and e-commerce have already raised a more mature state, starting from the conventional off-line shopping experience. Mobile apps are here to transform how humans live, and you can make the most out of this opportunity with leading mobile update mobile companies.

app development

Google Shoelace: The New Facebook Killer Explained

Story of social media & millennials

In a universe of social media, there are two significant galaxies of hyper-local social networking and global social networks. Social media and social networking are real catalysts for Shoelace App. They are driving significant operations for improving the digital space. Increasing the utilization of digital means by businesses and the growing importance of digital transformation, are closely affecting how an individual lives life.

The story of social media started from where the vision behind Facebook and Orkut sowed the seeds of hyper global social media networks. They have outgrown some of the largest businesses in the world and are fuelling various other opportunities of the market, and more luxurious digital experience across handheld devices.

The current digital population is over 4.3 billion. 2.7 billion of them for smartphone users. The changing mindsets towards work and personal life are driving millennials towards increased usage of social media.

Concept of Shoelace by Google

The main idea behind the hyper-local social networking app, Shoelace is to connect people with common interests. The mobile app idea aligns with the human tendency of different individuals establish bonding over shared interests. They can connect over Shoelace. They can meet and go offline for interest-based indulgence. These activities can be an adventure, sport, indoor activity, meditation, or anything else, under the sun which those two or group of individuals to pursue you for recreational, procreational purpose. It is an improvised attempt to give hyper-local social networking an altogether different face.

Shoelace: the second attempt

It is reported that shoelaces the second attempt by Google at building a substantial Internet resaws, revolving around hyper-local social networking concept. The company has earlier tried to roll out a mobile app called Google schemer, which couldn’t leverage, materialize and hit the lanes of fame and popularity. Further, the application was dropped due to market constraints and changing trends. Now, they have come up with a refurbished concept. Now they have come up with a refurbished idea that possibly underlines and counters the shortcomings of the previously tried theory.

Future possibilities

The business proposition of g is exceptionally fruitful because of various reasons. It is a genuinely good concept because it eventually pulls people out of their digital life. It makes them indulge in outdoor, creative, and pro-creative activities of their interest. Furthermore, we can expect business propositions like an augmented market place of new and refurbished products, just like social media, has slowly evolved further into a social media and marketing hub.

The more abundant avenues of traffic and popularity might expect to see the concept teaming up with artificial intelligence capabilities. It will improve personalized customer experiences by suggesting activities, location-relevant tasks, interest-driven notifications, friend suggestions and much more.

Other similar apps

MeetUp is the very same concept that already exists in the digital space. The upcoming hyper-local social networking app by Google is expected to face fierce competition. The increasing popularity and great opportunities for anonymous engagement and collaborations are helping the pre-existing mobile apps increase its market rapidly. Building new applications is a matter of great concern that is by allowing developers and mobile app carve out similar, new, improved concepts. They help you get better at customer experience and higher usability at lower costs.

Final word

Leading web & Mobile App Development Companies are taking consistent strides of innovation into various fields and problems. There are active attempts involving digital transformation, mobile apps, and digitization of business. Today is the time when mobile apps and social media is governing the daily lives of common people. Soon, they are expected to dictate how people bring enjoyment to their lives. It will help people indulge in the much-needed outdoor activities that are catalyzed and well-motivated by people with similar interests and available in nearby locations.

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Five Ways BlackBerry is Building Better Secure File Sharing

It is a world of hyper connectivity today. Not just business owners and managers, employees as well need complete mobile access to tools and data from their preferred devices. With all-round mobile access to information given among stakeholders in enterprises increasing, there’s possibility of increased vulnerabilities as well. Organizational members are found to be sharing files more than ever before.

Several of the files which are being shared contains proprietary or sensitive data that could be vulnerable. This is becoming more so when such files are moving out of the enterprise’s security layer. Naturally, business organizations want to ensure there is maximum security for their data. Today, it is imperative to have an IT- controlled, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution.

Blackberry Workspaces has scored well in Gartner and Forrester’s assessment criteria related to Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS). It has been adjudged to have taken the top-ranking security capabilities. Blackberry Workspaces helps make enterprises more collaborative and mobile, while reducing the complexity, risk, and cost of information sharing, within and beyond an organization.

How Does Blackberry Enable Better and Secure File Sharing?

There are certain technology features which must be focused on, for ensuring complete data security in file transfer. Secured online file sharing calls for such features, regardless of whether an organization selects a standalone EFSS system or an add-on product.

Blackberry Dynamics provides a complete collection of secure applications for securing invaluable corporate intellectual assets while boosting productivity. Blackberry dynamics apps include the following key features that ensures complete data security in all Blackberry services:

  1. Strong & Reliable Authentication and Encryption

authentication & encryption

There are occasions when data needs to be shared both internally and externally. Especially when sharing and syncing data externally, it is of paramount importance, at all times to ensure that it is being accessed by only the right people.

Robust EFSS solutions offer the flexibility of supporting any types of appropriate authentication strategies. They provide easy integration with existing LDAP and Active Directory solutions and thus simple de-provisioning and provisioning of users. Ensuring multiple-authentication support by EFSS is crucial.

  1. Security of Content

content security

A robust protection capability is one of the features offered by EFSS from Blackberry Dynamics. As and when files and documents, shared and synced beyond enterprises level are not generally having the protections that data within usually have, it becomes vital to protect sensitive data. Furthermore, compliance-related obligations need to be handled. Blackberry services ensures this.

Blackberry services support enterprise-managed encryption keys. Data at rest is protected with rights management control, regarding view access, copying, editing, printing, and sharing of data. Data in motion complies with SSL/TSL.

  1. Support & Administration


Secure use of EFSS components demand administrators to be able to perform certain actions. This includes the capability of assigning roles, revoke access, access rights and user activities, and manages permissions within the shared enterprise data.

  1. Delivery / Deployment Options


Blackberry workspaces can be deployed either on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. The EFSS vendor needs to be flexible to all these three options. Users’ needs may vary along with time and locations. Vendors must provide sufficient control, over data handling in the data center as well as in transit.

Blackberry dynamics apps verify the vendor’s compliance with HIPAA and other such security requirements.

  1. Integration & Secure Access


Workspaces offers connectors related to Microsoft content repositories (Sharepoint Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business) and Windows File Shares (CIFS) as well as, other data stores that are CMIS-compliant. This includes Alfresco, IBM FileNet, HP Trim, Open Text, and others.

This enables mobilizing, externalizing, and sharing documents securely from existing repositories as well as within existing infrastructure. This helps avoid migrating files onto others’ servers or move to the cloud.

Why Blackberry Dynamics Platform is Considered the Foundation for Secure & Robust Mobile Apps?

Blackberry Dynamics is built for delivering high availability and meeting to the needs of the most demanding businesses. It helps in disaster recovery and comes off with industry-leading scalability. Offering mature, advanced, and tested container for modern mobile apps, Blackberry Dynamics certainly provides the basis for secure and efficient enterprise mobility.

Blackberry Dynamics Apps ensure productivity on the go. They empower business organizations to offer the freedom of working from any device of their personal choice, while ensuring to protect user and corporate data utilizing the best containerization.

What Are the Exclusive Benefits of Blackberry Dynamics Apps?

BlackBerry Dynamics enables enterprises to build their own, secure productivity applications. Every Apps created using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK automatically conform to the existing security baselines. BlackBerry Dynamics enables all stakeholders in an enterprise to make use of the same critical apps that have the same level of security.

Business Benefits

Blackberry Dynamics has been architected to provide complete and detailed control of apps. It enables IT admins to provide provisioning and entitlement of apps to the users, as well as revoke them at any given time. The type of operating systems, their versions, and device models that can be allowed in the corporate settings is determined by the IT compliance policies.

With Blackberry Dynamics APIs, corporate data as well as applications accessed using mobile devices are safely protected. Data being fully encrypted at rest and in transit, security is warranted reliably. In the eventuality of devices being stolen or lost, removal of data and applications is impossible.

Development Benefits

Development cost related to securing the apps is greatly reduced, by using Platform built-ins of BlackBerry Dynamics. A secure tunnel to the enterprise resources behind the firewalls is provided securely by BlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure. Servers have been designed with high disaster recovery capabilities and are highly available too.

Security and ease of development are the mark of the BlackBerry APIs. Developers may focus on business processes and user experience; while enterprise readiness and security are warranted by BlackBerry Dynamics.


BlackBerry Dynamics provides a common application platform for mobilizing speed by empowering the stakeholders to focus better on their core functions. BlackBerry services assure of the most optimal security, enterprise reliability, scalability, and app analytics.

EFSS systems help addressing the requirements of both IT and employees, in addition to the overall present business, for bringing down the risk of loss or breach of IP.

How to patent your mobile app- an ultimate guide

Innovation & competition in mobile apps

Ever since smartphones have risen to popularity, mobile apps have become much more prominent than one could have ever imagine. Broadly categorizing, there are two types of mobile apps which have prevailed on the premium app stores. Firstly, there is a colosseum of apps which have mainstream users and have a few bunch of potential competitors fighting for customer engagement and retention. The other is the niche requirement looking for fulfillment. The technology enthusiasts and businesses are both looking to solve those problems with greater skills, more substantial impact, and higher efficiency. Amidst all of this, there is one thing that subtly rises to immense importance, patented mobile apps.

The culture of patenting mobile apps might not be so primitive in India, but the requirement for curbing unethical practices, unlawful intentions and outplaying competition is apparent present in all fields; at all levels.

What if you ignore patent filing?

Mobile app developers and young start-ups (in India) out-rightly ignore them. But, underestimating the importance of filing patents may lead you to situations like:

Unethical process variation by imitators

unethicalThe most widely understood risk cover of patent filing is that other prominent players of your business industry and most probable competitors will not be able to create minor variations in your app idea and launch it as a mobile app product in the open market. It saves you from a lot of consequences and safeguards your supremacy under all conditions. It is basically like a large cover for your idea or the intellectual property through the mobile app.

Undue competition

undue competititonIt is quite apparent that if your competitors are hitting an overlapping market with a very similar product with only a few improvements and variations, you are sure to face an undue amount of competition. Your market share, as well as profits, will be significantly compromised. Filing a patent saves you quite comprehensively.

Reaping of undue benefits by contemporaries

duplicate or original

Suppose there is a company ABC that has built a great app with location-enabled services and it is solving a significant problem for the customers. Now, company XYZ understands their product pitch, gauges their USPs and builds a very similar product with a few changes. Your contemporaries might have improper benefits as people will get confused between the original product and the copied one. They will be choosing unknowingly, but it certainly deteriorates the value of your innovation and incurs a direct loss to your customer base.

Direct loss of capital & profits

profit lossWith an immediate loss of intellectual property, innovation, and technological lead, there comes a noticeable loss of, and a lot of your money which could have been generated through the newly created revenue stream will now find the hurdles of competition hand which would rely on penetrating customer engagement.

How patent filing helps businesses?

The convenience of secured product innovation

secureThe level of calm confidence in the company employs, and enthusiasm of product managers remains intact if they are working on a patented project. It has a precious direct impact on productivity and the quality of work produced. Filing patents gives the company, and it employs a much-required dose of security before putting in the hard work for a particular project.

Opportunities for open source licenses

open source

Once the owner of the intellectual property has patented the mobile app, he as a method or a process for a particular problem-solving initiative. Then they can also go for open source license distribution. It is a convenient way of letting other entities use your product and innovation under a set of specific terms and conditions. It protects the product from unethical uses and unforeseen modifications and enables you to scale the customer base simultaneously.

Paving ways for revenue through royalties


Once you are the holder of title ownership, the world doesn’t have an option other than paying the proper fee for your product. It is an excellent way of fostering your brand and making a business sustain with a distinct revenue stream through royalty.

What should be the first step for filing a patent?

Filing patents can be as complicated as perceiving new inventions. The first step before actually filing a patent is to register for provisional patent filing. It is a process involving furnishing of all the critical information like:

  • Core idea
  • Abstract
  • Implementation
  • Details of operations
  • Methodologies with reasoning
  • Concept note and business provision

Kindly note that it is one of the initial steps before the filing of patents and registration that help to register your product to a sufficient extent. Further, it helps you take the appointment of the first filing date. It is a landmark date in the process of filing a particular patent because it is considered to be your date of the first approach while filing the patent. In case the matter goes to a court of law or is solved through mediation, this date is considered to be your date of filing and any other entity claiming to have a similar patent and will be judged upon by the state. If they have filed on time before this, they will have an upper hand; otherwise the latter remains the undisputed owner of the mobile app idea.

What is the eligibility criteria for filing a patent?

Exclusivity of idea

It is the most explicit and essential requirement for fulfilling the eligibility criteria before filing patents for the mobile app. The quantum of innovation in your mobile app idea should be supreme, and it should be undebatable for the mature minds of the respective industry. Any idea that is considered to be an inspiration or variation of a particular existing patent is most likely to face rejection, and it will require substantial modifications before it can hit the existence of a patent.

Non-obvious in nature

It is an extremely tricky eligibility criterion for the filing of patents. Most of the intellectual property in the form of mobile apps are rejected under this clause. It is simple to understand it with an example.

For instance, there is a mobile app that helps you report prominent sites of ocean pollution in the Indian Ocean; it uses location services and is built on JavaScript libraries. Now, if another mobile app development company produces a similar app with an extra functionality or two and claims that they have used different searching methodologies, then the existing one along with load Node, Angular ReactJS, it will not be considered as eligible candidature for patent filing. It is merely because it is quite ‘obvious’ that a particular mobile app development tool alongside third-party services will be used. If not one, then it might be other. But there is no peeking degree of innovation that leads directly to successful procurement of a patent.

Impact on users/Problem-solving abilities

Another point of assessment for patent approval committee is the quantum of an influence of the respective innovation it is speculated to have on the users. The problem-solving ability of your change is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most significant plus points for gaining yourself a patented mobile app idea.

Detailed requirements for filing a patent

After the filing of provisional pretend registration, the USPTO or the United States patent and trademark office lend you a time of about a year before your landmark date of filing was issued. It is a time duration given to technology enthusiasts or conceptualizer for ensuring that the end product is worthy of a patent and if the person is still willing to go for outright procurement of license on the same lines. Once it is correctly done, the approval process is initiated, and that includes:

  • Scrutiny of product
  • Complete documentation
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Working model
  • Impact analysis
  • Flowcharts
  • Simulations and supporting documents
  • Appendix

It is a long process that happens in various phases and takes its due course of time before the final patent is registered to a mobile app developer or a mobile app development company’s name. It is convincingly accompanied by product presentations, explanation and more in-depth ground research at the approving committee’s end.

app development

How are mobile application design and development services going in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai: A nascent market

UAE and Dubai are two major commercial hubs in the Middle East that gain attraction due to substantial, convincing reasons. The wave of commerce (comprehensively backed by technology) is impacting the east with a pilot from the West. The two places have evolved commercially and have hit a Golden Era of development with the new millennium. Technology and the quantum of commercial activities in Dubai have caught everyone’s eye. That makes it a great place of business opportunities with a potential, large market available at hand. One of the significant reasons behind a thriving Middle East market for business and technology is that people believe it to be far from saturation; unlike the Indian markets.

Bright prospects that make Dubai a potential market

Abundant commercial activity due to tourism

dubai tourism

Every economy has a master driver which induces activity and business prospects for different sides of the economy; including the niche markets and very dedicated businesses to particular industries. In the case of the Middle East, tourism and opportunities of oil exploration have been a significant reason why UAE and Dubai become a potential place for business with the blessing of an unsaturated market. Because there is money generated with these two, companies are looking to invest, and there is a decent trajectory of development witnessed in the lives of a common man as well.

Substantial local investments

The average level of income and a paradigm shift of the millennial generation is approaching. , and a zeal run a personal business. It can be seen as a part of the chain reaction due to great commercial prospects in tourism and crude oil business for the country. It is a substantial section of the business fraternity as 72% of business comprise of small scale local firms.

dubai local investments

There are concrete reasons why technology business industry is expected to flourish in Dubai & UAE. People are looking to explore businesses and find new dimensions of competition in the local domain. It can only be done with the help of good quality websites, web applications and personalize mobile apps which can help small businesses look like a bigger brand. Working in favor of young companies is sure. It is a win-win situation for mobile app development companies and the smaller companies of Dubai and UAE; at least for next 5 to 7 years.

Credibility for foreign investments

Fortunately, the Middle East has won the trust of western countries because of its potential collateral in terms of the crude oil business. Every leading business player from Europe and the west is compelled to feel safe while investing aggressively in UAE. It is one of the primary reasons for new trends that are growing in Dubai and UAE. Corporates and large scale businesses who have replicated, scaled great success stories in different parts of the world are now choosing Dubai and UAE to be there next place for business expectation.

business partner

Larger businesses have greater horizons and the ability to scale in terms of commerce. Web and mobile application development companies are finding great business opportunities. It is an excellent opportunity as larger companies are looking to solve more significant problems on a very efficient level with the help of technology and their past experiences in business and technology. More and more businesses are, today, looking to incorporate technology is as the trends have been set by bigger companies who have turned towards Dubai and UAE.

The growing culture of personalized services

personalized services

The concept personalization in personal services is generally led by larger companies who  can transform the facelift and provide high-quality services on a large scale. It is significantly replicated by cash-rich smaller businesses who are following the tech giants and more well-known companies. It is allowing them to scoop out a new dimension of competition and make more substantial profits by adding reasonable value.

Gradual evolution from Shopping Mall culture

shopping mall dubai

The technology area is pushing the millennial generation to explore new horizons and get on with modern trends. The earlier flourishing culture of a shopping mall is diminishing at a fast pace. Now, it is the turn of last mile deliveries and the convenience of doorstep services. It opens up opportunities for every leading mobile app development company as they need a significant facelift in the form of websites and quality web and mobile apps to impart an effective UX with a good UI. It is an excellent reason for businesses to turn towards Dubai and UAE as small companies are aggressively looking for more and more companies who can build mobile application development projects professionally.


Mobile application development is the iconic face of the business and technology industry in the 21st-century. With the viral use of mobile phones and high potential of business through the smartphone channel, there is an ultimate team up of a great business opportunity and a potential market with digitally empowered businesses. It is making business organizations travel an extra mile for making this opportunity count. If a cause-and-effect diagram is built to model the present situation of Dubai and UAE, it will be like a circular loop which looks self-sustainable for at least next one decade. It promises excellent futuristic business opportunities that have investable ideas and high scalability of business.

Android vs iOS User Behavior: How Does It Impact Mobile App Development?

Use of Smartphones have been increasing at an exponential rate across the modern world. Mobile applications have become an imperative part of mobile devices. A major population of the contemporary world is making use of several mobile apps for their everyday functions; mobile app development is considered a very critical process. Amid myriad mobile apps that are built and deployed, only a selected few succeed in gaining popularity with users and sustaining repetitive visits by them. It is those apps which solve specific problems of users and offer appropriate solution to the unique needs of users that finally succeed. To be able to come up with such winning apps, developers and entrepreneurs need to understand user behavior analytics and the information gathered from it.

Significance of User Behavior and Personality Traits

Understanding details such as who the target user of a conceived app is and their preferences and requirements is inevitable in building and delivering a successful app. Developing mobile apps is not like creating a piece of software. In order to come up with successful apps, you need to focus first on resolving the problem of a set of users. To be able to provide the solution, you must understand the target population at a granular level.user behaviorUsers’ behavior and personality traits play a vital role in developing a mobile app that attracts and retains users. One way of discerning these factors is by checking the users’ choice of their Smartphone. Choice of platform among the two major players, namely, iOS and Android which are different in several ways, speaks a lot about users’ specific interests and behaviors. This choice indicates important factors such as whether users are concerned about pricing, whether they take interest in downloading, if they are prepared to pay a price for the app, whether they are loyal to some specific brand or not.

A Glance at the Contemporary Mobile Operating System Market

Studies have clearly shown that iOS and Android put together account for over 99% of the total market share. While iOS users are found to be more willing to pay for apps than Android users, the number of targeted audience in Android is considerably more. Android app development companies and iPhone app development companies need to first decide which section of users they wish to target. If more number of users is the aim of the business organization or the app development company, then Android proves to be the best platform. On the other hand, if the intention is to earn money from the app, iOS platform must be the first choice.

A Peek into the User Behavior Factors that Impact Mobile App Development

Users’ preferences and behavior are representative of their idea about the mobile device as well as applications. By running user behavior analytics in a professional manner, developers and the mobile app development companies may arrive at the right decision about choosing their app development platform.

  • Market Share of Operating Systems: Android platform is seen to take up nearly 64% (two-thirds) of the mobile users market. While iOS app store includes over 2 million apps, Google Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps.
  • User Preference: While building a mobile app, entrepreneurs and mobile app developers need to consider and understand clearly the interests and choice of users. It is to be noted here that iOS and Android have to be used for targeting entirely different group of users. While iOS is for users who can spend money easily to buy apps, Android is meant for people in the lower middle income group. If acquiring customer base is your agenda, you need to go in for Android while for revenue generation, iOS is the best bet.
  • The Role Played by Device Capabilities: Smartphone users view their devices in a personal way. The difference in operating systems has a direct bearing on the user experience. This is one factor that influences choice of a particular OS by users. Apple’s iOS has stringent regulations for push notifications, timeframe for system updates and app submissions. In the case of Android, submission of apps may be performed freely and in customizable manner.
  • User Demographics: It is well known that Android has more market share than iOS. Good user experience under affordable pricing is the main reason for this. Users’ preferences and spending habits play a vital role in deciding about which platform to make use of. Income and location are a few crucial factors that need to be considered while creating a mobile app.
  • Personality: Android users tend to be more thoughtful in contrast to iOS clients who are seen to be more of outgoing individuals. While iOS users prefer to be leaders, Android clients display humility and honesty and tend to be comfortable being followers. Personality differences are indicators of the types of apps preferred by users.
  • App Engagement and Retention: One of the key factors that impacts the success of the mobile app, is considering the app engagement and retention while planning to build the app. It is common that iOS users are more likely to be engaged with apps and they also usually have higher retention. Android users being not so consistent with app engagement, developers have to face the challenge of building apps that enhance retention rate.
  • Users’ Spending Tendency: Although the once large gap in consumer spend between Android and iOS users is witnessed to have become smaller, iPhone users are still making more purchases when compared to Android users. While iOS provides opportunities for generating revenue through paid apps, Android apps are seen to draw revenue from mobile advertising.
  • Choosing the Right Platform for Your App: With each platform having its own specific characteristics and benefits, thoughtful consideration must be given to the most important factor that influences the success of the app ultimately, namely, the user.

An efficient iPhone app development company must understand the needs of users and their problems at ground level and perform diligent user behavior analytics to be able to provide the perfect solution to users.

Depending on the purpose and objectives of the mobile app, developers and mobile app development companies need to choose the appropriate platform that helps monetize the mobile app in an efficient manner. The decision should be fruitful for not only the business organization but also the user.

How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Mobile App Personalization?

Among the innovations in computing, the growing and sophisticated technology of Artificial Intelligence has found a niche for business and research. Utilizing the capability of machines to copy intelligent behaviour is being widely witnessed in several modern industries today. Artificial Intelligence, a computer or a machine having the ability to solve problems as done by humans, is being extensively infused by mobile app development companies with mobile apps for the benefit of businesses belonging to varied industries.

The Role played by Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Mobile App Development

role of artificial intelligenceToday, artificial intelligence in not being put to esoteric use or being utilized by select scientific group only; it is rather a topic of expansion and exploration in global businesses. It is being increasingly adopted by mobile app developers for integrating in the mobile apps they build.

With Smartphones and mobile apps gaining popularity by the moment, there has been a change in user preference as well as developers’ style of creating apps. Modern lifestyle doesn’t entertain the idea of consumers having to spend a lot of time on devices for getting their intended tasks performed. Quick and efficient functioning are demanded by users in all walks of life, mobile apps are no exceptions.

Current Requirement of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

artificial intelligenceModern device manufacturers and mobile app development companies have to ensure that users are saved from having to scroll among the myriad mobile apps on the iOS and Android landscape. Moreover, they are required to facilitate easy searching and navigation system. Artificial Intelligence provides the perfect answer to this. The power of voice is being used for performing tasks that enable developers and users to resolve the need of the hour.

Integration of voice interface provided by Artificial Intelligence proves to be of amazing use for the development of Internet of Things that is considered hot today. Several devices that we make use of in the modern world are connected to one another, such as smartphones, home appliances, and watches. Having different interfaces on these regularly-used devices make us vulnerable to be confused. Artificial Intelligence, by providing a single interface that helps in connecting the devices with ease makes it easy for users in commanding the various things around them.

Importance of Personalized User Experience in Mobile App Development

user experienceWhile there are quite a lot of mobile apps that make life easier for people, the time constraint of users make them shy away from having to spend much time on each of the apps that they need to use. The concept of being able to use something that can respond to their individual needs in a personalized manner proves really appealing to them.

Being able to command your app by merely telling it what you want and leaving the rest to the app to place your order on the basis of those preferences is a great breakthrough. It has been made possible by the integration of Artificial Intelligence technology in the mobile phones. The capability of detecting user location and offering personalized, location-based solutions for each of users’ query has become possible.

The individual behavioral patterns of users can be recorded and studied, thus enabling providing the app features that are exclusively designed for users’ personal needs. This helps user retention greatly, while facilitating business success for organizations.

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Development

By allowing businesses to offer accurate and personalized customer services, Artificial Intelligence Development in mobile apps provides a great scope for global organizations. There are several ways in which artificial intelligence can be used in apps; its presence proves influential and helps develop spontaneous and excellent user experience for consumers.

The following are a few of the ways in which artificial intelligence helps personalize mobile apps:

  • Effective Predictions: Enticing new customers and retaining existing ones through useful regular notifications that inform about products, offers, and discounts can be effectively performed by using the predictive Artificial Intelligence algorithms. They help analyze history and predict what the customers are most likely to buy. This helps increase business revenue.
  • Ability of Reasoning: With the advent of artificial intelligence, the once impossible skill of reasoning has been infused in computers and devices. With previous data of users, AI helps understand tasks and find the shortest way of performing tasks.
  • Providing Relevant Content: Artificial Intelligence algorithms, by gathering data form users’ behavior patterns via browsing history, can make proper recommendations suiting to the customers’ specific needs. This helps provide relevant content to customers.

Capacity of Artificial Intelligence to Personalize Mobile Apps

Mobile world proves to be the appropriate platform for the Artificial intelligence apps because of smooth access to details such as customer location, buying history, and behavior patterns.

Artificial intelligence algorithms, by using these data, can provide a more intuitive and personalized customer service. Progressive organizations have started investing in this field as it builds a close relationship between their customers and their brands.

What Does the Future Hold for Artificial Intelligence and Mobile App Development?

mobile app developmentThe powerful combo of Artificial intelligence and mobile apps will reshape and redefine the face of modern technology in the coming years. Extensive use of artificial intelligence in mobile apps will find inevitable place in accomplishing user engagement and business success.

The involvement and importance of artificial intelligence will not be limited to select domains; it will be very widely adopted in business ventures, mobile app development being one of the most important ones. Leading business corporations across the globe will be making optimum use of this innovative technology to reap several benefits. This cutting-edge technology will attract increasingly more takers in future. Machine learning has reached the developmental stage and modern users are looking for flexible algorithms that provide seamless experience. The progress and availability of artificial intelligence and its integration in mobile apps will bring about unprecedented changes to the way developers and users, apart from businesses, consider intelligent interactions within mobile apps.

Several applications and devices will be written using artificial intelligence and machine-learning driven apps. New avenues are opening up for mobile apps with the growth of artificial intelligence; global Mobile App Development Companies will adopt this technology in a huge way, accomplishing to offer great user experience while facilitating their clients’ business success!

How Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Mobile App Economy?

Bitcoin And Associated Developments

BitCoinNews.com has some interesting things to say about profiting while traveling abroad. Physical currency and traveler’s checks are quickly becoming anachronistic. Digital currency solutions make it such that you can use the same Visa credit card overseas that you use in your home country. You can even use ATMs and print out currency.

Bitcoin essentially provides the same kind of service. With Bitcoin, you can go to any Bitcoin machine and extract cash as it conforms to current Bitcoin rates. Such machines are currently throughout the world; you’ve just got to find them in the cities you visit. Now all that’s easy enough to say—but the question then becomes: how does it work?

Well, in a word, blockchain—and this pertains to the subject of this writing. Blockchain solutions are positioned to utterly transform the current mobile app economy. Blockchain is what facilitates Bitcoin, but it’s not something which is solely related to cryptocurrency; it’s just what makes cryptocurrency valuable.

Understanding Blockchain:

Basically, a blockchain is a list of information that can’t be tampered with. Records, transaction details, etc., are all securely maintained in “blocks” which build on one another over time. Differing time-stamps primarily striate different “blocks”. Cryptography of a new type which compounds on itself with each new “block” secures the technology.

As more people buy into cryptocurrency, more blocks are created. More blocks equate to greater blockchain security, facilitating increased cryptocurrency value. It’s a self-feeding upward spiral. As pertains to apps, mobile app security is a key feature of an application’s dependability, reliability, and trustworthiness.

The digital world is abuzz with blockchain tech, as it provides a means of securing operations which continues to increase on itself positively as it is used. I.E., the more it’s used, the more secure it becomes. Think of it like Chinse finger-cuffs, as a rough analogy. The more you struggle, the tighter they become. Well, the more you use blockchain tech, the more secure it becomes.

Simultaneously, security is expedited and infrastructure is diminished substantially, reducing operational expense while expanding operational ability. In three years, the blockchain market is set to be worth $20+ billion.

Decentralized Financial Security

With blockchain technology it becomes possible to securely decentralize computing in terms of financial institutions, allowing for instantaneous mobile banking solutions around the clock independent of location or day. So not only is infrastructure reduced in terms of security, but customer service and operational utility increases.

Applications secured by blockchain can now be used in a secure capacity on a non-corporate basis. That is to say: a small startup company who designs an application can compete with the most qualitative applications on the market securely by applying blockchain solutions to their app’s data encryption.

Additionally, companies who produce applications and utilize blockchain tech have the ability to provide small or large businesses with application services almost on-demand. The only temporal loss comes in the time it takes to properly develop an app.

Such application security isn’t limited to mobile applications used via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other IoT, either. It additionally has security value for solutions at the enterprise level. Data needs to be secured between business locations which are located separate from one another.

Direct Application Of On-Site Security Solutions Via Blockchain

Consider this reality: you’ve got quality control protocols in place which must be disseminated securely between varying locations. These chunks of quality control data are rife with proprietary information, and documents of an otherwise sensitive nature. But they must be properly put to use regardless of such sensitivity!

An EQMS solution solidified in terms of security through blockchain tech stands to bear greater dependability than the same solutions not supported via blockchain. If you make the switch and your competitors don’t, you’re operating at an objective advantage in terms of security.

And it doesn’t end there, either. when you get right down to it, any software solution that can be encrypted stands to see an advantage through the application of blockchain solutions.

Transitions To New Tech Need Not Be Initially Comprehensive

For those who have yet to fully embrace this technology, it makes sense to start making some transitions. You’ve seen how Bitcoin is apt to fluctuate madly in terms of profit expansion before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and the currency loses value for a period. Yet if you look at Bitcoin over the long run, it’s been on an upward trend.

Technologists the world over are keeping their eye on Bitcoin and the blockchain encryption protocols which make it valuable. Certainly not everyone has faith in the cryptocurrency blockchain enables, but the blockchain tech itself is rock-solid, and has accordingly spread throughout multiple areas of modern technology utility.

Still, making the blockchain switch for certain internal applications can be complicated. A wise idea is working with agencies who specialize in development of software which incorporates such encryption. Whether you go for a total upgrade will depend on your business. Sometimes you want to upgrade sequentially, sometimes all at once. Generally, the larger your business, the more cost-effective gradual transition is.

Remaining Relevant In Today’s Market

Today’s professional atmosphere is surfeited with enough technology that you can build a digital picture of the situation which is more accurate than straightforward examination of the data may be—in some cases. When you make decisions as regards transitioning your operation, do so informed by the data with tools such as Loggly that help you understand your app better.

From marketing outreach to operational egress, today’s technology collects more information which relates to operations than perhaps ever before. Not putting that to good use is a fundamental error. Look at your existing costs, and the information you have available; but don’t restrict yourself to that which can be harvested internally in terms of data.

Look at competitors as well, and also consider trends in the market, like blockchain’s increasing relevancy. Remember, you can always go about a shift sequentially; meaning you can “try it out” before making a concrete decision.

When it comes to mobile applications, blockchain is recommendable for security in terms of even the most elite technological functions—banking and blockchain are proof positive of that. If you have yet to incorporate such encryption into operational paradigms throughout your company, you might want to do your homework to see if such changes are a good fit for your operation.

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GoodFirms Recognises W2S Solutions for Indigenous Custom Software Development Services

W2S Solutions is an Indian IT Company, an leading expertise in providing custom software to SMEs and startups all across the globe. Headquartered at Chennai, India the company has 5 more development and sales offices around the globe including the USA and Canada. Founded in 2010, the company has journeyed a long way providing some of the ace digital services for mobile app development, web design and development, iOT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Open Source  development,  big data analytics, and the latest hybrid app development.

The team at W2S Solutions believes in learning from each other and working with each other in all hemispheres and not only work. For a typical project undertaken by the firm, the senior management team helps the young lot to understand the visionary ideas and their market scopes, while the younger lot keep the freshness of the latest technology in the firm. And thus, the team understands the key secret to a successful project undertaking.

The team started operating at Austin office in 2010, with providing custom software for key industries like finance, healthcare and business operations management. With skill expertise and a passion to meet the quality ends, the firm saw a booming growth within a year; and provided a promising hub for reliable software customization services. This makes the firm stand apart and listed as one of the Top Software Companies in Austin at listing and review platform – GoodFirms.

Attributes of GoodFirms’ research:

The comprehensive research process, undertaken by GoodFirms, ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. Each company that participates in the research gets evaluated on the basis of three major parameters – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. However, the initial research is based on primary and secondary research work, conducted in-house, and through data available from various sources, true to the platform’s understanding and knowledge. All the further research and evaluations are based on the reviews submitted by the company’s clients.

At GoodFirms, a detailed research shows that W2S Solutions is completely focused and dedicated to small business including all types of small and medium enterprises, startups and local businesses providing them with an optimized and most cost-efficient app or CMS development. The client requirements are analysed and a best suitable service is decided, before taking any project on hand. The team then works extensively to design and develop a unique client brand oriented plugins and themes for their WordPress venture. For providing unique CMS development services the firm is expected to be listed as Top WordPress Development Companies across the globe, at GoodFirms.

The firm has resources and talents to develop and deploy the native as well as hybrid app development. The executive team believes in choosing the best technology, rather than the available resources, to meet the requirements of the project rather than the available resources; which not only brings innovation and creativity to the project but the essential optimization to the projects. Their understanding of chief technical solutions for the business and the skill-set makes them a forerunner for the prestigious list of top Indian App Developers at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms:

As the name suggests, GoodFirms is a dedicated community for IT services seekers and providers. A maverick B2B research and review platform that helps prospects find the best IT developers, across the globe, that can meet their business requirements and beyond. Having said so, it offers a solid platform for companies and software vendors that want to sow seeds of reputation management just so to mark their hard-earned stature in the industry across the globe.

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