What will be the new Application ideas that would rule the World during COVID-19?

July 13, 2020
What will be the new Application ideas that would rule the World during COVID-19?

The outbreak of the pandemic has not only changed our lives like never before but also brought in unforeseen circumstances for our businesses.

With international trade and supply chains being majorly affected and consumer behavior patterns significantly altered, companies are looking for better avenues to earn the profits and stay afloat in this atmosphere of uncertainty. And, one of the surest ways for the companies to ensure that is by developing a better understanding of the app environment.

From healthcare to beauty and cosmetics, the app dependency of modern customers is nothing new. Not only has this dependence increased in the past few months, but what has changed is the increasing popularity of several new app ideas amid COVID-19. This is natural because the customers being confined to their homes, relied more on apps to make their lives a bit easier in every aspect.

On that note, let’s take a look at the app ideas that ruled the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online education applications

As the educational institutions all over the world shut down and exams were postponed for an indefinite time, the pandemic led to an increased emphasis on online education apps.

Be it conducting online classes or downloading learning apps, parents and institutions are looking for ways to ensure that there is minimal loss of this valuable time for the students.

The good news is that several apps have stepped up to the sudden spurt in demands, and they are presenting varied avenues to keep the journey of the learners uninterrupted. And, we are not only talking about virtual classrooms on Zoom. The web app development companies  have heavily worked on creating apps for e-resources, educational games, assessments, and more.

These apps are enabling students to continue their hard work in tough times, and also shaping the future of the education industry.

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Grocery delivery applications

Groceries have been flying off the racks like anything with people being confined to their homes, and the online apps are making it happen.

The popularity of the grocery delivery apps is well-evident in the reports suggesting that Walmart Grocery and Instacart daily downloads surged by 160% and 218% respectively, during this time.

For some people, going to the stores to buy groceries is not a feasible option given the critical condition of the area. On the other hand, most people are avoiding it as a protective measure. Thus, ordering online is the chosen option for a majority of customers.

However, there aren’t enough grocery apps to cater to the surging demand. So, this is a viable sector for the entrepreneurs to come up with app ideas that haven’t been made.

Healthcare consultation applications

As the COVID-19 situation goes from bad to worse, the healthcare industry is facing new challenges.

What about the patients who need regular checkups or health consultations?

They can’t visit the hospitals for the fear of being infected and they can’t get the doctors to their homes for the same reason. So, what alternative do they have to rely on?

As a result, people are looking for remote healthcare solutions to navigate the consequences and impact of the outbreak without letting it affect their health condition. Healthcare apps have seen a 70% increase in weekly usage ever since lockdown was imposed all over the world.

These are the times when there is a serious need for apps that let patients reach their healthcare professionals remotely. As digital healthcare is here to stay, looking into mobile app solutions for it can be profitable for the entrepreneurs.

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Fitness and wellness applications

In the past couple of years, the awareness about having a healthy lifestyle with special focus on overall wellness and fitness has increased. But, the fitness centers and gyms have been closed for an indefinite time due to the pandemic.

This has increased the shift towards digital workout programs and fitness apps that helps people maintain their workout routine from home. Social distancing has increased the usage of fitness apps, which has helped the health and fitness industry to deal with the ongoing uncertainties.

Right from online workout apps, meditation guides, calorie counters, to yoga apps, the potential for growth is undeniably high in this sector. Several new apps in this sector have already been launched, and many more are on the way for sure.

Pickup and delivery applications

Pickup and delivery services have been a lifesaver for people stuck to their homes in the lockdown. In fact, delivery services have registered a major spike in demand amidst the outbreak of the virus.

Many companies who did not have such services of their own also started relying on thirty parties to come to their aid. And, the delivery apps have to help both the customers and those companies.

The businesses that solely have brick and mortar existence have found it hard to maintain sustainability in this market. It is important for them to realize the role played by digital media and plan a more diversified revenue stream. These are dark times, and the only way out for businesses is to turn this situation into an opportunity to look for a better alternative. Reaching out to the customers online is the alternative they need to get sales to boost.

People are still keen on buying your products and availing of your services. You will just have to find a way to let them get it through the apps. You can hire mobile app developers to create a medicine or food delivery app to ensure a more profitable presence for your offline store. Rising above the pandemic slump of your business will not seem too hard in that case.

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Steaming applications

Not being able to venture out of their homes and with the movie theatres being closed for an indefinite time, people turned to online streaming to spend the extra time they had on their hands.

The major streaming apps, such as Netflix and Amazon have had record viewership during this time. In fact, the streaming giant Netflix has added 15 million new subscribers amid COVID-19, making it edge past its competition. New streaming platforms, like HBO Max, were also launched during this time.

Cable TVs are becoming increasingly obsolete, streaming is the future of online content. And, the faster you jump on the bandwagon, the better it is for your brand.

However, there is a small catch to overcome when it comes to streaming apps. The competition is stiff in the field, with heavyweights like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and more in the ring. For any new entrant to stand out, it will have to bring something extra to the plate.

Wrapping up

COVID-19 was like a major jolt for the global business world as it completely changed the rules of the game. While no one has any tried and tested practices to deal with such an unprecedented situation resulting from the pandemic, the app ideas mentioned above have certainly shown signs of hope for many entrepreneurs.

The customers are going online with an increased reliance on mobile technology, and that is where your business needs to be, as well. So, regardless of whether

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