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5 awesome business enhancements that enterprise mobile apps offer

The advent of smart phones and tablets has changed the way business functions. The revolution in the field of business mobile app development began with consumer trends. After all, consumer is the king! Not only do the consumers prefer purchasing on-the-go, but the businesses are also quickly adapting to the new trends. Whether it be a retail business,a service oriented business, a digital workspace or a manufacturing industry, enterprise mobile apps can drastically improve the business processes and ensure steady growth of the business.

enterprise app development

Increased productivity

Many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to keep themselves updated about the progress in various processes of their businesses. It is high-time that businesses shun conventional processes and switch to the enterprise level mobile apps. Deploying a mobile app makes searching and retrieving datas much simpler. It empowers business owners to instantly obtain information required to speed up the production process irrespective of their current geo location.

Better decision-making

Decision-making in business was one of the challenging things. It required the presence of core decision makers, experts, and the customers in the facility to discuss burning issues. An enterprise mobile app can provide all the datas required instantly, enabling the decision makers to make the right decisionpromptly. Deploying a mobile app, with audio and video conferencing capabilities, eliminates the need of face-to-face discussions. Not only can the decisions be quicker, but also the cost involved in arranging a face-to-face meeting is completely eliminated.

Empowered employees

Empowerment of employees is the key to increasing productivity. Providing instant access to employees on information anytime, anywhere not only escalates productivity, but also increases employee satisfaction. The flexibility to work from their desired location, in fact, increases the responsibility of the employees in the organization. Deployment of mobile apps eliminates the long hours of stressful work that affects the productivity and assures work-life balance to the employees. As the access control can be provided according to the role and designation of the employees, business owners can have effective overall control over their businesses.

Improved customer engagement

Customer engagement plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Providing customers with real time sales and service information is the way to have satisfied customers. Instant feedback and inputs from customers enable business managers to quickly rectify flaws in business processes. The results could be astonishingaslocalization and personalization have become the modern business trends. Utilizing push notification system and geofencing facility in mobile apps can help much in business growth.

Effective Brand Building

Brand building plays a pivotal role in business growth. While there are plethoras’ of ways to create consumer awareness, mobile apps add more value to their branding. Mobile apps make brand building easier, as the trendy consumers tend to share everything with their friends and fans. Showcasing the products has never been easier. Syncing the mobile apps with social media not only makes it easy for the consumers to share product details, but it is also a cost effective way of brand building.

Apart from these business enhancements, mobile apps have several other incredible options that could fuel the growth of a business. A knowledgeable app developer can discover a variety of options that could take the business to new heights.

W2S solutions Moves Office from Velachery to bigger, better facility at OMR

The management’s decision to move the facility is due to the unprecedented growth of W2S over these five years. “W2S solutions” has gained a great reputation among its clients and its competitors. The website and mobile app development company has successfully overcome several hurdles over these years and has proved itself as a pioneer in the field of Enterprise web app development and mobile app development. With its branch offices in US and Canada, W2S continues to grow exponentially. In order to maintain the quality of services and provide more employment opportunities to the highly skilled professionals, the top management of W2S has decided to expand its facility. As part of the expansion plan, the management has planned to shift its Velachery facility to a bigger, better facility in OMR.

W2S Solutions, Thoraipakkam, OMR

While the current facility has a seating capacity of 30 employees, it has been overflowing with professionals. Apart from the repeat customers, the company has been acquiring a large number of new clients. In his address to the press, the CEO of W2S Solutions Madhu Kesavan said, “We thank our clients for the trust they have in our high quality services and products. In order to keep up our quality of service and commitments, we needed a facility that could accommodate at least 75 professionals. Hence, we decided to move out of the facility to a serene location at OMR. With over 250% increase in space and located in the IT Express Highway, we are confident that our employees would find the new facility at OMR more comfortable. We welcome our clients and well-wishers to witness the inauguration of the new facility. Our hearty thanks for your support to our services, and we request you to extend your support in the forthcoming days.”

W2S solutions” specializes in custom website development and enterprise mobile applications. To know more about the creativity of the company’s designers and developers, visit their portfolio page. For more details on the products and services offered by the company, contact at 91 44 6050 6059.

Why TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

It’s a myth that techgeeks are pale-skinned people who stare at the blue screens for too long. At W2S Solutions, we prefer to think of ourselves as artists. The keyboard is our instrument of choice, and we create art with fingers dancing across the keyboard with the same graceful agility as Mozart or Beethoven. We do however tend to stay indoors a lot creating the best technology experience for customers, but when the right time comes we grab the opportunity to networking with peers, broadening our knowledge and showcasing our best work at the best tech conventions in the midst of food, beer, and laughter.

W2S Solutions at Tech Crunch Disruption SF 2016 Event

When the leaves turn yellow, every heart in the world yearns to take a break and travel to places that take your breath away. We like mixing business with pleasure especially when it takes us to a place that is known as the home to a little bit of everything. Apart from the gorgeous twin peaks, surfer’s favorite Bay, good ol’ Chinatown, feels of Paris, ferry and cable cars, our destination aka The Golden City is also home to some of those favorite digi-giants like Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Dropbox, Reddit, Mozilla, and Airbnb.

This September, San Francisco is going to be buzzing with people (more than usual) who will be disrupting more than just the city routine and traffic. The best entrepreneurs, hackers, investors & techgeeks join TechCrunch at Disrupt SF 2016, a most awaited event by a global authority that introduces the world’s most innovative startups, and disruptive technologies.

We seem to have the best of many worlds with Disrupt SF 2016 hosted at Pier 48, enticing us with three days of on-stage interviews with key innovators, Startup Battlefield competition, a 24-hour Hackathon challenging development geniuses to create a product in 24 hours, Startup Alley to showcase new tech & talent, and the After Parties everyone raves about.

While we are looking forward to a full tour of the city including a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, a visit to Alcatraz, and maybe a game at AT&T, we are also thrilled to meet with Diane Greene (Google Cloud), Jeff Lawson (Twilio), Tim Armstrong (AOL), Marni Walden (Verizon), and a ton of other influencers who have a lot of ground-breaking wisdom to impart about what’s going to turn technology around in the years to come.

W2S Solutions is breaking into new markets this year, expanding from building game-changing mobile apps, web apps, and data analytics solutions to offering a larger range of digital branding solutions. We hope to get acquainted with radical minds, exchange ideas and have a great time.

Stop thinking about pancakes and start packing. This fall event is going to be disruptive!

How to identify and harness the potential of your employees

Talented employees are assets for any organization. Every employee is chosen after an evaluation / elimination process to fuel the growth of an organization. Although employees tend to be highly efficient during the beginning of their careers, every one of them, irrespective of their roles, is susceptible to career blues. Employees start withholding their full potential in course of time. According to researchers, performance depends upon the level of motivation they receive. Often the conventional method of review and reward or provide feedback works, when it comes to keep up the momentum of employees in an organization. Organizations can do the following in order to elevate the spirit of their employees include promotions, monetary benefits, tours, team dinners, and stress reduction programs among others.

high potential employee development best practices

Identifying the two types of employees:

The review-reward-feedback strategy is certainly required to elevate the spirit of team members and keep up the momentum. While these efforts are capable of escalating attributes like communication, coordination, energy, and effort, they have little impact on attitude and aspiration of the employees. In spite of various efforts of organizations, many of the talented employees lie low. The solution lies in identifying the characteristics of the employees. The growth of any organization in the fast changing business environment depends on innovation. The conservative type and the entrepreneurial type are the two types of employees you can find in any organization.

Harnessing the potentials of the conservative employee

A conservative employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization should not be underestimated. It is true that these employees are reluctant to adapt themselves to the fast changing business environment. However, they are most efficient when they face serious challenges. Hence, the right way to tap their potential is to provide them with serious challenges. They will quickly respond to solve problems and stabilize the situation. They should have their freedom in building solutions but needs to be managed to keep track.

Harnessing the potentials of the entrepreneurial employee

An entrepreneurial employee is generally viewed as the powerhouse of an organization. These type of employees, pursue innovation aggressively. Often they are lauded and rewarded for their successful ventures. It is true that encouraging their efforts would certainly fuel the growth of the organization in multi-folds. By unleashing their thought process, businesses can prosper immensely. However, the word of caution is that entrepreneurial employees are also the Achilles’ heel of the organization. As it is their character to innovate and venture in to new arenas, they could also become a serious threat to the business if left unchecked.

In order to achieve a steady business growth, it is important to identify and harness the potential of each and every one in an organization. A successful organization not only focuses on its products and business strategies, but also effectively identifies and harnesses its workforce for the best outcome.

W2S Solutions is an elite mobile apps development company, which is lauded by its customers for its amazing products.

Why SSL certificate is important for an enterprise Web app?

“on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”  It’s a cartoon captioned by Peter Steiner and published on 1993. But the fact is, Its still true in 2016.  We can not trust anyone on the Internet. We need to ensure that everything is secured. We need to see that our information, data and assets are well protected while doing any transaction in internet. Cyber-crime has become a common thing. If anyone knows how to bend the technology to their will, they can make anything happen. Its IT Delivery head our responsibility to block them and protect ourselves from the risks.

Here comes the SSL certificate, a boon to modern technology. SSL stands for Secure Sockets layer is a computer networking protocol essential for providing encryption and authentication services in web applications. It ensures the protection we seek in Internet. SSL works like an encrypted key of details between two parties. SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, legitimate documents transactions and log-ins. SSL certificate gives web application a personalized online environment in which business can be done with minimizing threats from a third party. SSL certificate prevents risks of large data loses and intercepting communications. SSL certificate offers protection from direct attacks for any particular data sets in our organization and helps to spot data abuse if any. SSL certificate has multi-tier architecture which renders layers of protection that no one can receive or process confidential information. It will determine which applications and servers need more protection and prioritize accordingly.

There are several types of SSL certificates which helps securing sites based on their usage. It scans for any vulnerabilities and provides automatic remedies for such attacks. SSL certificate hardens the defense of web application by improving auditing and monitoring procedures of on-going business. These SSL certificates can be created quickly and at a low cost. They can be customized for specific needs, user-friendly and low maintenance. Using SSL certificate in your web application not only prevents application from threats but also increases trust of the customers and paves to a better relationship.

Configuring SSL certificate in a cloud environment based on your business need requires knowledge and skill set. It can be configured in IIS If its Windows or on a Linux machine.  We are happy to help if you are looking for SSL configuration in your SaaS based solution .  Please check out website ( ) to know more about our service offerings.

SaaS based Enterprise web application – good or bad?

“We are constantly bombarded with employees not going to correct domains to login and they do not know their domain. This is not going away so we need a solution. They do not know their domain so they Google our company name and always get our public URL instead of their subdomain. They try to login and it tells them their email does not exist.”

When I heard this from my customer, I was thinking why a SaaS Solution was not helping an enterprise or how it can be educated well to them? My customer’s traditional app was deployed in a Single Server and various account holders (Customer’s clients) used the same domain name. Every account is differentiated with email address and when they logged in, they had to choose their accounts associated with email address. It was designed long back and was the root cause for various issues such as dashboard loading, tough to switch between accounts, Reports takes time and data can not be easily measured as all account details were stored in one location / database.

At W2S Solutions, we know the benefits of SaaS based solution and are strong in building this. We have built this to our customers with Open Source Technologies such as Django, Python, and MongoDB or with Microsoft .Net platform. Here are the benefits of a SaaS based app:

Software as a Service based solution is a single instance – multi tenant system. You can deploy your code in cloud servers and clients can get their preferred sub domains. Let’s say your business name is, clients can create their own subdomain with their preference. It could be anything such as This is more convenient in URL promotion with their branding. If client has employees, staffs and consultants, they shall use the sub domain URL to login and access their information. It’s easy to remember and does not need to promote or educate as it has a direct business name in it.

Cost measurement: Every subdomain / business has its own database, bandwidth and memory usage. It’s easy to measure cost consumption and storage consumption. It helps to calculate cost spent per client and revenue made.

Performance will be great as everything is unique and dedicated for every client. As a cloud computing service, It captures lots of business information for each business, It could be very interesting for business executives to analyze their numbers to find their growth rate.

There are other pros available for a SaaS based solution; but would like to talk about things to be added when migrating a traditional app to a SaaS based solution.

  • New sub domain business URL has to be educated to all accounts and users. This could happen with welcome emails, login and forgot password emails.
  • Every business URL should have a unique SEO tag indexed with their business name. It solves the major issue of going to parent domain when they do Google.
  • Find my business domain name and reset password option must be available in parent domain URL. This allows business users to fetch their sub domain URL if they lost it. Hence user will provide email address and system detects all sub domains, usernames associated with that email address.

But sometimes Enterprises feel that whatever they have now works okay and might be worried to change. Its good for them right now but nothing is absolute in IT. We hope and help our customers based on Best Practices that we have learned through years and our solution helps to run cloud businesses successfully. Please reach us if you have any thoughts on this.

secured app development

I’m a techie and have time : Let’s build something


Technopreneur – It’s not a new term. A person who is highly skilled with Technology and has the courage to be an Entrepreneur. I have worked with many developers / architects and they usually say “LET’S DO SOMETHING”. However In my opinion, they are either stuck up in initiating the first step or while transitioning from Tech lead to Technopreneur, they face challenges and drop their ideas. Here are the few things you can consider if you would like to be a Technopreneur:

Networking : Technical people prefers to code rather explaining what’s the idea or thought process. They are actually doers but not interested in networking. They will have to go out, attend local meetings, conferences and Introduce themselves to leaders, entrepreneurs. A self target of gathering x business cards a month or growing their linkedIN connections by N numbers would be the best thing to do.

Don’t wait for a Killer Idea : Tech resources will analyse their Idea and want to make sure it’s perfect. Once they ‘get’ it; with no further evaluation, they will start setting up the project workspace and dev environment. Its their preference of initiating an easy task rather evaluating. But, It does not help them in long run. It’s a best practice to approach local incubators, Market Analysis and Research team or discuss with business leaders about their ideas. If you don’t have an idea, no worries. You will always find something when you go out and talk.

Trustworthy Consultant : When I worked as a Technical Consultant for many firms, we knew whether the project would be successful or it will face a downhill. An experienced techy guy with a bit of business skills can easily visualize by placing him in customer’s shoes and find whether the product is worthy enough to build. Instead of hyping your ideas financial figure, Just act as a Trustworthy consultant for your Idea, You will realize whether to go or halt it. Make sure you are trying to build a Billion Dollar business, so your outcome will be in Millions.

Funds will flow if all is good : Once you evaluate your Idea, It’s time to build a prototype. Don’t bother about success stories such as X raise $$$$ in 6 months and Y raises Serial A $$$.  Its better not to be a victim of these stories. All you have to do is focus on building the prototype and acquiring your first customer. Set a target of getting X reasonable customers in first year and listen to them. If you raise funds, you would be diluting more and eventually becoming a Tech Resource for your company. So think twice before getting into a fund raise.

Do I have time to do all this ? If this is your statement, Just stay as a highly skilled Technical person and get a paycheck twice a month! That’s better for you and your family!

I am sure everyone will have their own opinion, but the purpose here is to encourage Entrepreneurship, so that we shall build a wealthy and peaceful community together!

Tools to increase your Team’s Productivity.

Small and Medium Enterprise owners and CEO’s are always looking for the best tools available in market, which promote their team’s engagement and help them to run their businesses successfully. Some of my friends ask me about what we use in W2S Solutions. We work with few tools and here is our #Top5 that we love.


#Slack – This makes our job easy in terms of Internal communication. It helps to send private messages and also you can create project-based groups. Messages are archived and best part is the Search. You can easily search and find what’s discussed earlier and navigate to the chat history. It’s FREE and no limitation in number of users.

#Asana – An Innovative tool that almost stopped our Internal email threads. Very easy to create tasks, assign to a developer or team and get notified easily when the job is done. Tasks won’t be missed if you use Asana. However, 15 users are only allowed in FREE package, but still it lets you to create new users when you switch the workspace! Cool.

#Moqups – We are a web and mobile apps development company and we create wireframes for our customers. We tried with other tools before, but nothing is user friendly as Moqups. Anyone can create a design in a few seconds. Super easy!

#Beanstalk – Saves time in code versioning, deploying and reviewing. It was a tough life before to setup a local GIT environment, maintain the code version and run deployment script. Beanstalk reduces this process and everything happens in just a single click. Though there is no free version, if you would like to maintain a clean code, Subscription is recommended.

#ZohoCRM – One of the best CRM available in the market. It helps to keep track of your sales leads, convert into accounts, potentials and also contacts. There is a restriction in the number of custom reports you can generate in FREE package, but it’s manageable.

There are other tools we use sometimes, but as I mentioned, these are our #Top 5 that is used extensively.