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Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms

Have you been thinking of developing an app for your service, business, product or blog? Are you concerned about investing too heavily both financially and with your time? If so, you are among a myriad of other people. Luckily, you don’t need to invest too much money or too much time in order to build your app. You can easily and quickly use a development platform to get the job done or prefer Mobile app development companies who are strong in these platforms.  Here are some of the top mobile app development platforms in use:

1. Xamarin – This app development platform spares you both resources and coding time if you want to do the following:

  • If you have plans for expanding your app to some other different platforms in the future
  • You are to use .Net
  • If you are looking for a cross platform that gives you the experience of a native app, but are not interested in working with more than one language
  • If you have a .Net code already in existence that will be used in your application

Xamarin is currently owned by Microsoft. It is ideal for cross-platform development and you can test your app and monitor it as well.

2. PhoneGap – Owned by Adobe, this is probably the best known cross-platform for the development of mobile apps. This app is free and uses Apache Cordova extend and open source platform. It is well loved for the following reasons:

  • It works on multiple platforms including Windows Store, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, iOS and others.
  • You do not have to know a variety of programming languages in order to work with it.
  • Your pages can be built using JavaScript and HTML CSS and can convey them on all platforms.
  • For mobile apps, you are able to use jQuery,ionic mobile, which contains a variety of instant configuration codes and styles.
  • Within one month, you are able to design application and deploy them along a variety of platforms.

3. Appcelerator – This development tool provides a development platform that is high quality and very effective. Appcelerator Titanium uses JavaScript and is used to make Android and iOS applications. About sixty to ninety percent of your code is converted in a minute, which means that you get to save plenty of time. This tool also gives you the option of using a private cloud service.

4. Telerik – This application is standards-based and gives people the option of building apps for devices that include desktops, tablets and mobile, and you are able to use any approach. This platform has capacity for businesses to carry out web, local and hybrid development. Additionally, one is able to use the cloud, which quickens the development process and provides app support.

5. – This is an app builder for mobile devices that is cloud based. You can create applications for Windows, iOS and Android. This app builder is made to run using cloud technology and you are not expected to download or install anything. It is possible to use the various available plugins to add functionality, or you can create custom plugins that you can use in the various apps you create.

Though these frameworks usually evolve, leading mobile app development companies should be able to recommend the framework for your requirement. Its advisable to find their track records in these framework before initiating your app project with them.


How to Create a WordPress Blog?-Infographics

Taking your business to online is a dream for many.  We can’t measure the happiness when the dream comes to reality.  Bringing an offline store to Online is a great thing but the following steps have to be followed to create a fruitful online presence.

Identify a Domain Name:  Domain name is an entry gateway for your business. No need to worry that It should match your registered business name. There are so many popular businesses runs in a different domain name rather than their registered business name. Search for the domain name availability and pick a domain name.  It’s recommended not to fall in for the expensive domain sellers. As you are starting up, It’s appropriate to send good amount of time to find out a meaningful domain name.

Hosting: Usually domain registrars offer hosting as well. It makes your task easy if you choose hosting with the same provider. Else, you will have to point your Domain Naming Servers to the different Hosting Provider.

How to Create a WordPress Blog

Install WordPress:  WordPress is free and easy to install. Most CPanel offers a One-click WP installation and you shall just click and Install the software. You will have to offer root username and password and make sure that you keep it safe. Also Its advisable not to use regular passwords as there are recent attacks happening in WP websites.

Theme: Benefit of WP is that offers the bunch of themes.  You shall either choose a free theme offered or you can buy premium themes. There are many sites available that let you to purchase or download a free theme.  You will have to make sure the theme resembles your business rather picking something is rich.

Customize It: Customization matters when it comes to WordPress.  It offers various plugins such as social media integration; email marketing, SMS gateway, e-commerce, subsworcription plugin in and so on. You will have to choose the required plugin based on your need. Also its advisable to choose from the reliable plugin provider and most importantly rad the reviews.

Blog Post: You are all set. Just log in and write the First Blog. Blogs are important for search engine optimization and regular blogging will brings in visitors.  It would be good if you write blogs that resonates your business tone, offerings, special discounts and what’s the current trend. It will be more interesting for your readers to read and make an action.

Are you looking to make a site impressive or revamp your outdated WordPress site? Hire the right WordPress Web Development Company.

Good luck with your Blog!

Why Should Choose ASP .NET Web Application Development? – Infographics

Compelling .NET Applications can be developed for any Enterprises and SME’s. If a business runs major of its components in Windows Server, It is very easy to develop .NET applications in their platform. It could be a migration app from traditional software to latest versions, or new development or revamp an existing business to a modernized one. It’s possible with Microsoft.NET platforms with choosing the correct package and architecture.

MVC ASP.NET is one the successful package in the recent past and It helps to build an application in rapid phase. As It’s running in windows server, It offers security, easily scalable and robust applications.

Recent Ransom attacks had happened due to older Windows version and it is recommended to upgrade your QA and Production Windows Operating System for the smooth business process. Firewall installation, Security upgrades; Patch fixes are mandatory for managing an ASP.NET application in production environment.

We have come up with the list of good things that why you should build your application in ASP.NET and here is an Infographic explanation. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Why Should Choose ASP.NET Web Application Development


We strongly feel that building Enterprise apps require prior expertise and It can’t be done by an Individual unless if there are any governance. Here are set of Do’s and Don’ts while Enterprise Mobile App Development.


Enterprise Apps are built for Specific Target Audience. It’s highly required to analyze who is the target audience; could be a supplier, vendor, customer, client or employees. It is better to identify the real problem and build an app for enterprise rather trying to build one and promote that we have an app. Once the Target Audience is identified, we shall classify the UX design. It can be highly rich or plain and simple based on the demographic of our target audience. That said UX experience plays an important role when building an app. The purpose of using an app should be that It interacts with other components and make the end user’s task simplified. So An app building team should identify the components they will be integrating when building an app.

There are a few DO NOT items, which should not be included when coding an app. Security Ransom is its peak now and recommended to consider all possible security threats and build a solid and viable app. It is appropriate to sign in for HTTPS SSL certificates and encrypt all form submissions. We also need to include Salt and Key combinations to securely transfer data from mobile to the web. Enterprise app should look like a Business To Business App, but It engages with the customer like Business to Consumer app. Do you think any other features needs to be covered when designing an enterprise app? Feel free to comment below.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free in the Market[Infographics]

Growth takes sweat and Money. As an Entrepreneur, you worked hard to convert your Idea into a vision and built a great product or Mobile App. However just developing an app and get published an App in stores is not sufficient to get the downloads. Marketing is hard and very expensive. You can’t easily overcome the million apps competition in the market to get into the palm of your target audience. What would you do?

Here is the Infographic that shows effective ways to promote your App through Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Branding. And it does not cost you Money, but you will have to do it right as you can’t revert back again.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free in the Market?

It shows clearly the options you have to promote your app, reach the target audience and increase downloads. Customer usage and retention is based on your app’s USP – Unique Sellable Point. If there is a strong USP, you are going to disrupt something in the market for sure.

Stay focus on Marketing and follow the steps to attain the growth as you expect. Best Killer and Distribution app strategies are crucial in reaching your objectives. Please feel free to share your thoughts and if you are interested in knowing more, we recommend to read crucial marketing strategies article here.

hAPPy Promotion!

What’s the best Mobile Strategy for large Enterprises ?

What is Enterprise Mobile Strategy?

The change in technology over the last several years has necessitated the growth of mobile device use the world over. How people are conducting their lives has also changed. Today, just about everyone has a computing device that is always available and connected so that they can communicate with friends or finish tasks easily, effectively and efficiently. Where business is concerned, customers have an expectation that they can access the services and products that they need wherever they may be using apps or on the web through a mobile device or a computer. Transacting and interacting is at their fingertips.

Why Do You Need It For Enterprise?

If you have a workforce that is mobile, an enterprise mobile strategy will give them more flexibility and the ability to share information easily. This in turn will lead to an increase in productivity. While thinking about this, you will find that challenges exist. The main question being how one can be able to connect more data, apps and devices to enable more productivity while at the same time managing costs and security. This calls for better enterprise mobility management in order to know where all the information collected will sit, how and who will access it as well as the mechanism for its delivery.

Enterprises require mobile strategy for the following 3 main reasons:

  1. To Augment Employee Productivity – With a good strategy in place, you will empower your employees to become even more productive. With the main office applications available on everyone’s phone, each employee will be able to carry out functions that are critical to the business at a place and time that is convenient for them. Additionally, they will be able to do so securely. A good example of this is data collection in the field. This can easily be fed directly to the system via a mobile device. Emails can be responded to while in transit and so on and so forth. This leads to an increase in employee engagement and productivity overall.
  2. Device sharing and accuracy of data – Nothing is more frustrating than needed critical information out in the field and not being able to access it. With a good enterprise mobile strategy, your employees can access any relevant data needed wherever they may be. This ensures that they always convey accurate data because it is always on hand. Additionally, they will be able to share the device screen with others, which can quickly enhance knowledge transfer or even the experience of a customer.
  3. Cost reduction and process efficiency – Considering that most people own smartphones, you can be sure that your employees will work efficiently with the device from the very first day. In order to save money, employees may also be able to use their own phones to log into the system or to use the app and get busy working. This saves money because you do not have to purchase a phone for your entire workforce.

How W2S Can Help You Become Your Own Strategist?

Most businesses find it difficult to hire in-house developers because of budget constraints and other reasons. That does not mean, however, that they cannot carry out any development. The secret is to outsource your development to a company like W2S Solutions. By so doing, you will be bringing award winning expertise into your business with the following advantages:

  • Quick Turnaround – When dealing with people who know what they are doing, you can be sure that the turnaround will be quick.
  • Cost Effectiveness – You only pay based on the project at hand as opposed to paying a salary and benefits to a full time in-house developer.

Should you decide that you need an app as part of your enterprise mobile strategy, getting the experts to create one for you is definitely the way to go. You will have control over its development, you will be able to keep tabs on the progress made, and use the resources within W2S to get the results you have been dreaming of.


Why is branding important for a business?

Most people think of branding in terms of graphic elements and logos, but it goes way beyond that.  Whenever you think about your company brand, you should think about the complete customer experience. This takes into consideration the logo, website, social media pages, mobile apps, how phones are answered, and how customers experience your personnel. Branding is really the customer’s perception of you. As a company, you need to be conscious of the brand experience your customers have and to also create a plan for the kind of experience you would rather they have. It doesn’t happen by itself. A good brand is something that is thought out and results from a strategic plan.

Brand Promotion

There are several reasons why branding is important to your business as follows:

  • It promotes recognition – It needs to be easy to recognize and consistent because people tend to do business with companies that are familiar to them.
  • It gives you a unique quality so that you stand apart from your competitors.
  • It tells potential clients what kind of business you are. As such, all your visual elements and other components should be telling your story the right way.
  • It provides direction and motivation to your employees. The right strategy will tell your staff how they should act, give them a winning strategy and guide them on meeting your goals as an organization.
  • It generates referrals. People will talk about the brands they enjoy or like. They eat brands, wear brands and talk brands. Referrals will come if you have a strong brand.
  • With a strong brand, clients will know just what they should expect whenever they experience it.
  • Your brand communicates the promise you have made to your clients. Your marketing materials, staff and you are part of the brand.
  • With a brand, you are clearer and can stay focused to the plans and goals that you started with. It will keep your eye on the vision and mission of the organization. It also offers guidance for your marketing efforts, which saves you both money and time.
  • Your brand, if it is a good one, will create an emotional connection with your customers. They will feel good about purchasing the brand.
  • With a brand that is strong, you will create value in the organization that is not just based on physical assets. Most big brands are valued at far above their physical value because of their brand.

How W2S Helps Startups Build Their Brand

W2S will help you build your brand as a startup by offering your startup software solutions that will help you increase your revenue, operation efficiency and most importantly, customer satisfaction. With most people going mobile, you need to ensure that you have a website that is mobile friendly and if you need it, an App that will make it easy for clients to connect with you. W2S Solutions builds award winning mobile and web apps for startups and SMEs. The following services can help you build your brand:

  • Native Apps – If you cannot decide on a mobility framework for your business needs, then you should consider having an App developed just for you. You get to determine the solutions you want, their design, their development and their deployment. Native apps can be developed for iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows.
  • Cross Platform Apps – Frameworks used include Cordova, Adobe, Phonegap, and HTML5 among others. In order to decide whether a hybrid app is the best for you, the following factors need to be considered: User experience, performance and accessibility of device hardware. These apps can be deployed in BlackBerry, Windows, Google Play Store, Apple App Store and more.
  • WordPress Development – Customized website development on WordPress
  • Web App Development – Innovative web solutions that are data driven.

Recent WordPress Branding Apps That We Have Done

W2S Solutions has created the following WordPress branding apps:

  • – This website is crisp and clean giving the feel of a professional dental clinic that is concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. It is easy to navigate with clear contact information.
  • – This website perfectly merges information about the company with a sales platform. One can easily purchase lab instruments, glass wear and lab chemicals because they are easy to find.
  •– This app is easy to work with and allows SMEs to manage their customers, receivables, and invoices on the spot. The app is clean and not cluttered and you can download your invoice in PDF format or send it via email.
  •–This app allows you to create checklists and forms and distribute them quickly. This comes with reporting outputs and is easy to track. It is great for maintenance and asset management.
  • – This app is a great way to book your spa or salon appointment. The app is clean and easy to use.

Need to build a branding site or an app ?  Contact W2S Solutions today!

Best practices for an effective Dashboard for business / MIS (Management Info System)

Most organizations today are seeking new technologies to enhance operational capacity and reduce costs of operations. One of the main challenges facing any type of organization in the modern setup is enhancing efficiency in an environment of increasing operational costs. One way of enhancing productivity in any organizational setup is by leveraging the data generated and using it in decision making.

The Role of a Dashboard/MIS

A dashboard for business or an MIS (Management Info System) plays a similar role to that of a heart in the body. This system ensures data collated from different parts of your organization are processed and then presented in a manner that will help make the right decisions.

Management Information Systems

By integrating a dashboard in your organization, you will ensure all teams have the necessary information when they need it. For instance, a supply manager knows the inventory in the warehouse through the warehouse management system (WMS). At the same time, the market department has information from the system showing which products are flying off the shelves and which ones require a new marketing strategy.

Whether you are in the healthcare or automotive industry, you have to set in place systems that will help you optimize the information you have in the organization.  An effective Management Info System helps in strategic planning, operational and management control, scheduling control, goal setting, organization communication, decision making and risk management among other areas. Today, dashboards are the de facto face of business management applications and they are integral in business intelligence (BI).

Dashboard/MIS Implementation Challenges

While dashboards and information management systems have become ubiquitous in modern business, there are still challenges which most companies face in the implementation of the systems. In some cases, dashboards are created on-the-fly and with time they become loaded with meaningless information.


For every dashboard that is an integral tool in a business, there are thousands which are just pretty interfaces full of graphics which will not help business teams. The early days of dashboard integration into business involved fusing pretty graphics with the right information displays. While this might sound like an ideal solution, there is still more that needs to be done.

Modern web MIS and dashboard design now blends usability, utility and aesthetics to provide a system that adds value to an organization.  In order to achieve this, it is important to observe the best practices for an effective dashboard. Below are some of the guidelines that will help you achieve this:

  1. Design A Purpose-Filled Dashboard

If you don’t know the application, business case behind the app, there is no way you are going to build a helpful dashboard or MIS platform. Your design must start with these questions;

  • who is your audience?
  • What is the value of the dashboard to the target audience?
  • What type of dashboard is best suited for this audience?

In essence, you have to know the role of the users in the organization, their workflow, skill range, business data expertise, and customization needs.

  1. Involve the Users

Truth be told, most people are resistant to change and one way of encouraging your staff to embrace a new dashboard or MIS is by involving them in the design. In fact, it is recommended that every stakeholder in your business, from the supplier, vendor and driver, to the inventory manager and accountant, should have a say in the design of your dashboard. This creates a sense of ownership and they will not revert to their beloved spreadsheets after you have launched the system.

  1. Use Iterative Design

If you want a dashboard that will be acceptable to the users, make sure it is developed using an interactive design. One of the main concerns faced by dashboard designers is the fact that clients always return after the project is complete claiming the dashboard doesn’t fit their specifications.

It is important to request the designer to follow iterative design where a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, refining, feedback and finally the end product is used. The idea is to ensure users love the dashboard you provide.

  1. Focus on Form and Content

What you are going to include in a dashboard should be a key factor which even surpasses the look. The format is important but the content matters even more. In terms of form, consider the structure, design principles, and functionality. Factors that may influence the dashboard form and content include timelines, aesthetic value, mobility, collaboration, data details and density.

As a rule of thumb, when designing a dashboard, make sure you add performance indicators, use basic designing principles, keep data fresh, include actionable information and don’t overload.

A dashboard presents crucial information for better management decisions. At W2S Solutions, we build complex web and mobile applications and build Dashboard that helps SME’s and Entrepreneurs to promote their business.   To make the dashboard really useful, application has to be filled with quality datas and It’s high priority to finish the whole system before getting into managing the datas.

App Development Quote

Why iPhone and iPad app Development Is So Popular?

Have you been wondering which platform to build your app on? Whether your business is a startup or an already established brand, it is important to look at the best mobile app development technology before launching your app. If you are keen enough, you will notice than while the mobile app development environment is highly competitive iOS apps remain the most popular for all types of users.

Why iPhone and iPad app Development Is So Popular

Dominance of iOS Mobile Apps

From Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Find my iPhone, Instagram, iTunes, Badoo, to LINE iOS, apps dominate the mobile app landscape. If you are an avoid iPhone and iPad user, you will already have noted that these are among the most popular apps on these devices. They rank highly not only in terms of usage but also revenue. Indeed, most of these apps also rule the rest of the mobile app landscape.

If you are struggling between iOS and Android app development, it is important to talk to an experienced mobile apps development company. These experts will help demystify the mobile development platforms while also providing the necessary expertise and resources to build a highly functional iPhone or iPad app. The numbers tell it all; currently, there are over 1.2 billion apps on the Apple App store and the number keeps growing.

Why go for iPhone and iPad Mobile app Development?

The fact that over 37% of mobile visits are now coming from mobile makes it necessary to have a mobile app that will tap into these growing user numbers. To leverage these numbers, you need an app that is developed and supported using the best technology. This is one reason iPhone and iPad mobile development remains popular even against an onslaught from other mobile app platforms.

Whether you are a mobile app developer or a business owner looking for a high performance mobile app, it is important to leverage the increasing number of users on mobile.

Below are some reasons to opt for iPhone and iPad mobile app development:

  1. More paying customers: Apple offers an image of quality and trust and this is something customers are willing to pay extra money. It is no wonder then that iOS apps account for 90% of total dollars spent on mobile apps.
  2. Better user experience: For a mobile app to attain its objectives, it must guarantee a good user experience. The regulated environment on Apple’s mobile development platform always receives praise from users due to the easy to use interface. This leads to higher sales.
  3. Easy coding: There are state-of-the-art features on Xcode, which is Apple’s integrated app development environment. From the graphical interface builder, compiler-aware source editor, to syntax-aware editor, these tools allow easy coding; a dream for every app developer.
  4. The Apple brand name: The mention of Apple in the IT industrygives confidence to users. The computing hardware and software company is renowned for its high quality products and business solutions. From iPhones, tablets, wearables to high quality app development, consumers already trust this company’s solutions. Your app will thus ride on the back of such creditworthiness.

There are many other reasons making iPad and iPhone mobile app development so popular. Consider the versatility of apps, security of firmware and software, high scalability and you appreciate why iOS apps reign in the industry.

Top considerations for choosing a cloud platform-Infographics

Chosoing a cloud platform is based on business needs.  If its a Startup Venture or a Multi national corporate, identifying a perform platform is necessary.  If initial requirement is not well analyzed, this could go wrong in any direction.  Since Cloud is connected with IT budget,  Founders and CEOs should plan their IT spending for an year and that will help CTO’s or Technology partners to choose a specific platform. Security concerns of cloud was a history now as everyone’s data resides in cloud.  As a Technology partner, W2S solutions helps Its customers to choose a perfect Cloud platform for their business.


Choosing a Cloud Platform-Infographics