How to Develop a Smart Content Strategy for Your Mobile Apps

May 5, 2020
How to Develop a Smart Content Strategy for Your Mobile Apps

The use of the internet has primarily focused on mobile devices. Mobile users rely on their smartphones to access any information as fast as possible. With the growing attachment of people to mobile phones, apps have become a huge hit. In 2017, there were 178 billion app downloads. One year later, the number has reached 205 billion and there is a projection that in 2022 it will be 258 billion. This presents a 45% increase in app downloads over five years.

The apps may be popular but if you want your app to properly present your brand you need the right content strategy. The way users perceive content will affect their impression of the app. That’s your chance to win them over. The following smart content strategies will help you form a mobile app that users will love.

Understand Your Audience

Crafting content with zero or little information about the users won’t give you the right results. Content needs to be targeted and relevant which is why you need to study your target audience. Understand them and their behavior and you’ll know how to accommodate their needs.

Some of the questions that will help you create an idea about your audience are:

● What would they try to accomplish with your app?
● What are their demographics and interests?
● What percentage of audience accesses the app through phone vs. tablet?
● Is visual content popular among your audience?
● Is there a type of content that they share the most or engage with the most?

By identifying some of the pivotal points, you’ll direct the content strategy in the right direction. Tailoring the content to their interests and behaviors will ensure that they are engaged with the app.

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Content that Continually Delivers Value

Some apps have the downside that their content has a short-term purpose. After the initial need is met, the users’ interest will decrease. As it only takes a few clicks to delete the app, they won’t hesitate to do remove it from their device.

Create content with long-term use in mind. Such content needs to serve value consistently as well as keep the users engaged as the time passes.

There are a few methods that can help you retain users’ interest and stay relevant:

Produce fresh and original content regularly
Take advantage of geofencing and provide users with content that is related to their location    (upcoming event, coupons at a nearby store, etc.)
Use push notifications that deliver important information timely (use it moderately so that the users don’t get annoyed)
Provide users with personalized content that is adapted to their habits (for example, products that are in stock again, news related to their previous searches, and similar)

Use Visuals to Enhance the Text

The aesthetics of the app play a huge role in retaining users’ interest. Written content is important but visual content is just as relevant.

Justify users’ trust by using unique pictures in your app. Their purpose should be to support the written content. Users expect something different and original from the app and you need to deliver that. An aesthetically pleasing app has always a better chance of surviving in the competitive app world.

Let’s say that you have a blog app. You might think that the main focus of your app is your writing. That is true, but without supporting visuals that give life to your content, the app will look dull and dry. It is much harder to concentrate on content when all you have are endless blocks of text.

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Diversify the Work with Experts

Depending on the complexity of your app, you might want to consider working with different writers for different parts of the content.

Why is that?

Writers usually have expertise in one field. Their talent combine with experience can ensure that content is top quality.

To help you understand this better, let’s get into one example. If an app contains information about healthy eating habits and exercises you can work with two writers. One should be an expert on how to eat healthily and the other should focus on the best exercises.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who has the same amount of knowledge in each aspect that great. However, realistically finding such an expert is challenging.

You can even hire writers from various services like GrabMyEssay and WowGrade. With the help of online job platforms like Upwork, you can team up with freelancers who specialize in whatever area you need.

Entertain Users in Different Manners

The problem with some apps is that their content doesn’t keep the users on it for long. Multi-purposed apps that engage users in different ways have the best chance for success.

The easiest way to understand this is through an example. Sports apps reach their peak in use from fall until January. After that, users forget about its existence until September. The solution is to provide users with content that will entertain them off-season. The content can be about practices, NFL drafts, or any news in the sports world.

No matter the industry you are in, you can do the same for your app. Find a way to keep the users engaged despite the potential “off-season” time for the app. Prolong the use of your app so that the users don’t forget about it or replace it with another one.

Final Thoughts

An app with poor content strategy won’t just affect the success of the app. It will also reflect on how the audience perceives your brand. Apps can be very useful for the brand’s progressiveness but they need to be done well. Stay true to these main principles of smart content strategy and your app will be on the right track. Think like a user and create the content so that it satisfies their needs.

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