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4 Essential Features Required in Form Automation Tools

Are you still running on a paper based system? Many businesses that shift to an automated system find that productivity and efficiency is increased. This in turn increases the profit margins of the business. If you want to see the same benefits in your business, then you should make the shift as soon as possible.

Dynamic Form

Which Tool Should You Choose

When making the switch to automated processes, you will encounter various tools. It can be difficult to identify the best tool for you. The following are some factors to consider when choosing the right software tool to use.

  1. Simplicity

This is one of the first things to consider. If want employees to be able to fill out forms on their own, then the tool should be simple enough for everyone to be able to use it. You should therefore choose a tool that is user friendly.

A simple and straightforward tool will be easy for employees to learn how to use. This will mean spending less time and money on the training and transitioning processes. Even new hires ought to be able to get a hang of using the software quickly.

  1. The capabilities

You should also consider the features that the tool has. What capabilities does it offer and can it meet your needs?

Pay special attention to the product features and take note of what different tools offer in terms of capabilities. Choose a tool that will offer you the greatest level of capabilities and meet your needs. Consider options for scaling up and down to meet the needs of your business at different times.

Make sure the tool has iPhone and Android application to allow mobile users utilize it well.

  1. Cost

As a business, it is important to do what you can to cut down on operational costs. It is therefore important to ensure that you choose a tool that you can afford. Consider the different pricing models available in the market including subscription or ownership. Which will be most affordable for you?

  1. Customization

While a tool may not appear to offer all the features you want upfront, you may be able to get what you want through customization. Customizable tools offer you greater flexibility to design forms to suit your preferences.

Examine the tool to see how simple it is to add fields, tables and other features for customization that you need. Does it require you to write some code or do you need to invest in expensive add-ons? Choose a product built by any apps development company where they can help you to customize and  adjust to your needs quickly.

These are just a few features to consider. They are a great starting point when choosing a tool for automation of workflow. If you are looking for a similar tool, Our IT team is here to help you.

5 Tips for Android App Development


65 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play Store in 2015 and by 2018, mobile app development sector will employ close to 5 million people –isn’t that huge.107.7 million Android users alone in US and growing exponentially, Apps are the secret ingredients that make smartphones a delight to use. Whether you want to send a document to a colleague or want to make a payment to your grocer or pay your smartphone bill, you can be assured there exists an app that has evolved over time for all these purposes. Entrepreneurs are focussed on developing mobile-friendly versions of their business websites to create apps which can add an extra feather to their cap, however doing so is easier said than done.

Android App development


With so many mobile app development tools and several cost effective ways, android apps development has become a competitive market.If you are an Entrepreneur or someone who wants to become one, you will undoubtedly want to build a web or mobile app that is flooded with amazing reviews and hundreds of thousands of customers using it.An integral part of why a software does or does not blast-off is its simplicity and usability.

Of the 2.2+ million android applications available to users, there are many that suffer from lack of attention and few downloads. The next question that comes to the mind is – How can I create an amazing android app for my business? This blog post will cover some great tips for creating apps that help entrepreneurs in their endeavours to build an amazing IT solution.

  • Listen to User Input and Test it with Real Users before Launch

Perfection of a mobile app is in the eye of the user and making a perfect one is hard. Users love when smartphone app developers take their feedback seriously and apply their input in making an ultimate one. Developers should pay attention to the reviews on the App stores and build a user community for the mobile app. Only if users are happy with the way you welcome feedback and implement, they will continue using it.Also, you get access to large community of people who are proactive in making itbetter. Make sure you act upon users feedback.

Test the various features with Beta customers before going live. Doing so will help you get rid of any problems before reaching the global market. You can also request to users to provide your mobile a 5 star rating if they love it.

  • Efficiency is the key to Success

Ensure your app is optimized for efficiency in terms of data, speed and size.

Optimize your app because the size and speed of your mobile app can be the ice breaker. Do not use unwanted memory space or data. As developers, they should focus on creating an  app with rich end user experience on mobile which is on par with the speed and reliability of a desktop or laptop. Factors like network efficiency, cross app interactions, render times. Frames per second for video, a vital role in enhancing the efficiency.

  • Guidelines should be followed to design a fantastic mobile app.

Google and Apple provides a predefined set of guidelines that every skilled and intelligent mobile apps developer must follow closely. For instance, one of the UI elements mentioned in Google guidelines is to have a set of navigational drawer. Now this has become common in the best apps.

  • Keep Up with the Emerging Trends

You cannot ignore the emerging and latest trends in android mobile app development. Rarely, Google releases new updates to its existing SDK that provide awesome features to achieve. Security, Internet of things and mobile payments will be the recent trends in 2017 and you should focus and build based on this. Here is the Development trends to look out for in 2017.

  • Pick the Primary Feature and Nail it Perfectly

The most common mistake is to integrate many features intoone app. There should be a unique purpose and an app must built surround this.

Build the first version with primary features laterevaluate with other secondary features.

There is no magic wand to success with anything you do in this world, but these tips will definitely help you develop an android application that will last long.

What other tips do you think mobile app developers should follow to create amazing android apps? Reach us to talk further.

Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Smartphones have become essential in this digital era. Nowadays, it’s not only for making a phone call or sending a text, but It’s mostly connected with our soul.

Mobile App Development Trends 2017

Mobile apps have made it possible for consumers to perform a wide variety of tasks. A recent report by comScore showed that mobile users had surpassed number of users on PC in 2014. Apple App Store currently has over 2 million apps while Google Play store has over 2.2 million. These figures are only set to increase.

Ever changing landscape

Mobile apps development is not only happening for smartphones today.  They are now being developed for use on different devices including wearables, smart cars, connected homes and much more. SurveyMonkey estimates that the global revenue from mobile apps will grow to 962.5% by 2017. Other reports indicate that the increased usage levels of mobile apps on different devices will see the industry growth to be worth more than $100 billion by 2020.

The industry is showing rapid advancements in technology. 2017 promises to be an exciting year for mobile apps. The following are some trends to look out for in the coming year:

Increase in progressive web apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are websites that are designed to feel and look like mobile apps. With the increased use of mobile devices to access information on the internet, these are bound to become more popular for both small and medium sized businesses. PWAs are also set to gain popularity as Google and other search engines introduce mobile driven search result algorithms that give priority to mobile friendly websites.

Small and Medium Enterprise application development will lean towards PWAs for their affordability and the better user experience they provide.

Increase in location based services

There has been more focus on providing location-based services including location-tracking and navigational tools. This trend is set to increase in 2017. Location based services are set to evolve even further to provide users with deals and information in real-time. These services can be implemented for offers in retail, indoor mapping, navigation, security and much more. The trend towards an increase in this area is evident as various tech giants have invested in location based services.

Shift to streaming technology

If the popularity of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime is anything to go by, consumers will tend towards streaming technology in the coming year. The shift in consumer behavior is largely because of the affordability and convenience of streaming content as opposed to subscribing to traditional cable TV. The demand for video streaming apps is set to grow as the demand for streaming services increases. The demand is predicted to peak in 2017.

Increased use of augmented reality in apps

Augmented Reality (AR) apps were once thought to be gimmicky. However, with the increase in wearable devices and smartphones, AR tools will find hyper usage. Wearables have provided a landscape upon which AR tools can be applied more productively and effectively than previously thought. A good example is when someone sends a text with a keyword, an app related to the word or a specific action will be performed.

Integration of machine learning apps

Technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft are investing in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The tech giants are setting groundwork for the move towards consumer services that operate without human intervention, which many believe will improve services to consumers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive development of apps in 2017. Self-learning apps can help to improve customization and therefore enhance services to consumers based on their preferences or location.

Security will become a critical issue

As technology continues to surge at breakneck speed, so do security threats. As more people use their smartphones for various tasks, they save and share sensitive and private data on their phones. The security of the smartphone is therefore set to become even more crucial as more apps become available to consumers.

Despite sharing a lot of sensitive and private information on their smartphones, not many people take the security of their phones seriously. However, developers are becoming increasingly concerned about security. Developers are set to provide more security features that are in-built in their apps. These are set to make a big difference in the coming year and will be prioritized.

Growth of Internet of Things (IoT)

Apps that provide interconnectivity are becoming increasingly popular. The fields in which they are applied are set to increase in 2017. Fields, such as education, health, smart homes, security and transportation are experimenting with the application of the IoT. Such integrations will involve an increase in the sharing of data and more complex platforms to enable devices to communicate.

Improved design

User experience is one of the major driving forces behind app design and development. As a result, app developers will place a great deal of focus on providing users with visually appeal apps. Some trends in design to look out for in 2017 will include splash screens, parallax graphics, split-screens, micro interactions and grid-based design. Companies will be seeking the services of graphic artists and animators to provide more user friendly and visually interesting apps.

Integration of mobile payments

As more people use their phones to search for information and carry out tasks, developers are seeking to facilitate carrying out these tasks on mobile. There is set to be a surge in the integration of payment capabilities on apps. Shoppers will be able to complete transactions on apps and not have to visit the websites to do so. Developers are seeking to provide safe and secure ways to facilitate mobile payments.

There are many more advances expected in the app industry in the coming year. At a high level, these will be the driving force for App Development companies and trends in the coming year. Understanding an Industry needs and implementing a reliable solution will be the priority for success in 2017.

A Blueprint for Disruptive Thinking

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably already come across the theory of disruptive thinking or innovation. Many entrepreneurs swear by it as their guiding star. However, not many of them truly understand what it is about. They therefore aren’t able to truly harness its power.


What it’s all about

Disruptive thinking is often misunderstood by entrepreneurs. There have been many different interpretations of the concept that have caused people to move away from the original purpose of the theory.

The idea behind disruption is that a smaller company that has fewer resources can challenge a much larger establishment successfully. This is possible because large or more established organizations tend to focus on improving their current products to meet the demand of their most profitable customers and therefore often ignore some segments of the market.

For an entrepreneur to be disruptive, they would need to focus on the segment of the market that is being overlooked. They can target this section of the market by delivering a functionality or product that is tailored to suit their needs e.g. products at a lower price.

In many cases, the incumbents in the market do not react vigorously since they are chasing higher profits with higher demand segments of the market. Eventually, entrants in the market are able to move up and deliver performance to the mainstream customers of the incumbents and therefore become even greater competition to them. By this time, disruption has occurred.

Your blueprint

If you’re looking to cause a disruption in any market segment, consider the following tips.

  1. Take a closer look at the industry

Some industries face very few disruptions while others face so many disruptions that companies are always on the lookout for new innovations and how to adapt to changes in the market. It is important to ensure that our innovation:

  • Offers the opportunity to reshape current business models and therefore present a new way to make money
  • Offers new opportunities to customers that they didn’t have with previous products
  • Will provide you with the opportunity to move upmarket when the time comes
  1. Begin assembling your Innovation such as building an IT Product with a reliable software development company.

This is a key step in the process. It involves a great IT team that helps to gathering your ideas, developing them and planning how you can profit from them.

  1. Get the engine running

With your product ready, it is time to go to market. Be sure to test the product in the market to see how customers receive it. At this point, you can make changes to your product based on feedback from the market.

Unplugged Thoughts of Enterprise IT Leaders

We read and hear about them all the time. Sometimes you wish to be like them. We hope one day to achieve a similar level of success. Enterprise IT leaders are the new sports stars. They are redefining what success means for modern society. If you’re hoping to one day have the same kind of success that these enterprise IT leaders have, you no doubt would do well to take advice from them.

Enterprise Thought

There’s a lot of advice that can be given on how one can achieve similar success. However, little is said of the common mistakes that enterprise IT leaders make on their way to success. The following are some mistakes that many people make on their way to the top that you can avoid.

  1. Failing to truly understand the impact of market changes

Markets aren’t stagnant. This is especially true when it comes to technology. It is therefore important for leaders to keep tabs on market changes and understand how these changes will impact their business.

Being able to grasp transitions in the market and articulate them clearly isn’t beneficial only for the leader but also his team. If you’re able to clearly communicate the context of these changes to your team, you can be an extremely effective leader.

It is therefore important for leaders to keep tabs on market trends.

  1. Allowing yourself to be held hostage

If you’re experiencing success in one area, it is not unusual to want to stick to this area of ‘expertise’. However, many organizations fail to venture out and take up new paths. Many new proposals are shut down because some members of the team didn’t like the idea or fear it.

It’s important to remember that many enterprise IT leaders have founded their success with ideas that others would have thrown out. Venturing out of your comfort zone will allow you to acquire broader skills set and discover new areas of success.

  1. Not educating your users

After spending some time in enterprise IT, you may have noticed that it can be hard to deal with business leaders. However, they are your primary clients. Without them you wouldn’t be able to pay the bills. It therefore makes sense to take note of their complaints and educate them instead. Many business leaders aren’t IT experts. However, with a little education, you can bring many of them up to speed.

If you’re not thinking about your internal customers, then you’ll soon be on the losing end. Avoid the mistakes listed above and you’ll be a little closer to achieving success.

5 Inbound Marketing Strategies That Can Draw Your Customers Like Bees

A smart marketer always knows when to stop push marketing and adapt to pull strategies. Today’s customers do not appreciate being chased by cold calls, emails and sales people at the door. This is the generation that would rather be drawn towards products and services with inbound strategies like social media marketing, SEO, blogs and more. While these strategies are a little elaborate and intricate, they are quite effective in attracting clientele and increasing revenue. Here are a few steps involved in inbound marketing that you can implement at a startup or SME.

inbound marketingTrust the power of SEO

If you can’t be found, then you aren’t getting any business. It is a continuous process that requires a lot of effort, and may take time to show results, but trust us when we say SEO is your digital lifeline. Optimize your website for relevant keywords, pay attention to meta-tags/titles, descriptions, and ensure that the media on the website is optimized to be found by the search engine.  Pump out blog posts regularly for a few important keywords, and make sure that you contribute posts to other websites to build links (off-page SEO).

If you need assistance, W2S Solutions is at your service.

Content is the kingmaker

You need have a hook to get potential customers interested in visiting your website, and also ushering them into conversion. Content is what makes everything possible. Effective communication is what you have to barter in the online world for a good interaction with customers. Talking about yourself does not get you anywhere as it falls into the outbound marketing category. You would have to take a new approach and give consumers something new, practical and useful, something nobody else can offer.

As an expert in your field, you can choose to find entertaining ways to educate them with industry relevant blogposts, newsletters, e-books, webinars, free-trials, testimonials, videos and more. Create a content calendar to help you keep track of things to publish. The more you have to offer, the more loyalists you will create.

Ring us up to outsource your content marketing needs.

Track your visitors

Information on how your customers are finding you can be extremely useful in designing marketing campaigns. Place tracking mechanisms to capture data that tells you where the most traffic is coming from, and subsequently help you maximize your efforts. You could also create CTA (call to action) forms on the website to ensure that your visitors sign up for emails/newsletters or anything relevant from the website. This can add to your mailer database and keep track of potential clients.
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Influencer marketing

Leverage the influencers or thought leaders in your niche to create mutually beneficial campaigns on social media and other digital platforms. The advantages of this strategy include a larger reach, higher positioning of the brand owing to the influencer’s reputation, and quick results. The challenges include identifying the right influencers who can positively reflect on your brand, and agree to advocate or engage in your campaign.

We love a good challenge, and influencers are in our circles.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking to get started.

Consolidate Consolidate Consolidate

Its recommended not to entrust your inbound marketing needs to multiple vendors. It will increase challenges and waste a lot of your time. Make sure that you hire an expert to handle all your marketing efforts so as to deliver the maximum results.

What are you waiting for? Let’s begin.



How to Transition from Offline Business to Online Business

How to Transition from Offline Business to Online Business

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you are already taking a step to a new beginning by creating an online business. The economy is always going to be shaky but you can stop worrying about investing in real estate for a new store, and create a limitless space for yourself online. One thing we know to be true is that everyone loves to shop in the comforts of their home or office or even while they are travelling at the tap of their fingers. Why deny them the joy when running an e-store is so easy that you can do it from your home?

Offline Business to Online Business

Find a niche

The first step you need to take is analyze your market. You may be selling ten different products, but the trick is to identify what your online market really needs. Start with your circle. Observe what your friends and family on social media usually look for but cannot find, conduct search analysis and find a demand that you can fill. You could visit other ecommerce websites, online discussion forums, and even talk to fellow locals to figure out your niche.

Brand it

When we talk about branding at the start of a business, we have a different approach to working on brand identity. Our process begins with an effective copy and campaign focused on your niche (heart of the brand) based on what would be your customer’s perspective, slowly working up to reveal the brand image. The aim is to create the best marketing campaign by positioning you as a disruptive brand filling an unquenchable demand in the market. When we are done, you will be the credible savior with loyalists willing evangelize your products online right from the moment you get started.

Online real estate

You should have figured this one out as it works the same way in the real world. It is now time to claim your digital space. Once you decide on the brand identity, it is time to buy a domain and hosting. Create a website that focuses on a simple and effective user experience. Hire the experts for website design and development, as we know the best ways to take a consumer through window shopping to checkout in just a few clicks. You should also create social media identities on relevant social networks to increase brand visibility, and drive website traffic.

Get friendly with the search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous and long term process. It involves both on-page and off-page efforts to help being found easily when a consumer enters relevant search queries. For an e-commerce website that is in its infancy, we suggest advertising in addition to efforts towards organic results. Google Adwords with Pay-per-click ads will catapult your ads to show up on search results above organic searches for relevant (highest-ranking) keywords. As long as your PPC campaign is active, you can be sure to receive a good amount of traffic from the search engines as users are likely to click the first few links from search results. The advantages include targeting based on location, demographic, devices, interests and more, narrowing down to showcase your ads only to a selected audience.

Give more get more

We all love freebies, and the people who give us a lot of gifts. Make sure you constantly have offers, promotions and discounts on your products. It will have your consumers carting away products regularly. You could create ebooks, webinars, blog posts, or even organize offline events to engage your customers. It will work like a charm to drive up those loyalist numbers.

We know everyone needs help when they get started on something new. Contact W2S Solutions to assist you along the way as you step i nto a brand new chapter.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

When we decided to provide website design and development services, we wondered if we should create a unique platform from scratch or leverage an existing platform with the help of open source components and the ability to edit source code.

WordPress has been floating around the digital space since the dawn of the millennium, attracting bloggers and businesses alike because of its unbeatable CMS and several other features we found quite alluring. The decision was made, and we stuck to working on WordPress platform. Here’s why you should consider switching to it if you haven’t already.


  1. Easy to use

WordPress has an intuitive user interface designed to make it easy for anyone to learn, use and update. Once we are done with the design and development, you don’t have to keep ringing us up to make changes like adding pages or editing content on the website. With a learning curve shorter than primary school, even a non-IT person can update your website in a matter of few minutes.

  1. All you need is a browser

One of the best features about WordPress is its browser-based technology. It’s is a full-suite CMS that does not need any external HTML or FTP software to manage or update the website. You can login to your website dashboard from any computer/smart phone and create pages, blog posts, add images, videos and make any changes necessary, all on your favorite browser.

  1. It is SEO-friendly

WordPress socializes well with search engines owing to its coding and mark-up structure, making it easy for your website content to be indexed and found. With in-built features and plugins, the platform allows you to define variables like keywords, meta-tags, titles, description, alt-tags and more for posts, pages and media, so all content on the website can be optimized perfectly with instant audits for search engines.

  1. Completely responsive and flexible in design

We would like to think of WordPress like modelling clay when it comes to design. The themes are responsive, and therefore automatically device-friendly. It is completely flexible in allowing us to customize the look of your website without any limitation. So go ahead and ask W2S Solutions to create a masterpiece for your brand. WordPress will back us up in dazzling your users with a fabulous experience.

  1. There’s a plugin for everything

Do you want to turn your website into an e-commerce bay, convert visitors into newsletter subscribers, create a page that can act as a community hangout, add an event calendar or portfolio, and anything that can add value to your site? Everything is possible as WordPress offers plugins, open source and sponsored, for all needs to extend the functionalities of any website.

  1. Bundled with lots of support and security

It’s quite plausible that a popular platform like WordPress has a huge following, and with it comes a developer support community that offers resources required to manage your website even if you lack an IT-person.
Needless to say, a system that is used on such a large scale comes top-notch security, regular updates, and plugins to add more veils of security so your website and its content is safe from hacks, spams, and more digital break-ins.
Stop looking for reason #7 and contact us now for a chat on switching your business to a WordPress website.

Effective marketing strategy to grow your service business

Effective marketing strategy to grow your service business

It is the service business that keeps the world going. In fact, service business plays a major role in the day to day lives of people across the globe. Gone are the days when small business owners feared competing with their corporate counterparts. The penetration of the Internet in the society has made it possible to provide excellent exposure to every business at relatively low costs. It is essential to utilize both the conventional and digital marketing strategies for best results. Some of the marketing strategies that provide the impetus for exponential growth of the service industries include, biz cards, brochures, flyers, websites, and mobile apps.

Effective Business Strategy

Importance of conventional marketing tools

In this digital era, many of the service business owners slight the power of the conventional marketing tools. The digital media is certainly much powerful than the print media. However, it is important to combine the conventional and digital marketing strategies for an effective marketing campaign. As service businesses focus on the consumers in a specific area, localization and personalization are absolutely necessary to build relationships. Repeat customers are the key to the success of service businesses. Apart from providing a great service, it is also essential to have effective marketing tools that would constantly remind the consumers about the services offered.

Overview of the conventional marketing tools

  • Logos

An effective logo presents the complete details of your service business in a creative and unique way.  It is customary to place the logo atop in every marketing collateral. Logo of a business is the first thing that is noticed by the customers. A creative logo is worth a million words. Apart from revealing your business in the most creative way, logos have the power of getting registered into the minds of customers. Exactly the place where you need to register your business!

  • Biz cards

Biz cards are very popular among business people. It is not only an effective tool in personal introductions, but it also has the power of reminding your business to people whenever they are in need of the services you offer. An effective biz card should contain the logo of your business, crisp content on the services you offer and ways to contact you.

  • Brochures and flyers

Brochures and flyers are time tested marketing tools that never fail. A well designed brochure or a flyer with contents presenting your services in a creative manner can have multiple hits. Even people fidgeting with their mobile devices all the time are tempted to pick up an attractive brochure. Printing the brochures and flyers in a durable material will provide you with long term results.

  • Ad in the print media

In spite of the popularity of the digital media, the print media has been able to retain a considerable audience. Crisp ads in the dailies and magazines do provide the impetus required for the growth of your service business.

Digital Media

  • Websites

Websites have become essential for every business. Undoubtedly, websites are today’s best marketing tools. Unlike the conventional marketing tools that need your effort to be distributed, a well optimized website will reach the prospective clients on its own. CMS technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento among others have made marketing campaigns very simple for business owners. Unlike the traditional websites that require technical knowledge to be updated, CMS empowers the lay man to update the content in a jiffy. Optimizing the website for mobile devices will increase the results drastically. Since search engines look for fresh content, hosting a CMS website would be the right choice for service business owners. The best way to reap the benefits out of your website marketing campaign is frequently updating your website with creative content.

  • Mobile apps

Mobile apps are the latest marketing tools that are highly effective. The penetration of smart mobile devices and internet in the society has made mobile applications very popular marketing tools. Although mobile websites can be interactive, mobile apps have a far better reach. When potential customers download your mobile app, it remains in their mobile devices and reminds them of your business every time they use their device.

  • Native and hybrid mobile apps

Often mobile app developers suggest their customers to develop their apps in both android and IOS platforms after surveying the users in the specific regions. Since native apps have features that make it easy for both customers and business people, it is wise to follow the counseling of the mobile app developer. Moreover, native apps have the advantage of displaying content offline.

Hybrid mobile apps on the other hand is yet another amazing tool that can reach customers irrespective of the mobile devices they use. However, they require an internet connection in order to display content. It is a highly effective tool in cities which have consistent internet connectivity.

Tips and tricks for an effective marketing campaign

The first and foremost thing in a marketing campaign is letting your customers know you. Remember the first impact is the best impact, so let your logo and content be creative. The second rule is knowing your audience pick the right colors, themes, and language style to impress your potential customers. Do not slight your competitors, times change you need to keep up with the ongoing trends. It is all right to tempt your potential customers with incentives, after all the goal of the business is to succeed. The final trick of an effective campaign involves in retaining the customers. Keep in constant touch with your potential customers and keep them informed of your latest offers and incentives. Utilize the push notifications wisely and grow your service business.

As a web development and mobile app company, we not only focus on delivering our commitments, but help our customers grow their businesses. Are you looking for suggestions, tips and tricks, or effective marketing collateral, do not hesitate to post your queries as comments. You can also contact us via contact form and through the email or phone numbers provided in our website. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!


5 awesome business enhancements that enterprise mobile apps offer

The advent of smart phones and tablets has changed the way business functions. The revolution in the field of business mobile app development began with consumer trends. After all, consumer is the king! Not only do the consumers prefer purchasing on-the-go, but the businesses are also quickly adapting to the new trends. Whether it be a retail business,a service oriented business, a digital workspace or a manufacturing industry, enterprise mobile apps can drastically improve the business processes and ensure steady growth of the business.

enterprise app development

Increased productivity

Many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to keep themselves updated about the progress in various processes of their businesses. It is high-time that businesses shun conventional processes and switch to the enterprise level mobile apps. Deploying a mobile app makes searching and retrieving datas much simpler. It empowers business owners to instantly obtain information required to speed up the production process irrespective of their current geo location.

Better decision-making

Decision-making in business was one of the challenging things. It required the presence of core decision makers, experts, and the customers in the facility to discuss burning issues. An enterprise mobile app can provide all the datas required instantly, enabling the decision makers to make the right decisionpromptly. Deploying a mobile app, with audio and video conferencing capabilities, eliminates the need of face-to-face discussions. Not only can the decisions be quicker, but also the cost involved in arranging a face-to-face meeting is completely eliminated.

Empowered employees

Empowerment of employees is the key to increasing productivity. Providing instant access to employees on information anytime, anywhere not only escalates productivity, but also increases employee satisfaction. The flexibility to work from their desired location, in fact, increases the responsibility of the employees in the organization. Deployment of mobile apps eliminates the long hours of stressful work that affects the productivity and assures work-life balance to the employees. As the access control can be provided according to the role and designation of the employees, business owners can have effective overall control over their businesses.

Improved customer engagement

Customer engagement plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Providing customers with real time sales and service information is the way to have satisfied customers. Instant feedback and inputs from customers enable business managers to quickly rectify flaws in business processes. The results could be astonishingaslocalization and personalization have become the modern business trends. Utilizing push notification system and geofencing facility in mobile apps can help much in business growth.

Effective Brand Building

Brand building plays a pivotal role in business growth. While there are plethoras’ of ways to create consumer awareness, mobile apps add more value to their branding. Mobile apps make brand building easier, as the trendy consumers tend to share everything with their friends and fans. Showcasing the products has never been easier. Syncing the mobile apps with social media not only makes it easy for the consumers to share product details, but it is also a cost effective way of brand building.

Apart from these business enhancements, mobile apps have several other incredible options that could fuel the growth of a business. A knowledgeable app developer can discover a variety of options that could take the business to new heights.