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Dubai: W2S Solutions pins another Location on world map

The first quarter of 2019

The hustle and tussle of 2018 in the technology industry were mainly pivoted around mobile app development business. It has finally turned out transformed with results of the first quarter in 2019. Although, the results are yet to hit the charts and become a reality they look evenly poised with a substantial volume of business in the subcontinent region. There is a greater sense of stability and mature solutions. The smallest companies are turning towards m-commerce and bring in their stores to mobile phones. It is giving rise to a considerably mature competition in mobile app development companies and also helping them realize a greater good of numbers in sales and profit.

About W2S Solutions

W2S Solutions is one of the leading web and mobile application development companies in India primarily based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company has won several accolades and has also tasted its fair share of success with perpetually growing business relationships. It generally operates with A+ class of clients like Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, Bank of America and NIOT. The company has been outrightly entrusted with business responsibilities and execution of projects by the honorable government of India. The transitional phase of the company which the world witnesses today is a result of pure perspiration for the past decade. The company’s ability to capitalize on the opportunity was acknowledged by digital transformation in the Asian subcontinent.

Core services & Success

software development

The company finds its core services within the extensive web site and web application development services which are provided at highly affordable rates and top-notch quality with timely deliveries. It includes web, mobile apps with highly complicated and complex requirements. W2S is considered to be a trendsetter as mobile application development in the region. The company is often respected as one of the greatest and fastest growing IT development houses in the country.

W2S with Startupsstartup solutions

W2S Solutions is mainly known for the company’s extensive clientele among credible and rapidly growing start-ups like Air Sheets, the lost paper, expenz and many more. The company is presently executing projects and building great business relationships with young start-ups and contributing to their requirements as a technical partner and the chief technology officer.

Why W2S solutions for mobile app and Web development needs?

What lies at the core? Experience

app developer

Among a bunch of very young start-ups, W2S is a decade old option with a diligent team of web and mobile app developers who have honed their skills on live projects and actual business environment. Real exposure and practical learning have helped them cope up with the changing industry trends. They even work efficiently with new-age programming tools and languages like Kotlin, Python, NodeJs.



Web and mobile application development is a complex process, and it requires people with targeted skills to collaborate their efforts like a team and build the finished product. It should also fulfill the functional and business requirements of the client. W2S is known for its highly professional behavior and cohesive teams which executes every project through a pre-set business process. It allows them to cater to all requirements in almost no time. The process remains fixed, and there are no compromises on quality while all deadlines are respected to the best of abilities.

Extremist Approach

extremist approach

W2S understands the need for quick completion and finalizing tasks in a stipulated time. But that certainly doesn’t stop our developers and designers to explore, and be more creative for taking every project to a different level in a particular niche.

This is one of the greatest secrets of unrivaled success for W2S solutions among all mobile and web application development companies.


Success is a product of passion, perseverance, and perspiration at W2S Solutions. Tracing the roadmap of success since 2012, the company had made apps of global scale for the BlackBerry store. This was one of the primary eye-catchers that helped the young company raise funds and also set up a development center in Chennai very fast. Within a year, the company had its hands within 25+ projects with the magnetizing aura among clients and the technology industry. Right since then, the company has never looked back and gracefully indulged in mutually beneficial expansions, collaborations, and technology partnerships with MSMEs and write an unmatched growth story at such large-scale.

W2S Solutions crossed borders

In 2015, there came in a favorable time when the leading web and mobile application development company of India was all set to compete on a global level. It all started with partner offices in Austin, USA and Calgary,  Canada. This included full-fledged development operations and marketing expeditions to capture the market. Operations and management targeting insurance, healthcare and numerous other specific domains in mobile apps.

Later, while scaling and pinning more locations on the global map, W2S witnessed 250% growth in the Middle East with new partner offices in Doha Qatar and various other places. By the time, W2S had started comprehensively contributing to start-up incubation and technology partnership.

Since then the company has successfully scaled the story of success and has become a sensation in the business technology industry of Asian and European markets.

How does it with solutions can help business owners?

360° digital transformation services

business growth

W2S solution to the global in a company that allows business owners to dream and aspire for a more extensive business empire in the digital age. The ultimate business objective of w2S Solutions is to promote cash rich operations with completely digitized businesses from small to large scale; at all levels. This includes comprehensive business analysis, domain research and requirement gathering including the final web site and web application development. It is further followed by high-quality iOS and Android mobile application development depending upon the penetration level and the success of a business.

All-around technical partnership


Dubai is in a nascent stage of technology business industry. W2S can catalyze the process of maturity by helping new-age start-ups, new business ideas and great problem-solving initiatives take the new face on the Internet and smartphones with web and mobile application development services comprehensively.

White label services

white label

To promote businesses and perpetually to grow business relations, W2S indulges in white label service partnership. It is to induce a healthy competition in the technology business industry. W2S is the name trusted for over a decade, and young businesses can capitalize on the quality of our services. Moreover, they can import total reliability in terms of services to their clients.

What next?

W2S has been strategically expanding its work locations and also growing the global customer base. Now, it will be the turn off farther regions in Europe and intensely penetrates the US market. The focus will continue to be on creating immense value and successfully allowing people to believe in sustainable technology solutions for their business and commercial use. It will be visualized and perceived over the next agenda, and soon W2S will be able to cater across several locations and complex requirements from alienated business ecosystems.

mobile app development dubai

MVP or EVP: What is the Right Option for Your Startup?

Startups and the zeal to solve problems with technology

The Indian start-up ecosystem is one of the most talked about phenomena in the tech business industry for the past half a decade. The likes of Flipkart and Dunzo have motivated millions of entrepreneurs to explore new possibilities of business by solving real-world problems that enhance the quality of life for a common man. While there are numerous ways to solve any problem, technology helps you solve them with utmost efficiency and sustainable long-term approach. It is one of the dominant forces which lead to the onset of app development companies rising to fame and essentiality. On average, an incredible 30,000 new mobile apps are submitted for review and hosting at the Apple App Store every month. It is a considerable number, and it says a lot about the importance of technology, the industry focuses on mobile applications and broadly convinces us for believing that mobile app development companies are vigorously active and they mean nothing but business.

What is the standard approach?

Irrespective of how well a start-up scales itself or tries to limit the focus of resource allocation, the ultimate objective of every start-up is to be as profitable as possible. The general approach which they take for being more profitable is to solve real-world problems with sustainable technology solutions via mobile apps within an optimum budget. So, the monetary aspect or the budget of any start-up leads us to a critical choice which every product-based start-up has to make. Whether a startup should go with MVP or EVP?

Quick Knowledge

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a strategy of building products where the start-up launches a product just with all original features and functionalities that can help them stabilize and show up early in the market. It requires minimal resources and development of core services before a product enters into the market.

EVP or an Exceptional Viable Product is a finished product out of the finest and most advanced prototype which a product could witness. It requires a comparatively more massive amount of resources and also delays the launch or increase time-to-market for any product. The final product is fully cooked with all possible functionalities which are required to implement the whole elaborated idea.

What is the most important thing to note?

Startup incubated products in the form of mobile apps are subjected to the choice of strategy between MVP and EVP. It is essential not just to think but think it through; right till the end, launch and further evolution of the product.

When you look at it with a farsighted approach, it is easy to understand that both of these approaches of product development will require a similar amount of money when counted lump sum. It is just two different strategies of product development that make the start-ups shell out their budgeted resources with different approaches and at different points of time during the product development life-cycle.

Every start-up is advised to ensure that they have foolproof management of monetary resources before they pursue either of them. However, it is true that MVP will require lesser money in the initial phase, but the overall expenses until the project gets completely incubated will be more or less similar.

Here are the most critical points which every start-up consider before opting for MVP or EVP

Brand Visibility & Reputations

Business and politics are all about perception and reputation. Every business generally has a long-term approach to building a loyal base of customers who are willing to try and upgrade everything that their favorite brand offers. That is the kind of cult every company wishes to possess in this competitive scenario. To maintain the same, all the companies have customers who have a set impression of their favorite brand and also expects a certain level of quality and consistent innovation. For instance, Apple lost a considerable number of very loyal customers as they mellowed down on change since iPhone X and further. You might think that Apple is too big a company to be compared with startups, but the analogy remains valid.brand visibilityIf you think your start-up already has such a base of loyal customers and huge followership, you should typically go for a proper Exceptional Viable Product. It will help you manage everything and roll out a product which matches or exceed the expectations of your loyal customers.

There are startups which are yet to get into the competition of building a base of such loyal customers, and the objective is to impress and convince the most probable customers merely. For them, Minimum Viable Product is also a good option as it will help you showcase the most robust functionalities and features in a quality driven mobile app. Fortunately, it happens in the early stages of a start-up product.

Contemporary competition and competitor profiling

All the start-ups are advised to use their market and domain research while choosing between a minimum viable product and an exceptional viable product. If your respective business domain has firmly stable dominant business leaders, MVP might put you under a dark spot of an unattended corner. Whereas, the famous ones steal all the limelight and your product might fail to reach the customers effectively.competitor profilingIn such a scenario, it is always advisable to go all out and put all your eggs in one basket. You should go for an impressive, comprehensive exceptional viable product that leaves no stone unturned to impress your loyal customers and also build an excellent reputation for the startup.

Insight based approachinsight approach

Your choice between the MVP and an EVP might also be governed by insights about your competitors and their expected time-to-market. It is essential to be the trendsetter and an early riser in every industry to capture the market more efficiently. If you think that it is critical to strike the hot iron with a hammer early on, despite having numerous persuasive reasons to go for an EVP, you may take the fast track route with an MVP and create a buzz in the market. It will also help you take the lead and handle the budget, timeline issues on a short-term basis.

Nature of Business Idea

Start-ups should also consider analyzing the nature of their business idea while making a particular choice. A mobile product idea may be only short-lived or is simply induced because of a temporary upcoming event/opportunity. You may rush with an MVP and not wait for somebody else to capitalize on the occasion by launching a similar product before you do.business ideaFor instance, you may be looking to create election-dedicated news and content delivery mobile app product. Now, it becomes imperative for you to launch the product well before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in May. You should directly go for an MVP ruling out the possible choice of an EVP. This will be a great publicity incentive for your start-up.

On the other hand, if you look to build an application with a long-term approach and try to put out an EVP, it might be very late and the elections might either be gone, or they might be around the corner. There would be no time for you to market the app in an optimum budget.

Why are the choice between NDP EVP is critical for every start-up?

  • A wrong choice between an MVP and EVP can lead to a diminished impact of your product in the market.You might require a longer route to publicize the product. There are potential risks of complete failure as well.
  • If the wrong choice is made for an exceptionally large-scale project, this may lead you in a situation where you might not be able to reap optimum benefits of launching and fulfilling the business objectives behind the idea. Probably, you may not even be able to complete the project.
  • There can be chances of newcomers who might take an imitator’s approach to build a product very similar to yours and much better then what you might end up rolling out. The world is full of resources, and business ideas are capitalized just like that. It will also make you bear a loss of market research and technology innovation as somebody else might impress the market before you.


Making the right choice between the two primary product development strategies is a critical part, but ultimately the technology and value creation should win. Although the possibility is very less if you out rightly focus on building a potential product, it is bound to succeed with either of the strategies. It might take longer to reap the benefits, but if you are hitting where it matters, the market will surely acknowledge the innovation and efforts.

The dilemma in choosing between these shouldn’t drag down your enthusiasm and commitment towards building the right product; instead, it is important to see such critical decisions as an opportunity to take the lead if your competitors lack. Moreover, the trend of SaaS products is growing at a rapid rate, making the right choice of product development strategy will become even more crucial. There is a considerable data-driven business research and management approaches hitting the arena. It might lead to the inception of efficient tools which can gather information about the present scenario of your start-up and efficiently suggest you which is the right approach.

Vital Skills for Successful Android & iOS Mobile App Developers

The rise of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative career options in the technology industry of the 21st century. Rapidly occurring digital transformation and widespread use of mobile applications are leading to substantial increase in the importance of respective skill set. Primarily, there are two major mobile OS platforms, Android and iOS. Both of them have their pros and cons, and it is a great time to carve out a career in either of them.

mobile app development growth

The focus of every developer should simply be on achieving excellence within a definite set of mobile application development programming languages and side tools. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of the end-to-end technology stack which you consistently use to create mobile applications. It would help if you focus on ensuring the completeness of the set of tools which form the basis of overall skill set.

Why is Mobile application development a strong choice of career for millennials?

Widespread digital transformation

digital transformation

It is evident that most of the young businesses are taking their mobile presence very seriously. Today, companies from all industries (whether small or large scale) wish to be the experience digital transformation. They wish to be seen on smartphones in the form of mobile business applications. It is a trend that doesn’t seem to have a huge loss and is most likely to carry on in the future. As the new businesses will take their smartphone-based presence more seriously, they hire Android app developers giving more and better opportunities.

A growing trend of M-commerce


With more than 52% of e-commerce related searches happening through the smartphone channel, mobile application to become one of the best ways to reach your customer. It supports you in persisting in their mind; and on smartphones. All businesses are increasingly looking to reach out to their customers through smartphone channels via mobile apps and persuasively sell their products and services. It is one of the most reasonable needs of the business in today’s time. It makes so much sense for the mobile application development companies to hire Android app developers.

New ways to monetize

app monetization

The growing competition among businesses is surely shrinking their profit margins. Monetization of content and services through mobile business apps is a sigh of relief to business owners. It is undoubtedly helping them create sustainable distinct ways to monetize. It creates sustainable distinct revenue streams that are nascent and helping them compete more efficiently in the throat cutting competition. All this requires development and maintenance of mobile applications on iOS and/or Android. It gives rise to so many new opportunities in every iOS app development company.

Here are some of the most vital skills which an android or iOS mobile application developer should possess

Mobile application development is a beautiful mix of technical skills and creativity which need to be well coordinated with businesses and their primary needs. We have bifurcated the vital skills for mobile application developers into hard and soft skills.

Hard Skills

Core Programming Languages


Android mobile application developers generally have to deal with core Java while making their applications in Android Studio. It also includes in-depth use of many side tools like Gradle for rolling out APKs and XML for designing of UI and imparting a complete UX for the mobile application users. While developing the core skills, it is essential to know programming languages to an extent where your problem-solving abilities are not curtailed because of coding hurdles.

iOS developers should be entirely well versed with Objective-C, Swift and new-age programming languages like Kotlin. Knowing more than one programming languages certainly helps in building a profile that stands out while applying in an iOS app development company.

Cloud Computing/Deployment Skills

cloud computing

MSMEs generally hire Android mobile app developers with honed skills for cloud computing environments. You should be able to bind the functional code into applications. It is a much-needed dedicated skill which generally requires another engineer. If the mobile application developers can do this, it undoubtedly increments their ability and their importance in the mobile application development scenario.

These days there is a growing trend of serverless architecture where deployment is containerized through a Docker (CE or EE) or Kubernetes on massive scale. These are valuable side skills which clients look for while hiring an iOS app development company.


cyber security

As data is proving to be the new age ‘oil’ it is crucial that mobile application developers have an in-depth knowledge of Internet-based data and API security. They should have detailed experience in securing mobile applications, users identity, and data privacy. Another critical task is to secure APIs from programmers with malicious intentions to trouble the users and make them land in compromised circumstances. It can be done by nurturing a working knowledge of all basic encryption algorithms and third-party mobile app security tools which can be incorporated in the mobile applications.

Mandatory search techniques

mandatory search in mobile apps

One of the most important and frequently used features in a mobile application is the search. Weather search is in a database or within a content delivery network (CDN). It is one of the primary indicators of how well an app works. If your search is fast, people generally tend to feel that the app is robust and performance is excellent. So to improve the user experience, it is essential to have hands deep in at least one of the prominently used Lucene based searching tools like elastic or Solr. There are some impressive efficient searching architectures like Algolia which can come in handy depending upon the use and required scalability of a mobile app.

Analytics centric development practices


Nowadays. Companies hire Android app developers who can professionally incorporate at least the necessary analytical profiling of users and also use analytics-based service log management system. The ultimate aim should be to build a sustainable back-end resource for the mobile app which gives valuable insights for customer engagement and also give statistics of mobile app performance.

Major tools:

  • Logstash by Elastic
  • Greylog
  • Other mobile App Engagement Tools

Soft Skills

Analytical skills

analytical skill

It is entirely different from the analytics services discussed above. It is the analysis of core business requirements and its mapping with the mobile app functionalities.

MSMEs wish to work with an iOS app development company that map each use case with the main features of the mobile application.

Problem Solving Ability

problem solving skill

People hire Android app developers who have enhanced problem-solving ability with an aim to make robust, quality driven tested functionalities.

There are numerous ways of approaching a single business requirement, and they should use the most appropriate data structures and coding approach for solving their particular problem.

Concise coding

concise coding

Reducing the LOC or lines of code should be one of the primary points in mind while writing the functional code for functionalities.

The overall front-end and back-end. The shorter and more concise a code is, the faster it is likely to run (on a broad basis, it is not true in many conditions).



One of the critical task for all mobile application developers is to build, curate and initially design the UI of the mobile app. A mobile app is only as good as its UI for layman.

So, it is essential to be as creative as possible while designing the flows of content and different parts of user journeys.


Mobile application development is one of the most popular and lucrative career options in the technology industry. It is being taken up by millions of IT professionals, and there is a growing trend of professionals from different sectors taking up dedicated skill development courses of mobile application development. It helps them in making a switchover in jobs.

There is much competition. Due to a large number of options available for everyone in the market, the mobile application developer should look to build their core differentiators in quality, quicker turnaround time and business oriented thinking. There are immense opportunities on the way as companies hire Android app developers and substantial encouragement for every iOS app Development Company in the business ecosystem.

A precise estimate of the cost to develop an iOS mobile app?

Rising attention, Increasing cost

Smartphones have mesmerizingly captivated the millennial generation. The major contributor is mobile applications. The era of digital transformation is convincingly ushered by an ever-increasing base of smart, vigilante smartphone users. Comparatively lower prices and all-round connectivity of Android smartphones had created a momentum, but slowly the iOS has taken up the faster lane. While the number of mobile phone and mobile phone apps users have doubled since 2011, a larger share has been contributed by iOS apps.


In a perfect set up like this, there arises a world of business opportunities with a million possibilities. The first and foremost industry directly benefited is the iOS mobile application development. Although the prices have been continuously increasing, the enthusiasm and attraction magnetized by every iOS mobile application Development Company have never slowed down.

With numerous other industries finding their way through stability, widespread use of iOS mobile apps has helped the industry transform in a particular direction of sustainable growth. Now it remains a matter of time to reap the fruit of this swiftly matured iOS mobile application development industry.

Simple Math can be Horrendous

approximate cost

It is one of the most common mistakes done by the newcomers and inexperienced enthusiasts. According to many, the overall iOS mobile application development cost is just about precisely estimating the number of hours and development and multiplying it by the market cost per hour. It has to be understood that it gives you a significant estimate of the total value for building an iOS mobile app. However, it is not a precise figure which you will be eventually shelling out.


Mobile application development needs to be though not on  a phase by phase basis but from end to end requirements. A whole thought-through project for an iOS mobile app is more likely to succeed in this dynamic trending industry. One needs to understand that there are numerous pre-and post-development budget heads which will require a substantial chunk of your budget.

In the pre-development phase, mobile applications will have a requirement of money for research and in-depth analysis by quality driven individuals. Moreover, once the conditions are fixed, the post-development phase will require you to burn cash for publicity marketing, client attraction, and active engagement.

Why can an Indian IT company do you a world of good?

The transformation witnessed in smartphone-based mobile applications isn’t localized to the Indian subcontinent. The primary drivers of the mobile-centric digital change are several European countries and a significant influence in the form of the US.

The North American region primarily constituted by the US and Canada are considered to be charging a lot more regarding per hour iOS mobile application development rate. It is seen that the rates largely vary from $75 to $250 per hour. Next on the list, western Europe or the UK centric region. This region is responding to iOS mobile application development projects with an upper bound of $175 per hour.


A little bit on the cost-effective side comes to Eastern Europe. They can charge you anything from $20 to $150 for every hour of iOS mobile application development. Surprisingly, the high-tech industry of Australia is experiencing similar pricing trends as eastern Europe.

Then comes Indian IT industry with millions of quality iOS mobile application development enthusiast. The great churning industry is welcoming projects from as low as $10 per hour and generally reach up to $80.

Which factors can shoot the cost?

iOS mobile application development is not something as simple as it looks. The client cannot just walk up to development professional or a company and ask how much you will charge on a random basis. There are many factors which are independently contributing to increasing the cost in leaps and bounds. The complexity and innovation in your requirements largely define the cost involved in the iOS mobile application development. Apart from this, there is a time material cost trade-off. In simpler words, if you need your mobile application to be developed in lesser turnaround time, you can expect your overall cost to shoot up by 15 to 20%.

Another significant aspect which is the reason for your increased cost is the development approach taken. In today’s world where most mobile applications are into changing their path with a typical product life-cycle management program, the prices ought to increase. In a scenario like this, there lies a dire need of techniques like wireframing, visual designing and prototyping which can take up anything between 80 to 200 extra hours in your development plan.

The tech side

Peeping through a developers perspective, the solution architect needs to configure the overall process for an optimized iOS mobile application development cost. The primary time and cost consuming activities while developing the mobile application are things like third-party integration, IOT interfaces, complicated access pacifiers, and back-end functionality development. It all collectively ranges to increase your cost by numerous folds.

Startups, their funding, and the overall development cost

The Indian IT and smartphone application industry are flourishing without a doubt. At the same time, there are some threads connected to the Indian start-up ecosystem which is being pulled up by mobile apps. The boom of the start-up industry has got angel investment and venture capitalism in trend. While there is numerous funding news now and then, only full analysis can tell you that the overall financing raised, has only a slim portion of it involved in the mobile application development. Thus, there we put up a working example of how the numbers of funding are far from what it costs for building a first iOS mobile application.

The larger than life difference says a lot about the investment in strategy, research and innovation-driven operations.

Let’s wrap up

The Indian IT industry has wholeheartedly welcomed Mobile phone application development. It might not seem so apparent with the naked eye, but this has some serious and strengthened strings attached with the start-up industry and the SaaS companies. Mobile application development is not as apparent as it might look. A lot of direct and indirect variables are involved in the equation of iOS mobile application development cost. It requires an experienced solution architect to draft the budget and then choose the right iOS mobile application development company.

looking ios app development company

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