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Which App Development Platform Is Right For Your Business?

Mobile Apps have been found to revolutionize the way of work and personal lives of the people. Mobile apps have been developed for almost all the regular activities in the modern world, making mobile devices indispensable.

Selecting and developing the right architecture for the mobile application is one crucial decision that needs to be made before building any app.

Different Mobile App Architectures

With several technology options being available, it is possible to develop mobile apps in different ways. The three fundamental mobile architectures are native, cross-platform, and mobile web apps. With each one having its own benefits and drawbacks, carefully analyzing the app requirement plays a vital role in choosing one.

  • Native Approach: Designed for running on specific device or operating system, building an app using this approach requires you to satisfy needs related to device access, user accessibility and experience, and disconnected functionality – Android Studio in Java works fine for developing native android apps while Swift that runs on iOS devices exclusively may be considered for native iOS apps
  • Hybrid Approach: Apps built using this cross-platform approach can run on multiple mobile platforms – ideal for big enterprises, this follows development using web-based technology
  • Mobile Web Apps: Designed to run over the Internet from a central server, mobile web apps are platform independent and can reach a very large target audience in short time with little effort – only, an Internet connection is a must

How Do You Choose the Right App Development Platform?

A clear understanding of the target audience, technical weaknesses and strengths of the development platforms and long-term advantages of each of the platforms are required for choosing from among the different platforms. Android application development  and iphone app development companies are found to be the choice of a majority of the players in the modern market.

The following factors must be focused on while selecting the best mobile app development platform that suits your purpose:

  • Target Audience: The first thing you need to consider is your target audience – geographic criteria is crucial: Android application development is preferred by certain countries while iphone app development companies are favorites in others
  • Features: Consider the necessary features and user experience, compare them with each platform’s abilities – for custom development, iOS and Android solutions are better while for the ‘run-once-run-anywhere’ approach, cross-platform app development is required
  • User behavior: Depending on the OS and the country, user behavior differs – understanding where people are inclined to buy their apps and where they want freebies is important
  • Device Support: Android supports numerous devices when compared to iOS
  • Development Cost: Cost of app development is a vital factor that needs to be considered in the selection of development platform
  • User Preference: It is essential to satisfy the needs of users finally – Apple, with its upscale quality and innovations may prove expensive to Android App users who are reluctant to spend money

By having a clear understanding of key features of the app and considering factors such as target audience, budget, and timeframe, you will be able to choose the right development platform for your mobile app!

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Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms

Have you been thinking of developing an app for your service, business, product or blog? Are you concerned about investing too heavily both financially and with your time? If so, you are among a myriad of other people. Luckily, you don’t need to invest too much money or too much time in order to build your app. You can easily and quickly use a development platform to get the job done or prefer Mobile app development companies who are strong in these platforms.  Here are some of the top mobile app development platforms in use:

1. Xamarin – This app development platform spares you both resources and coding time if you want to do the following:

  • If you have plans for expanding your app to some other different platforms in the future
  • You are to use .Net
  • If you are looking for a cross platform that gives you the experience of a native app, but are not interested in working with more than one language
  • If you have a .Net code already in existence that will be used in your application

Xamarin is currently owned by Microsoft. It is ideal for cross-platform development and you can test your app and monitor it as well.

2. PhoneGap – Owned by Adobe, this is probably the best known cross-platform for the development of mobile apps. This app is free and uses Apache Cordova extend and open source platform. It is well loved for the following reasons:

  • It works on multiple platforms including Windows Store, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, iOS and others.
  • You do not have to know a variety of programming languages in order to work with it.
  • Your pages can be built using JavaScript and HTML CSS and can convey them on all platforms.
  • For mobile apps, you are able to use jQuery,ionic mobile, which contains a variety of instant configuration codes and styles.
  • Within one month, you are able to design application and deploy them along a variety of platforms.

3. Appcelerator – This development tool provides a development platform that is high quality and very effective. Appcelerator Titanium uses JavaScript and is used to make Android and iOS applications. About sixty to ninety percent of your code is converted in a minute, which means that you get to save plenty of time. This tool also gives you the option of using a private cloud service.

4. Telerik – This application is standards-based and gives people the option of building apps for devices that include desktops, tablets and mobile, and you are able to use any approach. This platform has capacity for businesses to carry out web, local and hybrid development. Additionally, one is able to use the cloud, which quickens the development process and provides app support.

5. – This is an app builder for mobile devices that is cloud based. You can create applications for Windows, iOS and Android. This app builder is made to run using cloud technology and you are not expected to download or install anything. It is possible to use the various available plugins to add functionality, or you can create custom plugins that you can use in the various apps you create.

Though these frameworks usually evolve, leading mobile app development companies should be able to recommend the framework for your requirement. Its advisable to find their track records in these framework before initiating your app project with them.