Big Data Blunders that Weaken Your Business Innovation Efforts!

February 15, 2022
Big Data Blunders that Weaken Your Business Innovation Efforts!

Introduction: Data & its trickiness

Big data and business are some of the trickiest affairs to manage throughout the IT business process. The stakes become even higher when the giants like Gartner predict that only 20% of analytics insight will deliver business outcomes in 2022. Giant strides of advancements into the field of big data and analytics have created a smokescreen success and made it look like an article has become an indispensable part of the business process. However, it is valid for both innovators and imitators that leveraging data is the need of the hour. Still, sectors like strategic falls, low competency on skills, and lack of resources are becoming a reason of significant head towards the overall ROI of businesses that are already burdened by increasing marketing and operational costs.

What is an area of pit holes and loopholes to be plugged before unlocking an absolute value of data hair are the most common mistakes businesses are most likely to commit in 2022.

Major big data blunders to be avoided in 2022

Clouded objective and, therefore, results

It has to be clearly understood that an estimate of 60% of big data Projects Miserably fails to achieve the desired objective. However, the situation is so acute that general big data analytics companies are feeling at meeting the purposes, and that figure has gone up to 85% in the last year.

The major takeaway from this ashes out the clouded clarity at fundamentals. It should be clearly understood that a big data analytics company should precisely leverage data to solve a business problem in a predefined business scenario with multiple but realistic constraints to reach a specific objective of analytic insight or decision making in the process. Hence, it becomes clear that big data analytics companies Must look for answers only to predefined business problems or objectives that need to be met and not have wasteful insights burning precious capital, time, and efforts.

Ignored data visualization

Data visualization is like a key to unlocking the ultimate value of your data. Big data projects that continuously feed data for decision-making models and machine learning projects are only as good as the amount of data that the machine learning model can logically consume for building the right insights. Unfortunately, big data analytics companies are burning the midnight oil to collect, collate and conclude epic volumes of data which is predominantly wasteful for machine learning models targeting Optimisation or Concise decision-making models. However, leading big data analytics companies are nowadays solving the problem of incompatible but clean data for machine learning models by offering multiple optimized data visualizations of the same volume of data under a precise timeframe that may be of more transparent use.

Leveraging data only “at the moment.”

Ordinary big data analytics companies often make the mistake of only looking at the next nearest problem they may need to solve using big data analytics and machine learning models. Analyzing data for short time frames and ignoring the more extensive picture conclusions is one of the biggest reasons big data projects are miserably failing in the age when data is more valuable than crude oil. However, it may be true that data analytics companies nowadays understand the value of every data point collected from the customer, but the job is not done there. The data needs to be fully analyzed for all sorts of multifaceted business benefits that a technology company may wish to reap in 2022. The primary objective should always have conciseness Bhatt analyzing data only to find a simple answer or analytical insight might not be the best foot forward.

Pompous implementations

Another major mistake committed by big data and little companies is taking an extremist approach while planning the implementation of big data analytics projects. Both companies are conservative and hard pressing upon cost-cutting measures that can help them float their operations better. They are going all out upon the best hardware, software, and human resource infrastructure, which can lead to something big but sustainable. However, a moderate approach to building an MVP is the best foot forward because that leads to the real-time implementation of the overall big data project, which will see data for the machine learning models and be an ambient Composition of infrastructural and commercial viability.

Compromised data security

It has often been seen that ordinary big data analytics companies are ignoring big data security measures for regressive collecting, Deep-rooted data points which play around define the line of privacy rules and compliant data structures. However, this should not be the case because stringent GDPR rules and the overall set of laws in different parts of the world are capable of sabotaging big data and analytics projects that have an infinite amount of value Hidden in the future.

Isolated use of data

It is an undefeatable fact that data is best leveraged when passed through multidisciplinary pipelines and created intermingling views of the same data as visualized by deleting a scientist. For instance, a company can leverage data in sales using Alan’s analytical insights only when there are enough data points under consideration from the finance, sales, HR, and different departments of operations that become niche as per industry and the objective of a business. Starting a big data analytics project that she is data to machine learning models only to solve an atomic-sized, particular problem With isolated data points is one of the blunders of business can commit in the digital age of 2022.

Technology fixation

Big data analytics companies should be completely objective-driven and should only look to solve problems and interconnected more significant issues, ultimately leading to an overall objective being fulfilled. Unnecessary fixation around technology and investment of time, effort, and capital into spearheading the technology side of a big data and analytics project is a mistake commonly made by the perfectionist of the technologies business space. Genuine big data analytics companies will never look for any kind of technology that overpowers to intimidate the whole situation but always be driven by objectives and logic to see what made the INA is actually needed in their market.


Big data is taking an altogether different shape in the year 2022, and big data and business can be a real game-changer with actual big data and analytics companies playing a significant role like the kingmaker. Hence it is firmly established that entity is in the technology business space that are leveraging multidisciplinary data points, not keeping data isolated, and are compromising on data security are most likely to be the people of 2022 who will come out as champions making the real monetary and technological value of great human-centric use.

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