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We Do What We Do – W2S Solutions, Apps Development In Chennai, India

“Young generation and Aspirants should work for Modern India”. This was the message passed yesterday by our Prime Minister while addressing students.  It’s good to hear that we should build to revolutionize and I would like to highlight what we are facing in reality.

As W2S Solutions is an app development company, Local market is very receptive now and I could see Non-resident Indians are returning and initiating a business.  It could be Food Industry, Healthcare, Operational engineering or FinTech. I am able to sense the pattern of app development or new venture request that we get is huge comparing with a decade before.  Single Window System may help to start a business easily, however the pain point is to run a business with this Infrastructure, Taxation, executional delays and new policy implementation.

Government’s Idea towards digital India, Startup India, Swatch Bharath, Demonetization are all-great in theory, but It’s not practically implemented or thought through.  When young aspirants come up with a solution for UPI or Payment Gateway solution for mobile money transfer, financial Institutions for months keep paper work in hold.

With no clarity of why Payment Gateways are so hard in getting clearance, Entrepreneurs who invest in ecommerce and FinTech are stuck and their time and money investment is not producing any valuable outputs.  If this is introduced only to promote BHIM App and private sector App, then It should not be a public API saying it will change the way Money being exchanged here rather has to be a closed launch only for Government and Financial Institutions.  This raises the question or if you are clever enough, it proves that Government is for the Corporate and not for emerging businesses.

Demonization really hits the cash flow from Nov till March this year and it was hard for businesses that started just before that. Heavy usage of social media does not mean that the country is 100% Digital, but how digital the public sector is and how it helps Small, Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs to build their business really matters.  It is simple to open a current account for business nowadays and yes, there is a scheme that eliminates taxation for startups in first few years and Tax % is reduced to 25% from 30%.  But there should be revenue to pay taxes and business only comes with cash flow or loan offerings.  Emerging companies are ready to repay loans, but the government should come up with policies to let them access funds.

India is growing. Young talent is ready to build the future. Both statements are true. But what’s the percentage of India’s growth rate? Is this sufficient to compete against the global giants?   We know patience matters and that’s what we were taught.  Perseverance is our driving force and we’re expecting things will grow rapidly.  Till then, we say as Mr. Raghuram Rajan  “I DO WHAT I DO”.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Live Tracking Software?

The Internet –based real time vehicle tracking system enables easy and anytime tracking from anywhere, using any digital device. Making use of GPS Satellites along with mobile technology for locating your vehicles, the innovative live tracking app helps ensuring that their route, position, and logs are being updated constantly.

Obtaining complete control over vehicular movement and optimizing resources enabled by Live GPS Vehicle tracking!

Role of Live GPS Vehicle Tracking App

For any type of business organizations in the modern world, time and safe delivery are of paramount importance. With growing demand for faster and smarter delivery schedules, it is imperative that you know where your assets and vehicles are at all times. This helps you to gain control of fleet operations. Using live tracking app, it is possible to perfectly understand facts such as when and where your vehicles stopped, what was the speed of the vehicles, and duration of their travel and stop.

Tracking your vehicles on the go is made possible round the clock by using any of your preferred mobile devices. Real-time meaningful data facilitates addressing problems in real-time, while helping enhance your operations over the long term. The live tracking app provides real-time GPS tracking web-based interface.

Significance of GPS Tracking for Small Businesses

It is essential for small businesses to ensure maximum productivity for realizing the optimum value for their investment. By enabling you to control your vehicles and employees, the live tracking app helps optimizing efforts and amount spent. It provides real-time information that ensures you arrive at the perfect decisions so that loss at any stage is avoided and productivity is boosted.

Employees working away from office location such as delivery personnel, installation specialists, and construction workers can be monitored and their adherence to time and rules can be ensured using this software.

Features of the Live Tracking App

  • Accessibility with any mobile device from anywhere at anytime
  • Current GPS positioning possible in real-time
  • Tracking vehicles and ensuring their usage for authorized tasks
  • Logging employee activity and vehicle movement
  • Time and travel distance logs
  • Providing directions to facilitate selection of effective routes
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid congestion
  • Live tracking using mobile devices
  • Tracking history for the required period
  • Sharing vehicle movement with customers
  • Monitoring vehicle fuel use

Exclusive Benefits of the Live Tracking App for Small Businesses

Live tracking app helps small businesses to optimize their workforce and vehicle usage, thus enhancing their operational efficiency. Billing and payment processes can be made more efficient and delivery processes can be streamlined. Route optimization, smooth scheduling and dispatching of orders, and control over delivery management are the exclusive advantages offered by the live tracking app.

Live Tracking App enables small businesses to lower their operating costs while increasing profitability. By providing useful real-time information about your vehicles and employees, it improves the overall performance of your business.

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How Can Your Company Benefit From Delivery Management Software?

Tips to overcome financial problems and difficulties for business

Regardless of whether you run a small business, aspire to own a startup, or operate as a freelancer, getting started with a free online invoice generator is one of the powerful ways of building your business successfully online.

Significance of Online Invoice Management Tool

Online invoice lets businesses to make invoices quickly with attractive invoice templates. These invoices can be prepared, sent and paid online.  The online invoice tool may be downloaded without the need for any additional software. Freely available, the online invoice management tool enables businesses to make beautiful and customized invoices according to specific needs.

By switching to electronic invoices, you can save time for processing as well as payments, bring down costs, increase productivity, and avoid disputes. By making the process easy and accurate —that otherwise may prove difficult— the online invoice management tool gets invoicing done efficiently and quickly.

Crucial Role Played by Online Invoice Generation App in Business

Proving to be advantageous to customers as well as businesses, the online invoicing app enables enhancing productivity of the invoicing process. It helps reduce considerable man hours and unnecessary processes.

The major challenge of invoice disputes and customized billing that is facilitated by online invoice management app can significantly reduce invoice exceptions. The overall efficiency of the system is improved too. The billing challenges that reduce efficiency and add unwanted costs may be eliminated by using this.

Challenges in Invoicing

The following common challenges can be tackled effectively by prudently using an online invoice generator:

  • Long time taken for approvals and payments
  • Traditional ERP systems may prove time – consuming and have only limited functionality
  • Spreadsheets may be inadequate; they may prevent one from clearly understanding things in detail
  • Presenting financial reports may sometimes become complicated
  • Inaccurate billing may lead to customer wrath
  • Lack of visibility into payment and invoice data

A Stepping Stone for Every Business –Online Invoice Generator App!

What Makes the Online Invoice Generator Software Special?

The online invoice generator software helps businesses to overcome problems and issues by offering the following key factors:

  • It is possible to build simple invoices: Involving nothing flashy, this software is not at all complex. Invoices are expected to be thorough but simple – which is achieved by using this software.
  • Perfect layout for the invoice: providing the specific structure that users need, this software strikes a balance between completeness and simplicity.
  • Online invoicing is possible: Sending your invoice in PDF format to clients directly is possible. After completing your invoice, all you need to do is email it to clients.
  • You can have your hard copy as well: You can save the invoice to your computer and print it.

Offering robust invoicing management solutions to businesses, the online invoice generator is an affordable and great tool suitable for small businesses.

Offering to prepare a complete invoice on the spot with need for easy information filling, online invoice generator makes the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses easier.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Delivery Management Software?

Delivery is not just transfer of possession – it is the process through which a business fulfills its promise to a customer. Gaining increasing importance and attention, delivery management is inclusive of effective capturing and allotting orders, organizing, managing, and supervising your product or service.

Delivery Operation Made Easier Through Real-time tracking and dispatching orders efficiently!

Significance of Effective Delivery Management Process

There is an ever-increasing demand for delivery performance, necessitating businesses to ensure an efficient and smooth delivery process. This is where the innovative Delivery Management Software plays a crucial role by providing reliable and quick delivery and achieving customer satisfaction.

With prompt as well as scheduled deliveries forming the essence of business, there’s little wonder that delivery management software plays a vital role in modern business. Scheduled and instant deliveries are the core essentials of business; having a comprehensive delivery management system in place is the need of the hour for companies.

Role of Delivery Management Software in Modern Business

With on-demand delivery culture being the order of the day, companies have to adopt various strategies for improving their operations. The fast-paced lifestyle demands smarter, faster, and increasingly efficient work from the end of customers. There’s no better way to redesign operations and eliminate redundant processes than going in for effective and reliable delivery management management softwareDelivery Management Software facilitates enhanced operational management, faster delivery, and increased customer satisfaction. The last mile delivery success is the hardest part of any business that has the need to track fleets, employees, and delivery agents. The state-of-the-art delivery management software helps increasing the delivery efficiency by enabling determination of the most optimal route and live tracking of delivery. Overall delivery process is expedited and your productivity is increased by using delivery management software.

Benefits of the Delivery Management Software

The delivery management software helps streamline your delivery process. The following are a few of the exclusive advantages of adopting effective delivery management software:

  • Fleet tracking on real-time: Real-time movement as well as location of your drivers is possible –automatic recording of their travel time, pick up and drop locations, and distance travelled is enabled
  • Smooth allotment and managing orders is possible: Registering customers’ orders and assigning each to appropriate drivers can be done automatically – automatic analytics as well as report generation helps monitoring the performance
  • Remote management of delivery: Web-based panel allows quick and easy access to information – enabling you to manage deliveries from anywhere
  • Better communication and improved relationship with customers: It is possible to keep the customers constantly in the loop with notifications throughout the process of delivery – the link in notification redirects to the map view where the customer can LIVE TRACK the location of their order.
  • Convenient digital mode replaces manual processes: more visibility and obtaining proof of delivery provide complete control over the regular tasks – accurate algorithms available in the software helps achieve route optimization

A diligently designed and business-specifically implemented Delivery Management Software System provides several advantages such as operational efficiency, keeping customers well-informed, keeping drivers updated, and improving the overall delivery process of your company.

location based application development

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Introduction to the App market:

The application market is increasing and evolving day by day. With the recent advancements in technologies like IoT and machine learning, there is a drastic shift of businesses on scalable applications. The expansion is huge in terms of available platforms like iOS, android, windows, Linux etc. It is important to have a deep understanding of the cost related to application development if you are a potential app seller or buyer.

Costing by App Type:

Apps can be of the following types:

Standalone: These are basic applications which require no connectivity, servers or special features like a calculator application. They cost less than $5,000.

Data Consumption: These apps require a minimal connectivity and cost between $5,000 to $10,000. A typical example is a weather prediction app.

Login app costs: The apps, which require authentication range between $10,000 to $100,000. Applications like google drive are complex and have larger design cycles. An iPhone app development company usually puts a higher price tag.

Social networking app costs: Along with logins, these apps also require data-interactions, background algorithms and encryptions for security. Costing somewhere between $15,000 – $50,000, such apps are highly sophisticated and have a longer testing lifespan.

Ecommerce app costs: Ecommerce apps go a step further by the introduction of cart management and cash transactions. Established android app development companies will bill you around $20,000 – $100,000 for a high-end application.

On-demand app costs: These apps are extremely complex. They need different interfaces for service provider and various customers. They also require extensive mapping and hence the budget provided by any android or iPhone app development company for these apps fall in between $10,000 – $150,000.

IoT / hardware app costs: The development of these apps is an expensive affair. Both android app development companies and iPhone app development companies will cost you on the extremes. A $200,000 – $500,000 budget is a mere average for such apps. Home assistance, universal remote systems, smart home appliances etc all fall into this category.

Costing by App Development Companies:

There are three tiers of Android and iPhone app development companies available.

The Tier-1 companies are the market leaders, popular, bigger firms with an in-house all in one facility. These will provide you with a multitude of options in terms of designing, platforms, server types etc.  Most of the applications they build are scalable, high-end and cover a post development support for a year or more.

The tier-2 companies will be comparatively smaller agencies which can provide services at 75% of the tier-1 budget. Sometimes, the costs offered by an android app development company can even be lower than this.  These companies price usually based on social factors including their geo location, resource availability, and Infrastructure expenses. A Reliable Offshore development company shall build your app with great quality within a reasonable budget.

The tier-3 comprises of mostly freelancers. They can offer development at a cost cutting of 40-50% compared to the big player in the market.  However, Freelancing services cant be available 100% as they work somewhere and offer these services in part time. If your business can withstand a fix for an Issue for a day or two, you shall explore freelancers.

5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare

A great number of people in the modern world are carrying smartphones or other mobile devices. Mobile apps are but products that engage users and offer them various uses according to their specific needs. Mobile technology is at its peak. We are just about to view a tremendous transformation in health care sector caused by mobile apps. Health care apps have come to serve individuals and health care facilities in unprecedented ways.

How Do Mobile Apps Transform Health Care?

Improved and Quick Access to Health Care

Digitalization has removed the need for doctors and patients to be in the same geographical location. Earlier, patients living in rural areas and suffering from chronic diseases had limited access and needed to visit physicians located in far off places or in other cities – now, using mobile apps, it has become possible for physicians to decide whether a visit is necessary or health care services can be delivered virtually.

Improved Physician-Patient Engagement

Several aspects of health care such as long queues and complex procedures were discouraging patient engagement in their health care. Modern mobile apps help remove such complexities and frustrations to patients. Health care apps offer solutions that save money and time considerably

Reduced Health Care Fraud

Affecting a large number of patients and causing loss of hefty amount of money, health care fraud is an issue that has been plaguing the medical industry and patients for years. Patients were earlier unable to understand the bills fully. Now, with health care apps, it gets easier to reduce the chances of irregularities or fraud. Health care apps have a crucial role in the development of health care.

Patient Safety Can be Increased

Healthcare App Developers, through their reliable and efficient health care apps, provide patients with a tool for managing their own health care. The app takes care of several useful things such as reminding about pills, monitoring side effects, and transferring the data to providers. This increases patient safety.

Empowerment of Patients

Health care apps keep patients well-informed about their own health information and prompts them monitor certain fundamental things such as heart rate. Innovative technologies enable physicians to access information about patients’ health.

Factors That Ensure Health Care Mobile Apps Will Transform Health Care

  • Cost: Health Care Apps play a vital role in bringing down cost of care
  • Video mobile apps enable video consultation
  • Easy Access to EHR: Health care app developers are coming up with mobile apps that enable health care providers and patients to access health care records easily and quickly

Emergence of health care apps is improving the daily lives of patients. Capable of creating great opportunities, these apps are certainly going to bring change to the health care industry in a big way.

What are some things to take into consideration when building large web apps to prevent hassles in the future?

Making things a whole lot easier for users, web apps created with .net application development is gaining increased popularity. Web apps being accessible anywhere, and with capability to provide better productivity, these are the choice of businesses in the modern world.

Key Challenges While Designing Large Web Apps Using .Net Application Development

Developers normally come across the following challenges while creating high volume web apps:

  • Efficiency
    Operating services on a large scale necessitates most efficient use of hardware and software assets
  • Performance
    Performance is one of the great challenges faced by developers dealing with high-volume web apps
  • Reliability
    Systems are required to be resilient against software, hardware, and network crashes

Things to Consider While Building Large Web Apps

Web apps may be up and running, business will be getting good revenue, and users may be happy – this holds good until the business is small. When users’ level increases and the app traffic become huge, the apps may become slow. This leads to users losing interest on the app and revenue drops subsequently. For avoiding such scenario, it is essential that certain key considerations are kept in mind by developers and architects. These are listed below:

  • Responsiveness: Time taken for each operation is to be kept low – users must not be kept waiting for long to get information
  • Scalability: Large web apps are certain to get not only increased number of users system and transactions, but also increasingly more number of sessions and operations – the app must be capable of supporting this
  • Impact of Downtime: Care must be taken to ensure that downtime impact of a server/resource/service is minimal
  • Efforts toward maintenance: System must work with very little maintenance efforts – features need to render themselves to be enhanced easily
  • Availability: The system must be readily available at any given point of time
  • Performance: The system needs to function well and optimally use resources such as CPU and memory
  • Cost: Cost must be within the budget and the system must support organizational profitability

Tips for Developing a Successful Web App

  • Employ tooltips that help users – tooltips make it possible to eliminate text-heavy interfaces and facilitate users to better-explore the system
  • Sparingly using modal windows – the pop-up message box – helps users’ attention not being diverted frequently: modal windows must be designed in a way that users find these easy to use and dismiss
  • Providing status messages for each function is the best way to let users know what is happening
  • Planning ahead and having all details of the web app before starting to develop it saves you from the hardship of having to face problems later

To effectively meet the challenges of building large web apps, it is better to partner with efficient .net application development companies. Hiring reliable .net developers enables you to access wide range of modern technologies and skills; it gets you quality solutions as well.

What Tricks Make a Mobile App Addictive?

It is nothing new that most of the modern world’s population is to some extent addicted to mobile devices. If it isn’t the tablet, it’s the smartphone – technology and its wide-spread application in almost all routine activities in life and its convenience have ensured that we are dependent on mobile devices.

Role of Mobile App Development Companies in the Modern World

Offering multiple uses in unprecedented ways, the smartphone has indeed taken the information age by storm. Providing means to communicate with the world, it also serves as a source of information, as a guide to make buying decisions, efficient tool to document various processes, and a cool device for entertainment.

Surveys have proven that over half of the digital media time that users spend is dedicated to mobile apps. This means a lot to mobile app development companies and marketers – the challenge being the ability to keep users well-engaged and coming back to the apps they make. Put simply, mobile app development companies have the task of making their apps as addictive as possible.

Not all apps are equally addictive – it is in the hands of developers to make an app effective

Strategies For Making Your Mobile App Addictive

Businesses can make use of prolific design features of mobile app development by partnering with reliable mobile app development companies. They help businesses with cross platform app development. The following steps help create the most enthralling mobile apps and make them addictive to users:

  • Designing for the User Device:

Rather than designing the app based on the idea and then making it work for a device, it is better to design for the device, embracing its limitations and potentials

  • Offer Real life experience:

The success of an app depends on its being psychologically satisfying and offering intuitive experience to users – it is essential to draw from real-life interactions and objects that are familiar to audience and users

  • Instructions are not for Everybody:

All users may not read instructions – it is imperative to ensure developing the app as completely intuitive – it must offer easy understanding of what can be done with what

  • Keep Things Simple:

Keeping things simple and easy to follow will ensure that you design only what is needed – choosing simplicity over complexity is always better

  • Focus on one thing:

Great apps normally serve single-purpose and enable users to carry out functional things in their routine lives – refraining from varied gimmicks and focusing on creating an app that helps solving common problems is the way to hook your users

  • Incentives Always Help:

In addition to facilitate people do something quicker and better, enabling them to interact among themselves and rewarding them with other such features will help making your app go viral

  • Visibility along with Quality:

Quick access is what popularizes mobile apps over websites – not to forget stability, visibility, and quality that make apps sustain their grip on users

  • Identify and use a hook:

Finding a unique factor and marketing the app through it helps taking the app across the masses

Most of the population is glued to mobile devices. The onus is with developers and mobile app development companies to develop fascinating mobile apps!

Which App Development Platform Is Right For Your Business?

Mobile Apps have been found to revolutionize the way of work and personal lives of the people. Mobile apps have been developed for almost all the regular activities in the modern world, making mobile devices indispensable.

Selecting and developing the right architecture for the mobile application is one crucial decision that needs to be made before building any app.

Different Mobile App Architectures

With several technology options being available, it is possible to develop mobile apps in different ways. The three fundamental mobile architectures are native, cross-platform, and mobile web apps. With each one having its own benefits and drawbacks, carefully analyzing the app requirement plays a vital role in choosing one.

  • Native Approach: Designed for running on specific device or operating system, building an app using this approach requires you to satisfy needs related to device access, user accessibility and experience, and disconnected functionality – Android Studio in Java works fine for developing native android apps while Swift that runs on iOS devices exclusively may be considered for native iOS apps
  • Hybrid Approach: Apps built using this cross-platform approach can run on multiple mobile platforms – ideal for big enterprises, this follows development using web-based technology
  • Mobile Web Apps: Designed to run over the Internet from a central server, mobile web apps are platform independent and can reach a very large target audience in short time with little effort – only, an Internet connection is a must

How Do You Choose the Right App Development Platform?

A clear understanding of the target audience, technical weaknesses and strengths of the development platforms and long-term advantages of each of the platforms are required for choosing from among the different platforms. Android application development  and iphone app development companies are found to be the choice of a majority of the players in the modern market.

The following factors must be focused on while selecting the best mobile app development platform that suits your purpose:

  • Target Audience: The first thing you need to consider is your target audience – geographic criteria is crucial: Android application development is preferred by certain countries while iphone app development companies are favorites in others
  • Features: Consider the necessary features and user experience, compare them with each platform’s abilities – for custom development, iOS and Android solutions are better while for the ‘run-once-run-anywhere’ approach, cross-platform app development is required
  • User behavior: Depending on the OS and the country, user behavior differs – understanding where people are inclined to buy their apps and where they want freebies is important
  • Device Support: Android supports numerous devices when compared to iOS
  • Development Cost: Cost of app development is a vital factor that needs to be considered in the selection of development platform
  • User Preference: It is essential to satisfy the needs of users finally – Apple, with its upscale quality and innovations may prove expensive to Android App users who are reluctant to spend money

By having a clear understanding of key features of the app and considering factors such as target audience, budget, and timeframe, you will be able to choose the right development platform for your mobile app!

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