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Why iPhone and iPad app Development Is So Popular?

Have you been wondering which platform to build your app on? Whether your business is a startup or an already established brand, it is important to look at the best mobile app development technology before launching your app. If you are keen enough, you will notice than while the mobile app development environment is highly competitive iOS apps remain the most popular for all types of users.

Why iPhone and iPad app Development Is So Popular

Dominance of iOS Mobile Apps

From Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Find my iPhone, Instagram, iTunes, Badoo, to LINE iOS, apps dominate the mobile app landscape. If you are an avoid iPhone and iPad user, you will already have noted that these are among the most popular apps on these devices. They rank highly not only in terms of usage but also revenue. Indeed, most of these apps also rule the rest of the mobile app landscape.

If you are struggling between iOS and Android app development, it is important to talk to an experienced mobile apps development company. These experts will help demystify the mobile development platforms while also providing the necessary expertise and resources to build a highly functional iPhone or iPad app. The numbers tell it all; currently, there are over 1.2 billion apps on the Apple App store and the number keeps growing.

Why go for iPhone and iPad Mobile app Development?

The fact that over 37% of mobile visits are now coming from mobile makes it necessary to have a mobile app that will tap into these growing user numbers. To leverage these numbers, you need an app that is developed and supported using the best technology. This is one reason iPhone and iPad mobile development remains popular even against an onslaught from other mobile app platforms.

Whether you are a mobile app developer or a business owner looking for a high performance mobile app, it is important to leverage the increasing number of users on mobile.

Below are some reasons to opt for iPhone and iPad mobile app development:

  1. More paying customers: Apple offers an image of quality and trust and this is something customers are willing to pay extra money. It is no wonder then that iOS apps account for 90% of total dollars spent on mobile apps.
  2. Better user experience: For a mobile app to attain its objectives, it must guarantee a good user experience. The regulated environment on Apple’s mobile development platform always receives praise from users due to the easy to use interface. This leads to higher sales.
  3. Easy coding: There are state-of-the-art features on Xcode, which is Apple’s integrated app development environment. From the graphical interface builder, compiler-aware source editor, to syntax-aware editor, these tools allow easy coding; a dream for every app developer.
  4. The Apple brand name: The mention of Apple in the IT industrygives confidence to users. The computing hardware and software company is renowned for its high quality products and business solutions. From iPhones, tablets, wearables to high quality app development, consumers already trust this company’s solutions. Your app will thus ride on the back of such creditworthiness.

There are many other reasons making iPad and iPhone mobile app development so popular. Consider the versatility of apps, security of firmware and software, high scalability and you appreciate why iOS apps reign in the industry.

How to Boost Business ROI with iPhone App development

How to Boost Business ROI with iPhone App development?

One of the most conspicuous trends in mobile telephony today is the rapid development of iPhone apps.  Mobile apps are projected as a major trend in the next few years and the iOS platform remains the dominant area for innovation. iPhone apps are being adopted by both small and big brands to boost visibility and make engagement easier.

Tapping the Immense Value of the iPhone Brand

These apps are more convenient to users and it is no wonder the Apple app store remains the most vibrant in the industry. The fact that Apple is still a trendsetter in device innovation makes an iPhone app an important tool in contemporary business marketing. Every new release of a new iPhone or an upgrade is met with global excitement and companies are now leveraging this popularity by building apps on the iOS platform.

Since the initial launch in 2007, the iPhone remains a dominant player in the volatile Smartphone market. There are over 1 billion devices sold by 2016 with 13 different models already in the market. 395 iPhones are sold every minute and with 101 million people owning the device in the U.S alone. iPhone has a 42.9% share in the U.S Smartphone market, which highlights the advantage your brand will enjoy by investing in an iPhone app. The prevalent use of iPhones today makes an iOS app a great investment strategy.

An iPhone is not only a beautiful gadget that every user desires to own, but its cutting edge technology makes it a must have. Whether it is for personal or office use, the iPhone can serve as a digital assistant ensuring that you carry your office when on the go. By building an iPhone app for your brand, you will effectively be tapping into the popularity of the device and thus increasing your visibility.

Improving ROI with an iPhone App

While most businesses already have a mobile website, there is need to invest in iPhone app development to guarantee more visibility. With a mobile app, you are guaranteed of higher conversion because a study by Flurry in 2015 shows that 90% of Smartphone users start their online experience with an app.

From Facebook, Twitter to CNN, there are so many brands that have leveraged popularity of apps to direct traffic to their websites and increase conversion. Increased conversion is what every marketer wants and in a market that is increasingly competitive, an iPhone app will come in handy. A mobile app also boosts customer trust and loyalty because brands that are not readily available are deemed to be untrustworthy.

In essence, your iPhone app makes you easily available to your target market because your brand is always in front of the user any time they are using their device. This translates to more engagement, which ultimately boosts your ROI.

 Developing an iPhone App

There are different options to build an app for your brand. You can choose a content management system (CMS) as an avenue to build your app or hire a dedicated developer to build the app from scratch.

When building the app, ensure you understand the target audience and make an app that is easy to use. The bottom-line when building an iPhone app is to ensure it adds value to the customer’s experience.

The best practices and ensure our efforts are successful in providing a best app that adds value for your business

The best practices and ensure our efforts are successful in providing a best app that adds value for your business..

key to success


Our iPhone Apps are designed to the quality that our Customers demand. Our development team is able to convert an idea into a live App as quickly as possible. Being first to market or on the App Store can have significant impact on sustainability and long-term success – and were here to make your idea happen.

We have been recognized for our industry leading designs and development methodology that result in pixel perfect Apps. and we have given following some benefits for Clients.

Location Based App: We offer location based app, allowing to determine user’s current location by using GPS.

Cloud API Integration: We integrate your app with web service back end API. It can be a cloud API or Salesforce API or any CRMs.

In App Purchase: Integrate In app purchase feature, add-ons, subscriptions and payment gateways. Provides more convenient shopping experience!

Mobile Analytics Integration: Applying analytics to your Mobile App will have dramatic impact on your customers, loyalty, and helps to measure success of your strategy.



iPhone App Development Can Launch Entrepreneurial Success

iphone app for business

W2S Solutions iPhone applications are designed to the quality that an enterprise user demands and expects. Our expertise iPhone Apps development team shortens the development process and we know how to get an iPhone app approved in App Store.We are confident that our iPhone developers produce top notch quality apps resulting in pixel perfect award winning iPhone applications.We develop Innovative, engaging and effective mobile apps and supportive web admin panel.Enterprise AppCompanies running their businesses with Mobility solutions gain competitive advantage and top-line growth.It provides our enterprise customers the following benefits:

1.Increase product reviews by more effectively reaching and engaging with users.

2.Mobile app must be dynamic and highly engaging anchor or ‘hub’ for users.

3.Capitalizes on interactive, customer-centric Web 3.0 tools and mobile technologies.

4.Dramatically increases usage of an App by allowing clients to list milestones and let users access and achieve milestones in an exchange of a reward.

5.Fuels significant operational efficiency via robust and easy?to?use web platforms that lets admin / client to access better reporting, communicate easily with users and facilitate reward programs.

We adopt this practice in order to maintain and enhance enterprise web applications in a short span of delivery time. This helps us to be extreme responsiveness to our enterprise customers.