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A precise estimate of the cost to develop an iOS mobile app?

Rising attention, Increasing cost

Smartphones have mesmerizingly captivated the millennial generation. The major contributor is mobile applications. The era of digital transformation is convincingly ushered by an ever-increasing base of smart, vigilante smartphone users. Comparatively lower prices and all-round connectivity of Android smartphones had created a momentum, but slowly the iOS has taken up the faster lane. While the number of mobile phone and mobile phone apps users have doubled since 2011, a larger share has been contributed by iOS apps.


In a perfect set up like this, there arises a world of business opportunities with a million possibilities. The first and foremost industry directly benefited is the iOS mobile application development. Although the prices have been continuously increasing, the enthusiasm and attraction magnetized by every iOS mobile application Development Company have never slowed down.

With numerous other industries finding their way through stability, widespread use of iOS mobile apps has helped the industry transform in a particular direction of sustainable growth. Now it remains a matter of time to reap the fruit of this swiftly matured iOS mobile application development industry.

Simple Math can be Horrendous

approximate cost

It is one of the most common mistakes done by the newcomers and inexperienced enthusiasts. According to many, the overall iOS mobile application development cost is just about precisely estimating the number of hours and development and multiplying it by the market cost per hour. It has to be understood that it gives you a significant estimate of the total value for building an iOS mobile app. However, it is not a precise figure which you will be eventually shelling out.


Mobile application development needs to be though not on  a phase by phase basis but from end to end requirements. A whole thought-through project for an iOS mobile app is more likely to succeed in this dynamic trending industry. One needs to understand that there are numerous pre-and post-development budget heads which will require a substantial chunk of your budget.

In the pre-development phase, mobile applications will have a requirement of money for research and in-depth analysis by quality driven individuals. Moreover, once the conditions are fixed, the post-development phase will require you to burn cash for publicity marketing, client attraction, and active engagement.

Why can an Indian IT company do you a world of good?

The transformation witnessed in smartphone-based mobile applications isn’t localized to the Indian subcontinent. The primary drivers of the mobile-centric digital change are several European countries and a significant influence in the form of the US.

The North American region primarily constituted by the US and Canada are considered to be charging a lot more regarding per hour iOS mobile application development rate. It is seen that the rates largely vary from $75 to $250 per hour. Next on the list, western Europe or the UK centric region. This region is responding to iOS mobile application development projects with an upper bound of $175 per hour.


A little bit on the cost-effective side comes to Eastern Europe. They can charge you anything from $20 to $150 for every hour of iOS mobile application development. Surprisingly, the high-tech industry of Australia is experiencing similar pricing trends as eastern Europe.

Then comes Indian IT industry with millions of quality iOS mobile application development enthusiast. The great churning industry is welcoming projects from as low as $10 per hour and generally reach up to $80.

Which factors can shoot the cost?

iOS mobile application development is not something as simple as it looks. The client cannot just walk up to development professional or a company and ask how much you will charge on a random basis. There are many factors which are independently contributing to increasing the cost in leaps and bounds. The complexity and innovation in your requirements largely define the cost involved in the iOS mobile application development. Apart from this, there is a time material cost trade-off. In simpler words, if you need your mobile application to be developed in lesser turnaround time, you can expect your overall cost to shoot up by 15 to 20%.

Another significant aspect which is the reason for your increased cost is the development approach taken. In today’s world where most mobile applications are into changing their path with a typical product life-cycle management program, the prices ought to increase. In a scenario like this, there lies a dire need of techniques like wireframing, visual designing and prototyping which can take up anything between 80 to 200 extra hours in your development plan.

The tech side

Peeping through a developers perspective, the solution architect needs to configure the overall process for an optimized iOS mobile application development cost. The primary time and cost consuming activities while developing the mobile application are things like third-party integration, IOT interfaces, complicated access pacifiers, and back-end functionality development. It all collectively ranges to increase your cost by numerous folds.

Startups, their funding, and the overall development cost

The Indian IT and smartphone application industry are flourishing without a doubt. At the same time, there are some threads connected to the Indian start-up ecosystem which is being pulled up by mobile apps. The boom of the start-up industry has got angel investment and venture capitalism in trend. While there is numerous funding news now and then, only full analysis can tell you that the overall financing raised, has only a slim portion of it involved in the mobile application development. Thus, there we put up a working example of how the numbers of funding are far from what it costs for building a first iOS mobile application.

The larger than life difference says a lot about the investment in strategy, research and innovation-driven operations.

Let’s wrap up

The Indian IT industry has wholeheartedly welcomed Mobile phone application development. It might not seem so apparent with the naked eye, but this has some serious and strengthened strings attached with the start-up industry and the SaaS companies. Mobile application development is not as apparent as it might look. A lot of direct and indirect variables are involved in the equation of iOS mobile application development cost. It requires an experienced solution architect to draft the budget and then choose the right iOS mobile application development company.

looking ios app development company

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Major Challenges that iOS Developers Encounter with Latest Development Trends

The iPhones first came into the market in June 2007 and they have caused a huge change in the mobile industry. With the iPhone, came the iOS, which is an operating system that has now been put on a variety of products including iPods and iPads. As an iPhone Apps development company, we summarize the challenges faced when It comes for iPhone Apps development. It can’t be conveyed as hard stop challenges as these are made to increase User experience design, security and niche presentation offered by iPhone apps which is a cool differentiator between iOS and Open source app development technologies.

1. User experience design.

Fashion and design will change frequently and this will affect your app. The apps have evolved significantly since their first release. From the material to the design, you will notice that your audience is interested in better and unique designs.

2. Compatibility with apps.

The app developer will find it easier to battle with compatibility, but the path is not as simple as it sounds. First, you have to find out the definite versions of the iOS the application will support. If you adopt newer versions, you will bring in more users. It is also important that the apps are compatible with gadgets, such as iPods and iPads.

3. Getting an approval from the iOS App Store.

This has to be among the top challenges that iOS developers encounter with the latest trends. Once you develop an app, you cannot release it instantly. You need the approval of the Apple’s App store, which has set some rules to prevent you from going over the line. The rules keep changing and it is important to remain up to date.

4. Limited storage and memory.

Some apps consume a lot of memory if the devices they are installed on have limited storage. These apps may discourage users from installing them. To avoid this, the developer has to take into consideration some of the demands of the app such as consumption of memory.

5. Security of the app.

The security of the mobile application is very important. You should never miss it at any point while developing the app. If the data is not encrypted, the data can be breeched. For you to prevent your app from being hacked, you need to build a very strong security layer.

6. App copycats.

This happens mostly in gaming apps. It happens where you develop an app but later on you come to realize that someone else is using the exact same ideas for their app. This will happen if your app becomes popular and it can be frustrating. To avoid these copycats, always ensure that your techniques and tactics keep changing.

7. Internet speed.

Though the speed of the internet is not a big issue, it can raise concerns when it comes to video download and other live stream services that may require the internet. If you have an app that requires the internet, you can adjust the quality of the video so as to reduce the consumption of data.

8. Beta Testing.

You must test whether your app is functioning properly. It helps you see if there are any problems and in the removal of bugs if there are any.

Are you Interested in knowing more about how these challenges can be resolved and how a great iOS app can be built. Apps development is our main offering and we are strong in building an app that solves these challenges. Reach out to us to discuss further. Also, if you have a different approach in app development, let us know and love to hear.

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