Getting Started with Enterprise Software Development as a Core Essential for your business

July 14, 2022
Getting Started with Enterprise Software Development as a Core Essential for your business

Table of Contents:

1. What’s All about Enterprise Software Development?
2. Why Enterprise software development is more important than regular software development?
3. Some Typical Characteristics of Enterprise Software Development

  • It creates greater visibility into the business
  • It’s quite scalable as you expand
  • Streamlines processes & operations

4. Different Types of Enterprise Software Solutions
5. Reasons to Choose W2S Solutions As Your Ideal Enterprise Software Development Partner

The more your business and operation grow, the more your requirements in software applications excel.

As businesses transform, the need for optimization and continuous analysis impacts the overall productivity of the organizations. Developing new strategies such as automation helps to improve your bottom line and the workflow of the organization. These transformations are applicable through the development of custom enterprise software.

According to a report, the enterprise software segment is expected to grow at the volume of US $347.30bn by 2027.

Enterprise software development is solely meant to satisfy the organizations’ overall needs of SaaS or App development infrastructure. Before understanding the importance of enterprise software for businesses, let’s begin with the basics of it.

What’s All about Enterprise Software Development?

Enterprise Software Development is the process of creating applications, tools, and systems dedicated to an enterprise organization to run businesses remotely. ESD is a multi-disciplinary approach that includes BI (Business Intelligence), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounting, etc.

Companies offering enterprise software development services majorly focus on empowering workflow optimizations, support, and enterprise collaboration between employees. With enterprise software development, enterprises can execute a bunch of functionalities;

          –> Empowers centralized management of important tasks that involve several teams in the management.
          –> Automating a wide range of tasks such as reporting, and tracking.
          –> It helps to keep track of the overall performance of tasking, and tracking tools.

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Why Enterprise software development is more important than regular software development?

“The end consumer of an enterprise software development is organizations and end-user of general software development is solely an individual.”

These two software development categories are aimed to deliver ideal services to achieve goals and tailor-made configurations. Enterprise software development services that support various integrations, configurations of business units, performance, and architecture are open-ended. Let’s take a look at the different aspects that differentiates enterprise and regular software development.

Aspects Regular Software Development Enterprise Software Development
Based on security The regular software development environment collects sensitive user information and protects with limited security protocols such as two-factor authentication, captcha, and occasional threat alerts. This set of security protocols is sufficient enough to protect general-consumer-based purpose apps. Typical data leaks or a breach in enterprise software leads to severe risks for the entire organization. So enterprise software development companies urge to equipt multi-layered security functionalities, firewalls, and user data access to tighten cybersecurity.
In Terms of Architecture Software built for regular consumers will be lightweight in terms of interface, functionality, and integrations extended. The software or apps that are built on normal phase comes with simple architecture mostly focused on certain goals such as communication, entertainment, content-sharing, etc. Enterprise software or products are usually built on a multi-facet structure integrated with a wide range of tools and systems. The architecture used is modern, scalable, and holds the opportunity to grow your in-house capability. This software is mostly custom-made specifically designed for certain operations within the organizations.
In Terms of Cost Building a regular and premium consumer-based software or application is pretty easy in today’s development environment. There are hundreds of template editors and interfaces available in the market with drag-and-drop facilities to build a custom application. These applications can be built with minimal investment and require quite extended investment and infrastructure if targetted for mass commercial distribution. Enterprise software that needs custom configuration and specification requires substantial investment into activities like customization, migration, and a wide range of services required. The cost of enterprise software development is based on a number of the dev team, architecture team, infrastructure, solution, and different integration tools.
In Terms of Format & Performance Regular software development includes a common-purpose software solution that is familiar and accessible to a wide range of users. These kinds of software range from healthcare, and games, to social apps. Most commonly built apps are optimized for specific target and operation that fits today’s environment across all platforms. Enterprise software design and development caters to different platforms such as ERP, PaaS, CRM, and SaaS in order to deliver automation and optimization of operations. A specialized software solution must be smooth and performance-oriented across all platforms to empower work efficiency.

Some Typical Characteristics of Enterprise Software Development

  • It creates greater visibility into the business

With enterprise software development, you don’t need to pull out reports, build spreadsheets or categorize data to understand the performance of the software in real-time. The enterprise software is built to act as a whole package to serve the entire organization in different areas like sales, marketing, manufacturing, business intelligence, and more.

  • It’s quite scalable as you expand

No matter the size of the business, you can expand your operation, workflow, and efficiency with custom enterprise software developments. It also helps to forecast future business growth and also can be adaptable based on technological growth.

  • Streamlines processes & operations

The enterprise software development services offer a competitive advantage over processes and the ability to forecast the future predictability of operations. The custom enterprise software applications help to standardize the organizations’ efficiency and operations.

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Different Types of Enterprise Software Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing & Sales Automation Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Developing and launching a brand new enterprise software application is a complex task, but through collaboration with a renowned solution provider is applicable. A custom system makes the objective of enterprises easy and accessible. Such good things (custom software development) offer a competitive advantage to your business and are in huge demand. This is where W2S Solutions comes into play. Being a leading enterprise digital transformation company in the market for more than a decade, we offer custom enterprise software development opportunities across all verticals, platforms, and systems to global customers.

Reasons to Choose W2S Solutions As Your Ideal Enterprise Software Development Partner

          –>  We’ve served enterprise software development projects across major industries like automotive, healthcare, education, electronics, and more.

          –>  Holds 55+ A-level tech titans experienced with top-notch technologies such as AWS, NetSuite, Big data, etc.

          –>  We follow a result-driven and business-oriented approach to delivering custom software development based on requirements.