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The Ultimate List of The Best Mobile APP Development Tools – Infographics

Tools play an important role in building a vision to an App. We found a great article in AppInstitute and Its highlighted here the best tools to be used.

Wireframes Design
App Development
App Testing
App Analytics

We call them as App life cycle: App Analysis – UX Design – Development and Testing and Analytics. It’s explained in detail in our Traditional development approach will not work and mobile App development requires a unique development approach. This Infographics provides the best tools available in the market. If you are using any of these, Let us know your thoughts.

Mobile App Development Tools

Why W2S is an Enterprise Apps Development Company

There are currently more than 1.9 billion smartphone users worldwide. This number is set to increase to over 6.1 billion globally by 2020. It is therefore not difficult to understand why more people are relying on mobile devices to access information on the internet.

Enterprise App

According to Stat Counter Global Stats, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has already surpassed desktop usage. The research company found that slightly over 51% of internet use was over mobile devices in October 2016.

If you’re selling a product or service and haven’t developed an online strategy for mobile, you’re missing out on a large segment of your target market.

The Right Fit

Having a mobile app makes you more accessible to your customers. However, not just any app will do. There are currently more than 2.2 million apps on Google Play and over 2 million on Apple’s App Store. Other popular platforms such as Amazon App store and Blackberry World also feature over 200,000 apps each. Only a few of these apps are successful with their target audience.

It is therefore important to take the time to build a successful app. This is possible if you have a great enterprise apps development company like W2S supporting you. There are many reasons why this company is one of the best enterprise apps development company available:

  • W2S Solutions provides customer focused solutions

It doesn’t matter whether your app is the pretty packs thousands of features. The bottom line is that it should meet your customers’ needs. This is the reason W2S Solutions enterprise apps are so successful. They are designed with the end users in mind.


It can be hard finding a suitable spa in your area. Making appointments at your favorite spa can also be a tedious and time consuming process. No one wants to be put on hold while making a call or have to wait in line for the next available message therapist.

mSpa makes it easier for customers to interact with Spas. The app is designed to help spa owners and customers interact more easily. Customers can book appointments online in a matter of seconds. Spa owners also get the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer by providing details on their services, offers, location and other information.

This app was designed with the end users in mind i.e. spa owners and customers.

  • The company relies on industry experts

Making an app that meets the needs of customers requires an in depth understanding of the industry and the customers. W2S developers rely on the assistance of industry experts throughout the development of the apps.

My HSA is a great example of collaboration between industry experts and developers. The app makes it easy for brokers, providers, MGAS and TPAs to create online platforms through which employees can make claims. The solution is SaaS based. Its user friendly interface helps users overcome the difficulty of using traditional software.

  • Leverages the best and latest technology

Technology keeps changing and it’s important to keep up with the times. The W2S team keeps on top of technological trends to ensure that users are provided with the best experience possible.

Goodpin is a great example of an app that was developed using state-of-the-art technology. The app is designed to allow people to make charitable donations online. The app detects the donor’s current location and provides them with a list of promotions and charities nearby. Users can make payments to the charity of their choice via the Stripe payment gateway. The app also features social media integrations.

  • Offers innovative solutions

It is important to work with a team that can help your target market with a unique approach to meeting their needs. W2S’s team will help you do just that. The team will provide you with innovative solutions for everyday tasks.

Airsheets is an app that exemplifies innovation. The W2S team reinvented accounting and timesheet software for It’s Calgary based customer.  The tool is designed to help corporates manage projects, clients, financials and employees more effectively. Employees can easily enter their timesheets and clients can invoice for the timesheets. There are no backlogs with this app.

  • Offers flexible solutions

When developing a solution, it’s important to consider the future of the company. It’s therefore important to cater for changes such as growth. The W2S team takes all these factors into consideration. The Card 2 Contact app is a great example of this.

The app allows of better business collaboration. It also enables businesses to identify leads and areas for growth. The app is flexible enough to grow with businesses making it ideal for startups and more established companies.

Digital Transformation Partner:

Everyone is going digital nowadays and if your enterprise still deals with Jobs, paper based forms, you will have to check The Lost Paper. It’s a web and iPad App designed by W2S Solutions, It helps Small and Medium Enterprises to convert all their forms into digital by designing it from Web and access from App immediately.  As a Technology partner, W2S Solutions envisioned the future in this project and the app is capable to manage employees, jobs, and dynamic forms, capture Geo location, Reporting and data analysis.

The right enterprise apps development company is able to meet your needs as well as those of your target audience. Take your time to compare what different companies offer to make an informed choice.


Why Enterprises Should Build an Android App

As apps have become more popular and even more necessary over the past five years, the question for businesses is which platform to build their apps for. The choice of which platform to build for comes down to what your goals are for your app and the resources you have available to you.Benefits of Android App Development

Consider the Numbers

Android is the largest mobile platform today. The open source Linux-based platform was launched in 2007 and purchased by Google shortly after. The operating system has since taken the mobile industry by storm.

The fact that the operating system is open source makes it an affordable choice for device makers and developers. Developers are able to tweak it and adopt it for use in just about any device. This is one of the main reasons that the operating system has been used in millions of devices globally. Android smartphones outsold Apple iPhones four to one today.

Top 6 Benefits of Building an Android App

If you’re considering whether to build an enterprise app for Android or iOS, you should consider the following benefits of building an Android app.

  1. Higher return on investment

When considering the development of an enterprise app for android, you can break down your costs into three major stages i.e.

  • Development of the application
  • Testing
  • Deployment on Android.

There are over 2 million apps on Google Play and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the return of investment on these apps. Android is not only open source but also provides its Software Development Kit for free to the developer community. Developers therefore don’t have to spend money acquiring licenses and many learn how to develop apps much faster.

  1. Android is Open Source

One of the biggest benefits of building an android app is that android is open source. This means that you don’t have to deal with the cost of obtaining licenses or royalties. It also means that you will have access to the best technology framework from the Android community. You will be in the know when there are upcoming expansions and developments for Android. This results in faster development and even greater opportunities for businesses.

  1. Target a larger demographic

Android is the most popular platform globally. If you’re building an enterprise app with the aim of targeting a large population and a broader demographic, you can’t go wrong with Android.

Android users come from all walks of life. They are also widely distributed globally. iOS users are usually from higher income segments of society. Affordability of an iOS device for employees in an organization is higher than Android device.

While many of these characteristics are shared with Android users, the population that uses Android is not only larger but more diverse.

  1. Easy integration

Businesses benefit a lot from the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics. The data collected from these tools helps businesses improve their apps and take advantage of opportunities they would otherwise not be aware of.

Android allows for greater customization. This in turn allows for a greater level of integration. You can tweak the platform to suit your specific business needs.

  1. Multiple channels

If you’ve been keeping track of mobile app trends, you may have noticed that third-party platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike other popular platforms, Android apps don’t have to be deployed on Google Play. They can be deployed on various other sales channels. You therefore have more options when it comes to determining your approach to the market. You choose how to promote your app and where you can reach your end users from. No other platform offers such great flexibility.

  1. It’s easy to adopt

Java is the programming language used for scripting Android applications. Any developer will tell you that adapting script code for an app in Android is easier than compared to adopting it for iOS or other platforms. This means Android apps development is easy, but you have to make sure they are experts in building web and mobile apps.

In conclusion

Enterprise apps are designed to help businesses operate with greater efficiency. With the right app, your business can reach greater heights. If this is your aim for your app, then android is your best option. Be sure to find a web and mobile app development company that can deliver high quality results at a reasonable price. Building an app for android will give you access to a much larger market than you can possibly imagine.