Why emotionally intelligent AI is the way forward for chatbots?

April 15, 2021
Why emotionally intelligent AI is the way forward for chatbots?

We are in an era where texting and chatting have become an integrated part of our daily lives. These days most people aren’t much interested in picking the calls to speak and rather prefer texting. The convenience of mobile communication has greatly increased with text messaging.

For this major reason, marketers are running behind the messaging platforms to enhance communication channels for sales and customer service processes. It is crucial to retain existing customers and also grab new customers easily with this new service.

As a result of this, Chatbots have become the most popular ones to reach their audience and scale their business. In this blog, we have discussed the importance of chatbots in the industry. 

How Chatbots are transforming businesses?

Chatbots are taking the world to a  new stage. In the year 2017, these chatbots became prevalent and were termed as a popular marketing tool to get in touch with their audience. If you consider companies such as United Airlines, Pizza Hut, Patron have implemented Chatbots on social media to offer customer service issues or help customers in providing the information they are seeking for!

For instance, United Airlines has named its chatbot “Auto Pilot” for looking up your flight status without leaving social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This has attracted numerous customers to get to know about their queries within seconds. 

Chatbots work great for simple or transactional requests since they eliminate the boundaries of apps and websites. With Chatbots Services, it becomes easy to market their product and also grab the required customer details as well. 

A survey by Tenor states, the world’s largest GIF sharing platform, there is an increasing amount of Texters that expect better ways to express emotion. The survey stated that 7 out of 10 Americans (71%) use visual expressions such as emojis, stickers, or GIFs when texting. 

The survey also stated that texters are using GIFs, and emojis, to express a robust range of emotions in their messaging:

  • 28% of women use these factors to express their frustration or emotions when compared to 16% of men.
  • 26% of men use them to express their anger when compared to 17% of men. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the reason behind Chatbot development. This reaction-based technology is responsible for popular applications such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistants. The above-based AI technology is now termed “Emotional Intelligence”.                                                                 

It is always good when someone understands us and our emotions. Similar to people, imagine a machine recognizing your mood and reacts accordingly. You feel great right?! Yes, this is what Chatbots and AI are here to do!

So far, Chatbots weren’t prepared to handle and respond to user’s feelings due to the lack of emotional intelligence. It is one of the most anticipated inventions which everyone is looking for. A few AI Companies have launched Emotionally Intelligent Chatbots. 

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What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of individuals to understand their own and other’s feelings, distinguish between various emotions such as frustration, happiness, angry, etc and label them correctly and use the emotional information to guide behavior and thinking or adjusting emotions in order to adapt environmental or business goals.

AI-based emotional intelligence chatbots are performing the same activities on behalf of humans. EI detects the emotional content and responds to the feelings appropriately during the chatbot’s conversation.              

Integration of EI into AI-based Chatbots revolutionizes our communication pattern. Moreover, it improves the way organizations interact with customers by receiving and delivering them sophisticated inputs.    

Modern Techniques for Smart Organizations with EI Chatbots:

Usage of AI-enabled Chatbots is becoming common nowadays for organizations. It boosts up the capabilities of sales, support, technical, or operational staff by enabling them to recognize consumer’s emotional state regarding the product and respond gracefully.  

Here are the factors which EI Chatbots can offer:

  • Personalized Interaction

Alexa and Siri are the latest and popular Chatbots which companies are using. However, EI Chatbots are here to provide the next-level interface which these popular bots were lacking. Organizations can improve the ability to share information, collaborate with external and internal resources, and address the needs of consumers even before they state!

EI Chatbots can gather data with various types of emotional responses, understand the specific needs of the users, and respond to them with Emotional Intelligence. Sales and support staff can use Chatbots to have a brief knowledge of the customer requirements and offer them the desired solution.

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  • Figuring & Mapping out the expression

There are a few machine learning algorithms like Affectiva’s first computer that allows the organization to recognize and learn consumer’s emotions using a camera or webcam. It helps in identifying consumer’s expressions as well as facial features and maps them into relevant emotions like anger, surprise, sadness, etc.

  • Instant Customer Services

These chatbots are a robust platform to interact with customers. They can easily and quickly share the complaint/ or other information about their product and get relevant answers for their concerns and settle the dispute. In the case of a customer dispute, the EI chatbots remain inevitable and cater to the clients with the perfect solution.

By applying advanced intelligence, they instantly work on the customer’s concern and deliver the best as well as the long-lasting solution. Hence, enterprises can provide greater customer service without human intervention and errors.

  • Rapid problem solving

EI-based chatbots are good problem solvers not only because of coming up with data-supported results for issues but also responsible for providing customizable solutions as per the emotional presence of the users. Added, they are helpful in identifying possible opportunities in sorting out their customer’s queries easily.

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  • Greater Efficiency

Emotionally intelligent Chatbots perform all types of tasks that a professional can do. But the advantage here is, they won’t require frequent breaks to perform them. Chatbots can handle their daily routine tasks along with data analysis and customer service parallelly. Thus, employees of the organization can perform their own tasks without any intervention. These combined benefits can increase the efficiency of an organization. 


Introducing EI Chatbots in the business will help companies to address the inefficiencies of phone centers. AI-supported EI facilitates endless growth opportunities by improving speed, efficiency, and accuracy. 

We being one of the Digital Transformation Companies understand the importance of EI-based chatbots and help companies in implementing them hassle-free. If you are one such organization looking for AI-based solutions, we can assist you. 

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