Business Benefits of IoT Technology in Automobile sectors

September 21, 2020
Business Benefits of IoT Technology in Automobile sectors

The Internet of Things has taken the world to a new phase. As the name suggests, this technology connects the devices over the network. These sensors can easily track the required information and send them to the desired devices. Most of the industries have adopted this technology and tracked various information with just a single click. By the end of this year 2020, it is expected that there will be more than 20 billion IoT devices will come for usage. There are multiple benefits by implementing IoT for businesses, here are a few:

  • Enhances business processes.
  • Cuts off unwanted expenses or losses.
  • Increases the speed of operations.
  • Improves the working environment.

In particular, we have discussed the major business benefits of IoT in Automobile sectors for their business activities.

Role of IoT in Automotive Sectors:

Not to wonder, the existence of IoT started along with the emergence of the Internet. It was in 1994, computer diagnostic system is embedded with cars and in the year 2000, a USB protocol and Bluetooth strategies were connected to them.

Additionally, the estimated amount of money invested in Automotive IoT is estimated to reach around $740 billion in 2025. Similarly, within the same year, all the new car models are expected to be connected over the network.

Being rated as one of the best IT consulting companieswe have discussed the major ways how IoT is playing a great role in Automotive Sectors:

1. Smart Driving Infrastructure 

With Cars integrated with IoT, there are dozens of benefits, not just with cars and management, but also with the external infrastructure. It includes roads and the environment which is connected to the common network.      

Here are the benefits of connecting cities and vehicles with IoT Technology:

  • Prevents Traffic Jams and congestion.
  • Provides Optimized Route.
  • Efficient Road Lightning.
  • Smart Vehicles Parking Management.
  • Network Charging Stations.
  • Proper Energy Management. 

With the Smart City implementation, the government can enhance the security and safety of the people. Additionally, it also increases the efficiency of the resources and is cost-effective for corporations. 

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2. Car and Smartphone Integration

By integrating Cars and Smartphones through the Internet of Things.  In particular, while they are combined, here are the following things which can happen:

  • Real-Time Monitoring

This technology enables one to exchange data between car manufacturers and owners.  Additionally, if any decisions or information has to be sent, IoT allows one to do so. Thereby, it speeds up the maintenance and production process of Automotive businesses. 

  • Data Insights Maintenance

Since the owner and manufacturer are connected already, the manufacture can lively track the performance of the vehicle and provide suggestions for any upgrades if needed. All these data are transferred under a single network instantly. 

  • Predict and Maintain

The integrated sensors can predict for technical faults or current conditions and provides feedback to the user. With these insights, the user can make the alterations accordingly. It can also prevent any emergency cases to happen and resolves the problem. 

  • Driver’s Status Tracking

IoT can also detect the style of driving by drivers and stores the information. With these collected data, one can make the required predictions & actions enhance the safety if needed. In addition to this, insurance companies can calculate the cost of people’s insurance.

There are automotive suppliers which can detect the following things from the driver on integrating IoT to their vehicles:

  • Driver’s Heart rate.
  • Breathing Rhythm.
  • Eye Gaze.
  • Facial Expression.
  • Body Movements.
  • Temperature.

And much more. Thus, depending on these data, one can detect if the driver needs some rest or can proceed further. There are special bod monitoring sensors available in the market, which can be integrated here for tracking these data. They are mostly connected to the cars in the seats and seat belts for complete monitoring. 

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  • Security & Safety

There are also some external sensors embedded into the cars which can be beneficial for drivers. They have rear-view cameras and proximity sensors which can detect and find the exact location for vehicle parking, and provides easy driving. 

Drivers are also protected with these advanced sensors which can monitor the traffic pattern and make sure the environment is suitable for driving safely. If in case there are a huge number of cars on road, IoT can avoid collisions and prevent the occurrence. 

  • Communicate between the Vehicles   

By integrating sensors on the vehicles, communication between them becomes easier. The major benefit of this is the prevention of accidents. Since vehicles share the data such as Speed, Location, the route, etc. 

If in case there is some emergency case, the respected drivers would get alerts on the situation or the system will take precautions such as slowing down the car which can prevent a collision, choosing the secondary route, etc.  

  • In-Vehicle Entertainment 

Smart applications can also be integrated with cars for easy navigation and entertainment. Google has integrated apps such as Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google Assistant, etc to make the driving more intuitive. 

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Future Tech in Automobile Industry:

In the upcoming years, we can expect the following things:

  • More Fuel Efficient Rides.

By adopting newer technologies, we can expect the vehicles to come up with fully efficient rides.  

  • Self-Driving Technology.
  • Car As A Service. 


IoT is going to be the never-ending technology that is going to enhance and safeguard the businesses.  We understand the importance of new technologies and assist businesses by implementing them. As one of the top digital transformation companies, we have ample amount of experience and can deliver you with customized IoT solutions for the Automotive sectors. 

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