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4 Essential Features Required in Form Automation Tools

Are you still running on a paper based system? Many businesses that shift to an automated system find that productivity and efficiency is increased. This in turn increases the profit margins of the business. If you want to see the same benefits in your business, then you should make the shift as soon as possible.

Dynamic Form

Which Tool Should You Choose

When making the switch to automated processes, you will encounter various tools. It can be difficult to identify the best tool for you. The following are some factors to consider when choosing the right software tool to use.

  1. Simplicity

This is one of the first things to consider. If want employees to be able to fill out forms on their own, then the tool should be simple enough for everyone to be able to use it. You should therefore choose a tool that is user friendly.

A simple and straightforward tool will be easy for employees to learn how to use. This will mean spending less time and money on the training and transitioning processes. Even new hires ought to be able to get a hang of using the software quickly.

  1. The capabilities

You should also consider the features that the tool has. What capabilities does it offer and can it meet your needs?

Pay special attention to the product features and take note of what different tools offer in terms of capabilities. Choose a tool that will offer you the greatest level of capabilities and meet your needs. Consider options for scaling up and down to meet the needs of your business at different times.

Make sure the tool has iPhone and Android application to allow mobile users utilize it well.

  1. Cost

As a business, it is important to do what you can to cut down on operational costs. It is therefore important to ensure that you choose a tool that you can afford. Consider the different pricing models available in the market including subscription or ownership. Which will be most affordable for you?

  1. Customization

While a tool may not appear to offer all the features you want upfront, you may be able to get what you want through customization. Customizable tools offer you greater flexibility to design forms to suit your preferences.

Examine the tool to see how simple it is to add fields, tables and other features for customization that you need. Does it require you to write some code or do you need to invest in expensive add-ons? Choose a product built by any apps development company where they can help you to customize and  adjust to your needs quickly.

These are just a few features to consider. They are a great starting point when choosing a tool for automation of workflow. If you are looking for a similar tool, Our IT team is here to help you.

How to hire a Chief Technology Officer for your business?

How to hire a Chief Technology Officer for your business?

I was recently asked to provide a Job Description to hire a CTO.  It can’t be given over the phone and I thought its good to write more.

Not every great idea is actually successful when it makes to the market. This is where a CTO comes in. A Chief Technology Officer can help make the difference between an Innovation app or just an app sits in the shelf.

Hire CTO

What a CTO does?

It is challenging to find a technology entrepreneur who understands the world of business. Many entrepreneurs will believe their product or idea will be the best gift to humanity, but fail to develop a successful IT strategy for the long term success of their company. A CTO’s primary task is to ensure that the IT strategy for your idea will serve your company’s business strategy.

  • They help with technical design and platform selection

Do you have the tools and resources to bring your idea to life? Your CTO will guide you on the best path to take in order to provide the best design that your customers will be able to appreciate and afford. They’ll help ensure that team remains in check to ensure that your plans remain viable.

  • They see the bigger picture

You may think your idea is the greatest thing that everyone’s been looking for and market is investing Millions surrounding your Industry. It really helps to have someone who keeps things in perspective and look at the bigger picture.

The CTO keeps the capabilities of your technology and what it lacks in the forefront of their mind. They know what it can and cannot deliver. They understand your idea from what is written to what isn’t. They know its architecture and what it will take to bring it to life.

  • They’ll help you see options

CTOs are able to see the potential in an idea and help steer its development. When everyone else is tempted to say no or ‘we can’t, CTOs will see the possibilities and help everyone see them too. They’ll determine what needs to be done to achieve these new possibilities and how much it would cost. They’ll help you determine which option is dangerous and which would be worth considering.

  • Budget

They will help to manage IT spending by choosing wise options. Once you are famous and your Idea is wisely implemented, Cyber attack is an area to focus more.  Providing a cyber security to your app is similar as securing your country’s border. You would not know the pressure, heat till you were in CTO’s shoes.

How to Hire a CTO for your Startup?

Some startups need a CTO early in the development process. Others can go without a CTO for some time. Whatever stage you are in development, Learning how to find a good CTO will come in handy whether you want to hire one now or later on.

The following are some essential tips for finding a great CTO.

  • Define the requirements and job description for your CTO

You need to determine what type of person would be best suited for the role. Some characteristics that make a good CTO include:

  1. Experience

You’ll want to work with someone who has been down this path before and been successful.  They must have built SaaS based Enterprise applications and successfully launched it.

  1. Openness to new approaches

You’ll want to have a CTO that seeks to understand different approaches. You won’t want a person who thinks they know all and won’t want to even consider a new approach to a subject.

  1. Looking to advance their career

The candidate should see the CTO position as a stepping-stone in building up their career. They should be hungry. They should really want to take on the role of CTO.

  1. Familiar with variety of technologies

Avoid anyone who says they can only code in one language. The technology landscape is changing fast and you’ll need someone who can handle different technologies such as Web and Mobile applications development in order to ensure that your product remains relevant.

  1. Willing to wear multiple hats

Your CTO won’t be coding all the time. They’ll have to be able to carry out various tasks. It is therefore important to hire an individual who understands this.  Nowadays they will have to know about cloud computing, server administration, cyber security, and do competitor analysis. Having hybrid skillset including business and IT is a great asset.

Your CTO should have the right technical skills. They should also have the right soft skills. Decide what soft skills are important to your company e.g. motivation, mentoring, integrity or patience to stay with you. They should fit in with your company’s culture. Though everyone works to make money, but you cant enforce a CTO to just work for cash / equity unless if there is no real bond and love your idea.

CTOs come in all types. Some are technical wizards while others are visionaries. You’ll need to identify what you need in order to find the one that suits your company’s needs. Whatever it is, Trust will be the main factor moving further to have a successful relationship.

Let us know if you are looking for a CTO and best of luck!




5 Tips for Android App Development


65 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play Store in 2015 and by 2018, mobile app development sector will employ close to 5 million people –isn’t that huge.107.7 million Android users alone in US and growing exponentially, Apps are the secret ingredients that make smartphones a delight to use. Whether you want to send a document to a colleague or want to make a payment to your grocer or pay your smartphone bill, you can be assured there exists an app that has evolved over time for all these purposes. Entrepreneurs are focussed on developing mobile-friendly versions of their business websites to create apps which can add an extra feather to their cap, however doing so is easier said than done.

Android App development


With so many mobile app development tools and several cost effective ways, android apps development has become a competitive market.If you are an Entrepreneur or someone who wants to become one, you will undoubtedly want to build a web or mobile app that is flooded with amazing reviews and hundreds of thousands of customers using it.An integral part of why a software does or does not blast-off is its simplicity and usability.

Of the 2.2+ million android applications available to users, there are many that suffer from lack of attention and few downloads. The next question that comes to the mind is – How can I create an amazing android app for my business? This blog post will cover some great tips for creating apps that help entrepreneurs in their endeavours to build an amazing IT solution.

  • Listen to User Input and Test it with Real Users before Launch

Perfection of a mobile app is in the eye of the user and making a perfect one is hard. Users love when smartphone app developers take their feedback seriously and apply their input in making an ultimate one. Developers should pay attention to the reviews on the App stores and build a user community for the mobile app. Only if users are happy with the way you welcome feedback and implement, they will continue using it.Also, you get access to large community of people who are proactive in making itbetter. Make sure you act upon users feedback.

Test the various features with Beta customers before going live. Doing so will help you get rid of any problems before reaching the global market. You can also request to users to provide your mobile a 5 star rating if they love it.

  • Efficiency is the key to Success

Ensure your app is optimized for efficiency in terms of data, speed and size.

Optimize your app because the size and speed of your mobile app can be the ice breaker. Do not use unwanted memory space or data. As developers, they should focus on creating an  app with rich end user experience on mobile which is on par with the speed and reliability of a desktop or laptop. Factors like network efficiency, cross app interactions, render times. Frames per second for video, a vital role in enhancing the efficiency.

  • Guidelines should be followed to design a fantastic mobile app.

Google and Apple provides a predefined set of guidelines that every skilled and intelligent mobile apps developer must follow closely. For instance, one of the UI elements mentioned in Google guidelines is to have a set of navigational drawer. Now this has become common in the best apps.

  • Keep Up with the Emerging Trends

You cannot ignore the emerging and latest trends in android mobile app development. Rarely, Google releases new updates to its existing SDK that provide awesome features to achieve. Security, Internet of things and mobile payments will be the recent trends in 2017 and you should focus and build based on this. Here is the Development trends to look out for in 2017.

  • Pick the Primary Feature and Nail it Perfectly

The most common mistake is to integrate many features intoone app. There should be a unique purpose and an app must built surround this.

Build the first version with primary features laterevaluate with other secondary features.

There is no magic wand to success with anything you do in this world, but these tips will definitely help you develop an android application that will last long.

What other tips do you think mobile app developers should follow to create amazing android apps? Reach us to talk further.

Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Smartphones have become essential in this digital era. Nowadays, it’s not only for making a phone call or sending a text, but It’s mostly connected with our soul.

Mobile App Development Trends 2017

Mobile apps have made it possible for consumers to perform a wide variety of tasks. A recent report by comScore showed that mobile users had surpassed number of users on PC in 2014. Apple App Store currently has over 2 million apps while Google Play store has over 2.2 million. These figures are only set to increase.

Ever changing landscape

Mobile apps development is not only happening for smartphones today.  They are now being developed for use on different devices including wearables, smart cars, connected homes and much more. SurveyMonkey estimates that the global revenue from mobile apps will grow to 962.5% by 2017. Other reports indicate that the increased usage levels of mobile apps on different devices will see the industry growth to be worth more than $100 billion by 2020.

The industry is showing rapid advancements in technology. 2017 promises to be an exciting year for mobile apps. The following are some trends to look out for in the coming year:

Increase in progressive web apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are websites that are designed to feel and look like mobile apps. With the increased use of mobile devices to access information on the internet, these are bound to become more popular for both small and medium sized businesses. PWAs are also set to gain popularity as Google and other search engines introduce mobile driven search result algorithms that give priority to mobile friendly websites.

Small and Medium Enterprise application development will lean towards PWAs for their affordability and the better user experience they provide.

Increase in location based services

There has been more focus on providing location-based services including location-tracking and navigational tools. This trend is set to increase in 2017. Location based services are set to evolve even further to provide users with deals and information in real-time. These services can be implemented for offers in retail, indoor mapping, navigation, security and much more. The trend towards an increase in this area is evident as various tech giants have invested in location based services.

Shift to streaming technology

If the popularity of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime is anything to go by, consumers will tend towards streaming technology in the coming year. The shift in consumer behavior is largely because of the affordability and convenience of streaming content as opposed to subscribing to traditional cable TV. The demand for video streaming apps is set to grow as the demand for streaming services increases. The demand is predicted to peak in 2017.

Increased use of augmented reality in apps

Augmented Reality (AR) apps were once thought to be gimmicky. However, with the increase in wearable devices and smartphones, AR tools will find hyper usage. Wearables have provided a landscape upon which AR tools can be applied more productively and effectively than previously thought. A good example is when someone sends a text with a keyword, an app related to the word or a specific action will be performed.

Integration of machine learning apps

Technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft are investing in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The tech giants are setting groundwork for the move towards consumer services that operate without human intervention, which many believe will improve services to consumers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive development of apps in 2017. Self-learning apps can help to improve customization and therefore enhance services to consumers based on their preferences or location.

Security will become a critical issue

As technology continues to surge at breakneck speed, so do security threats. As more people use their smartphones for various tasks, they save and share sensitive and private data on their phones. The security of the smartphone is therefore set to become even more crucial as more apps become available to consumers.

Despite sharing a lot of sensitive and private information on their smartphones, not many people take the security of their phones seriously. However, developers are becoming increasingly concerned about security. Developers are set to provide more security features that are in-built in their apps. These are set to make a big difference in the coming year and will be prioritized.

Growth of Internet of Things (IoT)

Apps that provide interconnectivity are becoming increasingly popular. The fields in which they are applied are set to increase in 2017. Fields, such as education, health, smart homes, security and transportation are experimenting with the application of the IoT. Such integrations will involve an increase in the sharing of data and more complex platforms to enable devices to communicate.

Improved design

User experience is one of the major driving forces behind app design and development. As a result, app developers will place a great deal of focus on providing users with visually appeal apps. Some trends in design to look out for in 2017 will include splash screens, parallax graphics, split-screens, micro interactions and grid-based design. Companies will be seeking the services of graphic artists and animators to provide more user friendly and visually interesting apps.

Integration of mobile payments

As more people use their phones to search for information and carry out tasks, developers are seeking to facilitate carrying out these tasks on mobile. There is set to be a surge in the integration of payment capabilities on apps. Shoppers will be able to complete transactions on apps and not have to visit the websites to do so. Developers are seeking to provide safe and secure ways to facilitate mobile payments.

There are many more advances expected in the app industry in the coming year. At a high level, these will be the driving force for App Development companies and trends in the coming year. Understanding an Industry needs and implementing a reliable solution will be the priority for success in 2017.