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Another Rainy Day in Chennai

Another rainy day in Chennai.  As everyone does, we love rain when we sit inside a closed glass door office along with the cup of tea.  We can’t really complain the nature as it was not a tremendous hit like 2015, but still It impacts normal life cycle for many.  No point in talking about preventive or precautionary steps could have been taken.  Because the issue is not to take the step, but who will take it. Public? Private? Or Government? Everyone is trying to solve his or her own problem and there is zero time to think of a solution for something is going to happen in future.  We are just talking what a common man can do in this season and here are a few. We are sure this will grow and change based on individuals, and would like to hear your contributions too.

What a common man can do in this Rain:

  • Make sure you are fit and healthy. Your family needs you.
  • Show to your kids and let them understand Oct to Dec is a rainy monsoon in Chennai and have to be prepared to survive.
  • If you do a daily commute to office, try to get someone onboard from nearby bus stops and drop them on your way.
  • If your team has any deliverables to be met and getting late for the day, help them to accomplish, so they shall go home before its too late.
  • Ask any labor or sales man you meet that how they are doing and how their family is.
  • If it’s affordable, you can supply health drinks, food to others who cant afford it.
  • If you know grocery stores, which is not faking that there are no supply and didn’t increase the price, share the grocery store information to your known and give him a great referral business.
  • Carry cash always as card transactions may fail.
  • If you cross OMR toll and they ask for a toll fee, fight with them that why we should pay toll for the water logged streets? Raise your concern that No better roads and no toll payment.
  • Try not to skip work. As our business is to serve International and local customers, we cant delay our work and put our customers in trouble. Also, We shall be genuine in sharing what’s going on locally and let them understand the ground reality.

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