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Our iOS developers are highly adaptive and can easily understand your vision for your business. An iPhone app that best reflects you and your ideology!

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Why do you need an iOS application for your business?

There are almost a billion iPhone users around the globe, which means you can target a billion people with your application! Even if 0.1% of the people use your iOS application, it still amounts to a staggering million people.

If you are providing a product or service through your iOS application, the scope for your business to convert into a brand has just increased exponentially.

One solution across devices!

We know the impact of Apple products on the market. We develop for an ecosystem rather than a single device; hence the versatility. Our solution also includes Apple wearables, smartphones, TVs, Tablets, etc.

Custom iPhone application development Services

We believe that every business is unique and designing a user-centric application should be the first goal of any iOS app development company. Our custom app solutions include space for updates and allows the application to adapt to the latest versions of iOS.

Location based Apps

Location based Apps

We have a great deal of experience in developing apps that integrate GPS and tracking services.

Maps based Apps development

Route optimization and integration

We can design our applications that can integrate google maps and other services to better optimize your operations.

Chat Integration Apps

Chat and communication

We have developed communication channels that are highly functional and packed with a ton of features that offer great security.

Digital Automation Apps

Digital Automation Apps

Our greater vision is towards automation and we use every opportunity to achieve that goal.

Payment Apps

Payment applications

We have built various payment channels that use APIs to transfer funds. Usability and safety are our main priorities.

Social connect Apps

Social connect Apps

Social media applications require a vast and extensive backend process that also maintains usability. Fluid social media applications tend to be more successful than the rest of the bunch.

Internet of Things Apps

Internet of Things

IoT is exponentially rising in the tech field. The key is to allow integration and optimize the operations even more for a user-friendly experience.

Digital Automation Apps

Buoy Management Apps

W2S Solutions have collaborated with Indian government bodies to create a system that can trigger alerts in case of abnormal oceanic activities like seismic activities, Tsunami, etc. Our system collects and monitors data from buoys and identifies any anomalies.

Our Portfolio

Blackberry’s chat Software Developer’s Kit for maximum security in enterprises.
Voice call + Video Call with Spark + UX Customization.


Bringing customization and security together for an immersive communication channel.


A mobile application for off-road navigation
Leaflet Maps + navigate through trails + Offline access

Do not fear the mountains! Our application is designed specifically for off-road navigation and route optimization even with bare minimum network availability.

An interactive tourist guide for exploring Northern America
AR view of locations + GPS + Geo fencing.


Combining AR with tourism can open up a lot of new doors and provide an interactive experience for travellers. A real-time application that works even in remote areas.


Data optimization through digitizing
TLP Dynamic forms + MEAN Stack web app +AWS

Converting heaps of documents into digital format for easy access and storage. This is a game-changer when you have mountains of data in your backyard and want an efficient accessing mechanism.

Disaster management
Data Analysis + Predictions and Reporting + Cyber security.


Joining hands with the government to prevent the damage from natural disasters and help in predicting most of them before-handed. This saves billions of families by alerting the people in the area of proximity.


A straightforward UX design for dairy union
UX Design + GPS navigation and live tracking

Created an interactive design for the most famous Aavin milk and dairy products to simplify their delivery chain management.

Development Process

Unlike other iOS app development agencies in the market, we achieve functionality through intuitive design. Our design elements are made with a purpose and have a story behind them.



The primary step for any app creation process. Envision your idea and layout the purpose of the application. Then proceed to research the market and your competitors.

User Experience Design

User friendly

There are various types of devices that operate on iOS. We focus on creating iOS applications that are responsive and user-friendly despite the type of device be it an iPhone 6 or iPad pro.

Architecture Design

Timely delivery

It costs the customer a lot in case of a delay in bringing the app to life. We follow a strict timeline and break up the whole process into fragments to better optimize the time while ensuring quality.


Building the app

We break the whole idea into different parts and work on them parallelly. Through this, we can easily spot the rough areas and divide the schedule accordingly.

Quality Assurance


The whole point of application development lies in quality. We put the application through intense tests and real-time situations to better understand the area we need to work on.

Appstore Submission

Submitting in Appstore

We pay attention to small details too! We create eye-catchy and intriguing banners and marketing techniques to ease into the submission process. We launch with a bang!

Post Launch

Post-launch support

We collect first-hand feedback from customers and evaluate various metrics of the application. We address this feedbacks and devise a plan to overcome any issues.

Additional Features

The extra mile

We go the extra mile after the application is launched. We monitor various metrics associated with customer engagement and market study. Then, we come up with a strategy to increase these metrics and inflict a positive change!

Why companies and Entrepreneurs are working with us ?

As a team, we bring the best world class iphone developers, business consulting team that brings global experience and well designed process that eliminates defects. Apart from this, following is W2S Solutions advantages :

Global Experience

Global Experience

Worked with USA, Canada, UK, UAE & India customers! International experience is our major strength.

Stringent Quality check

Stringent Quality check

We don't go light with Quality check. Stringent policies make sure that code is bug free and runs well in production.

Secured and Confidential

Secured and Confidential

As we work with Enterprise customers, We build cyber secured apps and maintain confidentiality.

Vast Industry Experience

Vast Industry Experience

Have more than 15+ years of experience and worked with multiple Industries.

Secured and Confidential

100+ Apps

No one has built National Security and Data Analysis applications except us. Still counting and growing!

Technology Stack

You need appropriate tools to successfully achieve something.
These are our Apple iOS Development tools that we use, love and enjoy!

Programming Languages
Swift Objective C
Swift Objective C Objective C