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Custom Generative Models for your business to thrive in the new AI reality

Our team brings the latest AI trends, research models, and industry-specific LLMs to help scale your operations effectively

At the intersection of AI and business models

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate- within and outside. With digital transformations expanding the horizon for businesses across the globe, adopting AI faster and better can give your business the edge over others. This powerhouse of a technology has been driving value for organizations by simplifying and automating complex processes, but the latest generative models in the market have taken this a step further. For the first time in history, AI is actually helping people by blurring the lines between machine-human interaction. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Custom GPT models for business acceleration

Our team of highly skilled data scientists and AI engineers create customized and industry-specific GPT models, crafted exclusively to help your business adapt to the new AI infused reality. These custom models are engineered specifically to understand the intricacies of the industry you operate in, decode complex data patterns, and generate actionable insights.

Besides our commitment to delivering tangible value with AI, what sets us apart is our vision for AI-business collaboration. Our goal is to make AI a part of the digital DNA of your business, allowing you to be more resilient to the changes that the dynamic tech landscape brings to the table. This holistic approach towards AI will also help you evolve into a data-inspired organization, increase efficiency, reduce business costs, and become an industry leader.

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Let’s talk facts

Benefits of Custom GPT Models


Ahead of the curve

Custom GPT models enable businesses to be more agile with advanced insights leveraging


Resilient business models

Industry specific LLMs help build businesses to adapt to latest trends in the market, making them more resilient to disruptions


Enhanced Digital DNA

Advanced GPT models when infused to the digital DNA of the business can help businesses navigate through market challenges effectively


Our Capabilities

Custom LLM Development

Custom LLM Development involves tailoring Large Language Models to specific needs. Our proficiency lies in refining these models to comprehend and generate language with precision.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion is the process of collecting and importing data from various sources into a system or database. Our Data Ingestion services focus on streamlining this process, making it efficient and ensuring smooth integration.

LLM ( Large Language Model ) Training

LLM Training is a sophisticated process where a powerful computational model is exposed to vast amounts of data to learn and understand language patterns. Our expertise lies in the meticulous training of LLMs, honing their language abilities for diverse applications.

Custom Embedding Models

Crafting Custom Embedding Models involves tailoring intricate algorithms to represent data in a meaningful way. Our specialization lies in developing bespoke embedding models, meticulously designed to capture the unique features of your data.

Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis delves into the meaning behind language, unraveling context and nuances for insightful comprehension. Our expertise in Semantic Analysis involves advanced algorithms that decode the subtleties of text, enabling a profound understanding of the conveyed message.

Conversational AI Development

Conversational AI Development is the art of crafting digital interactions that feel human. In our approach, we blend advanced algorithms with natural language processing to create intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants.



Technology Stack

Integrations with

  • imgTensorflow
  • imgPyTorch
  • imgApache Spark
  • imgGoogle Cloud
  • imgDagsHub
  • imgDocker
  • imgOptuna
  • imgRapids
  • imgMleap
  • imgAmazon Sage Maker
  • imgAzure Machine Learning
  • imgDatabricks
  • imgPycaret
  • imgZenML
  • imgONNX
  • imgkubernetes
  • imgGluon
  • imgRAY
  • imgAlgorithma
  • imgCONDA
  • imgH2Oai
  • imgLightGBM
  • imgMonai
  • imgKeras
  • imgSpaCy
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Our Sectors

Catering to solve the unique challenges of your industry

Large Language Models, in general, allow exponential understanding of the data at hand. However, industry-specific LLMs take this to the next level, as its very existence is rooted in the reality of one focused industry.

Aerospace and Defense


Customer Goods




Energy and utilities











our history

Our Clients


Our process



Retrieve the unprocessed dataset for labeling and transfer it to Amazon S3.


Perform Labeling

Perform labeling on the unprocessed data using an Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth labeling job and generate a manifest file containing the labeled data.


Train the model

Train the model by providing it with data and minimizing a loss function.


Validate the model

Evaluate the model with the validation set and adjust settings to improve performance.


Real-Time Serving

Move the Production model from MLflow's Model Registry to Amazon SageMaker's REST endpoint for Real time Serving.


Register the Model

Record the best version of the trained model in MLflow's Model Registry and move it to the production phase.


We take Data privacy (enterprise) seriously. Way too seriously!

Safeguard your data like a pro! Our Non-Disclosure Agreement Generator ensures swift, foolproof protection for your confidential matters. Try it now!


Private cloud deployment


Custom Model training with your data


Roles based Conversational AI restriction



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize OpenAI models for clients' domain-specific needs?

W2S Solutions tailors OpenAI models to clients' domain-specific needs through meticulous customization. Our process involves fine-tuning proprietary datasets, enabling the AI to grasp industry nuances and context. This ensures our solutions align seamlessly with clients' unique requirements, delivering precision and impact for unparalleled domain-specific performance.

What types of OpenAI model-powered solutions do you build?

We craft a diverse range of OpenAI model-powered solutions, spanning from natural language processing to computer vision applications. Our expertise leverages these powerful models to build cutting-edge solutions, ensuring enhanced efficiency, innovation, and transformative outcomes for businesses across various industries.

How do you select the most suitable OpenAI model for a project?

Selecting the optimal OpenAI model for a project involves important consideration of various factors. We analyze project requirements, assess task complexity, and evaluate the nature of the data involved. This approach enables us to choose the most suitable model, aligning with the project's unique goals and ensuring optimal performance.

How much does it cost to develop a ChatGPT application development?

The cost of developing a ChatGPT application typically ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 and also varies based on project specifics such as features, complexity, and customization. Factors like user interface design, integration, and maintenance contribute to the overall cost. For an accurate estimate, get in touch with us.

Does W2S offer post-deployment services?

Absolutely! W2S Solutions is committed to comprehensive client support. Post-deployment, we provide ongoing services, ensuring your solution stays optimal. Our dedicated team offers maintenance, updates, and support to address evolving needs, ensuring sustained performance and client satisfaction throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

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