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What’s the best Mobile Strategy for large Enterprises ?

What is Enterprise Mobile Strategy?

The change in technology over the last several years has necessitated the growth of mobile device use the world over. How people are conducting their lives has also changed. Today, just about everyone has a computing device that is always available and connected so that they can communicate with friends or finish tasks easily, effectively and efficiently. Where business is concerned, customers have an expectation that they can access the services and products that they need wherever they may be using apps or on the web through a mobile device or a computer. Transacting and interacting is at their fingertips.

Why Do You Need It For Enterprise?

If you have a workforce that is mobile, an enterprise mobile strategy will give them more flexibility and the ability to share information easily. This in turn will lead to an increase in productivity. While thinking about this, you will find that challenges exist. The main question being how one can be able to connect more data, apps and devices to enable more productivity while at the same time managing costs and security. This calls for better enterprise mobility management in order to know where all the information collected will sit, how and who will access it as well as the mechanism for its delivery.

Enterprises require mobile strategy for the following 3 main reasons:

  1. To Augment Employee Productivity – With a good strategy in place, you will empower your employees to become even more productive. With the main office applications available on everyone’s phone, each employee will be able to carry out functions that are critical to the business at a place and time that is convenient for them. Additionally, they will be able to do so securely. A good example of this is data collection in the field. This can easily be fed directly to the system via a mobile device. Emails can be responded to while in transit and so on and so forth. This leads to an increase in employee engagement and productivity overall.
  2. Device sharing and accuracy of data – Nothing is more frustrating than needed critical information out in the field and not being able to access it. With a good enterprise mobile strategy, your employees can access any relevant data needed wherever they may be. This ensures that they always convey accurate data because it is always on hand. Additionally, they will be able to share the device screen with others, which can quickly enhance knowledge transfer or even the experience of a customer.
  3. Cost reduction and process efficiency – Considering that most people own smartphones, you can be sure that your employees will work efficiently with the device from the very first day. In order to save money, employees may also be able to use their own phones to log into the system or to use the app and get busy working. This saves money because you do not have to purchase a phone for your entire workforce.

How W2S Can Help You Become Your Own Strategist?

Most businesses find it difficult to hire in-house developers because of budget constraints and other reasons. That does not mean, however, that they cannot carry out any development. The secret is to outsource your development to a company like W2S Solutions. By so doing, you will be bringing award winning expertise into your business with the following advantages:

  • Quick Turnaround – When dealing with people who know what they are doing, you can be sure that the turnaround will be quick.
  • Cost Effectiveness – You only pay based on the project at hand as opposed to paying a salary and benefits to a full time in-house developer.

Should you decide that you need an app as part of your enterprise mobile strategy, getting the experts to create one for you is definitely the way to go. You will have control over its development, you will be able to keep tabs on the progress made, and use the resources within W2S to get the results you have been dreaming of.


Our Journey with an Enterprise Customer:

SMEs use IT for different purposes. A few IT apps are core for business and some others are supportive to business operations. We have recently worked with an Enterprise customer to build their Web and Mobile app. They already have a traditional application built with Open Source technologies – PHP, MySQL in Linux environment. However Customer’s priority is rapid growth in Health care Industry and wanted to expand into new market. Their traditional software was not capable to scale their business and W2S Solutions helped them to design, develop and deploy new software with migrated datas from old system.

Enterprise Application Development

Understanding business functionalities:  

W2S Solutions client relationship team had various discussions with business to understand their business model, regular operations and how their existing software is extensively used. Since Its Health Insurance domain and there are legislative process to be followed, our domain experts spent time in evaluating their requirements, operational process, calculations involved for various Insurance plans, procedure to transfer funds through ACH. Once we have a solid understanding of what’s expected to be built, our technology team took a deep dive in design and development.

W2S Solutions chose to build this in Microsoft .Net platform with C#, Asp.net MVC platform and Sql Server as backend. We are aware that building an enterprise application is different than Migrating a traditional application to new Technology solution as migration has additional responsibilities such as data capture and reload, production scripts execution, user Intuitive front end to satisfy stakeholders. Customer’s traditional application had 10,000+ active users and average users demographic are 50+ and our technical team understood that new application should be user friendly for this demographic and had to redesign existing functionalities with intuitive and process simplified approach. We had divided the project team into small subsets such as Data Migration, UX designers, new web app development team, mobile app developers’ team and Quality analysts. It could be a one Member team or a group of Full Stack developers, but everyone had their own goals and targets to achieve. Our daily and weekly reviews helped to collaborate, share their expertise to build a dynamic, Innovative web and mobile app.  At W2S Solutions, we are always pride that being responsible and focused on our assignments is in our DNA and it’s clearly visible in this project execution.

Our Client relationship team had weekly calls to discuss status and reviewed the project. We listened to our client’s feedback in every stage, discussed and implemented the core features as requested. Once the application is staging ready, we started working on migration scripts to read datas from traditional MySQL to load into Microsoft Sql Server.  Data extraction scripts were written from MySQL using Python, Django and extracted datas were uploaded into Microsoft Sql Server with MS Sql Server 2013 Administrator. It’s evident that handshake between these teams are synchronized and worked well when we looked at the final datas after production push.

We rely on our best partners when it comes to hosting and this application is hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud. Our AWS Engineers are capable of hosting production application in Linux or Windows environment and this is successfully hosted in IIS.  We followed Industry Best Practices from gathering requirements till completion and our speedy approach brought this project to live in short span of development cycle comparing with other app development firms. Project is successfully launched and in maintenance phase now that brings excitement to our customer and of course to our team!

Challenges in Enterprise Mobility -Way2Smile Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Have an Idea to build a Mobile App for your business ?

mobile app for business


Way2smile Solutions develop Innovative, engaging and effective mobile apps for your business and also a Supportive Web App integrated with that. We provide the following benefits to our customers and actually more..!

1.       Increase product reviews by more effectively reaching and engaging with your users.

2.       Dramatically increases usage of your mobile app by allowing clients to list milestones and let users access and achieve milestones in an exchange of a reward.

3.       Fuels significant operational efficiency via robust and easy?to?use web platforms that lets admin /client to access better reporting, communicate easily with users.

4.       Mobile app will be dynamic and highly engaging anchor or ‘hub’ for users.

5.       Capitalizes on interactive, customer-centric Web 3.0 tools and mobile technologies.

There is no reason to wait. We will help you build an app with keeping your end user as the core focus. Reach us at Info@way2smile.com