Goodpin helps people to create positive moments, whether through giving to a cause that matters to them, or by supporting or encouraging someone else who has taken action. At W2S, We redesigned their iPhone app’s user interface, showcase their relevant stories, let users hold finger down on a particular story and view a popup of main menu items, send push notifications to interact with users.


W2S Solutions UX team identifies new ways to exploit old app to empower, engage end users with real new design. It provides an animated left and right Menus, iconic representation of every charities, and seamless navigation for users. App is designed to support various screen sizes.


Branding and design is the best way to effectively communicate your message. W2S Solutions have built an Intuitive design components for Goodpin. Every action is represented by unique icons and Its completely customized for goodpin. To keep performance faster, we have used SVG icons to keep colour variations at CSS level.





Pin It







User Profile


App deals with payments for campaigns and charities and It must be presented well in it’s logo. Our creators have chosen to pin the Heart with the branding tagline at the footer. Elegant font style is used to promote Goodpin name.


Many apps are simply replicating web applications to a mobile device rather taking advantage of the smartphone capabilities. In W2S, we built Interactive and Innovative mobile apps reveal new ways to create revenue opportunities, improve engagement and drive audience.

Social Collaboration

We always explore what’s new in the app world and implement advanced concepts like easy Social Collaboration by a single tap: Be able to take or choose a photo easily and share via social media. Allows user to view how many readers have accessed the paged and visibly show the type of feed by iconic representation: make a payment for a charity through Stripe gateway Integration.

Contextual Info

Apps designed with contextual awareness are effective while navigating with single hand. Easy filter option in Goodpin let users to filter and fetch the contextual events in a second. It’s just a tap on menu to get the flyout animation of shortcut icons. We built a Filter settings page allows to check / uncheck preferred list of feeds. At W2S Solutions, we think through your business process and come up with Contextual Info that will be presented in a niche way.


People now spend more time interacting via mobile apps than web. They like to be entertained, easily identify who are their followers, view their short blurbs and connect with them rapidly. That’s exactly we follow in our apps and Goodpin is an example of our iOS App development skill sets.


W2S Solutions builds iPhone apps to drive brand engagement and awareness rather than using it as an advertisement tool. Our app promotes customer retention and adoption.

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