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Environmental Services Data Analytics App for a Public Hospital in Canada

Problem Statement

Environmental Services (ES) is seen as an incompetent service that lacks appropriate management controls, data-driven analysis and evidence necessary to optimize the correlation between cost and quality. Consequently this service is frequently under resourced or the victim of budget cuts which result in sub-optimal quality and service, unacceptable variations in performance and low employee morale.

Incredibly, despite the tremendous and pivotal impact ES can provide to the functioning of a healthcare facility, there are no management tools available to govern the resourcing of this essential service. Often at the bottom of a very siloed and hierarchical organization structure, ES is typically the first department to experience cut backs or is common consideration for outsourcing. While many healthcare leaders are sympathetic to the challenges and do recognize the contribution ES can make, they are helpless to defend software tool requirements due to the lack of data for this non-regulated profession.

The primary reason for the lack of data driven decision making is that the systems to collect and analyze ES workforce productivity and performance are not readily at hand.Manual efforts to perform the same analysis are laborious and time consuming, therefore are rarely ever attempted.


W2S Solutions built a framework of a management information system for Environmental Services. Our system is unique from other tools available in the marketplace. Our system intakes ES workers daily routine data and provide a customized report to showcase the quality and hygienic of the environment. It analyses the massive data with an algorithm to draw the Info graphics required by the leaders to make valuable decisions. W2S Solutions accomplished this by integrating clinical and financial information, Interconnect ES workers with clinical processes, ties to hygienic quality measurements as well as provide a report for management.

Our approach is unique in three ways. First, it is a worker centric solution. User friendliness of this app helps ES employees to adopt easily. Second, we believe that to be meaningful, ES performance needs to be correlated to the performance of its’ clinical customers. Third, our system is customizable for every facility and its robust.

How it works

Every existing inspection routine in the facility is preloaded into the system. This Microsoft .Net built solution allows the employee to journal their workday events as they actually transpire. The detailed journaling function gathers a data-set of operational and performance information, including the amount of time required to perform cleaning standard functions, time spent cleaning (value adding) and the amount of time spent traveling back-forth to the worksite, fetching supplies and other non-productive functions. Finally the hospital will have productivity workload benchmarks that make sense for their environment.Cleaning audit functionality and patient rounding survey capabilities are also available.

The output data from this system is a powerful management tool that enables analysis and decision making for cleanliness and work loading of ES. Environmental services are able to make evidence-based decisions based on analysis and evidence that collates investment and clinical and quality indicators.

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