A Timeline of our journey

Figuring out our vision and mission.


Raised funds and created our software development centre in Chennai.


Launched Card2connect app launch for Blackberry. The application trended on blackberry stores and put us on the map.

Within a year, we developed 25+ web apps and mobile applications. This helped us expand our operations in Canada. We collaborated with another software development company in Toronto to diversify our audience.


W2S Solutions won the award under the category of "best business app development" from Samsung at an event in Dubai.

We set out an aggressive expansion phase and started providing custom solutions for small and medium enterprises.


Our organization’s size expanded and we moved to a bigger space in Chennai to accommodate the workforce.

We set our eyes on the USA and focused on the diversification of our portfolio.


We started working with clients across industries including Insurance, Healthcare, tourism, etc.

We moved to the OMR IT corridor in Chennai, one of the most dynamic business platforms in the state. We embarked on a mission to empower startups and small and medium enterprises in their transformation process.


We further expanded our operations by collaborating with other like-minded organizations that shared our vision. We joined hands with companies in Doha and Qatar. We have also achieved a new milestone this year. Our organization grew by 2.8 times since we started.

We developed an application that facilitates the digitization of records. This accelerates the digital transformation process as a whole and helps in accumulating and organizing the data.


To simplify the billion-dollar logistics and delivery operations, we developed a new fleet management application- ManageTeamz. This is a pioneer in many ways as it is built on cloud technology and has a simplified backend map.

We collaborated with the National Institute of Ocean Technology to develop a disaster management application to protect the coastal areas of the state. We leveraged technology to get precise ocean-bed data to identify any abnormal activities on the ocean bed and alert the officials to prevent any fatality.


We made a strategic decision to move towards sustainable development by collaborating with many enterprises and government bodies. Our vision is now aligned towards achieving SDG and transforming the organizational culture to facilitate this transformation.

We further collaborated with organizations across Ireland, Rwanda, and Kenya to spread our vision and leverage technology to create a sustainable future.


We have reached yet another important milestone on our journey. We launched our own office in Dubai, one of the most eccentric markets in the global arena.

The pandemic shocked us and the lockdown restricted our movement. We adopted a passive strategy to keep the operations going without affecting our employee’s physical and mental health.


We devised a system called “Digital work-smart” to keep the various operations of an organization running without any hindrance. The strategy is to create various digital channels that stores and organizes data about the operations in a central location.

The pandemic took a toll on many businesses. To neutralize the damage and avoid monopolization of the resources, we extended our support by sharing our human resources with many organizations. We created a network for different companies to come together and share their resources that have a very high demand in the market.


As the market is getting back on its feet, we have signed up 10 new projects that can have a positive impact on the market.


By 2030, we aim to expand our organization to other parts of the world and increase the size of our organization to 500 active employees.

Our Team. Our Pride.

We think the most valuable resource in our treasury is our team. Our team is highly diverse and dynamic. If you take part in our brainstorming sessions, you would understand that our diversity is more than just an HR policy. Bringing together diverse people means putting diverse expectations on the table. We strongly believe that technology is to be built on a common effort.

  • sangeetha
  • Sajal Jain
  • sandhiya
  • thomas
  • sakthi
  • Abhinav Saraswat
  • arul
  • sasi
  • manivel
  • kamal
  • mahesh
  • athira
  • vijay
  • Deepak Sinha
  • Shanal Aggrawal
  • pratap
  • parveen
  • sivapriya
  • madhuceo

Collaboration is the keyword. Working towards a common vision needs a lot of patience and legwork. Your odds of moving towards the vision drastically improves when you join forces with like-minded people!


Madhu Kesavan

CEO at W2S Solutions

Why W2S?

  • One-stop destination

    Name a tech, we know it! Our team stays on full alert to identify any potential new technologies on the market. We understand the importance of hardware and work towards covering a wide range of platforms like computers, smartphones, websites, IoT, AI, ML, etc.

  • Across the globe!

    We have established our presence across different parts of the globe. Our exposure allows us to understand different markets and market trends. The key is to identify skill sets that complement one another. This helped us a lot in our expansion phase.

  • Taking calculated risks

    Relying on facts and figures to form a business decision can help you gain more control of the situation and hence loss could either be averted or minimized. Leveraging data engineering will help you optimize your business operations while helping you paint a realistic picture of the operations.

  • Optimizing the time factor

    Time is one of the greatest resources but compensating for quality to save time is totally pointless. We put in our best efforts to accelerate the time to market a product/service, but we do not achieve it at the cost of quality or user experience.

  • Customer-centric model

    To be customer-centric is our core policy. It is now the 21st century and the market revolves around the customer. A customer-centric product/service results in better customer engagement. After all, a business's sole purpose is to serve a customer!

  • Field experience

    We have been in this industry for more than a decade now. We have worked with clients from different backgrounds and nationalities. If we have to compress all our experience to one phrase, it would be something like this- “Passion transcends all the barriers.”.

Paving the path towards a
sustainable future.

Discovering potential opportunities
rather than stumbling upon them.



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