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Beyond ROI: Crafting digital marketing strategies to capture foreign markets and accelerate brand awareness

Client Location



Beauty Products Seller

Services Provided

End-To-End Digital Marketing

Target Locations

Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania

Allocated Team Size


Project Duration

2 Years


Client Background

As one of the leading disruptors of the beauty industry, our USA-based client set new standards for beauty products online in the global arena and transformed into one of the elite lifestyle brands in the world. They revolutionized the industry by primarily focusing on the production of organic and natural beauty products which had a huge impact when compared to the current, synthetic beauty products in the market.


With 250+ unique product ranges and 100+ physical stores, and a dedicated e-commerce portal, our client was delivering products across the world! However, the sales from their e-commerce portal were far too low when compared to the traffic accumulated. Also, our client was planning to expand into new foreign markets like the European market. So, the priority is to establish a stronger digital presence and increase the conversion rate to drive sales.

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Business Challenges


The conversion rate in our client’s e-commerce platform was extremely low


The sales from the e-commerce platform came from only a few products, and the rest of them didn’t attract any traffic


Our client’s online presence was weak as their assets were not SEO friendly


The overall user experience in our client’s e-commerce platform was not properly optimized

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Our Process


Understanding the current positioning

We did a complete audit of the online assets of our client's brand to evaluate their overall marketing strategy, and collect data on their SEO friendliness, content strategy, social media presence, UI/UX, etc.


Preparing recommendations and defining a strategy

Based on the data we collected, we identified gaps in their current vision and devise strategies to fill these gaps. As our client's online presence was weak, our priority is to build an online presence organically and to reinforce these organic efforts, we leverage paid campaigns to boost the brand presence and sales opportunities drastically.


Implementing the strategy and defining KPIs

Once we prepared our strategy, we implemented it one step at a time by addressing the foundational areas first. To monitor our strategy and its effectiveness of it, we set KPIs and metrics simultaneously.


Measuring the performance and reporting

While the brand itself is popular among consumers, its online presence, however, is weak. It takes some time for organic efforts to deliver results. As a reinforcement, we focused on building pay-per-click campaigns that instantly boost the brand presence and drive sales. Measuring the performance and reporting


Solution Offered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To further help with our client's business direction, we devised white-hat SEO strategies that help our client dominate the online space by attracting potential audiences while staying ahead of the competition

Paid Campaigns

We created highly effective paid campaigns that expand our client's brand presence and drive sales in a short span of time. By doing so, our client saw a drastic surge in website traffic that further expanded the opportunities for conversions

Social Media Marketing

By creating optimized social media profiles and running paid campaigns on these platforms, our client was able to capitalize on the clout that social media platforms provide. By going creative, we were able to create a jolt among our target audience that aided our client's vision to drive sales and brand presence

Content Marketing

Creating unique and useful pieces of content aids the SEO strategy and contributed to increasing the brand presence of our client. Also, it directs a huge chunk of potential audience from the internet to our client's brand and increases the probability of sales

Online Reputation Management/PR

Through PR and reputation management, we were able to build a brand image that catered directly to our target audience at scale. We closely worked with the audience engagement team and customer support team to deliver a holistic brand experience to our client’s consumers

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We performed extensive A/B testing based on the insights we collected from various tools to craft an optimized user journey that helped increase our client’s conversion rate. Optimizing the UX was a crucial part of CRO, and we worked with our client’s core design team to implement these changes

Our Team

Team Structure

To aid the strategy devised, we worked with marketers and analysts with diverse backgrounds. The team also included copywriters, SEO experts, and Paid campaign managers, among many others.




SEO Analysts


Social Media Manager


Digital Marketing Manager


PPC Expert


Content Strategist


Online PR Manager


Analytics Expert


Customer Success Manager

Tech Stack

Tools and Technologies

To devise our strategy, we used various tools and platforms to collect data like traffic volume, user behavior, brand mentions, keywords, and other critical metrics.
  • imgSpyFu
  • imgSEMrush
  • imgLeadpages
  • imgMailChimp
  • imgGoogle Analytics
  • imgHunter
  • imgAhrefs
  • imgSendGrid
  • imgSprout Social
  • imgGoogle Adwords
  • imgBing Webmaster Tools
  • imgUbersuggest
  • imgAll-in-One SEO
  • imgAdobe Photoshop
  • imgAsana
  • imgUnbounce
  • imgScreaming Frog
  • imgSEO PowerSuite
  • imgHootsuite
  • imgBuzzsumo
  • imgGrammarly
  • imgMoz
  • imgDeepCrawl
  • imgSendinblue
  • imgBitly

Business Impact



Increased brand awareness

The website traffic from organic sources skyrocketed in a short span. We also identified an increase in brand mentions across various mediums, primarily on social media channels.



Better conversion rates

The gap between traffic and conversions became narrow, and we were able to help our client achieve the highest conversion rates in the last 3 years!



Increased sales by 4.8X in 6 months

The overall sales of our clients increased by 4.8X in 6 months. Though paid campaigns helped with sales, there was a significant increase in traffic from organic sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ROI marketing agency?

Marketing quantifies the return on investment (ROI) to justify how marketing programs and campaigns generate revenue for the business. ROI is an abbreviation for return on investment. In this case, it is comparing the amount of money your company spends on marketing campaigns to the amount of revenue generated by those campaigns.

What exactly is a beauty marketing agency?

The beauty digital marketing agency is promoting the beauty product or brand by a marketer. To put it another way, it's a combination of beauty industry marketing efforts. These efforts are directed toward customers/prospects in order to present a beauty product/brand.

What is the significance of digital marketing in the beauty industry?

A number of businesses have recognized the Internet's potential as a marketing tool and have invested heavily in digital marketing campaigns. As a result, there has been a significant increase in traffic to beauty marketing websites, as well as a corresponding increase in sales.

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