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With niche expertise in handling high volume of data, W2S Solutions offers solutions that are scalable, unique and result driven for clients. Our highly skilled Data Engineers work on complex requirements and make it true.

Our Step-by-Step Data Engineering Process:

We implement the development process with the following:


Our Offerings

Get a unified view

We proffer a simple yet intuitive dashboard that comes with all the latest features which are helpful for everyone who access it. Moreover, we completely transform the data into useful formats for easy representations.

Our team is here to showcase massive amounts of data into attractive formats by implementing next-generation technologies. Be it a common excel spreadsheet, API’s, or cloud storage, the designed application comes in handy to use.

We are also responsible for integrating connectors between various systems to help with easy connections between the data. Thereby, we also manage data between distributed systems effectively without any complexities.

Real-time data

One can now access, view, and analyze the real-time data by ruling out the challenges. Our professionals are here to build you a solution that is capable of handling complex systems with our automation process.

We also ensure that the system is free from errors and are capable of performing business processes with high availability. One can query the recent event data in seconds and scale a huge amount of data or the data points. We are here to create a high-end pipeline that can be utilized by diverse teams in your organization depending on their project needs.

Interactive, visual dashboards for easy analysis

Our experts will store all your structured and unstructured data into a single repository. With this, data scientists and other business professionals in the organization can access data with their choice of own analytical frameworks and tools.

Additionally , we have also designed the application in such a way that it can also offer you advanced query capabilities which can help you with developing new models which are easy to customize based on customer expectations and figure out new revenue streams. We also follow enterprise-grade security measures to make sure data is integrated easily into your existing system.

Big data DevOps management

If consistency is an issue for your application, you can get started with combining DevOps for your Big Data infrastructure which can be the best possible solution. Having explored this Data engineering for more than 5 years, We have skilled professionals who can make this happen.

We have helped more than 30+ clients so far who are in need of Big Data solutions and delivered the results exactly the same. We also ensure that our solutions can boost your performance with Hadoop clusters for higher availability.

A highly-reliable System

Reliability is the thing which you can perfectly expect from us without any doubts. As we rightly blend data security and features together, W2S Solutions, the leading Data Engineering consulting company makes sure your Data is secured and accurate results are produced.

We also follow guidelines before implementation and ensure they are rightly followed in our development process.

Interactive, visual dashboards

We don’t just stop with delivering Data Engineering Services rather we also make sure the dashboard which we develop are loaded with intuitive visuals and appealing features which make you and your team access frequently.

It comes with top-edge features such as auto-refreshing of data in real-time to make future decisions based on them without any delays. Moreover, it doesn’t involve any manual process and hence there are no possibilities of errors.

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In order to make sure data is safe and available anytime, we back up all types of data with all users at night with encryption measures for those files. We also make sure servers are updated with the latest security factors and can seamlessly with a network protected using measures such as firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, etc.

We deal with data from every business irrespective of how complex they are. W2S Solutions keeps up with the trends in the industry and implement premier tools and safety precautions in handling data for your business. We always figure out a way to make your requirements a reality.

Yes, we have! As we deal with the current trends and next-gen tools and technologies, we have a unique infrastructure that every client expects. With us, you can leverage cost-effective software implementation easily.

We usually deal with a couple of models involved in Data Engineering Technology which include Predictive and Descriptive. As the name suggests, Predicitive models are here to describe what would happen in the future and why it may!

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