As the rate of technology change accelerates and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to experience ever mounting competitive pressures,the practice of IT outsourcing and staffing services is on the rise. IT leaders realize they must redefine how work is done and by whom, and how to leverage strategic sourcing partners so that IT can focus more on business differentiation.


  • Our best practices and technology skillsets give system integrators a truly competitive advantage
  • We work with you to build compelling products that provide excitement and add value for your customers
  • We serve as your extended arm for meeting your IT needs so you can be the client relationship manager in understanding your customer needs
  • We are problem solvers — innovative thinkers who take initiative and are tech savvy
  • We work with system integrators as a partner, not a vendor.
  • We are responsible for our code in production to ensure quality


Founded in 2010, W2S Solutions specializes in providing IT solutions ranging from web design and web and mobile apps development to enterprise mobility solutions and data analytics software. Globally based, we operate from North America, Europe and Asia.

Pratap Murugan
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Enterprise Reporting Tools ­ either custom systems or packaged units ­ are always a major headache for business leaders. All too often they are built with the mindset of a programmer rather than the vision of a business leader, or indeed end user...



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